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Latest Bitcoin News / RIPPLE CEO goes on CNN , attacks Bitcoin
« Last post by administrator on February 17, 2020, 07:46:18 PM »
They give this guy 21 mins of airtime, and he basically says that China "controls" the Bitcoin blockchain. Some other gems in there too.

Latest Bitcoin News / Enhancing and promoting Bitcoin and other Crytocurriencies
« Last post by administrator on February 17, 2020, 06:36:01 PM »
Bitcoin as we all know is one or the most popular Crytocurrencies we have in the world. The are more than a hundreds of Crytocurrencies but Bitcoin stood out and developed in a very positive way.

At first, when Bitcoin was known it wasn't that popular, is wasn't worth a dollar, approximately $0.28 and at that time it didn't mean alot to some people. But now Bitcoin has gone a long way in enhancing; they qcame up with an idea and developed an application which some people(not everyone) engaged their self in; but this didn't favour most of them (the people that joined the app) Why? This is because in that application you have a 50 percent chance of winning and also a 50 percent chance of loosing every thing you put in the business (application).

How to enhance or promote the positive growth in Bitcoin and other  crytocurriencies
Since we know we have no bad intensions toward s the people and the Soviet we can go on and practice the following points of mine
Advert: As I said Bitcoin is well known but not to everyone known the capability of it. Advertising of it on televisions, radios, posters, printing fliers, magazines, signboards e.t.c. So that people will see the capability and growth of Bitcoin.
Having marketers: We need marketers not just any but qualified marketers who will go around telling people about what Bitcoin can do or what Bitcoin has done. This will promote Bitcoin and other Crytocurriencies.
Writers, bloggers: We have writers, bloggers among us they can also help in the growth of Bitcoin by writing on their blog page and Puting images or a short video of/about Bitcoin.
Partnership with other popular companies
I hope with this little point of mine I have been able to contribute to the promotion and enhancing of Bitcoin and other Crytocurriencies.
Thank you.
Written by: Precious Theo

Latest Bitcoin News / Popularity of Bitcoin
« Last post by administrator on February 17, 2020, 06:35:58 PM »
Bitcoin is simply the biggest, most popular Crytocurrency in the market right now. It has earned it's position by ushering in a new era of anonymous transaction ever known.

While the are people who says that Bitcoin is untenable and is not very a valuable investment option.


The first and foremost reason is anonymity.                                           Bitcoin allows users to send money to any place in the world at minimum cost and that gains it self (Bitcoin) an achievement.
The second is stability.                       Despite the up's and down's of it's (Bitcoin) values, it is still relatively stable than some other currencies in the world which experiences hyperinflation.
The third is Time.                                Bitcoin might not be the fastest but it is certainly a score faster than other non anonymous flat currencies.
Security.                                               Bitcoin is definitely one of the most secure Crytocurrency we have right now. And with thousands working to keep the dozens from starling the money from the millions, it's likely to stay that way.
Since Bitcoin use complex technology, it cannot be outsmarted by any knuckle head. You will actually require some serious skills to make a digital heist.

In short, Bitcoin has definitely shown us that Crytocurrencies have a lot of potential and it's an inch close in becoming a reliable investment mode. The is no denying that if it continues evolving like this it will attract more counterparts and then it will be right on top.

Thank you
Written by: Precious Theo

Latest Bitcoin News / how to change BTC sendre's adress?
« Last post by administrator on February 17, 2020, 05:16:13 PM »
Hi everyone!

I've paid from my BTC wallet few times to the same reciever. The question is:
Does he able to see that all transactions from me come from the same wallet?
And what can i do to make him see all my payments as from different wallets everytime? Is it possible at all?
Latest Bitcoin News / 8 Signs That Show The Bitcoin Bull Run Has Already Begun
« Last post by administrator on February 17, 2020, 03:35:37 PM »
We all seem to have our ears constantly to the ground and our eyes on the prize waiting on the next great Bitcoin Bull run. But do any of us actually know for certain when a Bull run has started? If you are anything like me then the honest answer to that question is no.

Here is an article the points out 8 sure signs that show the bitcoin bull run has already begun:
Do you agree?

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Latest Bitcoin News / What has been the most memorable Bitcoin upgrade to date?
« Last post by administrator on February 17, 2020, 03:35:31 PM »
Looking for opinions here.

What upgrade or update has had the most positive impact on the crypto community in your opinion?

Segwit looks to be the most important to me based off of adoption,  ผลบอล7M but interested in seeing what everyone else has to say!
Latest Bitcoin News / MicroBT Whatsminer M31s
« Last post by administrator on February 17, 2020, 12:33:14 PM »
Where Can I Buy this??? Any Suggestion treatable site.
Latest Bitcoin News / Integrating cryptocurrency in business
« Last post by administrator on February 17, 2020, 09:38:27 AM »
Globalization is the biggest milestone modern society has achieved in the 21st century. Along with it businesses have grown and set themselves up in every corner of the world. This requires the introduction of new techniques in the growing demand for goods and services, like different methods of payments available that are secure and versatile. This also calls for integration of cryptocurrency in the businesses. The market for cryptocurrency investment, integration and development is new and small, it is still in its early stages of growth. The application of cryptocurrency in businesses will open new doors.
The setting up of cryptocurrency payment medium is the first and foremost step in the integration process, as it requires ample amount of time compared to other methods of payments. Businesses have developed their own crypto wallets to carry transactions in a safe and easy way. There are cryptocurrency exchange markets that work as an intermediary in the process and will charge for the utilization of crypto wallets. Various methods of payments will give customers options to choose from on their own comfort.
Cryptocurrencies and its many payment options will attract international customers. Cryptocurrencies approachable payment will enhance the adjustment and appointment for the businesses. The digital currency’s fluctuation might become a minor hindrance as the consequence of the integration, but it will minimize fraud risks.
Cryptocurrency is for sure a very attractive and interesting advancement in the new century. Businesses need to closely look at the pros and cons of integrating once and for all in their plan, also planning the outcome of such a step. Positive results will be a sign to go for it without thinking much. Various payment methods and the fiat currency’s exchange will make it all worthwhile.

Latest Bitcoin News / The price of BITCOIN will increase
« Last post by administrator on February 17, 2020, 07:32:23 AM »
Clearly the price of bitcoin will increase rapidly.
I have analysed about it via weekly trading chart and I am sure that we have to buy the bitcoin now.
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