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Google Recaptcha Is "SCUM WITH A SCAM!." 100% +...Anyone know where to contact support ?...Google has NO Support.

During October 2018, Bitcoin trading volumes on the peer-to-peer (P2P) platform LocalBitcoins reached peak levels in Argentina, Venezuela, and Egypt. Elsewhere, places like Croatia and Switzerland are at their lowest levels since the start of 2018…

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Why wanna cry hack? Just because as we go for the past year. We can see the result of bitcoin it was happened just because of wannacry. Why because bitcoin was everywhere. Everybody says that pay bitcoin and your computer will be unlock. So people were paying to hackers and the price was pumping. So i am looking for the strong reply.
I found this by doing a search for "Iran" on Open Bazaar's site. It is an innovative way to use that site.
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin in E-Sports..
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Will the e-sports(gaming) industry accepts bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency?
Based on the link above:
"China is, by some distance, the undisputed world leader in bitcoin mining — with Chinese mining pools controlling more than 70% of the bitcoin network's collective hash rate (a higher hash rate is better when mining cryptocurrencies as it increases your chance of finding the next block on the chain and receiving the bitcoin reward).
Many in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry have expressed concern about how much control this gives China over bitcoin, with the Beijing-based Bitmain Technologies mining more than half the world’s bitcoins.
Now it appears U.S. president Donald Trump's White House is also worrying about China's bitcoin dominance, with a Ripple Labs executive suggesting the U.S. administration is interested in ripple (XRP) adoption to offset China's bitcoin strength."

China manufactures most of the world’s bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining equipment and its massive mining farms are supported by the country's cheap electricity prices. Will the US be able to reach China's dominance?
Latest Bitcoin News / CoinBase Preparing For Brexit...
« Last post by administrator on Today at 04:44:21 PM » expanding to Dublin.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is opening new offices in Dublin as part of the company’s contingency planning for a hard Brexit.

The company, one of the largest members of the blockchain ecosystem, says that London will remain its European headquarters, but that Dublin’s EU membership, as well as its English-speaking workforce and diverse technology talent pool, made it the “clear choice” for a second European outpost.

“To begin with we’re housing a significant support team there,” said Coinbase’s UK CEO Zeeshan Feroz, “and we’re looking to capitalise on the talent pool that’s available to us in Ireland and hire other folks.

“It is also a plan B for Brexit. As we plan for all eventualities, it’s important that we continue servicing our customers across Europe, and Ireland would be our preferred choice there if it comes to it.”

Businesses which purely operate within the cryptocurrency sector may not be particularly affected by Brexit, Feroz said, but many of the biggest cryptocurrency companies have substantial operations that overlap with the conventional financial sector.

“Coinbase and a few other crypto businesses are essentially two businesses: they are a regulated financial service provider – we have an e-money license with the FCA – and on the other half they provide crypto services. And clearly as a regulated financial institution, if we don’t have access to passporting, we have to look for alternatives.”

The news of yet another business preparing to shift operations out of the UK could come as a blow to the government. The potential loss of a leading light of the blockchain sector could hit particularly hard, with the traditional financial industry’s problems with Brexit well-established.

The chancellor, Philip Hammond, has even staked his hopes on the sector to solve the thorny issue of the Irish border, telling the Conservative party conference that “there is technology becoming available” to solve the issue. “I don’t claim to be an expert on it but the most obvious technology is blockchain,” Hammond said.

Feroz expressed some hope that Brexit could make the UK more appealing to pure crypto companies, which did not need to do business with the rest of the world through the traditional financial system. “I am of the view today that there is an opportunity for Britain post-Brexit to perhaps take the lead” in offering “balanced regulation” for the sector. “In general, and outside of Brexit, I think crypto should be regulated as a service. There’s businesses out there like ours that handle billions of dollars or pounds every day.”

As of August 2018, there are over 1600 cryptocurrencies that exist, according to Wikipedia. I know that Wikipedia isn't the most reliable of sources because anyone can edit it whenever they want, but the point is the number of cryptocurrencies being introduced. Some of the new cryptocurrencies I've heard were DeepBrainChain, ByteCoin, IOST, and Elastos. There's also a new coin called Virie, which is apparently a cryptocurrency used to crowdfund and jumpstart the Virternity Project, a project that aims to digitized our minds, economy and the society. I believe that not all new coins aim to scam people, but do we really need more cryptocurrencies? Do we need new cryptocurrencies for every project that exists? Why can't there be one or five cryptocurrencies that all projects can use?
Novogratz: Bitcoin Will Breakout in 2019, But Institutions Still Want Crypto

Despite recently retracting his bullish claims that Bitcoin will surpass $10,000 by year’s end, Mike Novogratz still expressed that institutions are still poised to enter the crypto industry. Fidelity, BitGo, Bakkt Custody…

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Bitcoin Price Remains Stable Despite Attractive Arbitrage Opportunity

A lot of people are keeping a close eye on the Bitcoin price as of right now. That is only normal, primarily because of how it dominates the cryptocurrency…

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