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Latest Bitcoin News

  • The BTC Times: A new Bitcoin News Site

    Just wanted to share what I found on the Twitterz. So it looks like a new Bitcoin new site is born, which is led by board members Jameson Lopp, Lina Seiche(Samson Mow's girlfriend), Aaron Van Wirdum, Giacomo Zucco, etc.; with investors Samson Mow(Blockstream), Charlie Lee(Litecoin founder), Riccardo Spagni(Monero lead maintainer), etc.[1] Reading only a few of their top stories(sidebar), it seems to be one of the better Bitcoin "news" sites as their posts seems A LOT less clickbait-y, and with actual good information. While it's all good and all that, while I think the people in charge will use this platform for good, I'm just ever so sliiiightly worried that Samson Mow and company is slowly but surely getting a bit too much authority in the Bitcoin space. Idk, I'm probably just overthinking it and being a bit too pessimistic though. What do you think? https://btctimes.com/ P.S. They managed to get a hold of the @btc Twitter handle. Cool. Obligatory I'm not affiliated with the website and yadda yadda.   [1] https://www.btctimes.com/news/cutting-through-the-noise Tweet links: https://twitter.com/btc/status/1292160378609123329 https://twitter.com/Excellion/status/1292318813065580545 https://twitter.com/Excellion/status/1292319609635262465

  • DEFI | bithumb global

    J'ai entendu dire qu'il y avait un nouveau projet defi en ligne sur bithumb global, je ne suis pas très clair, connaissez-vous defi?

  • Hal Finney's role in early bitcoin development?

    The following is a great thread for bitcoin history buffs like myself. However, I am a bit confused about Hal Finney's role with early bitcoin development. Hal Finney was added as a developer by Satoshi himself to the original bitcoin sourceforge project in early December 2008 suggesting an early collaboration beyond what I have read in the public domain email exchanges unless I missed something.  Anyone else have more insight into why Satoshi added him first and so early?  Here is the summary of Hal's involvement mentioned in the earlier thread: Quote from: xdrpx on February 02, 2018, 04:31:44 PM From the github contributors list I noticed that on selecting a range between 2009-2010 I can see few developers https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/graphs/contributors?from=2009-08-30&to=2010-12-31&type=c and https://github.com/non-github-bitcoin (an account created for commits before the bitcoin-core code was probably migrated to github from sourceforge) 1) Satoshi Nakamoto 2) sirius-m (Martti Malmi) 3) laszloh - based on some commits made here https://sourceforge.net/p/bitcoin/code/252/log/?path= (go to older and you'll find them all here) https://sourceforge.net/p/bitcoin/code/123/ 4) Gavin Andresen Quote from: Kprawn on February 02, 2018, 04:45:49 PM I think it is reported somewhere that Nick Szabo also communicated with Satoshi. Hal Finney was also the recipient of the first Bitcoin transaction, so he had to have contact with Satoshi in some way, other than the Crypto forum they talked on. .. Quote from: LeGaulois on February 03, 2018, 02:07:02 AM  Hal Finney discovered the Bitcoin project via a cryptography mailing list, then later he interacted with Satoshi via emails

  • Where can I sell my gift card for bitcoin?

    I have approx 700 GBP amazon giftcard, is there any reputable places I can sell it? I've looked online (paxful mainly) but the exchanges are terrible.

  • I can't withdraw my tips on reddit

    Hi, so I have received some tips on reddit in the past. I tried to withdraw them, failed and let it go. Now I received another tip and I tried again. I made a phoenix wallet, copied my address and typed !withdraw lnbc1p0j7a6fpp589ez5pzhz7jf5yntc27qy7c5h9sjydl966ly0nj9mnvqsu5ndzmqdqu2pskwctdv 4h8gmeq2p5x7etwd9uqxqrrss9qtzqqqqqq9qsqsp5jht857yks5k2zyywahr862pul2q7k4ywlrl9y e500nzrdvc59x7qrzjqwryaup9lh50kkranzgcdnn2fgvx390wgj5jd07rwr3vxeje0glcllcz4gqvq 0q345qqqqlgqqqqqeqqjq45tf3yfjptzmr70rlldf03peyyqlep8nkpfx6sg9hgm6an0wggr5rzy9ta shtnd3kmej5ks4jh3crl2r6hq5v8tfg93c4emld6hw86qq2327t8 The system tells me "you didn't have enough funds. Your balance is 0.0 Satoshis". But how is that possible? I have 100 Satoshi as a tip. Not that I care about the 100 Satoshi, but I'd like to start using the lighting network so that I can send some Satoshi to my friends and hopefully get someone into Bitcoin. One time I received a bitcoin cash tip and in that case I had no problems to withdraw it. So I'd like to understand what the difference is and why I'm getting this error. Thanks

  • Join my affiliate program


  • MOVED: tolong share untuk mendapatkan hasil rutin perbulan

    This topic has been moved to Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5267397.0

  • tolong share untuk mendapatkan hasil rutin perbulan

    gan gimana caranya menghasilkan koin gratis untuk newbie... maaf gan saya baru belajar.Mohon infonya.. terimakasih.

  • Dead by 2106

    A really interesting topic I read about , here it is: Quote Projected to happen in the year 2106, Bitcoin will suddenly stop running based on the code its network of users is running today. Users won’t be able to send bitcoin to others; miners securing Bitcoin’s global network will no longer serve a purpose. Bitcoin will just stop.   -Bitcoin might die in the year 2106 because of a bug in the code that's been known since 2012 Bitcoin core contributor stated how this has been known since 2012 might known even before it but it does have one simple solution. Hard Fork Quote The good news is the bug is easy to fix. It’s a problem Bitcoin developers have known about for years – since at least 2012, maybe earlier, according to Bitcoin Core contributor Pieter Wuille. To some developers, the Bitcoin bug potentially sheds light on the limits to Bitcoin’s decentralization, since the community will all need to join together to fix it. So we do have some years to fix this problem and find a solution , the community needs to work together if they do want Bitcoins to stay forever. Why is there a problem in the first place ? Quote The bug is simple. Bitcoin blocks are the containers within which transactions are stored. Each Bitcoin block has a number tracking how many blocks come before it. But because of a limitation revolving around how block height numbers are stored, Bitcoin will run out of block numbers after block number 5101541. In other words, at a block height roughly 86 years into the future, it will be impossible to produce any new blocks.   The problem with hard fork is: Each and everyone running the node and the miners do need to update, if they don't , they will be excluded therefore it can only be successful if everyone worked together . In the same article the author explains how Bitcoins might get ossified over time , which would in turn make it harder to change things in the future , therefore this issue needs to be addressed too . This was personally very interesting for me since I had no idea that something like this might happen if change wasn't made on time , what are your thoughts on this ? https://www.coindesk.com/fixing-this-bitcoin-killing-bug-will-eventually-require-a-hard-fork

  • Nigeria Becomes Fastest Growing Crypto Market In The World

    Nigeria has emerged as the front runner for attracting Bitcoin in terms of interest across the globe. No other country attracts as much as Bitcoin interest like Nigeria does, a recent survey has revealed.BTCBTC For Full article check the link :-https://bitcoinworld.co.in/nigeria-becomes-fastest-growing-crypto-market-in-the-world/

  • Decentralized website

    I am looking for help in creating a website on blockchain. Can someone please tell me how such a website can be created by a layman who does not have much technical knowledge.

  • 1xbit Scam? Please tell me help me

    I've been playing at 1xbit for a long time and have won as well as lost when I won several bets, they blocked my payouts and also blocked the betting function. even though i have not violated the guidelines, has anyone already had that? am desperate because i need the money urgently and have won well for the first time and now my account has been blocked without evidence? I thought this is a good bookmaker with lots of games and good deposits and withdrawals, now I've been proven otherwise .. What can I do about it, do I get my account balance back, or do you confiscate all my Bitcoins without any evidence? Please help

  • BitTorrent client and bitcoin blockchain submission idea!

    I have an idea for the next version of the BitTorrent client. I hope "Justin Sun" will read this. When creating a torrent: the BitTorrent client would ask you if you wanted to opt-in to publish the magnet link in the bitcoin blockchain. You would pay some satoshis and your magnet link would be put on the bitcoin blockchain. On top of that, on the other hand, when you added a new magnet link to get a file the client would scan the bitcoin blockchain to find the first bitcoin address that published that magnet link in the bitcoin blockchain and display highlighted that address asking for donations to the publisher of it. People would get used to pay the publisher of nice media contents with small donations making BitTorrent and Bitcoin great! If torrent clients had this logic to highlight a specific premium BTC address for donations, there would be much more content to get from torrents. This would also be making bitcoin more popular attaching a bitcoin address for donations on each torrent file.

  • Where to replace into USD coin (from eth) and pay out the cheapest ?

    There's a comparison where it comes out cheapest? Including deposit, trade and withdrawal commissions?

  • Why most people think Bitcoin is a scam?

    Bitcoin has been around for 11 years now, with a large ecosystem of exchanges, wallet providers, and apps behind it. There are now many governments recognizing it as legitimate, bringing a large number of investors into it. For just a short amount of time since its inception, I'd say that Bitcoin has achieved extraordinary results. While all of this sounds good, most people still seem to believe that Bitcoin is a scam or not worth their time. For instance, Warren Buffet criticizes Bitcoin telling that it'll become "worthless" over time. It's these negative comments, which make people skeptical about using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as serious money for day-to-day payments. No matter how crypto enthusiasts try to convince people to believe that Bitcoin is legitimate, everything seems to be the same. I'm starting to wonder why most people have this kind of mentality towards Bitcoin? After all, the pioneer cryptocurrency is being traded at legitimate exchanges. Even some governments have been collecting taxes from Bitcoin. But that hasn't changed people's minds about it. What are your thoughts?

  • New

    New bitcoin poker room great place to play come check it out https://www.facebook.com/groups/490960421577714/?ref=share

  • TX staying in the memory pool question

    After all nodes receive a transaction, how much time is the penalty that it will remove them from their memory pool if no one has mined it? Exactly 2 weeks? I'm asking, because I have some clients that pay me in different addresses each one and then I send the funds of each address to my personal cold wallet. Are 1 sat/byte transactions ever mined? Before the 2 weeks penalty?

  • Do scams harm Bitcoin's reputation in the mainstream world?

    There has been a lot of scams within the crypto space over the course of its lifetime. Most recently, a Twitter hack that took the accounts of prominent figures within the mainstream world, has been all over the news. Mainstream media has been making people believe that Bitcoin is "bad" by tying it to the Twitter hack. While malicious actors demanded to be paid in Bitcoin, it doesn't mean that the cryptocurrency itself is a scam. Unfortunately, many people in the mainstream world have commented about Bitcoin negatively because of the recent hack. Despite these unfortunate series of events, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are experiencing huge gains on the market. Do you think that scams harm Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies' reputation in the mainstream world? What will it take for people to distance scams from Bitcoin itself? Thoughts?

  • Will the need to increase BTC's max supply arise in the future?

    For long, Bitcoin has been touted as the "store of value" of the crypto/Blockchain space with its limited supply of 21 million coins. Based on estimates, all Bitcoin will be mined by 2100. Now, what if developers decide to increase that hard cap in supply? If at that point in time, Bitcoin's prices stay just the way they are right now (less than $1m), it may become unprofitable for miners to continue supporting the Blockchain. With no block reward, they'll be living off fees. If prices are too low, earned fees won't be able to sustain miner's operations. By then, developers would need to raise the limit of 21 million coins to a higher value, re-introducing a block reward in order to attract miners into the Blockchain. Otherwise, the security of the Bitcoin blockchain will be at risk. Do you think that the need to increase BTC's max supply will arise in the future? Or will Bitcoin be able to "live" just fine with a max supply of 21 million coins? Your input will be greatly appreciated.

  • Profitable days of holding bitcoin percentage (98.5%)

    Has anyone seen this chart? https://www.lookintobitcoin.com/charts/bitcoin-profitable-days/ I've googled and haven't seen any posts opened on the subject. It shows the best strategy is to HODL, because if you bought bitcoin at some point in the past and still hold it today, you have made a profit unless you bought it in a short period of time (around December 2017-January 2018). If you bought it at any other time (98.5% of the time), you have profited. The graph only makes the comparison with today, so I understand that 98.5% is not met for any time since the creation of bitcoin, the worst times being November 2011 and January-September 2015. However, it is clear that, in spite of the short-term volatility, if you just buy and hold bitcoin, you have a very high likelihood of profiting. (This is assuming that the future bitcoin performance will be similar to the past).

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