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Bitcoin spenders can now use the lighting network to shop at e-commerce sites like Amazon. 

Crypto payment processing startup Moon announced today that any lightning-enabled wallet can now also be used through moon's browser extension.
I'm pretty active on Steemit and Reddit and in the last few months, I noticed a lot of disrespect from the crypto community members towards each other. I wonder if it was also in the early stage of the market.
I believe the main reason is the number of different projects in the crypto space.

Everyone claiming the project they support gonna changes the ecosystem, disrespect bitcoin,ethereum, and other projects that are pretty much the foundations of this ecosystem, and talk $@ one to another.

How can we move on from here and make this a better place?

Sorry I been up for 24hours and my thoughts are just off the top of my head.
Latest Bitcoin News / Barginex Blogger Contest
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Hi Everybody;

We have organized a contest for you. You can win the contest easily by fulfilling four separate duties.
You can follow our duties on Twitter account.
Please read us contest rules.
Latest Bitcoin News / BitCoin investment
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Hi guys !
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Hugs. Enjoy the easter time
Latest Bitcoin News / Hello everyone
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Hello everyone i am new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies world, trying to learn about this wonderful opportunity daily. Nice to be on Bitcointalk
Discord User: Sibirium#5499


it's free, we have platform instant mastered we need coins to start 1 master node...and then, as users Deposit coins for the masternode, we return the coins to the developers
the refund will take a few hours

wish....after listing on our platform, our users will buy masternodes from you

as soon as you have sent him a masternode he changes the coin address in the entertainment so that you can find nothing in the block explorer

this user is a fraud watcher

Best Reagrd
Discord User:

Hello you want to be listed on the site

is ok
we have instant master node platform , we need coins to run 1 main node...and then, as users make a coin Deposit for the main node, we will return the coins to the developers

you send him a masternode and he sells your coins at the cheapest price and does not list you on his side everything is fake

this user is a fraud watcher

Best Reagrd
Latest Bitcoin News / Find Satoshi in Japan!!
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Satoshi is a very common name used in Japan maybe 20-25people there has the word 'Satoshi' in their name. so, what do you guys think will it help if their government decided to check each and every individual because many counties started accepting bitcoin as payment but we have not got any specific news from Japan. What are your thoughts about this topic people?
Since Bitcoin appeared it has been controversial. Its value increases gradually. But there are also times that fall after the Hark fork. So if you do not have hark fork, the price of Bitcoin will increase or decrease
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