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Latest Bitcoin News / Paragon bounty management service
« Last post by administrator on Today at 09:13:10 PM »
  Welcome to Paragon Bounty management service  

We are happy to announced that we are going to start a bounty management service. Our service is legit.

Latest Bitcoin News / HODLers, spend your BTC
« Last post by administrator on Today at 09:13:07 PM »
I have a feeling the financial system might collapse. This can cause severe fiat inflation. So I decided to go Bitcoin only for my finances. I keep some fiat in the bank for paying bills. I'm a small business owner and I accept bitcoin as a payment method. It frustrates me that very few use it. But it makes sense people want to spend their devaluating fiat instead of promising bitcoin.

I want you to consider this as a hodler. If we all hodl our coins, they don't circulate.

A crisis is coming. It will be a financial/debt/currency crisis and this may lead to an economic crisis. Banks and governments will blame the pandemic.

But the real economy is fine. Shops and bars will open again. As long as people have money to spend, others will keep their jobs.

I want hodlers to start spending their satoshis. Don't see this as buying an expensive pizza. If you buy it with fiat, it's the same as exchanging your fiat for bitcoin, except for the fees. But keeping your money in Bitcoin gives you a nice long term interest. Also spending satoshis is in your interest because it contributes to the network effect. When more people use Bitcoin > it becomes more useful > demand grows > price goes up > you get rich.

Now that we are all at home, it might be a great opportunity to start paying for daily expenses with bitcoin. There are many places where you can buy food online and Lightning network makes it cheap and fast. If you believe Bitcoin will go to the moon, then you should start using it now as a method of payment as much as you can.

My recommendation:

- Don't put all your assets in Bitcoin. Buy gold, silver, solar panels, food, toilet paper. Keep some cash for emergency.
- If you fear your bank will close your account, use an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) as a middle man to buy crypto. There are many of them. Use them as a pass through, don't trust them with your money.
- Fiat is for exchanging, Bitcoin is for hodling, Satoshis are for spending.

Developers did their job making user friendly wallets, now it's up to the hodlers to give the users easy satoshis. They should not have to go through stupid KYC.

Share your thoughts and links to places where to spend.

This is my first post, I want to thank Satoshi Nakamoto for his or her gift to society. Thank you. You gave freedom to humanity and made this world a better place. Stay healthy and anonymous!
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Halving
« Last post by administrator on Today at 05:32:54 PM »
Does Coronavirus impact Bitcoin halving & future?

Bitcoin halving needs new mining equipment every time; because once a Bitcoin halving takes place, the existing equipment becomes inefficient for mining. Mining farms then replace the old equipment to be on par with the new algorithm challenges.
Latest Bitcoin News / Impact of Covid
« Last post by administrator on Today at 05:32:51 PM »
Most people thought that after the virus outbreak, money would go into Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin is considered to be the only ‘’safe-haven’’ asset at the time of crisis. But Bitcoin collapsed by 15% after the virus outbreak, thereby defying people’s expectations.

However, it is to be remembered that the value of Bitcoin is driven by demand and not on factors like interest rates and GDP than other fiat currencies depend on. Therefore, the prices of Bitcoin though showing volatility is most of the time, still remain steady when other markets fall.
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin extreme price plunge
« Last post by administrator on Today at 05:32:48 PM »
The Fed could mint not one but two $1 trillion coins. The U.K. government will pay 80% of wages. A global recession of record proportions is a near certainty and coming as soon as next month. Stock markets around the world lost trillions of dollars in value in a matter of hours.

This morning, the Fed promised an open-ended commitment to keep buying assets under its quantitative easing measures—effectively offering to buy the entire market if necessary.
Since the very beginning bitcoin has always been volatile. There have been periods where curiosity has pushed the price up, and other times when doubt has seen the price plummet. No matter what has been thrown its way, Bitcoin has always managed to bounce back.

Here is a break down of the highs and lows of Bitcoin Volatility:

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell below $ 6,000 for the second time in a week. The decline below the $ 6,000 level today comes as a weekly and monthly close approach, and the prospect that the price might be affected by investors is afraid that traditional markets may continue to recover in Monday's opening bag.

At the time of writing, the price traded at $ 5,917 after the bulls couldn't get the $ 6,200 support. In the short term, Bitcoin will need to hold $ 5,850, or traders will set the $ 5,700, whose prices have found support at least 5 times since March 12.

Below $ 5,700, $ 5,350 is the next support area, and below this level traders will look at $ 4,446, where the price previously formed a double bottom.

Fear continues to focus on investor feeling

The Crypto Fear and Greed Index currently shows a reading of 12, which represents 'extreme fear' and at the same time emphasizes that crypto traders are continuing to drop drastically about the current state of the crypto market.

Even as the halfway event is approaching, traders do not feel strongly bullish, but the current reading at 12 is the improvement in the past two weeks, when the indicator fell to 8 after the Bitcoin price corrected to $ 3,775.

Many traders will notice that as Bitcoin tends to thin the weekend price movement over this period and look at shorter time intervals, traders lose momentum as the volume dries and eventually falls below the lower arm of the Bollinger Band indicator.

Altcoin prices reflected Bitcoin's price drop, and many of the top 20 coins were corrected by 3% to 5%. XRP price fell 7.64%, Binance Coin pulled 5.37% and Monero (XMR) fell 6.57%.

The total cryptocurrency market limit is $ 168 billion and the dominance rate of Bitcoin is 64.8%.
So many countries have been affected by covid-19 pandemic and the governments have been thinking of palliatives and stimulus while some have already started in other to cushion the economic hardship occasioned on the masses.

I'm thinking that these stimulus check is coming at the time bitcoin halving is expected too. Thus, these two factors might be a catalyst to bitcoin and cryptocurrency growth because those who don't really need the stimulus for food, health and other urgent needs might invest in crypto and we can see a fast rise IMO.
Today the spreading of the virus is rapidly and people getting increase rate of being infected and most of the country today make a lockdown to their cities too to avoid the people getting out and even you are home you need to be keep updated about the news related to the coronavirus outbreak. It is better to become more aware also to our self and this one helps you to save your money in investment on your bitcoin because you can now make a self-test on your self and identify if you are safe or have symptoms of the virus.

We have a website or platform that can help you and your relatives by having self check this is just a website platform "COVID-19 SELF TEST" that will ask you several questions that is consist of  12 questions than is related to your feeling, history of travel and more.

By just simply answering the questions they have a conclusion about the score you will get.

In the final result, they will give you a low, medium or high-risk result and they give you the recommendation to ask a doctor by this we can be aware of the feelings we have so we can make an action immediately and stop the spreading of the virus.

Keep safe every one
Latest Bitcoin News / Fiat money's richest vs Bitcoin's richest
« Last post by administrator on Today at 04:31:39 AM »
The 1% richest people in the world control half the worlds wealth (According to this article:

"At the other end of the spectrum, the world’s 3.5 billion poorest adults each have assets of less than $10,000 (£7,600). Collectively these people, who account for 70% of the world’s working age population, account for just 2.7% of global wealth."


(After spending 20 minutes doing the math)
The top 1% richest Bitcoin addresses account for 87.92% of all circulating Bitcoins.

Again, on the other end of the spectrum, the poorest 48.06% of addresses hold 0.02% of all circulating Bitcoins.

What do you guys think of this? I'd say that lots of the richest addresses don't count as much because some of them are exchanges cold wallets holding some people's funds.

EDIT: Forgot to add the the source for the information on Bitcoin's addresses came from here:
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