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Latest Bitcoin News / Monitoring Statistics of a Bitcoin Core Full Node
« Last post by administrator on February 13, 2019, 03:44:02 PM »
I just setup a Bitcoin Full node on a Raspberry PI3 (Guide in my signature).
I just wanted to monitor statistics of such node with a neat graphical interface.
I was considering, until realizing it need a special full node software (statoshi itself) to run properly.
Do you know any other project where you can use Bitcoin Core as base wallet an attach to this?

I am interested on getting a graph of things such:
1. incoming/outcoming conncection
2. Ram/cpu/disk usage
3. Mempool statistics
4. Transactions statistics.
any suggestion?

Latest Bitcoin News / ETHBTC AIRDROP
« Last post by administrator on February 13, 2019, 03:44:00 PM »
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Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin conceptualization in the context of globalization
« Last post by administrator on February 13, 2019, 03:43:57 PM »
     As you can see the changes that we live in are profound, especially in this dynamic era. The technology plays an essential role not only from the perspective of creating new infrastructures, but also from the perspective of its conceptualization. I strongly believe that in the coming years, a large amount of the non-integrated population in the financial system will gain a particular desire to be part of the new system  - without linking to central authorities. Economies are becoming increasingly interlinked. At the moment, our money in the wallet is worthwhile because there is someone who guarantees for it. What if we still have money that are still recognized without the need for someone as central power to authenticate and supervise them? This is my way of conceptualisation these changes.
     What role do you think Bitcoin plays in the context of globalization? Bitcoin conceptualization in the context of globalization


A bitcoin developer actually wants to LOWER !!!!   the blocksize to under a third its current size in order to try to artificially force people to adopt the still not yet ready LN by making bitcoin worse.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people in the crypto world?!?

Latest Bitcoin News / The used of Bitcoin in Africa
« Last post by administrator on February 13, 2019, 01:42:11 PM »
Countries in the continent africa is embracing the blockchain technology and Bitcoin in their masses. In some countries the government of the day are showing some kind of support or interest for the new technology while others are advising their citizens not to use the cryptocurrency due to fear of fraudulent activities. I have taken my time, done some research plus the little knowledge I already have, made this thread to highlight the three ways Bitcoin is been used in Africa. They include;

[1]: Trading and investment:
Most citizens of countries in Africa like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kanye, South Africa etc have turned to Bitcoin as their recuse from poverty and others to increase their asset portfolio. According to the report carried out in August 2018, five (5) Africa countries where ranked among the Top 50 highest traders of Bitcoin on Localbitcoin exchange namely;
7. Nigeria – $258M
10. South Africa – $98M
23. Kenya – $25M
36. Morocco -- $6M
43. Tanzania -- $2M

Note: This is just a statistics from one exchange, we have numerous exchange both locally and international that Africans are trading on and that's just one of the ways Bitcoin (cryptocurrency in general) is been used in Africa.

[2] Online shopping:
The number of cryptocurrency related online shops is raising daily mostly in South Africa and Nigeria. Africans can now buy goods online from the comfort of their home and pay with bitcoin. Physical store are also joining the party, In 2017 one of South Africans biggest grocery stores called Pick n Pay showed interest in accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment we also have numerous merchant already accepting Bitcoin and few of them can be found here, Merchants Accepting bitcoins for Payment in Africa

[3]: Online transaction (money transfer):
Any one familiar with Africans knows we're migraters, there isn't any part of the world you'll go that you won't find Africans in their number, majority of the times it's the hustle that take them there. Many Africans leave their country for search of greener pastures in Western countries and when they succeed they always struggled to send money back to their families but with the help of Bitcoin everything has changed as sending money is now made easier, cheaper, faster and more secured. The luno wallet/exchange is one of the many platforms used for that purpose as it make it easier to convert Bitcoin to local currency.

If you're a blockchain developer and you were looking for the next regional area to get potential customer for whatever service you're providing I suggest you join the few companies tapping the potential found in Africa.

Here are some useful article you can read to convince you more;
Why Africa Is Fertile Ground for Bitcoin Adoption
Top 5 African Countries That Are Embracing Bitcoin

Any African out there willing to connect with others, you can join the fit-to-talk project started by Jet Cash, it has a board dedicated to Africans.
luke-jr is another one to add to the line fo Craig Wright, Jihan Wu and everyone that decide to fork bitcoin without any consensus. By design Bitcoin is open to this but as with the previous ppl and now luke-jr claim to social media that his version will be the "real Bitcoin"

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well, since no one knows how much sands out there on this planet, how dare the experts say the numbers of bitcoin address is greater that all sands on earth (or dust over the universe )? How they come up with this conclusion?
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin and Deep Web
« Last post by administrator on February 13, 2019, 10:08:21 AM »
So im literally a curioused person which wanted to have more informations about Deep Web and its wierd and creepy videos and stuffs. So I recently streaming youtube for a couple of hours, so basic compared to what deep web has, but after about 10 videos,i found this gem.

So for those who have no time watching a 14:27 minute video, ill make a summary for you.

So theres this youtuber who wants to access deep web, just a curious guy like me. Then after a boring introduction, he finally opens the site. So to make the story short. He finds all illegal stuffs like hacking, buying other peoples account including paypal and even bank accounts perhaps, steps on how to do illegal things and a bunch of drug dealers all for suprisingly low price. Whats surprising is this.


WTF. I really stumbled that even the dark webs and illegal organizations only accepts BTC because of its anonimity.

Heres an interesting topic for you guys. Lets discuss about this and maybe you have a lot information than mine.
Latest Bitcoin News / Gold Bits Coin is invited to an Event in Thailand
« Last post by administrator on February 13, 2019, 08:58:23 AM »
GBC is invited to an event in Pattaya Thailand.
20 Days till event.
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