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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Thinking Bitcoin is Scam

    As we know as a crypto Community most of people's think that a Bitcoin (any crypto currency) is illegal and scam. But Now Paypal officially integrated inbuilt features to buy/sell Bitcoin , Etherium , USDT and etc. So It is a great slap to the mostly people who think Crypto is illegal. Now they understand the power of crpyto in upcoming less than 2 years and it will change whole market , the early adopters will take great benefit.

  • i'm 100% legit and i promise u'll happy work with me.

    Working friendly, high sense of responsibility,fast,quality,reliable and ensure absolute security 100% for Partners. MY SERVICES: -Remove unwanted post - contain from google -Venmo Transfer -WU sell MTCN -BANK Transfer ,Bank Logs -CashApp load -Zelle & Skrill Transfer -Ach&Wire transfer -PayPal transfer and logs -Netspend transfer -Dumps + Pin track1 track2, Dumps without pin, sell dumps all country. -Cloned cards ready for ATM use. -Brute-force (or not) cracking of weak - default - usernames - passwords Privilege escalation -Targeting not patched database vulnerabilities -Stolen backup (unencrypted) tapes -REAL id, dl, pp, skul docs available for all countries hit us up on : ICQ : wozniakstevenson wsApp : +13476882381 Telegram : @venturoz And I have some rule : 1 . Don't talk about test free or sample or screenshot with me 2 . If u not trust u don't contact me, not trust u can buy few, little cc to test

  • fxcryptomarket247, ATLANTICINVEST

    I was scammed by fxcryptomarket247, ATLANTICINVEST investment companies the USA 14132002388 and 14078719493 - Number belongs to Scammer Scam company wallet address - 3PUvxh8YYeNFJgZzo7dBr4Liz62nJVNBHA The total investment was 1200$ but they are away. Looking for someone to hack and return by money and also reward is offered.

  • How to make some extra cash in South Africa with Crypto

    Now before we start, this is not a get rich quick scheme but rather a very good way to start making some money in South Africa as a side hustle that could eventually grow into something really substantial. Today we are going to show you a simple way to make money in South Africa using cryptocurrency. Come check it out here: https://steemit.com/crypto/@brokaine/how-to-make-some-cash-in-south-africa-with-cryptocurrency-simple-method

  • Steps to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in India from Koin Bazar - An Overview Guide

    However, it has been a decade since the arrival of cryptocurrencies, and still, most people are not aware of it. They are using traditional currencies to make transactions for managing the flow of money. In the future, most of the businesses will start using cryptocurrencies in order to pay for their services. From this, you don't need any middleman to perform various transaction processes. And also it will reduce the transaction fee and make their services at low cost from their end. Let's discuss Koin Bazar and how to buy bitcoin from this crypto exchange platform. Koin Bazar - An Indian based centralized P2P crypto exchange platform. The major benefits of Koin Bazar are simple & user-friendly, secure, and liquidity. The team of experienced blockchain developers with more than ten years of experience has made this platform to help Indian traders, a scalable and reliable crypto trading platform which converts their efforts into profit. To Know More, Visit Here <> Buy Bitcoin in India from Koin Bazar

  • Jamie Dimon's ( "Bitcon is a scam") Bank -JP Morgan Chase- Fined 1 Billion

    Well what do you know, more scams from one of the worlds most corrupt and immoral banks and their CEO Jamie Dimon.  Many of you of course remember how Jamie Dimon came out and called Bitcoin a scam. The funny thing is the day he came out and said this Chase Bank trader made moves to take advantage of the price drop. Once again his bank gets caught for fraudulent trading activities. So I ask, what's really the scam..bitcoin or traditional banks such as JP Morgan Chase https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/23/jpmorgan-to-pay-almost-1-billion-fine-to-resolve-us-investigation-into-trading-practices.html

  • How to Find a Bitcoin ATM Near Me?

    Bitcoin ATMs provide a quick and easy way to buy (and sometimes sell) Bitcoin from the high street. Here’s how to track one down. Bitcoin is all about the digital economy and the cashless society. ATMs, therefore, should have no place in this virtual economy… right? Wrong, it turns out. Bitcoin ATMs are springing up all over the world, offering customers an easy way to buy Bitcoin on the high street. What is a Bitcoin ATM? Bitcoin ATMs look pretty much like any other ATM. The key difference is while regular ATMs dispense cash, Bitcoin ATMs let people trade Bitcoin (and sometimes other cryptocurrencies, too), right in the convenience store, the mall or the parking lot. There are two types of Bitcoin ATMs: unidirectional and bidirectional ATMs. Unidirectional ATMs let you buy Bitcoin, either using cash or card. (Those accepting cash, therefore, do not require bank accounts, unlike normal ATMs.) Bidirectional Bitcoin ATMs let you sell your Bitcoin in exchange for cash. The first public Bitcoin ATM was opened on the 29th October, 2013 in Vancouver, Canada. There are over 15,000 Bitcoin ATMs globally, and over 13,000 of them are in the US—by far the most of any country. Why use a Bitcoin ATM? Some banks block cryptocurrency transactions, meaning that the only way for account holders to obtain Bitcoin is to use a Bitcoin ATM. In the early days of Bitcoin ATMs, they could be used to buy Bitcoin anonymously. More recently, however, regulators have turned their attention to Bitcoin ATMs in a bid to combat money laundering. These days, Bitcoin ATMs in the United States (where the majority are located) are regulated by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), while in Canada, a recently-passed law obliges Bitcoin ATM operators to report all transactions above $10,000 Canadian dollars (about $7,400). Nevertheless, for small purchases, Bitcoin ATMs can be a convenient way to obtain Bitcoin without having to go through the hassle of setting up an account at a crypto exchange. Finally, they’re convenient: need some quick cash but only have Bitcoin to hand? Bitcoin ATMs, at your service! How to use a Bitcoin ATM To use an ATM, you’ll need a Bitcoin address, which for most people means obtaining a Bitcoin wallet. This could be a software wallet, a hardware wallet or even a paper wallet, depending on the level of security you require. Some ATMs will print out a paper wallet if you don’t have a wallet to hand. This paper wallet will have a private key on it, which you need to access your wallet. The rest are here-- https://decrypt.co/45671/how-to-find-a-bitcoin-atm-near-me?amp=1

  • Bitcoin broke $13k today

    Sometime today, Bitcoin broke the $13k barrier and then retreated back to $12.8k. This is Binance screenshot and now that I'm watching it, seems like it broke $13k almost a day ago. But I'm not seeing any posts about this on the forum so I'll just post it. Total market cap also went over $400B which is cool. Will is stay above $13k this time?

  • Do you think this is the start of mass adoption in Bitcoin? or Nah?

    PayPal Will Start Accepting cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin BitcoinCash Ethereum and Litecoin at the beginning of early 2021. Many users are taking this negatively because Paypal is Centralized But in my opinion, this is better than using a third-party P2P platform if we will talk about PayPal to Bitcoin trade this is a common trade that scam happens i experience it before when i need to pay in some website where they don't accept bitcoin i sell my bitcoin in the third-party P2P platform the scammer chargeback in PayPal and i never get my bitcoin back even i don't plan to use PayPal anymore i don't a have choice because this is a platform that almost accepted everywhere but it will be different if i can put some bitcoin in PayPal instead and trade it directly on their platform we all know and need to accept the fact that we cant use bitcoin everywhere with paypal adoption bitcoin have a higher chance of merchant accepting bitcoin independently Not your keys, not your coins are one of the reasons of some users but holding bitcoin in PayPal is optional the same in exchange and other centralized platforms. only put what you plan to use, trade, or afford to lose. Do you think this is the start of mass adoption in bitcoin? or Nah?

  • Why didn't PayPal decided to use xrp than Bitcoin?

    Please don't crucify me. Some hours ago PayPal payment system made some good decision of incorporating into their system buy and sell of Bitcoin, this has made it price to move from it former state. Basically ripple would have be the best for them IMO, seeing that ripple is the future of cryptocurrency irrespective of it centralization. As a ripple holder from inception, I did want Paypal to reconsider the use of ripple as it stand at the frontier of this era of digital currency. Hope this message get to PayPal team for appropriate actions.

  • Which bitcoin debit card to choose? (least shady)

    I've decided to acquire crypto debit card for using my bitcoin but cannot decide which card to choose. crypto.com fiasko just showed how shady/weak can these companies be, so i'm trying to find a card which would be most stable/legit with minimized risk of rug pull etc shenanigans. Any advices are most welcome 

  • Connect to the updated version of BTC node (Bitcoin Core v0.20.1)

    The updated version of $BTC (Bitcoin Core v0.20.1) is now available at getblock.io! Any developer or a company can easily connect to the Bitcoin node without the need to set up one manually: https://getblock.io/nodes/btc Announcement: https://twitter.com/getblockio/status/1319194799824658433?s=20

  • Intellectual pursuit question--POS

    I spend way too much time thinking about bit coin but I was wondering what people thought of the idea of eventually adding a POS protocol to bit coin in order to stabilize the supply as coins are lost over the years. If it were one in a regular and automated way so that no person could manipulate it would you be open to the idea? I personally don't pretend to know enough to have a strong opinion either way but the idea is an interesting solution to a perceived down the road issue. 

  • Whether the wealth management can give us up to 20%APY?

    Recently some of exchanges like BitOffer, Binance, Huobi, etc. have launched/ will launch wealth management. These exchanges promised us there will be stable return for us, like 5% or 15% APY, even 20% on BitOffer with capital-guaranteed. But I was very confused if they provide us with stable return, how they will earn money?just earn some fee? But now I made sense about BitOffer QA wealth management. BitOffer told me that BitOffer Official cooperated with the Asian team of Goldman, launched the first capital & interest guaranteed BTC quantitative fund. Using strategies like quantitative hedge, arbitrage, and high-frequency trade, the APY of the fund named “DEF №1” will make the 20% APY to be promised. Oh, if it is true, I think 20%APY of QA wealth management is possible. All right, Let us see.

  • Whether the wealth management can give us up to 20%APY?

    Recently some of exchanges like BitOffer, Binance, Huobi, etc. have launched/ will launch wealth management. These exchanges promised us there will be stable return for us, like 5% or 15% APY, even 20% on BitOffer with capital-guaranteed. But I was very confused if they provide us with stable return, how they will earn money?just earn some fee? But now I made sense about BitOffer QA wealth management. BitOffer told me that BitOffer Official cooperated with the Asian team of Goldman, launched the first capital & interest guaranteed BTC quantitative fund. Using strategies like quantitative hedge, arbitrage, and high-frequency trade, the APY of the fund named “DEF №1” will make the 20% APY to be promised. Oh, if it is true, I think 20%APY of QA wealth management is possible. All right, Let us see.

  • Why you should not use Paypal for Bitcoin

    As you know, yesterday Paypal announced that it will launch the function of buying, selling, storing cryptocurrencies: And immediately after that, the bitcoin rate began to grow and reached $13200. But is everything so rosy? Recently SatoshiLabs released an article that says why you shouldn't use Paypal for Bitcoin. In 2018, ex-CEO Bill Harris called Bitcoin , and now PayPal is going to support it. What has changed? Quote When a household brand like PayPal starts selling Bitcoin, it’s probably not because they want to spur healthy adoption. In the press release announcing their new cryptocurrency service, PayPal sends out mixed messages. On one hand, the service will be entirely custodial, meaning users will not have the key to their own coins, while on the other they intend to “provide account holders with educational content to help them understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem”. The idea that anyone informed about bitcoin would agree to not holding their private keys might indicate that this educational content will overlook the fundamental rule of “Not your keys; not your coins”. Great, centralization again, which undermines the core principles of cryptocurrency. Here's what their F.A.Q: Quote “You own the Cryptocurrency you buy on PayPal but will not be provided with a private key.” In exchange for centralized storage, they offer strict regulation and insurance of funds. But users will be limited in owning and exchanging their funds. And what is the advantage of using the platform when your funds are with a third party? It is also worth taking into account their policy of acceptable use, where they prohibit users from exchanging currency or cashing checks. Given that this remains in their policy, we conclude that they intend to limit the use of their platform to their users for cryptocurrency, i.e. it will not be easy to withdraw or exchange their cryptocurrency, given that you do not own the keys to your wallet. So far, the only advantage of this announcement is the bitcoin pamp. If PayPal continues to promote the idea of centralization, without giving users the keys, there will be no benefit. Another fact that PayPal has a great influence in the field of traditional payments can be interpreted as an expert assessment in the crypto. Quote This would threaten the expert advice so carefully crafted by our community, which could be drowned out by the misinformed masses that PayPal brings to the space. For now, no-one can tell how it will turn out, but there are big concerns to address before informed users will turn to PayPal. In general, PayPal has announced another centralized trash heap, where you cannot dispose of your funds, where a series of account blocking may await us on all suspicions and other delusions. Who needs it? PayPal, they should reconsider their position in relation to cryptocurrency and give the opportunity to manage keys to their customers and not to some third party. In the meantime, enjoy the rise of Bitcoin. Sources: - https://blog.trezor.io/why-you-should-not-use-paypal-for-bitcoin-f6e2d436ca96 - https://twitter.com/PayPal/status/1318930492381523971

  • Bitcoin and Tether USD (USDT) circulating supply

    There are many stable coins and this one is for Tether USD (USDT) only. https://twitter.com/CryptoWhalebot/status/1318956720723550209?s=19 https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/tether/ From data on coinmarketcap, I calculated circulating supply in specific day with the formula: Circulating supply = marketcap/ close price (daily) The calculated figure will be a little bit discrepant from the real one but it is acceptable and can be used. volume of USDT (in the plot) = USDT volume /20000000 (I do this to make plot more visual-friendly)  

  • Momentum Builds for Bitcoin

    ... Recent events look to be very positive for BItcoin acceptance as well as price gains.  Very... -- My own experiences with LibertyX (purchase BTC for less than 2% premium at 7_Eleven and CVS ($500 worth), see https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5257626.0) -- I am waiting on BitPay's debit card, which gives a nice off-ramp way to "cash-in" BTC, an important step -- And, of course, PayPal's recent decision to allow exchange of BTC (which I presume makes AMZN purchases using BTC) Each of the above means relatively little in the short-term on their own, but WILL mean more as time goes on and more people enter the Bitcoin Ecosystem using one or more of the above services. Based on the above pretty recent developments, I have to presume that more useful services are on their way. Which will be BIG in time.   (Edited for clarity)

  • MYEARN FINANCE - The New Defi Non Fungible Token Protocol

       Myearn Finance is a decentralized Governance Token under ERC 20 standard, allows users to stake MYFI, borrow assets, and vote for development within community.    Myearn Finance Staking platform rewards MYFI tokens  for investors at the end of the lock up period by depositing, and selecting how many tokens you want to stake, you will get an APR of 30 %. The longer of locking up period does , the more rewards you will get. Borrowers can borrow in an overcollateralized (perpetually) way, selecting stable coins as: USDT, USDC, Ethereum (ETH), or DAI.    Yield Farming enables users to farm for the wMYFI (wrapped MYFI) token with their own MYFI tokens.   :-*Myearn Finance Lending aggregator that automates & optimizes the maximum value among a pool of lending protocols such as Compound, Aave, Curve Finance operating on the Ethereum blockchain. It does support your tokens with multiple coins (DAI, USDT, BUSD, USDC) at all times.

  • I got scammed...can these guys help (or just another scam)

    Hey I'm not sure if this is the right section for this but here goes- About 2 weeks ago I fell for one of the youtube scams where they hacked someones account and made a live stream claiming to match your bitcoin you send in. Dumb, I know. Should I just give up on it? It was all of my bitcoin so I'm hoping there is something I can do. I found in the comments to this coinhouse article of a list of people who can help recover bitcoin but I can't help but think this is also a scam. Fool me once and all... https://support.coinhouse.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115004720734-I-sent-BTC-ETH-to-the-wrong-address-can-I-get-them-back- Thanks for any guidance you can offer Zach

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