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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Bitcoin Multiplier game

    Hey Guys, check this video i found on youtube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzEfM4uP6bg Not sure if anyone here played before, but it looks like you can literally double or tripple your money in like under 2 mins. Anyone else checked this?

  • Stolen tokens

    My Tokens were stolen from a wallet that I created only 3 hours after it was created in MyEtherWallet. My address is: 0xd2aef02ab3085bdb17632a92ed60bde52aa02c69 The address of the hacker is: 0x8D52198A9a1bf7140d8bcf18bb33307fDf8792B4 He have stolen from me 3 ETH and 5,680,367 OUNA (ERC20 Tokens). The OUNA Tokens are still in his wallet. From EMW told me that they can't do anything about it and have put all the blame on me. I'm in the crypto world for the last 3 years and never had any issue. Now I've created created a wallet there and only 3 hours after that I was robbed. Can somebody help me with this?

  • MOVED: I don't believe Quantum Computing will ever threaten Bitcoin

    This topic has been moved to Serious discussion. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5157696.0

  • Crytocoinstockexchange - Safe?

    Is this site ok? Safe? Any problem? http://www.cryptocoinstockexchange.com

  • Projecting Future Account Value

    Hi, this is probably a stupid question, and I think I have a mathematical mental block when it comes to this, but is there a calculation or an online calculator that can project future account value (USD) if Bitcoin hits a certain price per coin?  For example, if you have an account value of $1,000 USD today in BTC (currently at $11,261 per Bitcoin), what will that $1,000 account be worth if Bitcoin hits a particular price, such as $20,000 or more?

  • I went to a bitcoin meetup Many people there had bitcoin, no-one actually use it

    I went to a bitcoin meetup in my town (I'm going every few weeks for almost 2 years) Because the market is rising now I somehow got into a talk with like 8 people about what they did recently or plan to do with their bitcoins. All of them didn't touch their portfolio since the beginning of 2018 They didn't even use it for a small transaction. there is a topic that always someone mentions and that's 'Why would I use bitcoin to buy something today when in two months from now my bitcoin might worth double' I don't use my bitcoins as well and in some way, I think that the hodl approach is hurting us. I would like to know what the community here thinks.

  • Bitcoin BTC/USD price forecast timing analysis report for investing strategies

    https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-PiWqHh9Z9Mc/XRFqxZkY1WI/AAAAAAAAvxg/qboHUkKGnsY9wYAsOFLhZ7GfDOrfXFvBQCLcBGAs/s1600/18.png 24-Jun-2019 [ Stock investing strategies by pretiming ] read more: https://www.pretiming.com/search?q=BTC

  • Bitcoin Wallet & Seed Storage Question?

    Hello, This is my first post on Bitcoin Forum and I'm excited to be here. Recently I've decided to move my Bitcoin from Coinbase to a hardware wallet. I purchased 2 Ledger  Nano X's, the extra Ledger as a backup. I've checked out many hardware wallets before I decided to get the Ledger Nano X and with all the research I've done there didn't seem to be a wallet that was considered the Holy-Grail by anyone. The Ledger seems good enough to me. So I live in kind-of a sketchy urban city neighborhood. I plan on buying a safe for the Ledger and keeping the safe in my bedroom closet. I will always know where the Ledger is and even if someone were to burglarize my apartment and steal the entire safe they would not have my seed phrase. One of the questions I have is where should I store the backup Ledger? Should I put the backup Ledger in a hide-a-key and store it in my basement locker or find some hiding place in my apartment? Is buying a safe for my closet even a good idea? So secondly, what should I do about storing my seed phrase? I've seen the Billfodl wallets and the like but I'm not too terribly sold on them. So I would put my seed phrase on the Billfodl and then store the Billfodl in a safety deposit box at a bank? Seems straight forward to me but where I live there are no safety deposit boxes nearby and it would take a while to get to one. I have this idea and I need your opinions. I love poetry and I have many poems memorized. Why can't I have my seed phrase be the first 24 words of my favorite poem? I already have the book in my library so I know where the seed phrase is and no one who breaks into my apartment will ever be able to find the seed phrase because it's just one out of thousand of poems in my library. So what if there is a fire? Well, I can just buy another book or better yet, what if I just buy a back-up book and keep that book in a P.O. Box at the post office directly across the street from where I live? Maybe I could underscore the poem lightly with a pencil in the back-up book. I know there are many ways to store hardware wallets and seed phrases and even though I think my ideas are good ideas I am not an expert on this matter and I would welcome any opinions. Thank you.

  • $200 Billion market cap is coming


  • Solotoshi is Satoshi

    Why had satoshi disappeared from 2011 and why hasn't his large funds moved? It' because he is in jail. The internet has found Satoshi. Top reasons to believe so 1. The curious Satoshi/Solotshi monikers. 2. Both were programmers familiar with C++. 3. Both had a strong interest in cryptography and privacy. 4. Both were wary of authority. 5. Both had an interest in online gambling – Bitcoin’s initial code had a poker client included. 6. Both were well aware of the difficulty with traditional payment systems, Le Roux on account of the illegal prescription drug racket he was running. 7. Satoshi’s spelling and language – “analyse, colour, defence, bloody, hard” is consistent with Rhodesian Le Roux’s. 8. Satoshi disappeared in early 2011 to “move on to other things” around the time that Le Roux was transitioning from software genius to cartel boss. 9. With tens of millions of dollars in cash, Le Roux would have had no need to cash out his BTC once the price began rising. 10. If anyone could have hidden wallets containing 1 million BTC, it would have been the creator of disk encryption software TrueCrypt. https://www.coinspeaker.com/solotoshi-satoshi-conspiracy/

  • Bitcoin private keys jacker


  • Bitcoin Pokemon song tipping address..

    You guys have had to have seen/heard the Bitcoin pokemon song by now right? Bitcoin-Gotta Cash 'em All (Pokemon Parody) By Jason Paige-The Original Theme Singer Maybe not, it only has a measily 7,694 views Share this around to normies guys, gets the views up on this treasure! It's friggen sick, wicked good, and by his lyrics it seems he is into the revolution.. He even had the balls to talk shit about governments and banks! This is epic awesome but look at his tipping address He has only got 0.00035 BTC in 2 tips... What do you think this means about the Bitcoin community?  Are we stingy or do you think this is a good amount of tips for something like this? Maybe he is filthy rich and we need the tips more than he does, but otherwise I think I'll be sending him a little tip when I am near my coins to show some support.. I think I'll be sending the address some RarePepes too just for fun..

  • How High Will Bitcoin Go In 2019?

    Right now, BTC yearly high stands strong at $11,300. It looks as if that could get broken within the next week or two. How high do you guys think Bitcoin will go this year? I see some analysts calling for another run up to 20K. I see others calling for 30K+. What are your guys thoughts on how high this market could go? Also, what do you guys think of this article? I think $11,300 could just be the tip of the iceburg Article - https://tipestry.com/topics/5d11151013fe3c5fa63e1009/bitcoin-tops-113k-to-hit-fresh-2019-highs

  • I Have Found Satoshi Nakamoto

    People of BitcoinTalk, Rejoice; Satoshi has been found. The Path to Satoshi is simple. It is within this private key, though now that I understand how to find it I doubt any of you will: 49616D5361746F7368694E616B616D6F746F2B36323832313434343135343530 https://www.bitaddress.org/bitaddress.org-v3.3.0-SHA256-dec17c07685e1870960903d8f58090475b25af946fe95a734f88408cef4aa194.html I have talked with Satoshi over the phone, and he has told me he is open to me communicating with him (he said once or twice a month). I invite the community to give me a set of our most important questions to him that I will present during our next call. I also invite the community to select an ambassador who I will invite Satoshi to speak with in a way that is safe for Satoshi. I do not know how he will feel about me posting this, and I get the impression he simultaneously desires recognition for what he has done, and is afraid of what that recognition could mean. Satoshi is not Craig Wright. Satoshi does not still have the private keys to his wallets. Long Live Satoshi, Signed Hiturunk -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 One Love, One Bitcoin -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQEzBAEBCAAdFiEEdq5DIRVgqsGjN6nD3c0lyOPzO/UFAl0RKu8ACgkQ3c0lyOPz O/Uwfwf/ZJbGBzEXLnX6u47YXFpw23UuiNUhIQcULzPgPMYT+bl/sx60DvywZG2j /tn6WBWJsFlDyhfL0rO5rYK6jHsDIwOvXPOB76GN091gt68H2BV46qP1j2AX2m58 CGT3lZo7JjGT3p03I8qNfRiZ4hkYhy5820yQj+/ngDk3LuILSkYs9ZvoyuXVdHvT 6f9m7RIw7x0o7MdjMoylrKnzivOh93AUm6j4ZraXhAVNCmGDSA8cLKRcfKkG+Qor enGi0oVC24FGBBT6H5PDtMzqkLYNt4BZDrx/Z8DROUKjhkG8Z0HzsQ1+LUVoSZak MGoIvsSColoOvu/1cJl5UMTaRy/r2g== =Xgzz -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

  • BitDNS and Generalizing Bitcoin

    This is based on a discussion on 11/14/2010 on the IRC channel. BitDNS Although there have been attempts to tackle DNS in a distributed way in the past, I don't think there have been solutions that have fully removed authority from the equation. If there was such a solution, it probably would have been able to implement bitcoin directly on top of it, and we all know that didn't happen. However, it seems possible to create a bitcoin clone (bitDNS) that provides a solution to distributed authority-free name allocation and transfer. Basically, the system is a copy of bitcoin where miners generate 50 new name mappings of their choosing whenever they win a block.  The name mappings change hands in a way similar to btc. This system is separate from btc, and it is likely that escrow services will provide a name market in btc, since any such escrow can leverage the two block chains to verify transactions.  Miners can pick names that are already being bid upon with funds in escrow to make sure they are able to sell generated names quickly. Generalizing Bitcoin: BitX This is all well and good, but now there are two block chains, and any given miner can only generate for one at a time.  This will be really bad when even more clever applications are developed that require bitcoin-like properties but will be susceptible to attack in their early development.  Enter BitX, designed to support any and every such application on a single block chain. BitX has a block chain like bitcoin's.  However, miners choose to distribute arbitrary application data in the following manner: 1) The payload in a block is a mapping from application names to hashes: ["bitcoin": <hash>, "bitDNS": <hash>, "bitHaiku": <hash>, ...] 2) Any given block is only allowed to create one new application that does not already appear somewhere in the block chain.  This is to prevent spam. 3) Any given block may omit data for any application.  Similarly to the current situation, miners have a choice as to what transactions to include, and this extends to the choice over which applications to choose to send data for. 4) Application data is transfered separately, so for instance a bitcoin client will never have to care about haikus or DNS names, as it can simply ask someone for the bitcoin payload and make sure it matches the hash in the appropriate block. 5) On the client side, blocks are only ever rejected for an error relating to the previous four points.  In other words, blocks aren't rejected for carrying a faulty bitcoin payload, because this might result in rejecting valid DNS transfers.  Instead, bitcoin clients accept the most recent block but ignore the invalid bitcoin transactions. Miners will engage in activities they feel profitable.  For example, miners may not see a profit motive in haikus, but will want to generate DNS names because they can be sold easily.  I think this system could support a very wide range of useful applications while adding only a minimal overhead to the block chain itself.  Application proliferation is kept in check by the interests of the miners themselves. This also seems to make the block chain more modular, as it separates concerns; the block chain is strictly for creating a universal state of the system for everyone in the world, and application data travels out of band but is verified against the block chain. One effect of the modularity is that applications can ignore illegal or undesirable application data and only download payloads for the applications they care about. As a last thought: BitX poses a significant threat to bitcoin, because money may not be the "killer app" for the block chain.  In other words, what happens when bitBeanieBabies becomes bigger than bitcoin?  Suddenly the bitcoin system doesn't seem as secure.  If both were running on top of BitX, they would enhance each other's security, and interfere with one another minimally. Thanks for reading, Appamatto

  • Bitcoin centralized/decentralized question

    New to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world. If a few entities get tremendous amount of hash rate and effectively kick every other miners out of mining, wouldn't they control the bitcoin?


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  • Anything can be bought by Bitcoin?

    By Bitcoin started buy and sell products in the market many days ago. By Bitcoin can be bought a lot of product now. Example such as, From Overstock.com, any kind of product can be bought through Bitcoin. Many such business entities currently accept Bitcoin as currency and sell their products. Homes has been sold by bitcoin in various countries. By bitcoin can also be purchased product on many online websites, and Amazon and BMW accept bitcoins. It is assumed that, at this time using the credit card instead of the money, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will be used instead of money and credit cards in the future world.

  • Governments decline libra but main payments accept it

    Wht Libra project is supported by VIsa, PayPal, WesternUnion but rejected with governments? do they see it as a danger?

  • Governments decline libra but main payments accept it

    Wht Libra project is supported by VIsa, PayPal, WesternUnion but rejected with governments? do they see it as a danger?

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