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Latest Bitcoin News

  • The biggest Crime in cryptocurrency

    We've heard exchange getting hacked and millions of dollar worth crypto being stolen.  Last year, Myetherwallet was exposed and hacker penetrated and stole alot. Scam ICO made away with millions in recent years. Crypto traders and investors are taking precautions so as to not fall victim. This doesn't guarantee Scam free Crypto space coz right now someone is being scam. What could be the biggest Crime in cryptocurrency

  • John "fucking" McAfee: I will reveal Satoshi

    John McAfee claims to know the identity of Satoshi and has made several twitter posts suggesting he will reveal the identity if the they do not reveal themselves. Quote I protected the identity of Satoshi. It's time, though, that this be put to bed. Imposters claim to be him, we are spending time and energy in search of him - It's a waste. Every day I will narrow down the identity of Satoshi until he reveals himself, or I reveal him. https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/1118574492538875904?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1118574492538875904&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ccn.com%2Fjohn-mcafee-satoshi-nakmoto-identity-countdown-bitcoin Quote How do I know about Satoshi? Yes, I drink, use drugs, chase women, run from the law - which I have done since I was 19. But it does not obviate the fact that I created a great company whose focus was stopping hackers. I had to know hacking. I am still John Fucking McAfee, https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/1118583356915159042?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1118583356915159042&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ccn.com%2Fjohn-mcafee-satoshi-nakmoto-identity-countdown-bitcoin Quote The "Who is Satoshi?" Mystery must end! First: It is NOT the CIA nor any agency of any world government. It IS a collection of people, but the white paper was written by one man, who currentky resides in the US. If he does not come forward these narrowings will continue.[ https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/1118569049871482885?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1118569049871482885&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ccn.com%2Fjohn-mcafee-satoshi-nakmoto-identity-countdown-bitcoin I don't know if he really knows who he is, but he is probably the most credible person to come forwards and claiming to know or be him. That itself is not really difficult with the string of charlatans who have pretended in the past, but it is entirely possible given his past that he does know and again entirely possible this is just another John McAfee PR stunt.

  • Life Cycle of a Transaction - Andreas A.

    I find a very interesting and somewhat a simply explanation from the point of sending transaction from our wallet to getting confirmed in the blockchain. I know that majority has somewhat an idea already specially if you have been in the crypto for long. But for beginners I think this is a good explanation. And for those experts, maybe you can confirmed or up something to what has Andreas says here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpnTb6NWih0 - Bitcoin Q&A: The lifecycle of a transaction

  • Influencers promoting crypto based projects

    Celebrities and influencers get often approached by different companies to promote and advertise crypto based projects. However, 90% of the time they don’t use or know anything about the product they advertise, they’re in it just for the money.

 So, how do you view this? Do you think it brings the right type of awareness, when celebrities become the spokesperson for crypto, even though they don’t know much about it? Do you think publicity is still publicity or do you think it only does worse?

  • Fun stuff to do with bitcoin?

    I remember the first years of bitcoin's life. There were so many things to do and learn: mining, faucets, wallets, blockchain visualizations, etc. Nowadays the bitcoin world is pretty boring: mining is for people with deep pockets, faucets don't exist anymore, wallets are getting centralized by big corporations (blockchain.com, coinbase, etc.). Is there anything fun left to do with bitcoin, any specific application, website, app, anything that will make bitcoin fun and interesting again? Otherwise I just keep on holding and that's it.

  • 110 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Bitcoin

    110 Interesting Facts You Need to Know About Bitcoin https://www.boomsbeat.com/articles/284059/20180123/100-interesting-facts-you-need-to-know-about-bitcoin.htm

  • We buy Bitflyer, Zaif and Coincheck account

    We are a trading company and we were not able to open account on these exchanges. Bitflyer and Zaif are not accepting new sign ups. Coincheck only allows people that lives in Japan. Please contact us by email: fastpriceml@gmail.com We are a trustable company and can send you documents if that would make you fell safer. Thank you.

  • Economic and social impacts of BTC - Research ideas

    Hi there BTC community, This is my first post here. I'm a part-time researcher who's seeking for some guidance from the BTC community about research(able) topics. My scientific interests are in a trans-disciplinary area: the social, political and economical impacts of technology in our society. Therefore, cryptocurrencies, decentralization and fintech are some of the hot topics in my mind right now. Especially, the impact BTC can have in the future of transparency, corruption, dismantle of status quo, democratic systems, etc. So, in your opinion, what are the major potential changes BTC will operate in our societies in the next 10 to 20 years? Which are the the impacts you see as worthy of being scientifically researched? Thank you in advance for any input you might have to give me.

  • Bitcoin Transaction Volume $7 Billion Daily

    According to Anthony Pompliano, on-chain bitcoin transactions reached $7 billion per day, putting it head and shoulders above Venmo. This, according to him, makes bitcoin the "killer app." https://twitter.com/APompliano/status/1118506225052860416

  • Imperial Rush

    http://imprsh.com/r/de0c857d92 join the game and use my code

  • Order Ounces Of Top Buds With Bitcoin free delivery Ounces from 90

    Hey all, I just got my order today from a team of farmers who sell at discounted prices all there buds are top shelf strains, I got 2 ounces today from them one of there Northern lights that has a thc count 33% and there strain of bubblegum both are top smoke and the taste is stunning perfect buds for sale, My order got to me in 3 days to the UK from them and there stealth is amazing totally perfect ounces and you could not tell what was inside the stealth is done that great. No smell or anything as they use mylar xray protection and smell proof bags so no leaks get out and then it just fits directly into you mailbox by the normal postman who will not know what is inside as you cannot feel the buds as the stealth is that good. You can contact them here at teamweedforbuds.yolasite.com or contact them directly on there encrypted email and they teamweedforbuds@ProtonMail.com everything worked out perfect for me and it will work out the same for you. Check them out.

  • Investors are More Bullish in Bitcoin Now

    https://www.ccn.com/this-billionaire-investor-more-bullish-crypto-bitcoin To become more secure, transparent and regulated market companies like Binance are looking to become more compliant. We recently saw their new partnership with Ciphertrace to help with AML. this led to the inflow of capital from investors who finally feel comfortable investing. SHouold we expect to see more of this in the future? Is it good for projects?

  • 2-minute “hardware wallet backups – safety vs. security” survey

    Hi friends, I'm working on a new service and trying to understand how people manage their crypto hardware wallet backups today. If you'd have 2 minutes to spare I'd greatly appreciate if you could take the anonymous survey below. Specifically, I’m trying to get some insight into what is the reasonable balance between safety and security for crypto owners when managing their recovery seed and passphrase backups. For example, the most obvious and arguably most "secure" is storing your passphrase backup in your head. However, this maybe isn't that "safe" in case of forgetting your passphrase due to the passage of time, disease or an accident. And certainly, it's not "safe" at all for inheritance purposes as your passphrase is going to the grave with you, leaving your Next-of-Kin with nothing Sad There's not much I could offer back except good karma and sharing the survey results. But I can promise that your feedback will help me develop a better service that will benefit you and the broader crypto community. Thanks in advance Smiley https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1M27KYjG622Jq55-fD1EFZqYKEKtH_S7g1krFDfaWISo/ PS: If you are interested in the service I’m building, drop me a message. I’ll be happy to share more details and also give you the premium features for free (once built and finished) PS2: Below in comments, I’ll share how I protected my own hardware wallet backups for your inspiration. Hopefully, you’ll find this strategy beneficial when keeping your backups safe and/or help me make it even better! I’ll be happy to answer anything.

  • Satoshi is a Group of Individuals

    The more I start to hear about Craig Wright's claim to be Satoshi the more I start to do my research of who Satoshi might actually be. I believe it's a group of people true cypherpunks that helped built the idea of Bitcoin together. I came across this quote on Hal Finney's wiki page: Finney was a cypherpunk and said: It seemed so obvious to me: "Here we are faced with the problems of loss of privacy, creeping computerization, massive databases, more centralization - and [David] Chaum offers a completely different direction to go in, one which puts power into the hands of individuals rather than governments and corporations. The computer can be used as a tool to liberate and protect people, rather than to control them." David who Finney mentions still has skin in the game and is currently working on a privacy platform called Elixxir. Unfortunately Hal is no longer with us but there are a group of people including David who are still working on preserving the true goal and vision of a true p2p electronic cash system.

  • The BtcSwift

    İs it true or Folse. https://twitter.com/ericbasiladze/status/1118911881354403846?s=21

  • Bitcointalk tech support incompetency?

    My e-mail to Bitcointalk:  "The login Captcha won't show up, despite me enabling JS permissions for Bitcointalk, Google, and Gstatic.  I was hoping to update my sales listing with photos.  If for some reason this is a permanent issue, could a moderator help by posting the photos?" Bitcointalk's reply:  "This is the hacked/lost accounts recovery email. Such requests should be made in the relevant Bitcointalk forum section." So, I'm supposed to post to the forum, to inform them that I cannot log in... to post to the forum.  *facepalm* Luckily, the problem turned out to be an issue with Firefox's privacy settings.

  • KRAKEN DELISTING BSV, We are all Satoshi

    I got a mail from Kraken Exchange notifying me of their intention to delist Bitcoin SV, It seem the Craig stunt saga is not going to be "forgiven" easily and that we are yet to see the end of it. Binance did a de-listing already..Kraken actually ran a survey to see people's opinion before taking their decisions and results are shown above. The crypto-community made a decision, say no to no intimidation and centralization. The points to be noted is that Satoshi is a wise man, wanted a bitcoin whose future is determined by the community, not a single individual (as with BSV's Craig), that is why he chosed to remain anonymous. If Craig falls, BSv falls, not so with bitcoin. We are all Satoshi and we all have a say in the bitcoin.

  • The best thing to come out of 2019! Onyx Lifestyle

    One of the greatest things to come out of 2019. 1. UK Bank account 2. Wire Cash, Crpyto and get funding within 3 mins. (Fully Insured Bank) 3. Concierge service 4. Credit Card/ATM card to purchase things 5. Loan participation with Crpyto ATMs around the world 6. Residual Income This is truly what everyone has been waiting for and will grow so fast. 2000 People sign up last night to get behind the velvet rope. Watch video and check out the website here. Lock in your spot for free at robdscott.onyxlifestyle.com Message me with any questions. Cheers

  • Research project on ethical issues related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

    I am currently undertaking a final year bachelor's degree research project in Business and Management in the UK. My topic is very relevant to Bitcoin as the research topic is; "Awareness and attitudes towards ethical issues in the cryptocurrency industry". The goal of the research is to gain an overall understanding of the current awareness levels of people about the negative side of the cryptocurrency industry as well as to better understand people's attitudes towards them. I currently have loads of data, but the majority is from individuals who have not been involved in cryptocurrencies. So, it would be very helpful to receive so replies from some of you as one of the key parts of my hypothesis is that cryptocurrency investors are likely to have a very different level of knowledge and attitude towards these issues! If you could take two minutes to fill out my Google Forms survey, I would be very thankful! Also, I am happy to receive some feedback on the survey. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdAYe73xLrbL9a-NHkxrmqgUyXNqdzeMYXWUeBSgPdI362GlA/viewform?usp=sf_link Edit. Also, happy to share some of the results here afterwards.

  • Bitcoin to launch blockchain!

    Binance is expected to launch blockchain on 18 April 2019. What are your expectations from this blockchain?

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