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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Will "satoshi" ever login again?

    Do you think "satoshi" will ever just randomly log in one day and post something? It seems as if that would be the only way for "satoshi" to ever be proven to be who he is.

  • hi anyone can help me? i use electrum wallet

    hi anyone can help me? i use electrum wallet to receive payment in my webshop, i use zencart. and then i already put my master public key in configuration module. and then i received new order from my webshop and the customer already paid the invoice. and then i see the transaction its confirmed in blockchain explorer. but i dont received any BTC in my electrum bitcoin wallet please help me. 


    be carful Im talking to any body using  gmail account that is my big  mistake ....  I make all of security steps like receiving sms in my phone number to sing in ... so my account was hacked by someone who bypass my phone number I try to recover my account and I cant log in to my own account  he change evry thing I contact gmail support and that was the email that I recive : Your Google Account Recovery Request Hello, Thank you for completing our account recovery form. We understand that not being able to access your account can be frustrating and we want to help you. At Google, we take the privacy and security of our users' information very seriously. We only reactivate the accounts when we are sure to return them to their real owner. Unfortunately, based on the information provided, we could not verify that you are the owner of the motivation7000@gmail.com account. Therefore, for security reasons, we can not allow you to access them for the moment. Can you provide us with additional information to verify that you are the owner of the account? If this is the case, please access the account recovery form and send another request, providing us with as accurate information as possible. If you are not sure of a date, do not worry and just try to give as close an estimate as possible. If not, and if you want to create an account, go to the registration page. Since we do not ask a lot of personal information to our users when they create their account, we have very few ways to verify that you are the owner of a given account. For this, we are obliged to ask you specific questions during the recovery procedure. We do not accept ID because it is not a safe enough method. If you would like more information about our policies, please see the article Recovering Your Account in the Help Center. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Regards, Lily Google Accounts Team so this 0.40 was all I have he toke evry thing and I cant log in to my own account an advice to thouse who use gmail use aol or hotmail or yahoo d ant be fool like me   infortently .

  • What If Satoshi Actually Lost His Private Keys

    I am not saying that I believe his story what so ever. Lets say Satoshi Nakamoto DID really lose his keys due to a freakish accident. Would there be any way he could actually prove himself. If Satoshi was to log into the Satoshi Account on this forumn and say I lost all of my Bitcoin keys, would anyone believe him? Would a post here be enough proof? If THE Satoshi logged in after almost 10 years of being Non Active and said word for word what the Newest Satoshi Scammer is saying but said it on this forumn would the community believe him, or would everyone just think his founder account had been compromised? I am curiouse on everyones thoughts on the subject. If from a previouse satoshi acct he said the same thing. I feel I would kind of trust him...

  • Japan's Amazon publicly launches crypto exchange: supports BTC, ETH and BCH

    E-commerce giant Rakuten has announced today that it has publicly launched their own crypto exchange supporting BTC, ETH and BCH. This is a pretty progressive move for the country. They're also taking precautionary measures as an exchange and have enlisted Ciphertrace for anti-money laundering protections. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/e-commerce-giant-rakuten-publicly-062807593.html

  • New Study Reveals the Most Overhyped Cryptos on Twitter, and its Not Tron…

    Cryptocurrency analysis and data platform, The TIE, recently did an investigation into crypto-hype on Twitter. Which tokens are being manipulated the most, through bot accounts and inflated engagement? To compare, it looked at hype-to-activity ratio, or number of tweets per $1 million of trade volume. https://bitcoinist.com/new-study-reveals-the-most-overhyped-cryptos-on-twitter/

  • Early Investors in Telegram Crypto See 400% Returns – But Buyers Risk It All

    Telegram’s long-awaited blockchain, Telegram Open Network, is said to be scheduled to launch Oct. 31, but the yet-to-be-issued gram tokens are already trading in an unauthorized secondary market. Telegram has yet to publicly or formally acknowledge the project, but investors in last year’s $1.7 billion token offering, widely publicized in the press, are selling their gram allocations via OTC desks, exchanges and special-purpose vehicles. Purchasing tokens this way might be risky, investors warn, as Telegram specifically prohibited investors from re-selling their allocations under penalty of terminating the purchase contract. Secondary buyers may end up with nothing. https://www.coindesk.com/alive-thriving-and-totally-unauthorized-inside-the-underground-market-for-telegrams-cryptocurrency

  • US Lawmakers to Discuss Facebook Libra on Swiss Visit: Report

    A delegation of U.S. lawmakers is set to discuss Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project with the Swiss data privacy chief when they visit the country this week. Local news source NZZ am Sonntag said Saturday that a six-member group from the U.S. House of Representatives’ Financial Services Committee plans to meet Adrian Lobsiger, the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner, to discuss Facebook’s plans for Libra in the country. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Democrat who has been outspoken in her opposition to the Libra project will lead the delegation. Waters previously called for Facebook to halt development of the Libra Network until hearings could be held over potential regulatory issues. https://www.coindesk.com/us-lawmakers-to-discuss-facebook-libra-on-swiss-visit-report

  • Bitcoin’s Price is Up More Than $1K Since Bakkt Futures News

    Bitcoin has risen by $1,000 since Friday’s announcement by Bakkt exchange that it will be launching physically-settled bitcoin futures on Sept. 23. The price rise has neutralized the bearish setup on the intraday charts seen last week. The gains could be extended further to $11,000, as the hourly chart is reporting a bullish continuation pattern. The weekly chart continues to call a deeper pullback to $9,000 with key moving averages (MAs) producing a first bearish crossover since February. A weekly close above $12,000 is needed for a complete bullish revival. https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoins-price-is-up-more-than-1k-since-bakkt-futures-news

  • Silvergate Bank Eyes Crypto-Backed Loans for Institutions

    Silvergate Bank, one of the cryptocurrency industry’s few go-to financial service providers, is planning to become a crypto lender. According to an updated IPO filing, Silvergate, which serves some of the cryptocurrency world’s top firms like Coinbase, Bitstamp, Genesis Trading, Blocktower Capital, Polychain Capital and Xapo, has seen increased demand from the industry and is aiming to become an even more crypto-focused institution. In particular, the bank is planning to offer fiat loans, collateralized with crypto, to institutional clients as a part of the Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN) – a payment system specifically designed for crypto exchanges and their big clients. https://www.coindesk.com/silvergate-bank-eyes-crypto-collateralized-loans-for-institutions

  • Direct Challengers To Facebooks Libra Crypto Project Continue To Line Up

    Direct Challengers To Facebooks Libra Crypto Project Continue To Line Up you can see the full article below https://www.visionary-finance.com/news/Direct-Challengers-To-Facebooks-Libra-Crypto-Project-Continue-To-Line

  • Chipmixer.com SSL cert Domain value

    I think Feds might be actively figuring out ways to hi-jack Chipmixer non-onion .com site and interdict chipmixer users.  It didn't happen often before, but now occasionally I am getting invalid cert warning on Chipmixer's .com site. so far since chipmixer isn't using CDN network such as cloudflare and Akamai; harvesting (or "leaks") of user session and address data isn't exactly easy (common tactics used in the past against crypto exchanges). However, manually hijack and present an fake SSL using specialized MITM appliances to stole and to analyze chipmixer user's fund should be deemed plausible given mass surveillance and maturity of man-in-the-side operations given the past cyber incidents. (i.e., Fed Spy on chipmixer user, once session data's btc address were observed and funded, lets hit that and put it up for federal auction) https://pasteboard.co/ItryxtO.jpg Would anyone able to analyze and provide genuine TLS signature value of Chipmixer? thanks!


    ◾ What is the time? Sages and philosophers defined this concept as — the most profitable investment, capital that everyone has, but not everyone knows how to dispose of it properly. Rich is the one who is in no hurry. Only a sensible person can distribute the time so that he can perform all his tasks and achieve the desired result. ⠀ ◾ Time management is the very science that teaches you how to manage the most valuable stocks — hours, minutes and seconds of our lives. ⠀ ◾ To increase the efficiency and productivity of your daily routine, you must learn to control your time consciously. Thanks to this, several skills are developed, and some useful methods and tools for performing specific tasks and achieve goals are determined. ⠀ ◾ Time management was previously associated only with business. However, after some time, this term has affected aspects of personality development. After all, accurate time management helps not only in work tasks. It also allows you to enjoy a well-deserved rest, spend time with family and pick up any new hobbies you like. ⠀ ◾ Now there are many time management schools. They teach the art of setting priorities, the basics of strategic and tactical planning, the audit of personal and managerial effectiveness and many other things.

  • Bitcoin Lifestyle displays how Bitcoin works and how to invest appositely

    Bitcoin Lifestyle : You must have complete instructions. That is relaxing. What you feel is that I must have a disinclination about Crypto Bitcoin. Tell me, I guarantee you that I haven't done that. Pupils know the need for evidence in the real world. This column will show you how. This is how to tell if Cryptocurrency Guide is doing what it should. Nonetheless, "Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. and to be honest, you can always purchase a Cryptocurrency profit but then you ought to be cautious referring to this. Get More Info Click Here - https://www.cryptobitcoinsguide.com/bitcoin-lifestyle/ Click Here - https://www.cryptobitcoinsguide.com/bitcoin-blueprint/

  • Here is why you shouldn't trade bitcoin based on the news

    Here is why you shouldn't trade bitcoin based on the news. This can prevent many short term loses so i decided to share this with you. For example, (12 Aug) CNBC and other crypto sites published news how Goldman Sachs is recommending to buy bitcoin. Soon after that bitcoin started to fall and in the next days bitcoin dropped 17%. 90% of the CNBC Bitcoin News Predictions are the perfect contra-indicator. This means they has the opposite effect of what they recommend or say. (links bellow) CNBC Bitcoin News from Dec 2017 to Aug 2019 gave you exactly the opposite direction of what they're predicting or signaling for bitcoin. (almost 90% of their bitcoin news predictions or recommending trades) Why you should't trade based on the news. If you follow CNBC Bitcoin News and their predictions you would probably be a millionaire if you would trade the opposite way of what they predict or tell you. I covered most of their bitcoin news from 2019, 2018 and the end of 2017. Almost 90% of their crypto predictions or trade signals made a very good indicator what you shouldn't do! In other words, if you made a bet against their bitcoin predictions, you had at least 80% to 90% chance to be successful. At least from dec 2017 to aug 2018. I spent quite some time to check all of their btc news, videos, tweets, websites and i prepared a list of the news which were one of the best contradicting indicators you could find. Let's start with 2019 January 2019 (8 Jan 2019) CNBC published news how their bitcoin expert is betting on a bigger rally ahead for bitcoin. On that day bitcoin reached it's local peak at the 4110 usd.  After that it started to drop. In 2 days bitcoin droped 14.8% to 3500 usd. So 2 days later (10 Jan) they published news where they stated that they're betting for more pain for bitcoin. The next day (11 Jan) it went the opposite direction and bitcoin went 6% to the upside. February 2019 (19 Feb and 21 Feb) CNBC made 2 articles how bitcoin boom won't last and bitcoin could have a breakdown. After 2 days bitcoin went the opposite direction and gained 8.22%. (4187 usd) March 2019 Surprisingly March 2019 was one of the months where they actually made a few good calls. But this month is an exception (from Dec 2017 to Aug 2019) in March there was no major contradicting signals. April 2019 (2 Apr) CNBC published news about bitcoin rise has something to do with the aprils fools day joke, so bitcoin rise wasn't taken too serious. The next day bitcoin goes 14% more to the upside. (23 Apr) they mentioned bitcoing going to infinity and beyond. On that day bitcoin made the peak at 5630 usd. After CNBC news it went the opposite direction again. The next day bitcoin dropped 4.3%. After this fall they published new article how bitcoin rally could run further. The day after this news it drops 11% more to 4995 usd. So when it fell down to 4995 usd (26 Apr) they published article how bitcoin is falling fast, down 400 hundred usd in just a few minutes. That day (26 Apr) bitcoin made a local bottom 4995 usd. After CNBC news , from that day it went only up and up. (the opposite direction) The next day bitcoin went 4.7% up. After 7 days it went 14% up and in 2 weeks it went 52% up. May 2019 (9 May) CNBC released 2 news how bitcoin is back to 6.000 usd but it won't hold here and could have a pullback. The next day it went the opposite way, 7.7% to the upside. In 3 days 27% up and in 1 week bitcoin went 40% to the upside. (14 May) they released news about bitcoin fomo that could bring crypto back to all time highs. The next day (15 May) bitcoin droped 8.6% and in 3 days (17 May) droped 25.7% to 6183 usd. On the 18 May, when bitcoin already made a local bottom, CNCB released news about experts who say bitcoin could go more to the downside. It went the opposite direction - the next day it went 15.3% up to 8300 usd. (21 May) CNBC released news, bitcoin to fall back to 7000 usd. That didn't happened. It went the opposite direction reaching almost 14.000 usd, so twice as much they predicted. (28 May) CNBC News: Bitcoin Still has some legs. The next day it was quite opposite- bitcoin dropped 4.28%. After 1 week it dropped 15.4%  to 7440 usd. June 2019 (10 Jun) When bitcoin was at the local bottom, CNBC realesed News: Bitcoin is underperforming the S&P 500. After that news bitcoin was doing quite opposite. It started rising and it went to almost 14.000, made 83% gain in 2 weeks and outperformed every major asset in the world! (12 Jun) CNBC News about bitcoin rising and breaking 8.000 usd. The next day bitcoin falls 3%. (17 Jun) they publish news about bitcoin and speculating for bitcoin to go straight for $10K. Nope, bitcoin goes the opposite direction again and falls 6% to 8900 usd. (24 Jun) CNBC news saying that bitcoin is breaking 11k but they have a warning for all the FOMO investors out there. So this was a warning not to fomo in. Too bad because in the next 2 days bitcoin pumped 30%. (26 Jun) when it pumped 30% they published news about bitcoin surging. The next day bitcoin went the opposite direction of surging and dropped 25%. (27 Jun) when it dropped 25% they released 3 news about bitcoin. 1st news about bitcoin losing steam, 2nd news Nowogratz talking he wished he sold more yesterday and the 3rd news about bitcoin futures crashing. The first news was at 10.700 usd. The next day bitcoin was quite the opposite. It went up to 12.400 or 16% up. July 2019 (2 Jul) CNBC published news about Bitcoin waking up on the wrong side of the bed and falling below $10,000. That day bitcoin was at the local bottom at 9630 usd. The next day it went 25% up. (8 Jul) CNBC released news how Bitcoin could hit $30,000 before the next major pullback. Guess what, it had a major pullback in the next days. Bitcoin crashed from 13.000 to 9000 usd or 30% pullback. (18 Jul) CNBC realesed news about bitcoin futures getting rekt. The next day bitcoin was quite the opposite of getting rekt because it went up 15%. (25 Jul) CNBC released news about bitcoin surging. The next day bitcoin dropped 5%. (29 Jul) CNBC released news - bitcoin taking a hit on today back down below the 10k level. That was at 9500 usd. In the next days bitcoin went to 12.300 usd or 29% up. August 2019 (5 Aug) CNBC released news how bitcoin will rally to new highs. That news was released almost at the local peak at the 12.000 levels. The next day it was already 6.7% lower. (12 Aug) CNBC released news how Goldman Sachs just called for a massive bitcoin breakout and recommending to buy bitcoin. From that day bitcoin started to decline. The next day it dropped 7% and in next 3 days it dropped 17%. Links 8 Jan 2019 CNBC News: Bitcoin soaring nearly 22% in just the past month and @jimiuorio is betting on a bigger rally ahead https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1082705067386523649 10 Jan 2019 Bitcoin falling back below $4000 today and @AnthonyGriz is betting on more pain ahead https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1083437943514116096 19 Feb 2019 Bitcoin finding some life today, but @JeffKilburg says the bitcoin boom won't last. https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1097921732269215749 21 Feb 2019 Bitcoin trading within inches of the $4,000 mark, but @jimiuorio says there could be a breakdown ahead https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1098647243387748352 2 Apr 2019 #Bitcoin surged overnight -- and according to @andrewrsorkin it might have something to do with an April Fool's joke.... https://twitter.com/SquawkCNBC/status/1113074074383781890 23 Apr 2019 Bitcoin to infinity and beyond? @JimIuorio thinks so. Here's how he's trading $BTC https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1120739393529102336 25 Apr 2019 Is the crypto winter finally over? @BrianStutland says the Bitcoin rally could run even further https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1121463886211944448 26 Apr 2019 Bitcoin is falling fast right now. Down ~$400 in just a few minutes... https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1121541298480144384 9 May 2019 Bitcoin is back above $6K but @jeffkilburg says it could be due for a pullback $BTC https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1126537457997099009 Bitcoin breaking back above $6,000, but @jeffkilburg says buyer beware: it won't hodl here $BTC https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1126538322715795462 14 May 2019 Bitcoin bull Tom Lee of @fundstrat says a FOMO rally could take the crypto back to all-time highs. https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1128357700084146177 18 May 2019 Beware the bitcoin boom? The cryptocurrency just lost $21 billion in 24 hours, and experts say it could have more downside to go https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1129763574086287362 21 May 2019 Has Bitcoin come too far, too fast? @AnthonyGrizsays it could be time for a move back to $7,000 https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1130884680042074112 28 May 2019 It may be a FOMO rally, but @JimIuorio says the Bitcoin boom still has some legs. Here's how he's trading Bitcoin futures https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1133429443261870085 10 Jun 2019 Bitcoin is underperforming the S&P 500 this month...wow https://twitter.com/CNBCFastMoney/status/1138202952580157440 12 Jun 2019 Bitcoin futures on the rise this morning and breaking through the $8,000 level https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1138793558675263489 17 Jun 2019 Bitcoin is booming to its highest price in a year and the Chart Master says it's heading straight for $10K https://twitter.com/CNBCFastMoney/status/1140732730872946691 24 Jun 2019 Bitcoin breaking through $11K over the weekend but the #bitcoin baller @BKBrianKelly  has a warning for all the FOMO investors out there https://twitter.com/CNBCFastMoney/status/1143274703806783490 26 Jun Bitcoin futures surging https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1143867716614254592 27 Jun Is bitcoin starting to lose steam (at 10.700 usd) the next day 12.400 usd https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1144295487358545923 Nowogratz: I sold a little bit yesterday. I  wish i sold a lot. https://twitter.com/SquawkCNBC/status/1144238753130655744 Bitcoin futures getting crushed today https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1144227746589171714 2 Jul 2019 Bitcoin waking up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, falling below $10,000 https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1146044702602473472 8 Jul 2019 Bitcoin bull @MarkYusko says the cryptocurrency could hit $30,000 before the next major pullback https://twitter.com/CNBCFastMoney/status/1148341312363651072 18 Jul 2019 Bitcoin futures getting rekt again today as the cryptocurrency slides further below $10,000 $BTC https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1151841279136976899 25 Jul 2019 Bitcoin surging today, reclaiming the $10,000 level after yesterday’s losses $BTC https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1154375802580078592 29 Jul 2019 Bitcoin taking a hit on today, back down below the $10,000 level $BTC https://twitter.com/CNBCFuturesNow/status/1155830504475824128 5 Aug 2019 Bitcoin will rally to new highs as market mayhem continues, says @fundstrat's Tom Lee. https://twitter.com/CNBCFastMoney/status/1158494222774919168 12 Aug 2019 Goldman Sachs just called for a massive #bitcoin breakout. @BKBrianKelly gives his take. https://twitter.com/CNBCFastMoney/status/1161027353163784197

  • Are you looking for a perfect, secure and best HYIP Script?

    Are you looking for a perfect HYIP Script, then buy HYIP Script from ECHYIP at a 50% discount, with this script you can create your own HYIP Investment Website in a few minutes. ECHYIP provides the highly secured, fully responsive, bug-free Script at a reasonable price. You can easily manage their script without any trouble or without any coding knowledge. Their script contains inbuilt minor and major features that are must for HYIP Website launch like: Easy Installation Bug-free, no backdoors Manage it without any technical knowledge Multiple Gateways Secured Payments Multilingual interface Interest Calculators Lifetime free updates to security and script patches Flexible templates - It allows you to easily change the design High Security like Google Captcha for Verification Automatic withdrawal & Manual withdrawal Unlimited Investment plans & many other The cost of the script is just $75 and they are providing free technical support to establish the script successfully. As well as they also offer the HYIP Templates, HYIP Combo Packages, and HYIP Marketing Plans at an affordable rate

  • Why Bitcoin will Hit $100,000 in or Before 2022

    In January 2016 when Bitcoin was trading around $300+, I predicted it was going to bump to $1,000 by the next January (2017). It almost did as Bitcoin ended January 2017 at more than $900, few dollars shy of my actual prediction. Then I predicted again it was going to hit $20,000 in December 2017. Again, my prediction came short with less than $400 USD at $19,650 in 15 December 2017. After that, Bitcoin began a downward spiral and people started panicking. Everyone was prediction the end of Bitcoin. Then again, in 14th December 2018 when Bitcoin was trading at $3,100, I held a seminar where I encouraged people to start saving up some Bitcoin, that the price was going to hit $10,000 within the next 12 months. Everybody in the room thought it was a joke. Here we are, just 9 months after the prediction, Bitcoin has traded at $11,000+. It is important to note that I made those predictions base on pure instincts and by observing market trends.  Now, I am making another bold prediction. This time, a long-term prediction, that Bitcoin will finally hit $100,000 before December 2022. I was expecting Bitcoin to crash in July this year when Trump Tweeted his lack of faith in Cryptocurrency, but it didn't. That was a clear indication that Bitcoin has come of age. That no single person nor single policy is capable to bring the price down, rather the price is decided by the people's sentiments. Effects of USD - One thing that will push the rise of Bitcoin to 100k per coin is the number of dollars in circulation. Bitcoin’s price (in dollars) will continue to rise exponentially as the number of dollars in circulation rises exponentially. If the Federal Reserve continues printing dollars exponentially, the dollar price of Bitcoin will continue to rise exponentially, so eventually it will reach $100,000 per coin. And that is what is going to happen over the next few years. Why? Because the Fed and other central banks around the world believes that printing more currency bills will help boost the economy. The effect of printing so many dollars is that the price of all goods and services (measured in dollars) will eventually rise to match the number of dollars printed. And Bitcoin is no exception, even though it's not a consumable asset. Increased Awareness - As more and more people become aware of Cryptocurrency, the demand to buy into Bitcoin will increase, and that will help push the price even higher. Report shows that only 11% of Americans currently owns Bitcoin, while 88% have heard of it. It is estimated that the percentage of Americans who will own bitcoin in 2022 may increase to 50%. If the price continues to rise base on demand, 400% increase from the current number of ownerships will put the Bitcoin price at $50,000. Time to Hold Some While I am a strong advocate of releasing Bitcoin into circulation. I find it hard to resist the temptation to encourage you to start holding some amount of Bitcoin for the impending payday as we continue to watch and see where the market is heading to.

  • A low-consumption POW mechanism. Queued common packaging mech一种低消耗POW机制。排队共同打包机制

    A low-consumption POW mechanism. Queued common packaging mechanism Calculate the computing power of all users, to achieve a fast package configuration, generally a normal PC can be, so that everyone is eligible to participate in mining, mobile phone IPOD and other computing instability is not eligible for packaging, network instability is not eligible for packaging. These hardware meet the requirements of users, queue together and wait for packaging. If someone drops the line, the package is disqualified and he is queued when he is in sync. The packager will receive a reward. After the package is completed, it will enter the end of the team, re-queue and wait for the package. All the people who line up will give a lot of rewards. Those who can participate in the timed sync block will also have a small amount of reward. This is the POW mechanism that is queued for packaging. The following is the solution to the problem of error, I wrote it in Chinese, so it may be easy to understand Chinese. Some packagers are allocated on the chain, and many blockers package different block files. The order of billing will be different because of the delay in time network speed. But the general ledger will be the same. The packager will reconcile each other for the difference in network latency. Although the block files are different, we can make the block file detachable, encrypt each transfer record into a block, and then perform a pair of accounts. Because this mechanism has high requirements on network stability, the network of people who can package files is stable and the computing power is qualified. Therefore, when the block file is different, they start to open the block file, a pair of accounts, and then proceed to the next step after no problem. This mechanism, a large mine owner and a PC can get the same package right. So it will attract more PC users. Can get more people involved. The current mechanism is a game of big mine owners. For PC users, there is no sense of participation, so it is difficult for the word currency to develop users. This mechanism does not work, but if you want digital currency to become the mainstream currency of the future, you must solve the situation of the centralization of large mines. 一种低消耗POW机制。排队共同打包机制 计算所有用户的算力,要达到快速打包的配置,一般一台普通PC即可,让所有人都有资格参与挖矿,手机IPOD等运算不稳没有资格打包,网络不稳定者没有资格打包。 这些硬件符合要求的用户,一起排队等持打包。其中有人掉线,则取消打包资格,当他在保持同步时在给他排队。 而打包者则会获得奖励。 打包完毕后会进入队伍最后,重新排队等持打包。 所有排队的人,都会给很量的奖励。 能参与时时同步区块的人,也会有少量奖励。 这就是排队打包的POW机制。 下面的就是关于出错问题的解决,我是用中文写的,所以看下中文也许好懂一点。 链上多分配出一些打包者,有很多打包者打包出的区块文件会不同。因为时间网速延迟的原因,记帐的顺序会不一样。 但是总帐会是一样的。 对于网络延迟造成的不同,打包者会互相对帐。 虽然区块文件不同,那么,我们可以把区块文件变成可以拆分的,每一个转帐记录加密成一个小区块,然后进行一一对帐。 而由于这个机制对网络稳定性要求高,能打包文件的人网络都很稳定,而且算力合格。所以,出现区块文件不同,他们就开始把区块文件拆开,一一对帐,没问题之后在进行下一步。 这个机制,一个大矿主和一台PC能获得打包权是一样的。所以会吸引更多的PC用户。能让更多的人参与进来。 现在的机制,都是大矿主的游戏,对于PC用户没参与感,所以货字货币也就很难在发展用户。 这个机制行不行不知道,但是,想让数字货币成为未来的主流货币,必须解决大矿主中心化这样的局面。

  • Australian Bitcoin Exchange

    I'm an Australian and just started with bitcoins. I think it's a fascinating idea but a little concerned there aren't any formal exchanges for AUD <-> BTC. I've looked at the new bitcoin.com.au site, which seems to be mostly a blog about bitcoins by a regular bitcoin.org forum contributor, and the bitpiggy.com site which doesn't look automated but might very well be in the future. So I'm seriously thinking of creating an Australian bitcoin exchange. I've got some experience with web apps, in-house finance apps, etc. so while it will be hard, I can see the technical road ahead. Just want to gather some ideas first from the community before I commit to anything. 1. Would you prefer direct trade or some sort of escrow? Is the trustability of the average Joe Bloggs a big deal for you? Is my trustability a big deal for you? 2. What would be a reasonable % fee for the service? 3. Does anyone know of Australian financial regulation concerning monetary exchanges? e.g. since Bitcoins are not legal money, are they subject to GST? 4. What kind of data does bitcoincharts.com need to display their charts? 5. Are there any standard API's for doing transactions on the usual markets? Might be useful for someone who wants to automate on top of a platform. Cheers, Glen Low Pixelglow Software

  • Is bithumb.pro a Good Platform for Crytopcurrency Exchange?

    I have noticed this platform has opened C2C, Spot etc.

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