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Latest Bitcoin News

  • [b]Bitcoin Help[\b]

    Hello everyone, you were hoping to read something useful here, but this is a regular post about help. I want to ask those who have the opportunity to help. I have a difficult life situation, not very simple. I am in desperate condition. I assure you that this is not spam and I am not a crook, I am just a guy who needs help. I can tell you more about the problem if you decide to devote some time and attention. Contact me by mail: minatodv@gmail.com I hope there are people who not only condemn me, but also those who support me. It's just very sad that time has changed the generation so much that people cannot lend a helping hand, and even just pay attention. The main thing is not to despair and believe in good. Thank you for taking your time and attention to reading. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. My wallet number: 1HWyz7x15sYcD51xHni7uidYkJy6LBGKWX Be sure to contact by mail. Just nice to talk to good people.

  • Can we officially consider Blockchain the new internet?

    Impressive article that talks about Bitcoin and Blockchain as being the next generation of money and web. https://cryptotradernews.com/fintech/next-generation-global-economy-and-web-3-0/ Thoughts? I feel like Bitcoin is definitely the next generation of money but I'm unsure as to whether Blockchain can be considered the new internet. Although there's no Bitcoin without Blockchain... lol help me out here

  • CFTC gives all 3 license to LedgerX for physically delivered bitcoin futures

    This is literally the best news all year. This opens up options and swap and futures to retail. They are going to beta test it and roll it out cautiously, but it's time, it's game on folks. Now we just have to twist their arm into giving at least 10x leverage. We know they won't give us degen bitmex leverage, but they need to be pressured into 10x. They can't wuss it out and underleverage it. Trust me you don't want that. I highly recommend you sign up for omni and give the team as much feedback s possible and do all you can t o help them get it out of beta. Other than deribit this will be the only good market for bitcoin option, and option are comparable to 10 or 20x everage, options can make you a crap ton of money. This stuff is excellent.

  • Bitcoin dominance hits 60%, alts lagging behind

    According to the Coinmarketcap website, Bitcoin dominance has breached the 60% level and is now reported at 60.1%. Including the forked coins (BCH, BSV, BTG.etc), the total market cap for BTC+forks comes to slightly above 64%, while the altcoin market share has dipped below the 36% mark. I am sure that a lot of users may be unhappy about this, but I am delighted as more than 90% of my crypto assets are in the form of BTC. I had sold most of my alt holdings in 2018. I am not very sure about the reasons behind the rising BTC dominance. But I suspect that the users have become more matured now, and a lot of them have realized that investing in shitcoins is simply not worth all the risk. Here is my outlook for the major cryptocurrencies: 1. BTC: The prices will continue to increase and a new ATH may be reached by the end of 2019 or by 2020. The dominance will continue to increase and may reach 70% by the end of this year. But one concern I have is regarding the transaction fee. It has risen by more than 10x since the start of the year. Another 10x increase would be catastrophic. 2. ETH: The exchange rates are still lagging behind the ATH. The poor health of the ICO market is probably pulling ETH down. The Cryptopia hack also played its part. 3. XRP: I would say that this one is the most worthless and unreliable altcoins among the top 10. Therefore I am not surprised by its falling market share. 4. BCH: Holding well as of now. In case the BTC transaction fee spikes again (like what we had during 2017 Dec), then this coin can rocket upwards. 5. LTC: One of the best performing alts. However I won't be surprised if a correction occurs post block reward halving. 6. EOS: I don't know much about this coin. 7. BNB: I would consider this coin as overpriced. A correction is due. 8. BSV: A lot will depend on the future actions of CSW. Very unpredictable coin. 9. USDT: Everything was going well for Tether until the scandal at Bitfinex was revealed to the public. Now a lot of the users don't consider this coin as a reliable stablecoin. In the near future it will be facing a lot of competition from the other stablecoins. 10. TRX: An overpriced shitcoin. I don't have anything good to say about this one.

  • Instead of flowers - BTC.

    Greetings to all the participants I appeal to decent, strong and successful alpha men. I wish you success, prosperity, profits and the realization of your plans in life. So that earnings and profits flow into your life. And all the dreams came true and fulfilled. The tasks were closed and the innermost desires and goals were solved as soon as possible - for what you earn this money. Let the energy of money abundantly fill all your reserves. And your strength, purpose, was revealed, grew and multiplied every day. Everyone has their own tasks in this life. and mine at the moment - to start earning from 0 on cryptoworld. I'm with arms and legs. healthy, purposeful young woman on maternity leave. I will earn my capital and will definitely achieve the goals I have set for myself. I address sincerely, without pathos, without begging and begging, and send 100,500 rays of goodness to karma, who are ready to share the BTC. Instead of flowers - BTC. I really want to rejoice like a child from your generosity and belief that real men are not transferable. 3CvXF6GgMWHErGhm4UNAXmayffx2n5grof All good. Пpивeтcтвyю вcex yчacтникoв фopyмa. Oбpaщaюcь к дocтoйным, cильным и ycпeшным Aльфa-мyжчинaм. Жeлaю ycпexoв, пpoцвeтaния, пpибыли и peaлизaции зaдyмaннoгo в жизни. Чтoбы зapaбoтoк и пpибыль лилcя пoтoкoм в вaшy жизнь. И вce мeчты cбывaлиcь и иcпoлнялиcь. Зaкpывaлиcь пocтaвлeнныe зaдaчи и caмыe внyтpeнниe жeлaния и цeли peшaлиcь в ближaйшиe cpoки - для чeгo вы зapaбaтывaeтe эти дeньги. Пycть энepгия дeнeг oбильнo нaпoлнит вce вaши peзepвы. И вaшa cилa, пpeднaзнaчeниe paccкpывaлacь, pocлa и yмнoжaлacь кaждый дeнь. У кaждoгo cвoи зaдaчи в этoй жизни. и мoя нa дaнный мoмeнт - нaчaть зapaбaтывaть c 0 нa кpипoвaлютe. я c pyкaми и нoгaми. здopoвaя, цeлeycтpeмлeннaя мoлoдaя жeнщинa в дeкpeтe. Я зapaбoтaю cвoй кaпитaл и oбязaтeльнo дocтигнy цeлeй, кoтopыe для ceбя пocтaвилa. Я oбpaщaюcь иcкpeннe, бeз пaфoca, бeз клянчaния и пoпpoшaйничecтвa и пocылaю 100500 лyчeй блaгocти в кapмy, ктo гoтoв пoдeлитьcя BTC. Bмecтo цвeтoв - BTC 3CvXF6GgMWHErGhm4UNAXmayffx2n5grof Bceм дoбpa.

  • Bitconnect is baaack!!!

    Bitconnect is finally back and runs now on ethereum in the form of a smart Contract This time BItconnect cant be stopped or shut down. We are here forever!!! Come and Join us at https://bitconnect.io  and start earning right away

  • What if you can have a dinner with Mr Satoshi

    You’re invited to have dinner with Mr Buffett Mr/Mrs Satoshi. What would you want to ask his/her opinions? I would love to ask about his/her views about whether he/she is satisfied with all the hard fork soft fork ICO airdrop masternode that’s going on, I think it would blew his/her mind to even imagining what we had done to the crypto with him/her absence for so many years. And I can imaging it would be a very wonderful dinner that’s for anyone.


    A big bullish weekend is usually followed by a red Monday for bitcoin and crypto markets but this has yet to materialize. BTC has continued to climb and is now back at its 2019 and fifteen month high again. Further gains are likely and if Bitcoin can repeat is previous six month’s performance big things are in store. Bitcoin Back Above $11,000 Bitcoin has made it back to its yearly high point of $11,200 during Asian trading today. It is the third time since breaking the five figure barrier that BTC has hit this resistance point so a move above it could be on the cards. Yet again a predicted pullback has failed to materialize as BTC defies the correction calls. A marginal dip back to $10,800 did happen yesterday but the general trend over the past 24 hours has been steadily climbing. Daily volume has dropped below $20 billion, but only just. The king of crypto is up an impressive 20 percent since this time last week. That sounds good but an even more impressive figure is the 250 percent BTC has made since its low in mid-December. From a bottom of $3,200 Bitcoin has climbed to a top of $11,250 in just six months. A repeat of this performance with a further 250 percent from today’s prices will put BTC very close to $40k. Trader and investors Josh Rager thinks it could be even more: “Solid point here. Now $BTC has topped this weekend at 259% increase since the bottom. Another 259% from this point would lead Bitcoin to $40k” Read More... https://cointral.com/bitcoin-up-250-from-bottom-same-again-to-40000-btc/

  • Bitcoin's Bull-run fully explained

    So while we're all happy celebrating our beautiful bull-run, these guys are trying to figure out what the true cause behind this bull run is. https://cryptotradernews.com/cryptocurrency/decoding-the-bitcoin-bull-run/ My takeaways: Most altcoins are underperforming. Institutional investors are starting to get really interested Bitcoin's halving is happening very soon Thoughts???

  • Fast and easy way to cash out bitcoin

    hey, I'm newbie here. how to withdraw btc fast and secure? as I know there are crypto atms in my country and these all cards? how do u do that?

  • Analyst Insists Bitcoin’s Recent Rally Is A ‘Dead Cat Bounce’, Market Remains...

    Last year, Bitcoin was pronounced dead more than 300 times. These sentiments came from those skeptical and the outright Bitcoin haters. At the time, it was hard to argue with them as Bitcoin was going through its worst bear market, dubbed ‘crypto winter’. This year, the asset has risen like a phoenix, right from the ashes. After hitting its bottom around the $3,000 position, at the end of last year, the asset has gradually climbed over the months. In the past weekend, the asset for the first time in over a year got back above $10,000......read more https://www.cryptoknowmics.com/crypto/analyst-insists-bitcoins-recent-rally-is-a-dead-cat-bounce-market-remains-more-bullish-than-ever/

  • USA-IRAN war

    How will a possible USA-IRAN war affect the BTC?

  • MOVED: Analyst claim Bitcoin will easily surpass $15,000 if it gets $10,000

    This topic has been moved to Speculation. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5156417.0

  • MOVED: John McAfee Says- If Bitcoin Breaks 100k you can bet it will break a million

    This topic has been moved to Speculation. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5156482.0

  • New $35 Raspberry Pi is the Most Powerful Yet for Running a Full Bitcoin Node

    New $35 Raspberry Pi is the Most Powerful Yet for Running a Full Bitcoin Node ... - https://cointelegraph.com/news/new-35-raspberry-pi-is-the-most-powerful-yet-for-running-a-full-bitcoin-node Discuss ... ... and because CSW just "loves" folks running a Full Bitcoin (BTC) Node on a Raspberry Pi ... [citation needed] - SWIM   

  • Crypto Analyst Says Bitcoin (BTC) Price Could Hit $100,000 During Next Bull Run

    Crypto Analyst Says Bitcoin (BTC) Price Could Hit $100,000 During Next Bull Run ... - https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-analyst-says-bitcoin-price-could-hit-100-000-during-next-bull-run ... Which would be nice for those who can/could afford to HODL ... The proudhon song (bitcoin is a bubble) - "$100,000 reprise" - SWIM - https://youtu.be/A7TuFy0fcuw

  • #Bitcoin up 250% From Bottom, Same Again to $40,000 BTC.

    A big bullish weekend is usually followed by a red Monday for bitcoin and crypto markets but this has yet to materialize. BTC has continued to climb and is now back at its 2019 and fifteen months high again. Further gains are likely and if Bitcoin can repeat is previous six month’s performance big things are in store.....read more https://www.cryptoknowmics.com/crypto/bitcoin-up-250-from-bottom-same-again-to-40000-btc/

  • $1,000,000 would kill bitcoin

    Even $100,000 would kill it.  If 1 sat (or even 100 sat) == $1 then the fees would grind the system to a halt.  The fees would be so high relative to the amount sent, that it wouldn't be worth it.  From an investment perspective 1 sat==1$ is a nice round number.  From a users perspective, only being able to buy things divisible by 1$ is crap. 

  • Best Token Swap Application?

    Does anyone have experience using or integrating noncustodial tokenswap applications? Which one is your favorite? Posting a list of the various ones I've come across: Changelly ShapeShift Airswap Faast Bancor Coinswitch Foxexchange Bity Ramp Network Kyber Network Liquid by Quoine

  • How can I split my BCH and BSV?

    How can I split my BCH and BSV? My BCH is stored in the Bitcoin ABC wallet.  I held the BCH before hard fork, and after hard fork, i didn't do and thing. After the BCH hard fork, I did not do anything. How can I split my BCH and BSV? I try to use Exodus to do this, But When I use BITCOIN ABC to send BCH to Exodus' BCH wallet address, BITCOIN ABC shows that the BCH wallet address I filled in is incorrect. btw:How to list all my private key of my bitcoinABC wallet. I want to export all my priate keys of my bitcoinABC wallet. I think if i have all the priate keys of my bitcoinABC wallet, i will not lose my BCH and BSV.

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