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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Bill to recognize Bitcoin as a currency in Isreal

    Quote According to a local news report, four members from the Yisrael Beiteinu political party in Israel have submitted a new bill that proposes to recognize Bitcoin (BTC) as a digital currency instead of an asset, at Knesset, the legislative branch of the Israeli government. The reason for this amendment to BTC’s current regulation stemmed from the fact that the party members did not want to subject the sale of the premier crypto to capital gains tax. The report did not mention the names of the politicians who proposed the bill. Capital gains tax is the tax that it paid on an asset based on its Return On Investment (ROI). So, under this conditions, bitcoin would be taxed whether or not the holder actively trades it, as long as it is held for over a year and there is an increase in price from when the user bought those bitcoins to the point they sold. Quote So far, BTC has been seen as an asset under Israel’s current regulations and is subjected to a capital gains tax of 25 percent. However, some users like short-term BTC lenders and those who undertake bonds-related activities in Israel pay capital gains tax of 15 percent.According to the report the unnamed politicians want to make Israel more accommodative for digital assets growth and as a step want to cut down on the taxations of the asset, so as to encourage adoption. If it's considered to be a currency then holders would not be subjected to capital gain taxes but would still be taxed based on income earned through it, like profits withdrew from a trading platform, coins purchased during a Token offering or payment received in bitcoins. Quote The four politicians envisioned Israel to be one among the leaders of the virtual currency sector, as they believed that cryptos were gaining recognition especially during the current global economic meltdown, the report added. Furthermore, the Israeli Bitcoin Association had conducted a survey which stated that the number of crypto companies in Israel had increased by 32% from 2018 to 2019 and that there were about 150 active blockchain and crypto companies by December last year, according to a local news report. Source This is a good move should it be adopted and would put Isreal ahead of the digitalization curve along with other nations who are receptive of bitcoin. According to this report, there are currently about eight countries who do not subject Bitcoin to capital gains tax; • Portugal • Germany • Singapore • Malaysia • Belarus • Slovenia • Malta • Switzerland I believe that countries who are more accommodative of Bitcoin would experience more growth than those who use regulatory laws to try and control the network. Do you expect taxes on Bitcoin to become more popular as the community of users grow? And would this hinder adoption rate?

  • The meme that started it all - "Magic internet money Join Us!"

    From this: To what it has transformed into: I like what bitcoin has transformed into and to a more modern 8k version of it's mspaint days. https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/izoto0/never_forget_where_we_came_from From what I understand by reading all the comments on this reddit from a day ago it's creator: u/mavensbot Also from this Mt.Socks was formed: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/dpoypo/hi_were_mtsocks_and_as_a_tribute_to_rbitcoin_weve/f5yihmb/?context=3

  • Bitcoin Yearly Lows

    2010 – $0.01 2011 – $0.30 2012 – $4 2013 – $65 2014 – $260 2015 – $150 2016 – $350 2017 – $780 2018 – $3,122 2019 – $3,322 2020 – $3,850 Even year 2020 still not yet over, do you think we will still experience a new yearly low? Lower than $3,850 which we experienced that around March 2020. Which yearly lows you already experienced? Mine was 2017 - 2018. -Source

  • Bitcoin for Christmas

    We are already in "ber" months which it is a sign that we are fast approaching on Christmas day which is on December 25. I have this on my mind that I'll start to prepare my present or gifts to some of my friends and family. I want something related to Bitcoin like I will give a present that has related to Bitcoin, like some Angpao on Bitcoins? Paper wallets with Bitcoin inside? Or anything else. So I am here asking for some opinion of yours, what's your suggestion for a present or gift for our loved ones for this upcoming Christmas?

  • Android malware can steal Google Authenticator 2FA codes

    A new version of the "Cerberus" Android banking trojan will be able to steal one-time codes generated by the Google Authenticator app and bypass 2FA-protected accounts. Security researchers say that an Android malware strain can now extract and steal one-time passcodes (OTP) generated through Google Authenticator, a mobile app that's used as a two-factor authentication (2FA) layer for many online accounts. Google launched the Authenticator mobile app in 2010. The app works by generating six to eight-digits-long unique codes that users must enter in login forms while trying to access online accounts. Google launched Authenticator as an alternative to SMS-based one-time passcodes. Because Google Authenticator codes are generated on a user's smartphone and never travel through insecure mobile networks, online accounts who use Authenticator codes as 2FA layers are considered more secure than those protected by SMS-based codes. CERBERUS GETS AUTHENTICATOR OTP-STEALING CAPABILITIES In a report published this week, security researchers from Dutch mobile security firm ThreatFabric say they've spotted an Authenticator OTP-stealing capability in recent samples of Cerberus, a relatively new Android banking trojan that launched in June 2019. "Abusing the Accessibility privileges, the Trojan can now also steal 2FA codes from Google Authenticator application," the ThreatFabric team said. "When the [Authenticator] app is running, the Trojan can get the content of the interface and can send it to the [command-and-control] server," they added. ThreatFabric said this new feature is not yet live in the Cerberus version advertised and sold on hacking forums. "We believe that this variant of Cerberus is still in the test phase but might be released soon," researchers said. https://www.zdnet.com/article/android-malware-can-steal-google-authenticator-2fa-codes/?&web_view=true

  • Drivechain - Bitcoin sidechains

    I don't see many people are talking about Bitcoin sidechains as Layer2 solution. There is one project working on this called Drivechain. I just started to explore and read more about it, and I see there is some potential here, but I would love to hear what you think about this. Quote PEER-TO-PEER BITCOIN SIDECHAINS Drivechain allows Bitcoin to create, delete, send BTC to, and receive BTC from “Layer-2”s called “sidechains”. Sidechains are Altcoins that lack a native “coin” – instead, pre-existing coins [from a different blockchain] must first be sent over. Once on a sidechain, coins can change hands an unlimited number of times, and in an unlimited number of new ways. Thus, BTC-owners can opt-in to new features or tradeoffs. Meanwhile, the Bitcoiners who don’t opt-in, never need to care what any sidechain is doing. Transfers from sidechain back to the mainchain (ie, from Layer 2 back to Layer 1) are not done via verifiable proof, but instead via conjecture-and-refutation. A “bundle” of transfers is asserted, and then slowly “ACKed” over time. After 3 months of ACKing, the bundle succeeds. Thus, the SC:BTC market price cannot deviate significantly from a 1:1 ratio. Quote KEY BENEFITS Only obtainable via Drivechain: Three existential threats to BTC are neutralized – altcoin-competition, hard fork campaigns, and extension block campaigns. BTC development becomes anti-fragile with respect to CoreDev mistakes. BTC maintains hashrate security in the long run. BTC can scale to credit-card level txn-processing – without changing the CONOP of Bitcoin Core. These cheap txns have optimal fungibility and supply vital pretext to the BTC ecosystem. BTC gains new, experimental abilities, especially P2P event derivatives. Quote MAIN BENEFITS Permissionless Innovation: Anyone can create a new blockchain project, without facing the (near-impossible) task of also bootstrapping a new unit of money. Eliminates Competition: Bitcoin will always have the best code, because it can copy any code that exists. Freedom to Choose: Satoshi’s consensus protocol requires everyone to agree on everything, down to the very last byte. Sidechains allow users to choose which benefits they would like to pay for. OTHER BENEFITS Anti-Scam: SCs filter out get-rich-quick schemes (the ‘get rich’ part is now impossible). Therefore, good projects can stand out and receive our attention. Faster Progress: SCs let us test new features. The tests are safe – if these features fail, they won’t take down the main network. However, the tests are also informative – real BTC is on the line. website: https://www.drivechain.info/ Github; https://github.com/drivechain-project

  • Overview of IaaS applications in a professional context

    Infrastructure as a Service is not suitable for every business and every purpose. For example, if you are just looking for storage space, an online storage service is more likely to offer lower prices than an IaaS provider. The same goes for choosing a suitable provider for hosting simple business websites. In this area, traditional hosts generally offer much cheaper offers. The following table shows in which business contexts Infrastructure as a Service can represent more than just an alternative to traditional hosting scenarios or your own local infrastructure: Program development and testing   Software companies can greatly benefit from the flexibility of an IaaS solution. With little effort, development and test environments can be set up, scaled, and disbanded again. Hosting complex websites   While Infrastructure as a Service is not always relevant for simple websites, it can be the optimal foundation for more complex web projects (especially for sites with high traffic fluctuations, such as online stores). Implementation of complex storage and backup solutions   Creating centralized file storage and backup option for many users is a very complex task that can be accomplished in just a few steps with IaaS. Deploying web applications   A virtualized IT infrastructure provides everything you need to deploy web applications, whether it's computing power, storage, web servers, or application servers. Thanks to its excellent scalability, you can also react quickly and easily to current access numbers. High computing performance   Solving complex tasks involving several million variables or calculations generally require the use of supercomputers or clusters. Thanks to its almost unlimited scalability, IaaS is a good alternative. Big Data Analysis   Collecting immense amounts of user data is one of the building blocks of modern marketing. Processing them is even more important than collecting this information, and it can be hardware-intensive. An optimally coordinated IaaS configuration can also help with this task. What are the advantages and disadvantages of IaaS? Infrastructure as a Service solution has several advantages: First, the outsourcing of the necessary IT resources saves the purchase, installation, and management of expensive equipment (with the exception of private IaaS). In addition, you always have an eye on the operating costs as the invoicing, in this area, is generally done according to the use that you have of it. You can thus manage your expenses according to the available budget. Added to this is the flexible staging of resources in both directions, allowing the IaaS environment to be tailored to current business conditions. While transferring responsibility through the physical level saves a lot of costs and effort, it also has a decisive disadvantage of Infrastructure as a Service: as a user, you have no influence. On the availability of the service or on the functionality of the various components. When it comes to security and ff14 data center transfer protection, you are not the only master on board either. Another disadvantage of IaaS is that a change of provider is possible at any time, but at the same time very complicated due to the absence of inconsistent standards and interfaces. Here is a summary table of the advantages and disadvantages of Infrastructure as a Service: Benefits of IaaS    ✔ No material costs, good regulation of user fees    ✔ Quick implementation and provision of new projects    ✔ High flexibility thanks to the adaptability of the resources used    ✔ No installation, maintenance, and modernization of equipment    ✔ Easy connection of multiple company sites to the leased IaaS environment      Disadvantages of IaaS ✘ Dependence on the supplier, whose sole responsibility is the availability and security of the service ✘ Internet access is essential (Internet connection problems also cause problems with the IaaS environment). ✘ Changing supplier is very complicated ✘ Possible issues with the privacy policy due to the location of the provider's ff14 servers  

  • 0.5% all day?

    Dear Bitcointalk Readers! MIRROR TRADING INTERNATIONAL Founded by Johann Steynberg CEO of South Africa in April 2019 Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd (MTI) is a registered company in South Africa with its registered office in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. MTI offers an investment opportunity Trading the Forex Market which is one of the largest Trading Markets with a global daily turnover estimated to exceed US$6.6 trillion. Forex is traded Monday to Friday using Exclusive Advanced Artificial Intelligence Proprietary Trading Software with Bitcoin as Base Currency on the Broker’s MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Trading Platform. MTI has an exclusive licence agreement in place for the trading software/sophisticated algorithms. The trading software performs Hundreds of Micro-Trades Daily, trading the 28 major Forex Pairs, with a maximum drawdown of 8%. MTI does not hold its members bitcoin. All bitcoin is sent through to the broker. The Broker provides MTI and other forex trading clients their world-wide platform to trade the markets. The broker gives MTI access, does not own the trading software and does not trade for MTI. In terms of this trading software licence agreement MTI members are not permitted their own broker accounts.This restriction to not show the live trades to MTI members is in place to prevent MTI members copying trades with copier software on the Broker’s MT4 platform and selling the trades/signals.This is stipulated in the licence agreement with the algorithm provider to protect their intellectual property. Members receive daily trade statements in their backoffice which details all the day’s trades. Daily Trade Profit percentages are on the members bitcoin balance in trade and not on a pegged USD value of their Bitcoin Balance in Trade, providing a further window of opportunity. Daily Trade results are *not guaranteed. Based on Current Historic Data, members/investors are enjoying on average *0.4% per day Mon- Fri, which Automatically Compounds Daily in Trade, which equates to approximately *9% average growth on their Bitcoin Balance in Trade per month. Daily Compounded Trade Profits a powerful force. MTI’s sustainable business model is designed for longevity. Only Daily Trade Profits are distributed, if there are no trade profits in a given day then there is no bitcoin distribution. Members full bitcoin payment goes into trade and is not subject to any Fixed Period/Lock-in/Lock Down period, members have the freedom to withdraw in full or partially anytime between Sun to Fri (GMT+2). (Withdrawals are not available on Saturdays & Sunday mornings) Members have the freedom to Top Up their Bitcoin Balance in Trade at any time, are not subject to any Membership/Subscription Fees or any Deposit/Withdrawal Deductions/Fees/Penalties. ------------------------------ If you interested, please use my link: https://mymticlub.com/userpanel/register.php?referral=Mildzsu&place=right If you have question, write in the comment section. Have a nice day! Milan

  • Accept Online Payments With Bitcoin | PAYIYO

    Payiyo ; It is a blockchain-based technology organization that provides crypto pos service and payment solutions for businesses that want to receive payments with Bitcoin. Only 1% Commission  No Sector Discrimination It doesn't matter what sector you serve. We provide services for all sectors. No Documentation Required You can easily complete your registration process without loading any documents. No Fee Per Transaction You do not pay any additional per-transaction costs to our low fixed commission rates. Instantaneous Shooting In payiyo, you decide when to withdraw your money into your wallet. Forget The Concept Of Working Day Transfer your shots to your wallet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not just on working days. Don't Bother With Returns Don't let the chargeback proceedings victimize you. Exact solution for Payiyo returns. https://www.payiyo.com

  • Cuong Truong version of Bitcoin logo

    Cuong Vi Truong version of the new Bitcoin logo https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1305184338661736450/7tgFuRLN_400x400.jpg What do you think?

  • Latest News On Bitcoin

    Get The Latest News on Bitcoin  :   http://vonasort.com/2omk

  • The reason bitcoin price is not stable.

    Can someone explain categorically while the price of cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin is not constant, because I begin to wonder the reasons behind the secret of bitcoin falling and raising. How can someone study bitcoin to the extent to know when bitcoin is about to fall and when is about to raise so that the level of lost can reduce. Looking at the current price of BTC is it advisable to purchase bitcoin when the price is higher or when is lower as investor.

  • How do i get back bitcoins sent?

    I made a purchase on a site called kingkushweed and i sent $3920 bitcoins, now i think i shouldn't have place that much order for a first time, i think i might have been ripped off, Any way to get back my btc sent  ?

  • A woman has been arrested in the United States for hiring a killer with bitcoin

    A woman has been arrested in the United States for hiring a killer with bitcoin    A Nevada woman has appeared in federal court on charges of paying $ 5,000 in bitcoin to a killer to kill her ex-husband. According to coindesk Thirty-six-year-old Kristy Lynn Felkins has been summoned to court on charges of paying 12 bitcoins ($ 5,000 at the time) for trying to hire a killer to kill his ex-wife. The case is said to be related to another case involving the recruitment of a killer. It is worth noting that this killer was not hired in the end. U.S. law enforcement officials say Homeland Security agents managed to crack down on bitcoins paid to hire a killer. These bitcoins are linked to the Falkins account on the local bitcoin website. Falkins is said to have spoken to the scammer before paying him. The rumors circulating about this criminal case show that the scammer, over a period of one month, tried hard to persuade Falkins to use a more expensive method of murder. While the murder ultimately does not take place, the scammer cuts off contact with the Falkins without leaving a trace. Federal agents say an unnamed hacker hacked the killer recruitment site, providing information such as conversations, bitcoin addresses and other data to security officials in January 2019. The data provided by the hacker to the judiciary has similar implications to another case that federal agents are investigating. This case is also related to a killer recruitment website in Dark Web. Judicial officials say their source provided a wealth of information about several open cases, but did not name herself or these sites. Federal officials say the information provided by the hacker is "reliable." The archived documents of the case refer to the hacker as a foreign national convicted of possessing child pornography. Documents in the Falkins case show that he cooperated with the US government without any financial request or even request for release from prison. The US Department of Homeland Security has not yet officially commented on the matter. Many people think that bitcoin transactions are untraceable and that they can be used to finance crimes "completely" anonymously. But the reality is that the bitcoin blockchain sometimes reaches out to security systems to handle cases more efficiently.

  • Square CEO Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin holds the keys to security

    Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey discusses the role Twitter plays in shaping public discouse, his thoughts on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and much more with HRF president Thor Halvorssen at the 2020 Oslo Freedom Forum. But during the interview Jack Dorsey says Bitcoin holds the keys to security. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L8aG_ekh6EQ During the engagement, the CEO spoke positively of crypto's largest asset, Bitcoin (BTC). "The whole spirit of Bitcoin, for instance, is to provide a trusted system in a distrusted environment, which is the internet," Dorsey told host and HRF president Thor Halvorssen in an interview, published on Sept. 25. Later in the interview, Dorsey also described blockchain and decentralization as changing the landscape of online content, hosted by numerous parties instead of centralized entities. "Blockchain and Bitcoin point to a future, and point to a world, where content exists forever, where it's permanent, where it doesn't go away, where it exists forever on every single node that's connected to it," he explained. He also took the time to discuss how content saved via Blockchains becomes effectively immutable. https://cointelegraph.com/news/square-ceo-jack-dorsey-says-bitcoin-holds-the-keys-to-security Imo, bitcoin, blockchain, decentalized internet is the way to the future.

  • Cryptocurrency Scams and Government

    Days back one of the exchange in the country came up with a proposal to regulate cryptocurrencies and avoid complete ban of cryptocurrencies usage within the country. When such good news pops out people go positive on using cryptocurrency. By the same time there is a news about an exchange scamming people with more than $60 million. More than forty people who got scammed have complained about the exchange to the Delhi police. I've never come across the exchange named Pluto. This exchange has got almost seven executives who are the team. It is a new kind of trap, because with the people who doesn't have much knowledge about cryptocurrency they've mentioned about creating their own cryptocurrency and assured of 30% - 40% return monthly. This has made more users to invest and finally ended as a trap, and the office have got relocated to Dubai closing the office in India. Similar such incidents will be mentioned as a reason by the government when applied for regulated usage of cryptocurrencies. More Scams in the name of cryptocurrency is truly destroying the true quality of cryptocurrency and it's features. Hope the change happens soon creating positivity among common people about cryptocurrency. Source : bitcoin.com

  • How Trump's dollar strategy will ultimately affect Bitcoin

    Since March, the administration of US President Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve have been working hard to support the economy that has been severely damaged by the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike many other economic powers, the United States had to deal with the first round of expansion of coronavirus infections, which made the United States the country with the most serious cases. This has caused the Trump administration and the Fed to do their best to keep people working and increase spending. These measures include lowering interest rates and releasing water to the economy, which may cause people to "opt out" of the weak U.S. dollar (USD), which may increase interest in Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. What did the Fed do From cutting the Fed's interest rate to zero after a sharp 1.5% cut in March, to buying a large number of securities, the Fed has done its best. Overall, since March, the Federal Reserve has injected US$2.3 trillion into the market through the purchase of US Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities, bringing its total assets to US$7.06 trillion. Growing at this rate, and given that the United States is still dealing with mass unemployment, its balance sheet is likely to continue to expand into the fourth quarter, and may be close to $10 trillion at the end of the year, which is the highest ever value. To There is also concern that inflation may exceed expectations. According to the "new economic challenges and the Fed's monetary policy" mentioned in the speech of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, the Fed will strive to achieve an average inflation rate over time. Near 2%-If the dollar weakens further, it may temporarily increase the inflation rate above 2%. Impact on Bitcoin Although the price initially fell by more than 50% during the crash in mid-March of this year due to the worst sell-off in history for global stock markets, the price of Bitcoin saw a dramatic comeback in the second and third quarters and went straight to $12,000. , The decline fell back to just above $10,000. On the other hand, the U.S. dollar has not been recognized at the same time, and has begun to weaken since March, relative to the euro (EUR), pound sterling (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY), Chinese yen (renminbi), and others Most major currencies have fallen. As the world's major reserve currency, it can be considered that a large number of US markets are related to the performance of the US dollar, including US stocks, real estate and stocks. However, Bitcoin is often described as an unrelated asset that can be independent of stock indexes, foreign exchange and other financial markets. It is often seen as a hedging tool against the troubled dollar, protecting holders from the adverse effects of inflation. As the U.S. dollar continues to depreciate, Bitcoin's power as a hedge may continue to grow. Simon Yu, CEO and co-founder of StormX, a crypto-powered microtasking platform, agreed with Decrypt. He said: "As the federal government insists on printing money, the Fed reiterated its intention to maintain an inflation rate of more than 2%. We should expect commodities in all markets to rise." Yu also continued to explain that Trump’s fiscal policy may be “in the near future”. In the future, it will push up the price of Bitcoin. The correlation between Bitcoin, gold and the S&P 500 index is increasing On the other hand, Marshall Hayner, CEO and co-founder of Metal, a cryptocurrency payment processing platform, said: “The President has expressed great dissatisfaction with the Federal Reserve and may wish to implement new standards for the U.S. dollar to protect U.S. dollar. Developed in the post-COVID-19 world." Heiner pointed out that this may include the establishment of a super blockchain center or similar government agency, which in turn may cause executives to have "new interest" in Bitcoin. He also argued that this could also lead to "vigorous push to create a US digital dollar CBDC to eliminate counterfeit banknotes and increase transparency." This in itself can play a role in promoting the growth of Bitcoin; digital asset management company Grayscale pointed out in a report earlier this year that interest in CBDC or central bank digital currencies can promote interest in Bitcoin by highlighting its value proposition. . The report states: "The transfer of fiat currency to digital infrastructure will highlight that Bitcoin is special not because it is a digital currency, but because Bitcoin is a scarce, uncompromising, non-political currency. Anyone can use it." However, if the Fed's new fiscal policy eventually leads to a return to economic contraction and a heavy blow to the stock market, it is likely to have an adverse effect on Bitcoin. However, this is unknown until the dust settles in the general election. https://images.app.[Suspicious link removed]/FmaQBs9TppZ3dhBX9

  • money from website traffic that pays with BTC

    I am starting a new website and I was researching about how to make money from it. I took a look at cointraffic.io and it needs 5,000 unique visitors per month. I am still about 1k I saw also coinzilla but I couldn't find any minimum visitors per month required. Do you guys have any suggestion? I will tag @examplens as I believe you know might have some information about this 

  • Government figures or politicians supporting Bitcoin?

    For long, politicians have been skeptical about crypto/Blockchain tech as it provides an "escape route" from the existing monetary system controlled by governments worldwide. Some of them have seen the benefits of this emerging industry, showing their support for crypto. In the US, a presidential candidate named "Andrew Yang" publicly expressed his support for crypto/Blockchain technology. Other politicians have touched the subject lightly. All of this is good since it helps Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grow in the mainstream world. The same politicians supporting this emerging industry, could perform legislations to make crypto/Blockchain tech more legitimate in the mainstream world. Yet, the number of politicians supporting crypto is very small compared to those who don't. Which politicians support Bitcoin? Do you think world leaders will embrace crypto/Blockchain tech at its fullest? Or will they go against it? What impact will mainstream politics have in the future direction of Bitcoin? Your input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • ToHelpCoin

    Name: TOHELPCOIN Ticker: XTH Total coins: 16,440,000 - Sixteen million four hundred and forty thousand Algorithm: Scrypt Type: PoS Pre-production: 4,400,000 Maturity (coinbase): 20 blocks POS maturity: 2 hours Target spacing: 120 seconds Transaction confirmation: 6 blocks POS (proof of stake): 5 XTH Rate estimate: -0,0001 XTH Monthly Roi: 0.67% PoS: Unlimited The objective of the project is quite simple: to implant a currency for payments in general and to be able to raise funds to help some people who have been affected with the corona virus! -Windows Wallet- https://tohelpcoin.tech/xthwindows.zip -Github- https://github.com/MarceloGra/tohelpcoin -Explorer- http://xthexplorer.tohelpcoin.tech/ -Discord- https://discord.gg/WRAPvS I will be updating next week, as we will be listing it in excahnge.

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