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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Can Bitcoin hit 100k in 2020?

    Bitcoin is about to get a lot more expensive than it is today, So is it possible to see Bitcoin price hovering around 100k each by next year and why? Source:   https://medium.com/@Amiono4/can-bitcoin-hit-100-000-in-2020-a4c424cc1d34 

  • Old Hacker news discussion about Bitcoin

    https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=599852 Found some replies regarding bitcoin in the old hacker news websites. You just have to to look at the first reply and see how 'ignorant' people are back in the early days.  . We can't blame them though, we haven't seen this kind of technology before, so it's understandable that people will question its intention and the impact it could 'potentially' bring to the world.

  • what is the "real" bitcoin, "Satoshi vision",...

    you have probably heard these terms before, but what is the "real" bitcoin? Bitcoin is not what some site like bitcoin.com or bitcoin.org or reddit,... says is bitcoin! Bitcoin is definition of a payment network that has certain characteristics and principles that make it "Bitcoin". if one of those stops being true, then bitcoin is no longer going to be bitcoin. so lets review two of these principles: A decentralized network based on majority's decision using proof of work in other words the 1 CPU 1 vote that Satoshi Nakamoto mentions in his bitcoin paper in 2008 titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. as a result when more than 95% of the network is doing one thing, and you do something else, you would be considered an altchain with an altcoin. Irreversible transactions and immutable blockcahin this is the second most important principle after decentralization. it simply states that when your transaction is in a block, nobody should be able to reverse it. this has always been true for bitcoin due to its decentralized network and distribution of mining in a way that nobody controls enough hash power that can pull a 51% attack. but when 1 miner can easily decide to reverse a transaction that he doesn't like it shows centralization of that chain + its lack of immutability and as a result it is no longer a cryptocurrency let alone be "real bitcoin".

  • Coins mined: Bitcoin and Ethereum

    Income calculator with real yesterday data https://flymining.cloud/calculator

  • Learn About A Fellow Bitcoiner

    Hello people, I am interested about learning about people within the community of Bitcoin and Blockchain. So I have some questions to learn more about you. Feel free to share your experiences. 1. How has bitcoin/blockchain changed your life? 2. What kind of work do you do? 3. What kind of work do you wish you could do? 4. What do you wish to see bitcoin become? I`ll start. 1. It has changed my life in many different ways, After learning about the genesis block and the message it contained it really had me thinking about banks and money. Blockchain really made me think my life is a blockchain and everything I do, every thought I have is timestamped in time forever. I can`t lie anymore, I went back and fixed all my mistakes. It made me a completely new man and changed my entire perspective on life. 2. I am a jack of all trades, farmer, roofer, bricklayer, streamer and pro gamer, currently I am trying to get good a future e sport warcraft 3 reforged while I increase my knowledge of blockchain case uses, just for fun as a hobby. I will be farming again when I get enough to fix my tractor, feeding people makes my life have a purpose, I create creations and feed those creations to people who can create more creations, even if it is just poo. 3. I wish I could fly drones in space and map the universe for us, I like stuff that deals with psychology and astrology, so something like that. 4. I wish Bitcoin replaces gold and time/duration replaces fiat, and we trade time/duration coins into bitcoin. I wish that the united nations unites to become the United Nation and we have bitcoin as are global reserve currency. I wish somehow Bitcoin evolves into the government, courts and laws. Anyways, hope to hear from some other member's, feel free to lie about your work if you don`t like giving personal details or just skip that question, Have a wonderful day everyone.

  • Bitcoin Earnings/profits

    Welcome to the Bitcoin world where you can gain and make profits from bitcoin and withdraw it to your bank account. You may ask what is bitcoin and can I start. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency generally a world wide currency that can be used for anything. If you want to start earning from bitcoin you have get a bitcoin account they are ( blockchain [ http://blockchain.com] Coinbase [http://coinbase.com] ) these are Bitcoin account you can register and buy bitcoin direct with your bank account and also transfer the bitcoin to real cash but withdrawing it. It is secured and confirm. Now how to make profits from Bitcoin To start making profits from Bitcoin you have to be an investor or a trader. I recommend you become a bitcoin investor because is more profitable than trading. The best bitcoin investment company/website is Btc-profits (http://btc-profits.club), this bitcoin investment site is a website where you gain profits from investing your Bitcoin. There minimum deposit is $10 you can start with that and confirm how Good they are•. There online support is always online to respond to your you anytime you have any issue or problem. Thank you and enjoy your profits. www.btc-profits.club

  • Bonusbitcoin.co unable to login

    I have not been able to login in for a couple of days. tried IE, Chrome & Edge. Is there an issue? message Error: Unexpected error - please sign in.. this is after attempting to sign in

  • Chinese citizens could safely hold Bitcoin

    As title said "Chinese citizens could safely hold Bitcoin", just read a article from Ethereumworldnews, you might read that article for more details "China: Hodling Bitcoin (BTC) and P2P OTC Trading is Legal". However, this is a good news for Chinese crypto users. They could hold bitcoin legally without fear of government. I think the positive impact of this news would reflect on bitcoin price. What you think about it?

  • Crypto BOOKS

    I think any one can learn about bitcoin on the internet. This book was helpful for someone to learn deep technical dive into the building blocks of bitcoin. Name             -Mastering Bitcoin Author            -Andreas M. Antonopoulos This link you can get it free -  http://library1.org/_ads/E17DF3BD18FF91A55A2522F65EF4AD30 If you read this book, I would like to know about your comment about this book. Thanks

  • "Is it true that Craig Wright is the real Satoshi as he claims?"

    To clarify, the below post is not written by me. "Is it true that Craig Wright is the real Satoshi as he claims?" - https://www.quora.com/Is-it-true-that-Craig-Wright-is-the-real-Satoshi-as-he-claims/answer/Satoshi-Nakamoto-31 "Craig Wright has no single proof he is me, Satoshi Nakamoto. The man has a track record of lies and derail. He does not own the private key of the genesis block, he does not know how it is composed, he can not create from scratch the genesisblock to form the final hash, embedded in the source code of bitcoin. He does not have the private key of pgp key 0x5ec948a1, known as my pgp key. He is unable to transact one bitcoin of the whale wallets of the early coins. He tricked the public using the wrong vistomail account. He did try to sign and proof in front of Gavin Andresen and the BBC, he did fail. He was part of the setup to create bitcoin unlimited to enlarge the blocksize, so it would be more difficult for the common man to run a fullnode blockchain on their own hardware, so it would only be for the big players, such as mining farms. Finally he did launch his own altcoin Bitcoin cash. On websites such as Bitcoin.com ( do notice I registered and transferred bitcoin.org at that time. They did try to derail again, to sell the altcoin as a new bitcoin version or the 'right' bitcoin as intended. Abusing the term bitcoin for their altcoin. Promoting, buy bitcoin, but it was bitcoin cash or bitcoin unlimited, two altcoins. A hardfork did happen where his altcoin did lose and in the process it was clear, bitcoin cash was prone to the 51 percent attack. More. Only a few miners did play the game. In the process he did tweet in despair the community to convert bitcoin (core) to his altcoin, bitcoinSV or bsv. Known that it is estimated, I have a whale wallet of 1M btc, you would directly convert yourself, if Craig Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto, right? Also our style and attitude is totally different. I, Satoshin, was NEVER into the play to be a dictator, to patent, to control or lead the project. I always proposed solutions, as my work was given to the public. For sure, there is copyright on the white paper, but this is assigned at creation to the author by international law. His last steps recently are to claim patents, including an US copyright on my white paper. For that he did pay a small amount of 35 dollar or something, to do an electronic depot of the very well known white paper, bitcoin.pdf However, the office does not verify if the claimant of the copyright does match with the pen name of the author. So they registered the claim for copyright, however. I, Satoshi Nakamoto, did register the white paper long before the release on the internet in the period 2008–2009 at a Belgian notary office, just in case, this would happen, so in a court case, he would be busted. Additionally it seems, to my limited knowledge in the matter, you need to file in the 5 years after creation and the paper may not be published to the public. The white paper was published to the public about 10 years ago. So no doubt, Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. In fact, the community can check this. If all investors in his altcoin bitcoinSV or bsv do convert their coins to the original bitcoin core, btc, you will see for sure, there will be no single bitcoin from the whale wallet of Satoshi Nakamoto, that will be converted to rescue the altcoin. Of course I can hijack his coin with my whale wallet, but I try to avoid this as long as possible, so I can stay in the grey zone. The reason for this is clear. When I come forward in public, the press will hunt me down like they did with Dorian Nakamoto. Also each day, some people will ask me for bitcoin or my interaction or remarks on the project. It is pretty comfortable to be in the grey zone. But this said, I am bold to state, Craig Wright is an imposter if he does claim to be me, Satoshi Nakamoto. My real name is Jurgen E. G. DEBO, born in Belgium. On twitter @realsatoshin. Reason why I did use the german GMX service. More people are from Europe in the project. Another good developer in the project bitcoin core is from Holland, despite his name sounds…well. And no doubt there are connections with Switzerland, reason why Hal Finney did step in to create the first prototype of my work in the spirit of MiT open source ! As related to my handle, Satoshi Nakamoto means, Sato Shi Naka Moto. The clear vision (wisdom) is in the center (your heart). I used my first, third and last name, 15 characters in an alternation of a caeserian cypher to have 15 letters, to finaly combine them with Japanese words. Finally I used Japanese exit nodes, using tor or sometimes openproxies to hide my IP. Clearly I did respect the Japanese business hours. We learn in Belgium, British English and in school, we did use double space after the dots in typewriting work, so may this explain some questions. Bitcoin and Blockchain is for the public. It is decentralized. It is designed to live on it's own, without the possibility to manipulate, control or divert the system to people who do have greed, power and ego boost in their minds. Those who know me, do know, I clearly am open source minded. As I defend higher ethics, like WE the people, WE as community. So do not have fear. Dr Craig Wright is only a wannabee and another 'faketoshi'. All the Best Satoshin" ... To clarify (again), the above post is not written by me. Is this guy Satoshin? Who knows? Certainly does sound a lot more like the real 'Satoshi' who was present on this very forum ...  

  • Purchase Bitcoins with Little or No Hold

    Hi, The only reason I needed to recently buy some Bitcoins is because I am purchasing something overseas to have shipped to a client, and the the best payment option was Bitcoins by this seller.  The product needs to be in the hands of my client in about five weeks, so I have to account for shipping time (up to 14 days), and everything else.  Just about every possible scenario you can think  of to get in the way of this process has happened with trying to purchase some Bitcoins.  It comes to just a little over $100 USD in BTC.  First, I tried purchasing them using Paybis, but I was unable to  since, due to regulations, they don't accept payments from credit/debit cards from my state in the US (FL).  I then did purchase them through Coinbase, and was able to use my bank account, but after I made the transaction, they indicated that most of my funds were on hold for 19 days, so therefore I would need to wait that long in order to send them to the seller.  So that time frame absolutely won't work, and now I have to wait until that time period is up for me to even be able to sell my Bitcoins and withdrawal them to my bank account. Then I signed up with the BRD app since they said it would be fast and easy using a credit card (like Paybis), but before I used it, I contacted them and asked them if they accepted payments from credit cards from my state of FL.  They sent me an email reply indicating that they did.  Well, I went ahead and tried to purchase them using their app, and a window popped up saying due to 'policy reasons' my transaction was declined.  I then immediately contacted them, and found out that it was declined due to the same exact reason Paybis did (don't accept payment from my 'region'), so they basically lied to me when I originally contacted them. I even just attempted using Localbitcoins to try and purchase them from a local private seller, but I have been unsuccessful.  Time is running out, so I decided to find a good forum such as this one to post my situation and ask if there is anyone out there who can point me in the right direction so that I can simply and quickly purchase AND USE  just over $100 in Bitcoins so that I can complete this transaction with the seller.  I just can't believe how incredibly complicated this has become.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  ~FGN

  • AT&T says it will accept payments in cryptocurrency

    I didn’t see this coming.  Hopefully this will create a tidal wave of companies accepting crypto payments.  https://www.foxbusiness.com/business-leaders/att-payments-cryptocurrency

  • Email Addresses Without Buying Email Lists

    Physical entrepreneurs and directors who choose to make email showcasing part of their general publicizing methodology need to ask themselves, "How would we get email addresses, particularly from clients, instead of purchasing email records?" If it's you posing the inquiry, here's your answer: In the first place, similar to any promoting project, this requires innovativeness, so let your creative ability proceed to have a fabulous time. Spam laws put numerous limitations on email promoting. One is that you should get consent from your clients and forthcoming clients before sending messages. You can either have them compose their email address down for you, have them send you an email, or have them register themselves at your Capture Site, a site intended to get their contact data including that valuable buy email address. In the event that your clients or patients as of now round out any sort of structure or poll, simply include a line requesting the email address. In the event that you need to build the level of individuals who do record their email address, you can audit that structure and approach them for it at whatever point you discover the email address was excluded. To facilitate their nervousness you may likewise need to incorporate some verbiage clarifying that your strategy is to never permit outside access to their email data by any outsider. On the off chance that you don't utilize any kind of structure or poll, consider making one. On the off chance that you offer any administration that requires your clients to email you, for reservations, to affirm arrangements, to pre-request items for get, to check accessibility of things, or in any way, shape or form by any means, you at that point can add that email address to your information base. In the event that you don't as of now do anything like this, ask yourself how you may include a solicitation for your clients' messages. Search for something that will upgrade the administrations you offer. When you do get their email address you can go to your catch site or autoresponder supplier where you can enter their data yourself. On the off chance that you have a work station accessible at your place of business where a client can include their data, you can leave your catch site up as your "landing page" and recommend they register before they leave. Much the same as anything you sell, your client should unmistakably observe the esteem they will get from what you offer. Trade an incentive for their email address. Consider forming a flyer that discloses to them why they will profit by being on your supporter list. In the event that they see themselves profiting and don't perceive any drawback they'll enroll. Keep in mind, you can purchase email addresses relying upon the sort of business you run. Rundown intermediaries are wherever simply holding on to take your cash. Be that as it may, be cautious on the off chance that you go thusly. Government rules with respect to spam are prohibitive. And all rundowns are bad records, most are definitely not. Besides, why pay for names when you have clients who can be influenced to enroll? It is far superior to get your email list from your client enrollments as opposed to purchasing any email list. Phil Stone is an Internet and Network advertiser who has helped many individuals create money related freedom with extra pay streams. Amid his 30 years in deals and advertising in the corporate world he by and by prepared a huge number of sales reps. He is Vice-Chairman of the Internet Advisory Board with his present organization, and when not voyaging, he works at his Florida home with his PC and telephone helping copy his prosperity with other individuals everywhere throughout the world. Visit his blog webpage, for more tips and apparatuses for Internet and Network Marketers.

  • any site for video loyality that pay in crypto

    Hi guys I wand any site for  video loyalty( that is now ACEwall) that pay in crypto It will be good help for me



  • 61-year Old Chinese Grandma Convicted For Stealing Electricity To Mine Bitcoin

    Quote A Thursday report from China disclosed that the Kaiping District People’s Court of Tangshan City, Hebei Province has sentenced a 61-year-old woman to prison for stealing national power resources for the mining of bitcoin. https://coinfomania.com/61-year-old-chinese-grandma-convicted-mining-bitcoin/ Just imagine seeing your grandma during holidays and asking, "what's keeping you busy?", and the responded will be, "mining bitcoin" . That will be priceless.  . So for 10 months, this old lady has been 'stealing electricity', but it look closely at the article, it looks like the profit is around $940 only. But she has to pay $1450 + jail time.

  • Best youtube chanels for cryptocurrency.

    DataDash              https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCatR7nWbYrkVXdxXb4cGXw David Hay             https://www.youtube.com/user/DavidHaydotOrg Doug Polk Crypto   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4sS8q8E5ayyghbhiPon4uw Boxmining             https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxODjeUwZHk3p-7TU-IsDOA Altcoin Buzz           https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGyqEtcGQQtXyUwvcy7Gmyg this is some of my favourites crypto chanels, I would like to know about your favourite chanels. thanks!

  • 1.000.000 XRP Giveaway

    Before its late if you have XRP get high amount of XRP below https://xrp.multibit.app/ -< 1.000.000 XRP

  • What's your thoughts on the recent Localbitcoins.com ban of its Iran-based users

    I stumbled across this post. https://www.coindesk.com/localbitcoins-bans-bitcoin-buying-in-iran-in-blow-to-rising-crypto-commerce What's your thought on this ban? Is it fair on all its Iranians users.. I mean there have to be honest traders there.

  • Facebook plans to launch 'GlobalCoin' currency in 2020

    Facebook is finalising plans to launch its own crypto-currency next year. It is planning to set up a digital payments system in about a dozen countries by the first quarter of 2020 https://www.bbc.com/news/business-48383460 Sounds old, but this might be true this time.

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