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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Reminder: Mt Gox owns the Bitcoin trademark

    Quote The PASCAZI Retaliation, fighting opportunists worldwide and why we applied for the Bitcoin trademark. TOKYO, JAPAN - October 14, 2011 - As the owner of the largest Bitcoin trading platform, Mt.Gox, we at Tibanne K.K feel obliged to step up and oppose opportunists around the world from trademarking the concept and term “Bitcoin”, which would severely limit the ability of those in the Bitcoin community to freely enjoy and use our beloved Crypto-currency. As some in the community may be aware, back in July Michael Pascazi, a law attorney in upstate New York started to file for ownership of the Bitcoin trademark. This took place not only in the US but in other key countries like France and Japan where trademark laws favour the party who is “first-to-file”, rather than the first actual user of the term. While Michael Pascazi apparently acquiesced in his attempt to trademark Bitcoin in the U.S. (thanks to a stricter “first-to-use” trademarking system), he has since submitted a claim in France through his wife Celine Mouchon Pascazi, where Pascazi has far stronger legal standing as the first entity to apply. In reaction, we at Tibanne K.K in Japan have started legal proceedings in the hopes of opposing this filing in France, at a European level as well as in in other countries across the world. The Pascazis' stated intention is to profit from these trademarks, which would hamper Bitcoin enthusiasts, businesses and the community as a whole on a global basis in the free use and promotion of Bitcoin. Tibanne K.K will oppose this and any other "greed based" trademark application, in order to prevent self-serving attempts to profit from Bitcoin through spurious legal suits, and keep the term “Bitcoin” free for all. We would like to use this opportunity to formally announce that all trademarks related to the term “Bitcoin” filed for and obtained by Tibanne K.K will be made freely available to anyone to use for whatever purpose whatsoever, whether that be for non-profit or commercial endeavours. We will keep you apprised on these matters as soon as updates become available. Regards Mt.Gox Co. Ltd Team. https://www.mtgox.com/press_release_20111014.html Trade Mark No.   Mark Text   File Date   Status   Nice Classes   Vienna Classes   Image   Picking List E10103646    BITCOIN    07/07/2011    Registered    09 35 38 42        No image exists for Trade Mark E10103646.    E10050466    bit coin    15/06/2011    Registered    09 38 41        Image for Trade Mark E10050466.    One is a word mark, one has an (ugly) picture. Both registered to Tribanne: Applicant:     Tibanne Co. Ltd.     Cerulean Tower 15F 26-1 Sakuragaoka-Cho, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan, 150-8512 Representative:     BAKER & MCKENZIE LLP     100 New Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom, EC4V 6JA

  • What are your unfashionable Bitcoin opinions?

    Everyone has a few. What are yours? My main ones are - unit bias has held back BTC's progress in the mind of the public. Bitcoin will never see widespread use as a currency. 95-99.5% of the world does not want to be their own bank. And a decent proportion who do want to be, should not be.

  • "Bitcoin" is now a registered trademark in the UK

    Trade Mark No.   Mark Text   File Date   Status   Nice Classes   Vienna Classes   Image   Picking List E10103646    BITCOIN    07/07/2011    Registered    09 35 38 42        No image exists for Trade Mark E10103646.     E10050466    bit coin    15/06/2011    Registered    09 38 41        Image for Trade Mark E10050466.     One is a word mark, one has an (ugly) picture. Both registered to Tribanne: Applicant:     Tibanne Co. Ltd.     Cerulean Tower 15F 26-1 Sakuragaoka-Cho, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan, 150-8512 Representative:     BAKER & MCKENZIE LLP     100 New Bridge Street, London, United Kingdom, EC4V 6JA Is this news, or were you all familiar with the word "bitcoin" now being the intellectual property of Tribanne Co. Ltd. (Mt. Gox etc.) ?

  • Ripple Explained Simply (XRP)

    Ripple was originally conceived in 2004. After further development of the concept, a corporation named OpenCoin was founded during 2012. The Company developed the ripple protocol (RTXP) and the Ripple payment & exchange network in open source code. The company name changed to Ripple Labs Inc. during 2013 and was subsequently rebranded and shortened to Ripple in 2015. Ripple is a privately funded company with notable investors such as Google Ventures, Seagate Technology, Accenture, Bitcoin Opportunity Corp & Standard Chartered. Today, Ripple boasts more than 100 major institutional clients -and growing- notably major brands such as JPMorgan and Bank of America. Currently Ripple is consider as a centralized open network, its not a such a bad thing to move large amount of money between banks. it might have a great future if large financial institution and banks adapt to XRP. Money graham has recently announced that they will utilize XRP as a major token on their network. 

  • Indian btc traders suicide paying off senior cop for investment made during ATH

    An Indian Bitcoin Trader Hangs Himself, Blames Senior Cop in Suicide Note Here is an excerpt from the article to grasp what kind of pressure he was in to come up with these two brothers bitcoin investments: "In a suicide note, Patel explained that he had invested money belonging to the two brothers in bitcoin. Allegedly the senior police officer had invested an amount worth five bitcoins at an unspecified time. But following a decline in the price, the two brothers now wanted a little over 11 bitcoins as compensation.. SENIOR COP WAS DEMANDING A LEG AND AN ARM Patel did not disclose the exact time the investment was made. But the brothers’ demands could suggest that the investment was made when prices were higher than now. The two brothers are seeking more than double the bitcoins they had invested in as compensation. At the current prices, the 11.575 bitcoins that the two brothers are demanding are worth around $92,000. Per Patel’s wife, Usha, the bitcoin trader had tried to convince the two brothers to accept payment in installments. However, they insisted on a lump sum payment. The two brothers were also demanding that interest be paid on the principal amount that they had invested. The suicide note did not reveal the rate." source https://www.ccn.com/indian-bitcoin-trader-hangs-himself-blames-senior-indian-cop-in-suicide-note An older story from 2014 before the sudden increase of these exchanges Bitcoin Exchange CEO Commits Suicide - Cue The Conspiracy Theories https://youtu.be/42-OkuB-Mzg Very tragic endings for those not knowing what they are getting into as it can be a catalyst just as money could for these random acts of violence towards ones self.

  • 2FV for site registrations

    So I noticed that many Bitcoin sites utilize 2 Factor Verification for new registrations.  This requires you to provide your cell # and they send you a code which you type in to verify. I'm always hesitant to provide my cell # because I want to maintain my anonymity as much as possible.  Does anyone know if the phone # data is stored for 2 Factor Verification?  Of course I know it is for 2 Factor Authentication but I'm specifically referring to 'Verification".

  • Isn't scammers a huge stopper to the internet (Bitcoin)

    Since internet discovery and the anonymity it provided scams started popping everywhere on the web and became something that we are used to and encounter more often than we would notice, with time we became more aware and started watching our step to avoid them as we noticed with soreness that there is nothing one can about it by itself, but here we are, cryptocurrencies got created and spread on the web easing people's life with its smooth and useful features and here we are again riding the same wave the scammer but this time there is big at stake, as this could prevent a whole industry to blossom and reach it real potential, if we look at it having in mind the perspective that crypto is bond with the internet then there will be really big challenge to make this place more secure where even the naive one could carry on with their business, in fact if cryptocurrency would need to attract more people in order to reach mass adoption and maybe become worldwide (while still prioritizing its values in that case decentralization among others), it will be a requirement to have a secure place, but challenges are made to be taken and maybe cryptocurrency will bring solutions for old issue like scams

  • Real Satoshi killed by US Govt - replaced by Craig S. Wright

    I they cannot control Bitcoin or crypto in general, they kill it's creator and replace them with a fraud operating with the US govt. Now he ( the us govt) can claim copyrights of crypto and blockchain technology. What implications would this have? Collaboration with the US govt, higher transaction fees ? Disowning of BTC, blockchain copyright, alt coins banning?

  • BTC and Gold?

    Interesting article that talks about BTC vs Gold: https://cryptotradernews.com/cryptocurrency/is-bitcoin-the-new-gold/ Thoughts? Gold is tangible and can be used for other things other than storing value... It's also been around for a much longer time...

  • How do I accept Bitcoin payments on my website?

    Hello. How do I accept Bitcoin payments on my website?

  • Craig Wright recognised by US Govt as Satoshi, author of white paper

    https://coingeek.com/bitcoin-creator-craig-s-wright-satoshi-nakamoto-granted-us-copyright-registrations-for-bitcoin-white-paper-and-code/ implications for Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin Rush : What is Bitcoin Mining and is it Profitable ?

    Bitcoin Rush :  Dies ist ein Beispiel für gutes Branding. Ich bin immer noch unentschlossen über Bitcoin, aber mir gefällt, was ich bis jetzt gesehen habe. Ich kann kein Geheimnis für mich behalten. Hier sind die praktischen Bedingungen, die Bitcoin betreffen. In letzter Zeit herrschte hier eine zirkusartige Atmosphäre, und ich habe immer ein Gefühl persönlicher Zuneigung zu Bitcoin. Zum Glück bin ich einfach ziemlich gut in Bitcoin. Ich denke, dies kann ein nützlicher Ausgangspunkt sein, um über Ihr Bitcoin nachzudenken. Es ist wahr, dass es viele Bitcoin-Karten gibt, die sich so von der Stange befinden. Ich suche eine Trainingseinheit. Bitcoin ist weder hier noch da. Ich mache es nur, um meine eigene Neugier zu befriedigen. Bitcoin mit Rush Bitcoin Generator    : macht Spaß. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie hier - http://www.gamblejerk.com/bitcoin-rush/

  • Cryptocurrency mining hosting facility in Georgia

    Hello! We present to your attention cryptocurrency mining hosting facility in Georgia. The advantage of working with us: 1. Electricity 6 MW 2. 1500 ready jobs, with a further increase. 3. New wiring 4. 24-hour security 5. Surveillance cameras online 6. Insurance of the largest bank in Georgia (TBC Bank) 7. Full legal support 7. Cost of $ 0.08 with VAT per 1 kW (no more payments) +995574021509(WhatsApp)  Youra. https://ibb.co/F0Wp2J7 https://ibb.co/NtyzT94 https://ibb.co/HCHbwk6 https://ibb.co/DWpFKMq

  • banks r going to invest 50 millions in blockchain project

    So we waited for the moment when the banks themselves will begin to join the blockchain revolution. Although conversations continue that the cryptocurrency market is not large enough to be able to talk about full-fledged expansion, one cannot but see the convenience of the blockchain technology. And apparently once in the news they say that a group of banks is creating their project to secure a payment coin, they will probably soon decide how to settle the blockchain to make it universal.

  • cash flow true job

    payment €13.19 made by online-stock-exchange.com cash flow cashout user Daniele. The project true. See confirmation. It review recommended. https://online-stock-exchange.com/r/313454

  • Less than 1 Year for Block Halving

    The clock moves fast, time goes on and less than a year for BTC, what do you think of the effect on the total amount and therefore the price? Will we see in a year or two astronomical numbers like $ 100,000? Quote from: https://www.bitcoinclock.com/ Block Halving ETA: 365 days, 5 hours, 14 minutes Date ETA: May 20, 2020

  • Cryptocurrency books

    There are a lot of books out there on the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. So which ones are worth your time and money, and which ones aren’t? The following is a list of 5 books that I think everyone should dive into in order to build their crypto knowledge, as well as a popular title I believe can be avoided. To Read List: 1. The Bitcoin Standard – Saifedean Ammous 2. The Internet of Money Vol 1&2 – Andreas Antonopoulos 3. The Age of Cryptocurrency – Paul Vigna & Michael J Casey 4. Digital Gold – Nathaniel Popper 5. Cryptoassets – Chris Burniske & Jack Tatar

  • Andrew Yang or John McAfee?

    There will be presidential election in the USA next year and so today we have many personalities both known and even relatively unknown who are already expressing and working with their desire to run for presidency with the assumption that they can successfully kick the sitting President Donald Trump out of office in 2019. The race is on for contenders to get the final presidential nomination of their respective parties. Right now, we have Andrew Yang who is battling attention and support within the Democratic Party. Andrew Yang is an American entrepreneur, politician, philanthropist, the founder of Venture for America, and a U.S. 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. He worked in startups and early-stage growth companies as a founder or executive from 2000 to 2009. Among many other things, he is proposing the $1,000  a month free cash to all. Then we have the popular guy named John McAfee who is known for his many outlandish predictions on the price of Bitcoin and promising to do something in front of the camera in case those predictions failed. John David McAfee is a British-American computer programmer and businessman. He founded the software company McAfee Associates in 1987 and ran it until 1994, when he resigned from the company. Both guys are great supporters of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Both guys provide cryptocurrency the opportunity to land in the mainstream media's coverage. Among the two, which do you think is really serious in running for the presidency in 2020 and who has the better chance of making it through the White House? Or do you think that these are just a bunch of jokers providing us the much-needed comedic relief from time to time?

  • Evolution of the Bitcoin Logo

    This is an interesting read on the evolution of the bitcoin logo through the years before arriving at the currently used one and though it is still called unofficial this is now considered to be the symbol of bitcoin especially in the face of many fiat money we have around the world. And of course, the story of the bitcoin logo started here in this forum. The current logo with color orange was made courtesy of a forum member with username "“bitboy” and this is the one that really took off as the very symbol that bitcoin is known all over the world. Of course, there are those who do not agree of the logo and the symbol even telling us that we don't need them in the first place. In a world where people associate something with brand names and logos, bitcoin is not far behind in the quest for easy recognition, perception and association. Further Read: https://www.coindesk.com/about-that-orange-b-the-history-of-bitcoins-logos

  • Cryptocurrency books

    Top Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Books 1. Life After Google by George Gilder 2. The Blockchain and The New Archetecture of Trust by Kevin Werbach 3. Introducing Ethereum and Solidity by Chris Dannen 4. Blockchain Trust Companies by Richie Etwaru 5. Blockchain for Dummies by Tiana Laurence 6. Blockchain Technology Overview 7.Mastering Blockchain Second Edition - Imran Bashir 8.Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies a comprehensive introduction - Arvind Narayanan, Joseph Bonneau, Edward Felten, Andrew Miller, Steven Goldfeder 9.Cryptocurrency 3rd Edition - Abraham K. White 10. Technical Analysis from A to Z - Steven B. Achelis 11.The Starfish and The Spider - Ori Brafman, Rod A. Beckstrom

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