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Latest Bitcoin News

  • A list of Videos on debates about Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

    I personally run a resources list website(coinsources.io) and I've listed a decent number of videos on debates about bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general. I've had a few number of visits here and there on my website, and I've noticed that no one EVER clicked on a debate video link, not even once. It's really surprising how people seems to be uninterested in them. If you're really into bitcoin and have some time to spare, I heavily suggest watching them: Year Duration Link Title 2018 [13:22] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKeAZi4YKb0 Bitcoin or Shitcoin?: Saifedean Ammous vs. Martin Weyer 2018      [1:03:03]      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFc0Um6WUU4      Senate Banking Committee Holds Hearing on Crypto: Peter Van Valkenburgh vs. Nouriel Roubini 2018 [14:59] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mg34B8FvmpI Keiser vs. Rasmus 2018 [1:22:18] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8R71WGO3qU Is Bitcoin the Future of Money?: Peter Schiff vs. Erik Voorhees 2018 [1:18:50] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsL_8AazpsA Bitcoin vs Gold: Ivan on Tech vs. Peter Schiff 2018 [53:08] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-qKttgihHY Bitcoin, revolution or another tulip mania?: Smith and Schiff vs. Blanchard and Tucker 2017 [25:45] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cuvpd0EwtHw Hatipoglu and Van Valkenberg vs. Schiff and Siciliano 2014 [38:15] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3MAH3Rlr2s Peter Schiff vs. Erik Voorhees 2013 [52:30] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFcTJAQ7zc4 Bitcoin vs. Gold: The Future of Money: Schiff vs. Molyneux

  • what changes will the lightning network bring to the Cryptocurrency

    there are many people talk about lightning network recently,but im wondering  what the lightning network can  bring to the Cryptocurrency

  • Bitcoin - Make things possible

    I’ve always wanted to go travel and discover new places but since then my resources are limited that I can’t even afford to go to school. Life is hard, but if you continue fighting you will be at your destination one day. Today, I’m happy to share that I’m getting closer to achieve my dreams. My recent travel was a week ago and I can say that I’m happy because bitcoin made this thing possible. I’ve encountered whales during my 3days vacation, its scary because its a big whale but I’ve realized if only you know how to ride with the whale, I think you will be safe just like those small fish that keeps on following the big whale, trading can be the same like this its good to know how to ride with the whales Cryptocurrency is a big help for me, and I know most of us here enjoy the life of having more sources of income. Despite of the loses in trading, and in gambling I was able to save my profit just to have this kind of vacation , this is just one of my so many travel-goals this year, I’m forever thankful that Bitcoin helps me a lot for this travel goals. Don’t lose hope yet about the market trend, this is just a process,it will be a great year again.  

  • Will Cryptocurrency change financial institutions completely?

    Well I went to a NEO coin Developer Convention today and based off everything they were discussing it sounds like Europe, Asia, S. America and N. America are getting ready to completely get rid of cash and unite the entire global economy. Those of you blockchain developers what are your thoughts on this?

  • waiting for price increases

    until now there has been no sign of a higher increase in bitcoin prices, and many are hoping that the increase in bitcoin will happen soon, is it possible this year the price of bitcoin can reach $ 3000?

  • Reliability of Bitcoin mixing sites

    Bitcoin mixing sites, How to make sure that sites does not keep the logs, this is never guaranteed i understand [sites can store if wants] I've seen in some pages, for example, they say "we keep logs until 12 hours", how can be sure ?? eg: https://bestmixer.io/en Is there any other alternatives, how can you be certain anonymity? They say use sites like localbitcoins, for anonymity, but when you exchange, they will know your bank account, or if you pay cash also will know you ( eg. your face ) İs there %100 anonymity alternative ? Please use simple english, thank you for answers

  • Bet365 seling from bangladesh

    I want to sell bet365 + skrill full verifed account with all documents and  pvc latter. Telegram:  @LXROCKY

  • #MultiVACShardingKiller

    MultiVAC in comparison to Zilliqa and QuarkChain.... The very feature that separates MultiVAC is flexibility. Public blockchains at this moment have to find a balance between security, decentralization, and scalability. However, through the features mentioned above MultiVAC provides a platform flexible enough to adjust between these three features. Zilliqa and QuarkChain, in contrast, contain the entire transaction records in all the nodes. While the sharing of transaction data is important for security, MultiVAC differs in that it offers complete sharing technologies for transactions, computation, storage, and transport . MultiVAC and Flexibility: MVM, BISC, PoIE MultiVAC Virtual Machine (MVM) provides a superior sandbox environment for running smart contracts. In the case of a public blockchain that provides unlimited scalability, designing a command set for a virtual machine is very important. To apply complex business logics in smart contracts, MultiVAC has created the MultiVAC Virtual Machine (MVM) that includes BISC (Blockchain Instruction Set Computer). The MVM, which is operational currently, supports the C programming language, and other languages such as Java and Go will be added as well. By integrating many languages there is compatibility with existing application programs and a flexible calculation model PoIE is a consensus mechanism that validates calculations in a manner similar to proof of replication. The PoIE algorithm is built directly into MVM and checks each instruction to be executed. Once the command sequence with enough gas (deposit) is completed and confirmed, the node issues the calculation results through the mechanism and receives the gas compensation. The basic logic of PoIE is that it is costly in terms of nodes that behave more maliciously than the interests of the network because all nodes running in the network provide a large amount of computational resources through hashing and random data processing. Follow MultiVac for the latest news and project updates Onepager: https://www.mtv.ac/assets/file/MultiVAC_OnePager.pdf Whitepaper: https://www.mtv.ac/assets/file/MultiVAC_Tech_Whitepaper.pdf Website: https://www.mtv.ac/ Telegram chat link: https://t.me/MTVCommunity Telegram announcement channel link: https://t.me/MultiVACMTV Twitter: https://twitter.com/MultiVAC_Global

  • luxembourg passed bill To Give Blockchain Securities

    Link: https://www.coindesk.com/luxembourg-passes-bill-to-give-blockchain-securities-legal-status

  • lost bitcoin

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I bought bitcoins from my wallet (coin base) I wanted to do a test with Helix light https://helix-light.info/status/bJshddMIANbmN The bitcoins from my portfolio have been scaled up and arrived after 6 confirmations at the Helix light address, before being sent to another Wallet. 1 bitcoins have been scaled from my account 2 arrived at the address indicated on the website https://live.blockcypher.com/btc/tx/1b4c1ec4476618a740061662bf8a645b5380dd50756808d27c312b2501f3e92f/ The internet page in which it indicated the address of receipt, after 1 day nothing has arrived, while if I look in the blockchain, the bit coins have arrived but not sent to the address chosen by me. In practice, my wallet has been scaled and sent after 6 confirmations and received by helix and not sent to my wallett. I looked at the coin-base page in the "bitcoin" portfolio ... the transaction is confirmed at the site's address, but between yesterday and today the confirmations have become 155 What does it mean? I have to wait or I've been cheated ?? the helix page has expired obviously helix's support is unresponsive. my bitcoins are here https://www.blockchain.com/it/btc/address/1NseYE9E3CdYhbmg3rwuqs1GcYpeidfAtp someone can give me an opinion, I understood that surely I was cheated, but maybe I was not careful about something Thank you

  • A world of opportunities for freelancers

    bitcoin is being used in so many places throughout the world but it can be so much more. It's obvious that there are so many freelancers in every country. Firms, companies, startups etc.. have a limitation that they can hire freelancers only from their country since they can pay them only in their native currency to avoid hassle of exchange. But if firms, companies, startups etc.. start using bitcoin as a payment method to hire freelancers then there will be so many opportunities for the freelancers since they can get work from anywhere in the world. I don't know why has  this not become a huge thing until now. This could really change the life of freelancers and give a better end result/product to the company they are working for.


    Hey Website: https://cryptoxcash.com How to get a bonus?  of  0.0047 BTC  (17$) Enter this code: Y0BNQ in settings (promocode) https://cryptoxcash.com/profile#promocode_page ) What can I do with this bonus?  You can instantly withdraw without any deposits or play roulette against other players and win more! IF YOU WANT WITHDRAW WITHOUT DEPOSIT, YOU NEED WRITE TO SUPPORT: "Hello, I want to withdraw without deposit" but before it you need to play one game in roulette from bonnus money.   What is the reason for the site to give me a free bonus? This is a lie? - not. This website is absolutely unique and has no analogues. Players playing against other players, not versus website, and the website will to receives a commission of 10% for each game and each withdrawal, 5% of this commission is invested by the website to invite new players.

  • Coinmama Hacked 450,000 Users Affected in Massive Worldwide Breach

    Today, February 15, 2019 Coinmama was informed of a list of emails and hashed passwords that were posted on a dark web registry. Our Security Team is investigating, and based on the information at hand, we believe the intrusion is limited to about 450,000 email addresses and hashed passwords of users who registered until August 5th, 2017. This comes as part of a larger breach affecting 24 companies and a total of 747 million user records. https://www.ccn.com/breaking-major-crypto-brokerage-coinmama-hacked-450000-users-affected-in-massive-worldwide-breach Few precautions after serious of hacks(cryptopia, localbitcoin, coinmama) : 1. Please avoid keeping your funds in exchanges 2. Use hardware wallet 3. Do not share your private key 4. Prefer using non-custodial exchanges like CoinSwitch, Changelly etc., 5. Avoid KYC as much as you can.

  • The HODL meme and its impact on Bitcoin

    Over the years, HODL evolved from just a meme into a mentality that many Bitcoiners live by. Is this good? Is it bad? I don't have the answer, let's discuss. Origin of HODL: Edit: here's the actual bitcointalk thread where the meme was born.

  • Ethereum is now $121,86 (+45.99%) and i will be $400 Soon (important)

    Hello , Ethereum is now $121,86. As we know , last few weeks, Ethereum ETH has increased from 82.43$ to $121,86 (+45.99%). Ethereum is now the second in the coinmarketcap. i think many investors are quit Bitcoin and they're going to Ethereum PS : Advcryptopayments is one of the best wallet and trade / exchange service. you can use it to store your different coins at a safe place or to trade / exchange without fees 1. You will get $5.00 Signup bonus. 2. You will receive $1.00 for each friend you invite. Supported coins : Bitcoin  , Dogecoin  , TRON  , Tether  , Ethereum  , Bitcoin Cash  ,Bitcoin SV , NEO, Ripple , Litecoin , Binance Coin, Ethereum Classic, WAVES ,Monero ,Dash ,Qtum ,lisk ,Bitcoin Gold, VERGE ,NEM ,BAT, DGB, PIVX and many others... Link : Advcryptopayments

  • Bitcoin Fees Can Be Cheaper Depending on the Timezone

    In this new study by Diar, a company based on the analysis of digital currency data[1], stated in its February 13, 2019 edition, that Bitcoin transactions fees charges vary according to the regions in which users live and timezones. According to the study[2], found that the fees for sending 1 BTC vary considerably during the day, as spending money during the day "UTC" costs far more than spending overnight. This is different for those living in Australia and Japan. The graph shows more: [Fees per Kb More Than Double-Up From 12AM vs 1PM UTC (Sats)] Quote from: https://diar.co/volume-3-issue-5/#5 [1] https://diar.co/ [2] https://diar.co/volume-3-issue-5/#5

  • Can you buy National Lottery tickets with Bitcoin in your country?

    I am just curious to know if you can buy lottery tickets for your own national lottery in your country. I am not referring to all these scam gambling sites with supposed "Provably Fair" lottery systems. I bought some lottery tickets online and I was only presented with the old traditional payment options and I figured it is time for us to approach these Lottery operators, to ask for a Bitcoin payment option.   If enough people ask for this, they just might consider giving us that option to pay with bitcoins.    What payment options do you have for online lottery in your country?

  • Congratulations on winning the 2nd highest prize of $20 at FreeBitco.in!

    I just won $20 at FreeBitco.in! My user id is 69591. My winning seeds: https://s3.amazonaws.com/roll-verifier/verify.html?server_seed=ff8fb346cc84e2ea5aee81b6a997bafe0376d0519b5ddd91dba500629371e878&client_seed=TZ6S4U0K0Ve49yoi&server_seed_hash=578a4280b6734c3d3210c867b8c059d7ef268eee3a346955c81463e135edb054&nonce=497565 https://imgur.com/OINzrIa


    its like having you guys as traitors in decentralized revolution !! Just saying, i explained one of my friend the concept of RIPPLE is thought it was the same as BITCOIN, he thanks me for taking my time to put some light on crypto concepts. Can you please tell me why you support centralized coins ? you love government busting your ass ?

  • Chainalysis Secures $30M: Despite Bitcoin Crash, Crypto Venture Money Still Flow

    Chainalysis Secures $30M: Despite Bitcoin Crash, Crypto Venture Money Still Flowing https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/02/16/chainalysis-secures-30m-bitcoin-crash-crypto-venture-money-flowing/ Quote But interestingly, it seems that the crash in the Bitcoin price hasn’t deterred opportunities. Even in trying times, money from ambitious venture capitalists and visionaries alike have continued to rush into this space, no holds barred. In fact, in a press release issued Tuesday, Chainalysis divulged that it had scored over $30 million in funding for its Series B round, led by Accel, a Palo Alto-based venture group that also has investments in Circle. With this influx of funding, the analytics unit has decided to bolster its team. The company currently has 30 open roles, including stints ranging from the vice president of finance to the team lead for cybercrimes. Although the company has its primary offices in New York, many of the new positions are located in London and Copenhagen, the former of which is where Chainalysis is looking to double its headcount. So it looks like another round of funds made it to Chainalysis. I'm sure that there's no effect in the price, but the impact will be huge behind the scene when exchanges or even private individual can use their services to help find and curb crypto related crimes. Any thoughts about other net positive effects of Chainalysis having deep pockets now?

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