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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Bad News for Bitcoiners, The price will not go up at the Halving, but DOWN$!

    So what are you going to do, when the price of Bitcoin verses fiat does not go up for the halving. Many here act like it is an Guarantee, it is not. Government are reselling criminal bitcoins, Hackers are reselling the stolen bitcoin from Exchanges and the Rich, Flooding the markets, and are going to keep doing it over and over. Altcoin communities are not buying bitcoin to prop up their altcoins any more. Majority of Altcoins will be dead in less than 2 years. Even Jihan Wu warns not to expect much. https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2019/10/14/bitmain-ceo-jihan-wu-made-an-uncertain-2020-bitcoin-warning/#7cc492911ecc Quote Now, the chief executive of China-based bitcoin mining giant Bitmain, Jihan Wu, has warned the next bitcoin block reward halving may not spark a bitcoin price bull run, as many hope. Bitcoin can no longer make you rich if you started poor. The Poor can't buy enough to get rich, as the 1000X and 100X Gains are Over, so unless the amount you have only needs say 2X or 3X to make you a millionaire, (even that is not guarantee) otherwise you are screwed if you think it will make you rich.  So are you going to keep drinking the BTC will make me Rich Kool-aid. Or are you going to get a Clue and realized to get rich requires you find something other than Bitcoin?  

  • Ex-Coinbase CTO Argues Bitcoin Will Likely Hit $100,000 Using Coronavirus

    https://beincrypto.com/ex-coinbase-cto-argues-bitcoin-will-likely-hit-100000-using-coronavirus-spread-pattern/ Bitcoin to $100k (Based on Stochastic Model) Angel investor, cryptocurrency trader, and former Coinbase CTO Balaji S. Srinivasan underlined this similarity between the BTC price and the spread pattern of coronavirus earlier today in a series of tweets.

  • Bitcoin hitting its steady price?

    is it safe to assume that Bitcoin is probably hitting a capped price(i.e $10k)?

  • Bitcoin following a predictable trend?

    The current Bitcoin correction fits similar movements that have taken place since 2016. Each year the price begins to slide in late February, with a recovery toward the end of March. It is thus not surprising that the price has declined, yet a recovery could come at any moment. The block reward halving is a new factor that has not taken place in five years. Analysts have long expected the price to move up as a result. This fact adds to the belief that the current dip in value is, in fact temporary. Regardless of the present market condition, the overall outlook for cryptocurrency is tied to adoption of blockchain technology, which continues to accelerate. Thus, is strong reason to be optimistic for long-term growth.

  • [LEGIT 100%] Birds make you money !

    Hi guys ! I have given up with ponzi and telegram trash after founding this method who has been working since a long time, no more dead bots and investing your money and time for nothing, i offer you good method for free that gives you money for doing nothing, what else you need? I post you FRESH proves and feel free to PM me for the method or post below ! https://i.ibb.co/n3M70ds/A1.png https://i.ibb.co/bsvhZMz/A2.png https://i.ibb.co/NF7GjLQ/A3.png

  • Reckoon airdrop

    Reckoon Twitter Campaign is very nice  and normal to  participate Reckoon has allocated a total of 225,000 ROOK tokens for all partictpate after this ico 225,000 ROOK tokens Distribution to all slected participated user so ur lucky to prticitpate this ico participate

  • Warren Buffet would rather be a “forgetful old man”

    Hi Everyone, Recently, people have been giving Warren Buffet some heat because he said he didn't own any crypto, even though he was given some by Justin Sun. Our take is a little different than everyone else. We think Warren Buffet would simply rather be called a "forgetful old man" than support something he didn't believe in. Read all our thoughts on the situation. Let me know if you guys agree or disagree!

  • Reckoon airdrop

    Reckoon Global Shopping Platform as a Service is very nice and very fast growing compnay and his bounty launched is the very best and easy for paerticipate and collect eth

  • A new Loyalty Program for everyone

    úkonSystems is a blockchain loyalty platform and ecosystem that is designed to leverage existing payment infrastructures to support value-added services in mobile payments. The platform consists of utility tokens named úkonTokens. The rewards and incentives are for both the shoppers and the merchants. As our userbase grows, we will have a greater attraction to sign on larger merchants and as our merchant database increases, we can more easily attract additional shoppers. Register and join the crypto loyalty program https://ukonsystems.com/site/packages/Levisunny

  • MOVED: One of the Richest Man in Russia Launching his own Token

    This topic has been moved to Altcoin Discussion. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5228356.0

  • StormGain - Crypto Trading Platform

    Hi I would like to introduce you one of the crypto trading platforms called "StormGain". This platform is a good way for those who wish to profit from either the growth or decline of the cryptocurrency market. StormGain takes the best of investment into cryptocurrency and offers a platform for trading via cryptocurrency futures contracts. StormGain offers a variety of tools, customized buy/sell signals and the lowest fee. it offers customer 24/7 service support, a user -friendly interface to grasp experience trading. Available on any device, StormGain allows you to start trading the most popular coin. Trading with a multiplier involves using borrowed money to “multiply” up a trade, opening a larger position with a smaller amount of the trader’s funds. Essentially, StormGain lends the trader an amount of funds to increase the size of their order, which in turn boosts the gain from a profitable trade. Start your journey today!BTC https://golead.pl/p/YDEi/qmmF/bflT

  • A call to join the 2028 Money Wars

    I'm a digital time traveler from the front lines of the 2028 Money Wars sharing my story to recruit future OGs from your time to join our cause. Hidden within it is a seed phrase for a wallet containing 1 bitcoin. ... There’s no turning back. Not after what just happened. We won the battle but our position is sacrificed. We need more OGs. It’s our only hope. The war has just begun and we need to be ready. ... Chapter 1: Comfort “We got most of them!” G-ma yells from my side as we escape to the valley. “Stragglers on our tail. Mad as a wet hens!” “Another squad incoming, dead ahead!” I shout back. Footsteps thump nearby. “Sounds like lone wolves in the valley.” A news alert appears in my sidefeed: *WHITE HOUSE ON THE BRINK OF BAILOUT FOR PENSIONS. DOLLAR AND LIBERTY COLLAPSE. “The stakes just mooned!” I yell. “Wohoo, I’ll take my turkey with extra gravy!” she responds pretending the money matters to her. With a quick reflex, she turns and spears the enemy to her side dead. It matters to me. Earning bitcoin in Samurai Squad is my only income besides UBI. My nanodegrees in Philosophy and ET Studies don’t pay the bills and it beats consuming ads in Faceworld. There’s movement in a bush to my left. I see him. His health is low. So is his kill count. “Knock that bush camper out!” G-ma yells. “We’re about to be up to our assholes in alligators!” He’s docile despite his blown cover. A second look at his stats reveals bundles of building materials. “He’s got mats! We can use him!” Bringing him into our squad means splitting the winnings but we need a fort to defend ourselves in the valley. I offer him alliance. He accepts without hesitation. “Put those mats to work bud!” I command in the live chat. “We need elevation stat!” The confidence in my virtual voice takes me by surprise every time. Lone wolf no more, FLWright sprints through the foundation build. Layers mount on top of each other as if erected by a high-speed 3D printer. The top platform towers over the surrounding hills, complete with shielded shooting posts facing all directions. I ascend to the apex instantly thanks to my freshly implanted Brainlink sensors, a gift from G-Ma for my 18th birthday. No more goofy running or climbing gestures. I think about a motion and my avatar listens. G-Ma joins. Our bows launch a storm of arrows that stop the ambushing squads in their tracks. “Now we’re cookin’ with napalm!” she exclaims. A handful of survivors reach our fort. G-Ma delivers the coup de grace to the final enemy with a spear to the head. Witnessing the brutality of her white-haired, cardigan skinned avatar always puts a grin on my face. The chaos suddenly turns to silence. A winner’s circle enshrines the three of us. Above our view appear the total winnings of over 300K sats -- the interest accumulated throughout the game from the sats staked by each player. We put in most of our savings to get into this game but all players get their sats back and are insured against any loss. 100K sats deposit into each of our wallets. “That covers the rent! The rest of the month’s winnings go to the virtual Amur Leopard!” I joke. Now extinct IRL, the Amur Leopard is the rarest and most valuable virtual pet. We could never afford it. Chapter 2 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cypherdiaries

  • One of the Richest Man in Russia Launching his own Token

    Vladimir Potaninone of the world billionaires and also in the list of richest Russian people Want to launch his own token. Potanin already has the approval from their central bank to launch his own token, the token is going to be used by his clients to buy metals, air tickets, and transfer ski passes from his businesses. I think Potanin actually acknowledge cryptocurrency having a smooth transaction from his clients and eliminating the paperwork and middlemen, also having a speed up transactions. ATOMYZE CRYPTO TOKENS , “The main idea of tokenization is not in buying or trading cryptocurrencies; it lies in the creation of a modern and transparent mechanism for digitizing of assets, and in the creation of new digital markets, where tokenization is a service helping issuers transfer rights to their assets into a digital form.” explained Atomyze CEO, Marco Grossi. reference: https://www.atomyze.com/atomyze-launches-industrial-asset-tokenization-platform/ Reference: https://bitcoinist.com/russias-richest-man-gets-approval-for-own-crypto-token/


    It happened that yesterday a secondary school teacher who teaches in a private school visited my office after sighting my banner about learning how to buy/sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He told me he heard bitcoin could make him to become very rich at the shortest possible time. He was willing to offer me money since I have a physical office where I sell bible/Christian literature. I objected him, but took out time to educate him about bitcoin and the blockchain technology how it's possible for it to change his financial fortune with proper coaching and a determined heart of discipline. He was very concern about who will buy the bitcoin from him and if his fund will be trapped, I showed him the bitcoin market capitalization and he jerked in surprise, and talked little about custodian and non-custodian wallet. He was fascinated and at this point he is more willing to underdsatnd the market than just investing without knowledge. Just before he left, I gave him a serious caution never to give anyone his money with the hope of getting a weekly or monthly dividend, and never to buy and coin that promises to display bitcoin in 3 years as such promising a big price growth. He promised to visit again with his I-pad and diary to start practical class. Our little exposition of bitcoin and its working principles can help save innocent investors from Ponzi and scam promoters. I never had such opportunity 3years ago, had to read online.

  • UEFA Tickets to be distributed via Blockchain!

    According to an announcement on Feb 17th, UEFA plans to distribute more than one million soccer match tickets through a blockchain-enabled mobile application. This new ticketing system will help make an entry into the stadium smooth, secure and safe. Thanks to a new initiative by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), soccer fans in Europe joins the ranks of early blockchain adopters.

  • Can bitcoin halving make cryptocurrencies reach all time high again?

    There are times I will sit down and think about bitcoin halving and when cryptocurrencies  will reach new all time high. The last time it happened was in 2017 for strong cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. There are only 21 million btc to be mined. And, only  18,236,512 btc has been mined. Only 2,763,488 btc remaining. I am just thinking that with the little remaining bitcoin, can the effect make the price of cryptocurrencies  to reach new all time high. It sounds impossible to me but I know that the price will increase but may not reach new all time high. So, something not seen yet can be the reason why cryptocurrencies  can reach new all time high such as people anticipation. Like I am anticipating, I have invest in 0.4 btc. Some people will also do as I did. The second thing that can cause it is the increase in the price. Some people that know how to analyze crypto market will still see that the price will increase and therefore invest and make the price to continue to increase. The third thing I believe can make the price to increase are fomo people. They will see everyone investing and they will also invest for not to miss the great benefit. This is what I think about cryptocurrencies  this year and next year because this process will extend to next year as I analyzed it. You people can also make contributions to know if we should invest more on cryptocurrencies  this year.

  • Warning becareful with coinbase. new problems found

    Good morning everyone. Please i need help from anyone to help me please  I am noticing this new changes to coinbase now and i am very worried. My account got Restricted for no just cause I do not have any single problem with my account and i have some bitcoin in it i am surprised when i try to send money to someone i got this message Please see screenshot below. https://i.postimg.cc/VN6sgRTC/picturemessage-m100t4vf.png Video proof https://we.tl/t-4ZLV7t9fG5 what can i do to resolve this. i have wrote support but got no responds this is very annoying for the moment i advice you to stay clear off coinbase if you don't wan to lose your money

  • Have you heard about 'the binance cloud'

    https://www.[Suspicious link removed]blog/421499824684900422/Binance-Announces-B2B2C-Cloud-Solution-for-Launching-Digital-Asset-Trading-Platforms Have you heard of the binance cloud recently, it is a B2B2C Cloud Solution for Launching Digital Asset Trading Platforms (exchanges) Binance Cloud will support its customers and global partners with a complete turn-key exchange platform solution, consolidating the new financial infrastructure to an open platform based on blockchain technology,” said Changpeng Zhao. To start an exchange is not easy and very costly. Depending on the type you want to start, it will cost you at least 6 btc. Customised ones like binance will can cost up to if not more than 12 btc. The binance cloud could make this cheaper, but I think it is like you partner with binance. Let us discuss about the pros and cons the binance cloud could cause if you partner with them to create a trading platform.

  • Crypto wallet explained simply.

    I am a newbie yet but I know a lot about the crypto wallet. Higher ranked members would know pretty more about the wallets but this will be helpful for new people that just joined in crypto world. Crypto wallets are used to save cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. It generate you crypto addresses. The address are called public key like bank account number where you can send cryptocurrencies. Note: sending crypto to a wrong address is 99% to 100% impossible to be reversed. Send to the right address. The best is to copy and paste the address. Crypto wallet also have private key, just like a password but different from a password because it gives you the full ownership of the wallet. Some wallet do not have this feature. There are two types of crypto wallet: 1. The online/hot wallet 2. The offline/cold wallet The online wallets are not safe and more susceptible to cyber attack. There are 3 types. The web wallet Web wallets are wallets you can access through the browser, it can be mobile or computer browser. The mobile wallet The wallets you can access through a mobile app. The bitcoin wallet and mycelium wallet are example. The desktop wallet The wallets you can access through laptop or other computers. Example is bitcoin core and electrum wallet. You can use it to connect to your hardware wallet The offline wallets are the safest wallets and are of 2 types The paper wallet As the name imply, some organizations provided you the opportunity to save cryptocurrencies  on papers. It is very safe to use. But some people see it like a transitional means. The hardware wallet It is very safe too like the paper wallet but are very expensive. You will save the cryptocurrencies  on a hardware. There are 3 common hardware wallets. The Trezor Model T is the most expensive The Trezor one The Lender Nano X is the one you can also connect with phone or also with laptop The Lender Nano S is the most common used   The third one is Keepkey. Making the fifth one I talked about the hardware wallet.

  • Bitcoin declined 3% as the coronavirus spread in italy

    https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-traditional-markets-drop-3-as-coronavirus-spreads-in-italy As the coronavirus spread in Italy recently, bitcoin market has dropped 3% and also the traditional market including all the top ranked cryptocurrencies. Can coronavirus spreading be the cause?

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