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We have seen numerous times people complain about unsolicited charges by banks which is not almost possible in cryptocurrencies if you're to save your money on Bitcoin or any other valuable cryptocurrency.

It begs me to ask this question; is it possible for one to move physical currencies to Crypto exchanges without passing through the Bank?
Latest Bitcoin News / Where is the spirit?
« Last post by administrator on June 28, 2020, 05:39:50 AM »
Bitcoin currently follows the mood of the share market and the trade bots behind - but it does not have to do so!

Let's not destroy our idea by wall street traders or any other organization, let's make it fly - BITCOIN'S SUCCESS MATTERS!
Latest Bitcoin News / Cryptocurrency payment processor for freelancers.
« Last post by administrator on June 28, 2020, 05:39:47 AM »
Hello, recently (and you guys may already know about it) the German company Wirecard AG filed for insolvency as they somehow had $2 Billion USD missing from their balance.

 One of their subsidiaries Wirecard Card Solutions Limited based in the UK is the provider of a prepaid credit card (MasterCard) used by a bunch of companies, one of them being Payoneer, a service that allows you to invoice clients around the world and have your money ready to be used in any PoS and online using said card. As a result of the parent company filing for insolvency, and their stock price basically going to 0 UK financial authority issued an order to freeze the accounts in which WDCS should have its clients money.

I live in Venezuela, the government has sanctions made by the USA which makes companies turn their heads at the possibility of making business here (and everything is justified, this is an authoritarian, dictatorship government). Payoneer was (as far as i know) the only company that provided such a service here.

Since i know that many business related to cryptocurrencies are offering prepaid credit cards i went out in a search for an alternative  to Payoneer to invoice my clients and be able to use my money, only to find out that none of them (that i found) send the cards to Venezuela or even allow you to register.

I really want to avoid Paypal as their fees are too high (my average transaction is $1000 and paypal wants a 25% of that ??!?)  

Is there a cryptocurrency platform that allows me to send invoice to clients in the EU or NA, let them pay with their credit cards / bank transfer and allow me to have a card to spend the money or use an ATM?

if not, is there a cryptocurrency platform that allows me to collect payments (same as first question) but instead of giving out a card, have it converted automatically to cryptocurrency?  So my clients pay with their preferred method of payments and the platforms gives my the equivalent in cryptocurrency to an address under my control?

I have ALL of my money frozen right now because of all of this wirecard fiasco, and I'm lucky because one of my clients is just about to pay me so i need to find an alternative ASAP so i can pay rent and buy food.

I really want to get out of the fiat financial system and embrace cryptocurrency at 100% (until now i was just a casual user) and i know at least other 30 people just like me that would immediately jump to such platform if it exists.
Latest Bitcoin News / Exodus wallet opinions.
« Last post by administrator on June 27, 2020, 03:08:24 PM »
What do you'll think about exodus wallet? I'm thinking to try it and I'd like to read some thoughts on this matter. Some reviews say that it's got both pros and cons. Like this Is there anything to add? Does it worth to try?
Latest Bitcoin News / FREE $ 16 IN BITCOINS (0.0017 btc)
« Last post by administrator on June 27, 2020, 03:08:21 PM »


This website: provides a free bonus of $ 16 0.0017 BTC

How can I get this bonus?

- After registering, go to this page: and enter this code: j4ZCUrZdDG , after entering this code, 0.0017 BTC will be credited to your balance.

Before withdrawing, you need to play at least one roulette game, using the bonus money that you received after entering the code.

The withdrawal takes place automatically. The withdrawal process takes no more than a few minutes.

What is the reason for the site to give me a free bonus? This is a lie? - not. This website is absolutely unique and has no analogues. Players playing against other players, not versus website, and the website will to receives a commission of 10% for each game and each withdrawal, 5% of this commission is invested by the website to invite new players.

Latest Bitcoin News / Did I just lost my BCH ? Tried to claim Bitcoin SV
« Last post by administrator on June 27, 2020, 02:02:47 PM »
Can someone help a bit ?

I had BCH in a "core" type wallet (bitcoin ABC)

I knew I had a few BCH when the SV fork was made, so:

- I went to bitcoin abc wallet, I exported the private keys
- I went to Coinomi mobile wallet, under my bitcoin SV wallet I used their "sweep" function and typed my private keys
- Transacitons confirmed and I got the amount of BCH inside my SV wallet.
- I saw that when importing the keys, it basically made a transaction, mobile wallet created a new SV address where funds where received

Now... my BCH are also gone from my core wallet. Exact same transactions that were sent to SV. What the heck happen ? What did I do wrong ?
I was expecting to have both BCH and SV.
Latest Bitcoin News / Are you stacking your SATs now!
« Last post by administrator on June 27, 2020, 02:02:44 PM »
Many are yet to understand the importance of SATs because the market still remains fresh. We're still early to start stacking our SATs before it's too late, in few months or years from now, Bitcoin will be more difficult to get even the SATs which is the least. It is still early, please take advantage of this technology to help your future. We have 21 million Bitcoin and also 7.7 Billion people on the planet earth, which mean that 272,727 SATs which is equivalent to $27 per individual (if am correct). Just want to inform everyone to keep-on stacking SATs!!!
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Holding 9000$ Support
« Last post by administrator on June 27, 2020, 10:43:54 AM »
Bitcoin is holding 9000$ support very well so far. If Bitcoin hold same support level next 2 days . bitcoin next movement ?

Latest Bitcoin News / Indian government Banning Cryptocurrencies?
« Last post by administrator on June 27, 2020, 10:43:51 AM »
It's been in news these days that Indian Government is looking forward towards banning of cryptocurrencies. India is one of the major Economic Powers of the World especially in Developing Countries. If after China, Indian government too places a ban on Cryptopcurrencies it could be a drastic state of affairs for the Bitcoin World. A few Months Back a report was submitted by the Central Department of Economic Affairs to Ban Cryptocurrencies in India. I have made a synopsis of the same report in plain English but as being Indian Centric Posted it here in the Indian Section. You can read it here:

Is Indian government going to Ban Cryptocurrency? If yes then how? -

It must be noted that Government is putting up strict punishments for those who don't obey the rules which include fines extended upto INR 25 Crores means around $4Million or upto the Amount of Scam involved. Also you might end up in Jail for upto 10 years. It's pretty evident that FBI in a case in US were able to track down a person using his bitcoin Address which reflected that Bitcoin is Pseudo-Anonymous and not Completely Anonymous. Special thanks to the KYC performed by almost all exchanges  
 Here is the Link as to how it can be done:

Now if governments are able to track down Bitcoin users. And these 2 big Economies banning cryptocurrencies many other could follow the steps of these countries. Especially in the Eastern World which is still developing.

Latest Bitcoin News / How does Bitcoin work?
« Last post by administrator on June 27, 2020, 08:30:39 AM »
How does Bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is a completely virtual currency. It does not require a bank to transact or save. Although it cannot be touched or touched, its use is similar to that of ordinary coins. Bitcoins are used to purchase products and services online. Many people keep depositing bitcoin in the hope of future price increases. Bitcoin transactions are done through peer-to-peer system. Bitcoins are stored in the user's wallet. Wallets can be both online and offline. Wallet is a kind of personal small database. This database can be stored on computer drives, smartphones, tablets or cloud storage. Various applications have also been created for use as wallets.

Each wallet has a specific address. This address is encrypted. Bitcoin transactions are made by transferring bitcoins from one address to another. Each transaction is recorded in an open ledger called Blockchain. One bitcoin is added to the network after each transaction is completed. This is called bitcoin mining. Blockchain and bitcoin mining are two important issues in the Bitcoin transaction system.
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