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Latest Bitcoin News / How to earn passive income paid in Bitcoin
« Last post by administrator on September 25, 2020, 08:14:40 AM »
EarnBet is an online decentralized casino operating on the wax chain and its token, BET (listed on Binance Dex and Uniswap) can be used to earn passive income as the casino is 100% user owned with 100% of dividends being paid to token holders.
Recently, EarnBet partnered up with ChainLINK and Dapp radar listed it as the top dapp token in the gaming and gambling sub section of the blockchain industry, just to put into perspective the popularity and fame of the casino.
It is expected that the casino will soon incorporate 1000-slot machines and live poker into its decentralized platform which will attract even more players, thus increasing the dividends by ten fold (previous month's dividends alone was $60K)
The project is currently worth a mere $3 million with $5 million worth of dividends being paid out in the 2 years of its operation, which more than justifies its valuation and has the potential to grow.
Since the casino provides games such as Hilo, Blackjack, etc at the moment it still has viability of growth since the gambling industry of the U.S is worth $240 billion. If EarnBet could take a mere 0.1% market share, that would be a valuation of $240 million!
Stop scrolling and earn your share of dividends via Bitcoin now:
Latest Bitcoin News / Mike McGlone: The real price of Bitcoin is $ 15,000
« Last post by administrator on September 25, 2020, 06:30:37 AM »
Mike McGlone, an analyst in the field of digital currencies, believes that previous record-breaking hash rates and, more importantly, the one-month average number of active Bitcoin addresses indicate that the current price of this digital currency should be in the $ 15,000 range. He says:

The bitcoin hash rate is still on the rise and has recently set new records. In addition, the number of active addresses is growing. Also, by automatically scaling the average daily number of active Bitcoin addresses from 2017, you can see that the current price should be around $ 15,000. It is worth mentioning that the daily average of active Bitcoin addresses is one of the most important indicators for measuring the acceptance of this digital currency.

Average daily bitcoin active addresses. Source: Glassnode

It goes without saying that Mike McGlone has always been optimistic about the future of Bitcoin, despite its many ups and downs. He believes that Bitcoin is at the forefront of changing the paradigm and transition to digital money and new value-saving tools. He acknowledges that while Bitcoin is likely to continue to fail, this is highly unlikely to happen. Mike McGlone adds:

If the price of bitcoin is not to rise, the charts of the key metrics within the key chain, including hash rates and active addresses, must be reversed.
Latest Bitcoin News / What were the precursors of Bitcoin?
« Last post by administrator on September 25, 2020, 01:37:16 AM »
Bitcoin is often described as the 'first cryptocurrency' in media, but I vaguely remember there was some history before Satoshi's (amazing) implementation.

I remember hashcash (not a currency) which was used to prevent spam way before Bitcoin, and Bitcoin uses its idea.

What were the other attempts at cryptocurrencies or precursors before Bitcoin?

There was a ETF announced for bitcoin a couple of days ago.
Which finally did come to fruition after a lengthy battle to get it approved by government.
But when it did happen this is when the price of bitcoin fell from $11400 to $10400 where we are now.

Latest Bitcoin News / What the future holds for bitcoin
« Last post by administrator on September 25, 2020, 01:37:11 AM »

BTC is gradually gaining its grounds in the financial institute. Most people prefer using bitcoin as a medium of exchange. Before the advent of bitcoin local and foreign currencies were the only means of financial transactions. Currently BTC has gone beyond bothers and has also made transactions safer and faster without much stress of converting from one currency to another. From my own opinion its a better way of accumulating wealth and secure a perfect future of cashless policy


The cryptocurrency supporting the world's largest anonymous free speech platforms.
Bitstar is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency designed with added transactional storage capacity for the purpose of archiving free speech.
With its own genesis block, susucoin is an independent blockchain built on wallet software forked from BitcoinR as bitcoin.



Android Client: (SOON)
iOS Client: (SOON)
Exchange: (SOON)


Algorithm:  SHA-256
Block Halving: 52,500 blocks
Block Reward (initial): 100 BSTR
Block Type: Proof of Work (PoW)
Coin Name: BSTR
Coin Unit: Satoshi
Coinbase Maturity: 99+1 Default Confirmation Blocks
Initial Address Letter (Mainnet): B
Initial Address Letter (Testnet): B
Last Reward Block: 1,785,000
Network Name: bitstaR
Node 1:
Node 2:
Node 3:
P2P Port: 17899
RPC Port: 17898
Supply: 21,000,000 BSTR
Supply (minable): 10,500,000
Target Spacing: 5 minutes
Target Timed Difficulty Adjustment: 15 minutes
Transaction Confirmations: 12 blocks
Latest Bitcoin News / Vulnerability in Lightning Network
« Last post by administrator on September 24, 2020, 08:34:15 PM »
Recently, Joost Jager, an independent Bitcoin Lightning developer, has described a micropayment network vulnerability that can lead to channel compromise with very little effort and cost. Joost says that he is already working on a solution to this problem.

The attack can be conducted through wumbo channels, which, in fact, allow for larger transactions between mutually agreed parties in the Lightning network. This channel removes the restriction on the total number of bitcoins that can be stored in a regular channel Lightning, which at current prices is about $1760. It also removes the approximate limit of $450 for the amount of an individual payment.

Jager said that wumbo channels can be used because the channel can't contain more than 483 hash codes and Time Lock Contracts (HTLCs) at any time, regardless of its capacity. Thus, a malicious entity sending itself 483 micropayments and holding the HTLC is enough to disable a channel for up to two weeks.

The developer has demonstrated that this can be achieved by using the maximum route length to add loops and additional contracts to quickly reach this amount in just a small initial cost, as in this example 0.058 BTC.

To solve this problem, we launched a new firewall project for Lightning nodes called Circuit Breaker. When asked if this "attack" is the largest unrevealed vector of an attack on LN today, he added that it depends on how you define the value of losses. There are other attacks that can make you lose money, which seems even worse. But this is one of the most serious problems in terms of not knowing how to solve it.

With wumbo channels the user can signal that he wants to send more BTC than usual limits and find the node he wants to get. Ordinary Lightning users who send micropayments will not be affected and this is a much better option for commercial and corporate payments.
Wumbo channels are becoming more and more popular and Bitfinex was the last one to announce their support:


so who and when will solve that problem?
btc transaction fees are way too high!
btc transactions are way too slow!
as im the big fan of fiat money and banks and reason for that becouse i make my transaction with online bank much faster to same bank and with much less fees then  i do it with cryptocurrency.

the cost of something what is so hovest should be cheap as possible is way too high and ethereum is expensive too but at least eth transactions are much more faster so you get what you pay for at least but bitcoin it need to improve much more

Latest Bitcoin News / My Bitcoin Opinion about next 5 to 10 Years
« Last post by administrator on September 24, 2020, 07:27:48 PM »
Centralized Bank are going to destroying day by day. No doubt that bitcoin will get his King seat soon.
I am very hopeful with btc Sure we will see it in next 5 to 10 years.
European Commission officially proposes regulatory framework for crypto-assets and stablecoins

The European Commission has today officially proposed a regulatory framework for crypto-assets and stablecoins after a leaked draft proposal went viral last week.

The 168-page official draft proposal (provisional), published Thursday, highlights the need for a "sound" legal framework, clearly defining the regulatory treatment of all crypto-assets that are not covered by existing EU financial services legislation.

Crypto assets, especially stablecoins, have the potential to become widely accepted, said the commission. Hence, they would be subject to "more stringent requirements" regarding capital, investor rights, and supervision. The proposal is in line with the leaked version from last week.

The commission has today proposed a "bespoke" regime for crypto-assets and stablecoins. "The bespoke regime for crypto-assets will ensure a high level of consumer and investor protection and market integrity, by regulating the main activities related to crypto-assets," said the commission. The main activities include such as crypto exchange and wallet services.
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