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The four congressman are:

Here is the complete letter they sent to Commissioner Rettig.

Will this encourage more investors to get on-board if the IRS will somewhat heed this call?
Latest Bitcoin News / New Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency related website
« Last post by administrator on August 05, 2020, 10:18:30 PM »
Hello everybody-

I have put together very basic website about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.

Let me know what you think. Thank you!
Latest Bitcoin News / Can someone help a noob with an Electrum problem
« Last post by administrator on August 05, 2020, 10:18:26 PM »
I attempted to send bitcoin from my Electrum account, but the coins in the Electrum account were cash. It now shows sent & the money is gone from my account. The recipient is of course showing the transaction, but it's showing zero received. Can someone help me? Can I cancel the transaction? Is there anything I can do to get the coins back?
Latest Bitcoin News / What Is Best Course Of Action?
« Last post by administrator on August 05, 2020, 10:18:23 PM »
Just a question to ask for advice. Right now with all the markets they way they are. Bitcoin is always in the upward in the market.  Of course it has periods of going down. But crypto market is doing quite well in these times.

I am asking what is the best course of action?

Should I just keep buying and HODL and keeping my Bitcoin for a rainy day?

Or is trading is back and forth to stable coins and trying to make more gains a good action plan too?

Need suggestions and advice. thanks
Latest Bitcoin News / Easy way to get Bitcoins for newbies!
« Last post by administrator on August 05, 2020, 08:35:56 PM »
I was on a website and I found a really good way to earn bitcoins very quickly, you can invite referrals and get $0.20 each! You also get a signup bonus of $1 and only the minimum of $10 for withdrawal! Sign up for BTCKick!

Time and again there has been a feud between Bitcoins supporter and the Government . Government always said how cryptocurrencies are not a good option since they can be used for illegal purposes and therefore should be banned .

Twitter hack did steal a lot from people but at the same time the fact that the government was able to track down those people do prove that whatever claims they might make about cryptocurrencies being problematic and used for money laundering and other stuff , they are forgetting the fact that it's so transparent that it can destroy the whole corrupted body itself. Maybe this is the reason why they are scared of the Bitcoins.

I do believe through this we learned a few lessons .

- how one should be there extra cautious online
- how Bitcoins needs to be recognized as a good thing by the government not a competition or be negatively associated.
Latest Bitcoin News / Beirut explosion - Lesson to learn from this.
« Last post by administrator on August 05, 2020, 06:05:07 PM »
People can quickly become complacent to think that their single location storage of their Bitcoin hoard would be enough. We all saw how 300 000 people have lost their houses in as little as a few seconds.

The Beirut explosion should be a wake-up call to all of us, to store your Paper wallets and cold wallets in more than one geographical location. A national disaster or a accident like this might wipe out your house and if you used that as your primary hiding place, you would lose more than your house.

After a disaster like this, bulldozers are brought in and only the foundations might be left after they are done. (So hiding it in a safe or a wall or the roof is a bad idea.)

Make sure you have several copies of your Paper wallets/Private keys and store them in separate locations. You might not even be at home when a disaster like this happens and when you return, the authorities might stop you from entering the devastated area. (due to instability of structures or chemical/gas leaks.) So you will not have a opportunity to retrieve your stash. 

Wake up and act now... before it is too late. 

Cash app by Square made an astonishing $875 million during the second quarter of 2020. Is this a indication that we are really in a bull run? And I think almost all crypto related business also gain a net profit in the second quarter. But it's really interesting that even though we are still in the pandemic, those money can still be profited.
Latest Bitcoin News / Thoughts on new ATH
« Last post by administrator on August 05, 2020, 09:53:45 AM »
What are peoples thoughts and expectations on the next ATH. Obviously impossible to predict I'm just curious to hear what others expect. Some have made the point that the trough to peak has reduced 20%-30% although there could be other factors this time round that push the price higher

Will the economic fallout from covid create a perfect storm?

Will more adoption be significant

Institutional interest

What are peoples thoughts and expectations
Latest Bitcoin News / Flooding in China effect on bitcoin
« Last post by administrator on August 05, 2020, 08:37:23 AM »
What are peoples thoughts on the effect of flooding in China. The three Gorges dam has been failing to hold back the monsoon season and threatening to flood major Chinese mining operations.

What are peoples thoughts on the effect on the price should there be major distribution to the miners?
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