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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Crypto Finance Conference to host industry experts in person in January 2021.

    This pandemic COVID-19 brings us so many changes in our daily lives and even in some events that we are usually doing, as of our current situation, one of the major crypto events from Switzerland prepares to take return to a physical format, I am hoping that COVID-19 will end within this year so it would be possible for them to continue the event. The international crypto event, the Crypto Finance Conference(CfC) St. Moritz will be held in St. Mortiz and will take place from January 20-22, 2021, the event will feature speakers from key industry firms and institutions like Winklevoss capital, Swiss national bank, European Parliament, Ledger, and others. Cointelegraph, the well-known crypto news website will be used as the main media of the event. This would be the fourth annual Iteration of CfC St. Mortize for the upcoming conference and will be different from the previous events because of the pandemic, the conference will prioritize the health of the attendees to avoid the risk of spreading the virus. These are the available safety strategies of CfC St.Moritz Health Checks 1. Fever and Oxygen level testing: Before the guests will be able to check-in and gain an access to the conference area, the hospital staff will test the fever and oxygen level. 2. PCR-testing: Attendees should bring a PCR-test which is not older than 5-8 days. Hygiene 1. Cleaning and disinfection: They will also provide disinfection stations in some important places of the conference. 2. Wearing of masks: Attendees should wear face masks in the main hall, they will provide masks for attendees who are not able to bring a mask. 3. Disinfection gel: They will also provide disinfectant bottles for every guest. 4. "NO HANDSHAKE" policy: Nobody contact and should be avoided all the time. Distance rules 1. "Open door" policy: The doors and passages will be constantly open to avoid contact with surfaces. 2. Number of attendees: There are only a limited of 250 attendees in the conference, to obey the requirements of the Gederal Office of Public Health. 3. Conference seating: There would also seating arrangements and a number of seats where possible. Monitoring 1. Monitoring: The distribution and the movement of the guests will observe all the times using the conference wristbands, it is tracked by means of NFC chips in the wristbands. Those data will be exclusive with the CDC St. Moritz and will be deleted 14 days after the conference. 2. "Application only" conference: The applications are only possible on the event's homepage and all of the questions on that are in line with the requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health. 3. Tracing App: All of the guests should download the SwissCovide app and activate it, aside from it there is also CFC St. Moritz App which has the information about the conference and COVID-19 measures. Partner collaboration 1. Cooperation with suppliers and hotels: All of the suppliers and gastronomy partners will work in line with the highest hygiene standards and fulfill GastroSuisse's specifications which are in line with legal requirements. 2. Medical department: There is also qualified medical care at all times as well as the Doctors and medical staff of the upper Engadin Hospital. Quote The challenges caused by COVID-19  require additional efforts, which we as the organizer are happy to take on. We believed that the unique experience of CfC St. Moritz is not possible without physical interaction and personal exchange and are even the more sought after, particularly if appropriate measures are in place. The application keynote will highlight these industry topics and will be available online. 1. Cryptocurrency regulation. 2. Central bank digital currencies and stable coins. 3. Crypto investment strategies. This event of St. Moritz 2021will purportedly be among the first global crypto events with physical encounters on which most of the events of 2020 went online and some are delayed because of the pandemic virus. Links: https://cointelegraph.com/news/crypto-finance-conference-to-host-industry-experts-in-person-in-january-2021/amp https://crypto-finance-conference.com/covid-19

  • For the record, the last time we had a presidential debate, the price of bitcoin

    https://twitter.com/Travis_Kling/status/1311101954949443584 This tweet gives me a good chuckle, 2016, the price is below $1k, and now the the US has again, had their first Presidential debate, the price is well above $10k, so that's more than 10x gain in four years. Wonder what will be the next price four years from the next Presidential debate? could the pattern repeats itself, 

  • Where to DCA from Europe, Scandinavia

    Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions on where one could Dollar cost average in Bitcoin with reasonable fees from Scandinavia? I used getbittr.com before they had to close so something similar to that would be very appreciated. Thank you!

  • MOVED: UniSwap New Airdrop On Telegram... Real Or Fake?

    This topic has been moved to Scam Accusations. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5278975.0

  • Smart Contracts for BTC with Blockstack

    what do you think about it guys? smart contracts for Bitcoin https://twitter.com/muneeb/status/1309507085625954305

  • How many posts have you merited?

     Everyone loves to gain merits, but I discovered I have not also given so many people merits on their post which is worth it and I know there are also many of us who also earnestly desire merits and as never merited people's good Post,it's just about punching the merit at the right hand corner beside "quote". What goes around comes around. HOW many people's post have you merited since you started on this forum?

  • help me

    I was cheated by hashflare cloud mining and lost 4 bitcoins three years ago. And lost almost all the money in covid-19 pandemic. Now I really want to kill myself. Who can help me even a little bit? btc address:19abfswZ8oka6GPDwoGQEFLJznFyBKgPBz

  • Good Morning from a Non-Bitcoiner

    It is a surprise to see a good morning message popping out from one of my friend. Its been long to get a message from him, and the message made the day. He hasn't known about bitcoin and he isn't used to it. But the message he sent has got a big information in it. He has forwarded the message even without knowing the true meaning, and the message is True.

  • Bitcoin had a stale block this morning

    https://twitter.com/BitMEXResearch/status/1310886330239455233 Bitcoin had a stale block this morning, at height 650,491. No double spends have been detected https://forkmonitor.info/stale/btc/650491 There was also an earlier stale block today: * Height 650,473 * Hash 0000000000000000000dba80455fcb5a8f9716375845f295dd755edb29e32fd8 Our systems failed to detect this Once again there were no double spends What Are Stale Blocks? Stale Blocks are blocks that are no longer part of the current best blockchain because they were overridden by a longer chain. https://medium.com/@cryptobolts/what-are-stale-blocks-simply-explained-b445682274c6 It's just amazing how it proves Bitcoin's resilience. In a possible blackout in the communication between poles of the planet, we could still easily identify the longest chain and continue without major consequences.

  • Openbazaar needs your support

    After 6 years, it appears that this implies that the cryptospace does not need a decentralized marketplace. There were also people in the community that described Openbazaar as something similar to a webbrowser for a very small segment of users. Thy are slowly proven to be correct. It needs your support. Over the past several months, we have been relying on OpenBazaar’s donation funds to support these infrastructure costs, but those funds will be depleted shortly. At OB1, we have desperately tried to secure more funding to not only maintain OpenBazaar’s support costs, but execute the next phase of the protocol that we believe can unlock explosive user adoption. Sadly, we have been unsuccessful and have no choice but to discontinue these supporting services. We would like to apologize for the short notice, which is the result of last minute funding plans falling-through. We will do everything in our power to try and extend the window so that users can safely withdraw their funds from their OpenBazaar and Haven wallets. If you have been positively impacted by OpenBazaar or you believe in the mission & vision of a global decentralized marketplace, we need your financial support today. Please consider donating at the following addresses: BTC: 3JuykfZRbCepzkVLLseSaiufDJ5AC8ae8R LTC: MTTEVR5pdAHJNmmFNzVjaQhGB9qLkHLk7m ZEC: t1UEN9mf9hMccwTznqBoJFh2FERgyuMJ2oA BCH: qq9favzja34zywrp222cwrx4fny9fe64pyaxl5dvar ETH: 0x71A6e8B0580104dacA0633a9BA6F90181C6F40a5 Read in full https://medium.com/@therealopenbazaar/openbazaar-needs-your-support-75fe7e117ad1

  • DIREX/DAMA Empire of BTC casinos - Goin All in With Your Privacy

    Im in the middle of writing an article about the BTC industry( in particular Direx/Dama NV and its provider partners ) and was hoping to get any information or stories  regarding players who have had their personal information stolen   or misused after making it available to a one of these sites . Heres a an excerpt.... I was in the middle of researching my transaction history within a BTC site when I go an alert that someone was trying to access my BTC wallet from an encrypted IP address. I immediately panicked and rushed to set up extra security on my account. I decided to add 2fa  authentication to my wallet. This entails recording  a backup  key in the form of  a string of random characters and letters  provided by the 2fa service to be used  in the event that it no longer works . I pulled up a notepad to  paste the key in and instead of seeing the string of characters , all of my logs from my records were displayed. I was fairly certain that I had not copied them recently, but just to make sure that I wasn’t crazy  I pulled up my computers clipboard. It was blank . There was nothing there . There was no key I copied nor my logs there - just a blank clipboard. I sat there and stared at my display for a second and noticed that the BTC site I was researching earlier was open in the background along with a game that I had played on It earlier.I thought to myself if anyone would be interested in the logs  I had it would definitely be that site. But how would they be able to do it . Then I saw that  Flash game I played earlier on their site.If there was any way to possibly access my clipboard it could easily be done though a Flash application as we practically give remote access to our computers when we have Flash running   .  After ... making the connection between Flash and its capabilities  my focus became trying to  find what kind of information  these sites can access , how they are able to access it, and what they can do with it  .The answers  to these questions are shocking ...

  • What if the digital gold narrative is incomplete or misleading?

    I've been thinking about the "Bitcoin is digital gold" narrative and have started wondering if thinking about Bitcoin in the context of gold is like thinking about Uber in the context of taxis. https://andyjagoe.com/why-the-market-for-bitcoin-may-be-bigger-than-you-think/ Wondering what others think?

  • [Airdrop] YearnToken.finance Airdrop win up to $400 in tokens

    Twitter: @Ariyan50693094 Telegram: @Ari629

  • If all BTC Gets Bought Up?

    Thoughts. Seems more and more "whales' are getting into BTC Many are buying up the supply of Bitcoin. Which in turn would make it harder for other people to get. IF all the supply is bought up. It would make it very hard for others to get BTC. Now if the whales are buying Whole Bitcoins etc. Then the value of some of us who just have 0.00054  BTC  have little value in the long term? Almost like putting a whole Bitcoin at a million dollars while the rest of us end up with Pennies? thoughts? or would having  0.00054 BTC have lots of value if all the whales bought the entire supply? Thoughts?

  • Cryptocurrency for Passive income

    The lockdown has helped with the growth of cryptomarket in large scale. This too is experienced in my home state capital. Compared to the past the lockdown months have got a massive increase in the usage of cryptocurrencies on trading. It is true to see most of the tech people around the age of 25 getting into cryptocurrency usage. Particularly most are into trading to make some passive earning as tech giants have come up with big pay cut. Another important reason for the same is the stocks which weren't that supportive to make some passive income. During the lockdown even the stocks crashed, only the cryptocurrency market stood strong. With the lockdown the city has topped third position in terms of cryptocurrency users and trading volume. Probably this widespread could've happened in the global market too. Source : timesofindia

  • Security of multisig vs regular wallet

    I am just trying to see if I am thinking about this correctly - it seems to me that all other things being equal (physical security and such), a multisig wallet is ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE more secure than a regular wallet. It seems vastly superior just about from any angle. Here are my thoughts on this: 1. Obviously, if you use M of N multisig wallet where M < N (2 of 3 , 3 of 4, 4 of 6) you automatically get a failsafe in case you lose one of your keys (or master seed if you used a separate HD wallet based on new master seed derivation). With a regular wallet - if you lose the master private key and seed - you are sunk, that's it, there is no recourse. It's a single point of failure. 2. If you use different devices / sources of entropy to derive master seed phrase -such as hardware device, rolling die, software construction via strong CSPRNG library (say Electrum) - that further lowers your chances of someone brute-forcing your seed to due accidental weak source of randomness in one particular setup. 1 out of 2^256 is nearly 0 anyway, but chances of brute forcing two or three of those are even more ridiculous. The same logic in terms of lowering your risk of using a single compromised device - if you use multiple physically independent devices to generate your keys, it seems you dramatically lower your chances of being pwned. 3. If you have a 2 of 4 setup for instance - you can spend several times from the same address by using different key combinations to sign the transaction - without giving away any privacy, unlike a regular address where every new signature to spend from that address could potentially be used to brute force the private key for that address. 4. The fact that there is a threshold of keys needed to withdraw funds makes multisig more amenable to being stored relatively safely in the cloud. Someone could use Shamir's secret-sharing algorithm to split each master seed, even encrypting it, for additional peace of mind, and storing it on multiple providers' file storage - GDrive, Dropbox, self-hosting, across physical devices. In a 3 of 5 setup, you could store up to 2 seeds in such fashion - and be quite safe in knowing that even if the parties were to collude, break your encryption and assemble 2 of your master keys, that would still not be enough to steal your funds. 5.Does multisig offer more in the way of being resistant to quantum computing cryptanalysis? What am I missing? Are there any good counterarguments to using multisig vs just a regular [hardware] wallet? I guess for now multisig transactions are slightly larger (for the spending tx ) but that will hopefully be soon mitigated with Schnorr/Taproot, right?

  • MOVED: The price of Bitcoin is 63 days has not fallen below 10,000$

    This topic has been moved to Speculation. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5278864.0

  • How to Register on Bitcoin Exchange in India - A Small Guide

    Cryptocurrency is nothing but, its like a stock market where you can buy and sell your currencies and gain a profit from the volatility of the rates. The major difference between cryptocurrency trading and the stock market is that in the stock market you can trade with INR, USD, or any other fiat currencies. But in the crypto trading platform, you can trade with digital currencies or digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Altcoin, Ripple (XRP), etc. Each of the exchanges has its market with a difference in the local demand and supply. To know More Details, Visit Here <> Steps to Register on Bitcoin Trading Platform in India

  • The Bitcoin Family

    A very positive article on how you can change your life. It's a good thing they didn't buy Bitcoin for $ 20,000 The Bitcoin Family: Still on the Road—After Three Years! https://decrypt.co/43215/the-bitcoin-family-still-on-the-road-after-three-years "Taihuttu trades every day. He’s not devoted to Bitcoin alone, but it still makes up around 65% of his holdings. He also consistently holds Ethereum and Litecoin, and recently invested in DOT, the cryptocurrency of the Polkadot blockchain. Others include COTI, CTSI, EGLD, BEAM, LEND, COV, and KAI. "

  • Meme Creation Giveaway

    Hey guys, I came across an exciting meme creation giveaway for one of the most hyped yield farming projects - Easyfi. They are giving $500 in prizes away to a few lucky people who create the best meme relating to them. All you have to do is join the groups and send in your memes! Ive already entered a few so better get to meme'ing  You can read the rules below: RULES: 1.) You need to be in both Telegram channels:   https://t.me/askachef & https://t.me/easyfiNetwork 2.) You may submit as many memes as you want. 3.) The winners will be picked by the community solely and selected at random where necessary. 4.) In the case of suspected fraudulent behavior, participates will be banned from taking part in the campaign. 5.) Campaign is officially live and will end on 05.10.20. Winners announced on 07.10.20

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