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Latest Bitcoin News / [NEW] Free $300 a Day in BTC on Auto-Pilot
« Last post by administrator on September 22, 2020, 07:38:08 PM »
Updated: 9/19/2020

Being new to the forum I figured I'd try my best to make a good
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« Last post by administrator on September 22, 2020, 07:38:05 PM »
1. Through USDD we provide access to functional alternatives of regular US Dollar. USDD provides a safe harbor for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders. Each USDD is backed by one US dollar, all USDD collateral is held in FDIC insured accounts and a basket of stable, ultra low risk fixed income assets.

2. Hermesus Custody operates as a standalone, independently-capitalized business. Custody is a qualified cryptocurrency custodian under applicable law and our strategic broker/dealer relationships.

3. We will be accepting Debit Cards and Credit Cards soon. Payments are made via our service provider, and FDIC-i Insured Bank. Fast deposit via Wire. Cost effective via ACH

4. 100 HAS coins will be gifted to each user of the platform upon registration. For each of your referrals you will be awarded extra 100 HAS coins.

5. At Hermesus, you can purchase USDD with USD and convert your USDD back to USD with $0.00 cost in trading Fees. Fees for USD deposit and withdrawal may apply.

6. We don’t have large enterprise operating costs that allow this allows us to have lower fees. We are focused on providing trading, custody and quality customer service. Quality and simplicity is a key to successful trading.

7. The Hermesus Exchange has a soft and easy to use interface that is matched with the platform mobile app for simplified navigation and operation.

8. Hermesus was tested with trading capacity reaching over a million transactions per second per trading pair. This sets a high standard for competitors in the industry.

9. Hermesus is a qualified cryptocurrency custodial service provider and can provide custody services for clients in all 50 States with International service coverage.

Follow the link in the contacts to the page right now and get more information.
Latest Bitcoin News / A good new platform
« Last post by administrator on September 22, 2020, 05:17:47 PM »
Get your FREE cryptocurrency on Atomars exchange today!
#Atomars #AtomarsExchange @atomarsexchange
Latest Bitcoin News / Accounts Hacked in july
« Last post by administrator on September 22, 2020, 05:17:44 PM »
some people talk about zero Balance wallets for
Many of Them say their security had been at High level.
Many first screen after login has error.
Hack was only for wallets and imported wallets is ok. says nothing about it.   

If you have wallet check it now and check IP setting some Ip setting changed to 185.%.%.%

Sure hack had been server side not from email or....


Share yours and twitte about it   

Bold it please

Ethereum DeFi protocols are paving the way for new tools to empower and protect the interests of community members.

Legacy Governance models are outdated and ineffective. The boom in DeFi Governance tokens is bringing innovations that transform political power and strengthen community autonomy.

In the recent years, Big Tech, Big Finance, & Big Media have quietly aligned to exert historically unprecedented control over our perceptions of reality. Together, they are steering the organic flow of information and affecting the freedom of Autonomous Communities worldwide.
At the nexus of these forces, lie legacy Governance Models that are broken, outdated, & ineffective. Like the eye of a hurricane, Centralized Governance today is an empty void surrounded by chaos.*sbUUAdqeef-NTL_PHZL9CQ.jpeg

The Bridge of Triumphal Processions is destroyed. A temporary crossing allows refugees to find new ground.

Meanwhile, on the Ethereum Blockchain, hope is flourishing ????. Programmers and thought-leaders are ushering in a renaissance of transformative blockchain-based Governance models. The speed of innovation is electric. Optimism is so high, it’s almost rolling up.*mQfcVFsl0oAmI9TQpeqd7g.jpeg
Have no fear. Eth squad has got you covered.

The New Value of Governance

In a tangible, historical sense, Governance exists to grant privileges and responsibilities to groups of organized individuals. Ethereum, with the power to automate trusted transactions, has opened up a new playing field for experimental governance technology.

In the recent months, DeFi Governance tokens have exploded, offering unique opportunities to explore community ownership and autonomy using secure & publicly verifiable mechanisms.

Fair Governance requires Fair Launch

While Ethereum DeFi can provide a space for public, secure & immutable Governance models, building a Governance community is not as simple as deploying code.

DeFi protocol creators and developers try to distribute their tokens widely. Token distribution to liquidity providers is an effort in that vein. However, the reality of these projects often falls short of expectation. Take, for instance, the yield farming phenomenon. Funds and wealthy investors, aka whales, are maximizing their benefit/share of governance tokens using recursive provisioning of liquidity. This ultimately leads to a concentration of these tokens into the hands of a few players/farmers.
(Token Daily, Newsletter #43)*cyOqISeP8EXZM25fwqe-cg.png
Building Ecosystems takes care.

Geographic and Cultural Hyper-localization
Meaningful Distributed Governance requires a sufficiently large pool of dispersed participants. Key barriers, such as language gaps, cultural gaps, and knowledge gaps must be overcome prior to launch.

Distribution Mechanics & Initial Designs

Initial conditions tend to have lasting influence. Careful consideration must be given to spreading information & setting initial parameters to effectively reach a broad user base. Gavin and the Fair Launch Team have good ideas here.

Fragmented Communication Channels

Meaningful Distributed Governance also requires meaningful forums for discussion. Social Media channels are often censored or easily gamed, resulting in suppressed expression & fragmented discourse. Check out Boardroom.*4Zl0lJmLidRthw1a
New Beginnings aren’t perfect.

Three Innovations shaping the future of DeFi Governance.

Synthetic Minnowing

Introduced by EJ Spode, Synethetic Minnowing is a method of encouraging actors with substantial pre-existing power to take actions that align with those of the everyday user. For example, in the Real Estate industry, most jurisdictions have zoning laws that prohibit a large Property Developer from buying up a tract of houses, demolishing them all, and building a giant castle. The Property Developer could still buy up the houses individually, and manage them for profit, but could not disrupt the neighborhood at large.

This is a form of Synthetic Minnowing: coaxing a large power to deploy capital in a way that is not disruptive to a pre-existing ecosystem of smaller fishes. Read more about our approach.

Liquid Democracy

In a Liquid Democracy, political power is fluid, and can be revoked by the people at any time. The delegation of political power is done directly from person to person, enabling efficient voter participation and robust decision making. If a Delegate moves to enact a policy that bucks with their supporters, the supporters can instantly revoke political power, preventing the bad course of action before it even begins.

Quadratic Voting

Token-Based Voting power is often heavily skewed, with the wealthiest participants having considerably more power than the everyday user. Quadratic voting takes the square root of votes instead of counting them nominally, prevent large wealthy users from having too much influence over the ecosystem at large.

Along with others, these mechanisms can better achieve the goal of broadly distributed, meaningful Community Governance, starting from day 0.*Rf9i6MP-HGPorOxNq5ouEQ.png
Sometimes you just gotta stick together.

ZuniSwap exists to deploy meaningful community governance over common ecosystem utilities.

Follow our Launch updates on Twitter (, or join us on Discord ( and build the $ZUNI community.

Our Pre-Launch Gitcoin Grant ( is live. We thank all our Supporters, and are working very hard to deliver the best $ZUNI possible!

Latest Bitcoin News / Blockchain Patents
« Last post by administrator on September 22, 2020, 07:04:57 AM »

What is a Patent ?

Licensing of an invention, that no one after him/her can't make/sell with different names.

What is a Blockchain Patent ?

With the evolution of blockchain technology more and more blockchains have got published as well as into development. These Blockchains will have different use cases as well as have difference in the way it's been developed.

Blockchain Patent List

Large scale firms keep on developing more and more advancement, and as a result once a product is ready it'll be applied for Patent. Once after that it'll be availed for usage, further no one can claim it. There is a big list of blockchain Patents thats been got by the leading companies of the world.

Year to year the patent application keeps increasing. This shows how the traditional market is getting into the blockchain development.

Alibaba leads the track filling more number of applications compared to the other firms in the race. Last year it was IBM that took the lead. In 2020 the applications have increased tremendously, and following is the growth with Alibaba. Bank of America stands in the second position this year, and weeks back BOM started to use bitcoin as cash on remittances.

Based on regional publication estimate the patent holdings are below

IBM - 240 Patent
Rechain - 279 Patent
WeBank - 282 Patent
Nchain - 402 Patent
Tencent - 724 Patent
Alibaba - 1505 Patent

With this I believe the future is much connected with blockchain technology, as each and everything will be developed over the blockchain technology same as that we have everything now associated with internet connectivity.

Source :
Latest Bitcoin News / 4% APY on Bitcoin
« Last post by administrator on September 22, 2020, 07:04:54 AM »
Pretty cool deal Huobi has for BTC you just use Huobi Savings and get 4% on you BTC!

I wanted to share this to make sure if you holding it in a wallet - get some easy returns.
Latest Bitcoin News / Craig Wright To Face Trial
« Last post by administrator on September 21, 2020, 10:40:40 PM »

Craig Wright Must Face Trial Over Alleged $11B Bitcoin Fortune as Request for Summary Judgment Denied

The District Court for the Southern District of Florida has denied Craig Wright’s request for summary judgment in a case that involves claims over ownership of about 1.1 million bitcoin (worth over $11 billion).

In an order signed on Monday, Judge Beth Bloom at the Florida court denied Wright’s motion seeking summary judgment that would have prevented the matter from proceeding to a full trial.

The case, first brought in 2018,  involves the plaintiff Ira Kleiman’s argument on behalf of the estate of his late brother David, that half of Wright’s bitcoin worth and intellectual property belongs to Kleiman. The plaintiff has argued that the bitcoin in question was also mined together by Wright and Kleiman.
Wright’s request for summary judgment was comprised of six claims including statute of limitations, the plaintiff’s inability to prove the existence of an oral partnership and the court’s lack of subject matter jurisdiction.
In the past, Wright has claimed that he was the inventor of bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, an assertion many in the crypto world have disputed due to a lack of corroborating evidence.
According to an order issued by the Florida court on Sept. 4, the trial involving Wright’s bitcoin fortune has now been moved to Jan. 4, 2021.

Stick him in jail & throw away the key.
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcointalk, as a financial institutes.
« Last post by administrator on September 21, 2020, 08:48:46 PM »
   The Bitcointalk was established as biking of expectation to people that are financially unstable, but in reality, it's something else. Please am not saying this to criticize the company or anyone.
      Numerous people see Bitcointalk as they wish, but as for me, it's a great platform that has bestowed hope to young people who spend most of there time in playing video games online or watching movies, whichever one. The point is this, creating a Bitcointalk account months ago, was one of the best things I have ever done, but the challenge is these, most people creating an account in the Bitcointalk platform, get more than what they expect, while some end up as scammers.
        Speaking from the ordeal and as a newcomer in this great establishment, the way in which some project manager treats the bounty hunters is too poor, some hunter are disqualified in some project for no solid justification, while some bounty hunters will stress themselves in creating videos, articles and participating in some other campaign, at the end of everything, they wouldn't be paid, while some projects bounty hunters participate in are solid handwork of scammers.
         Am not saying any of this to discourage people, but am creating awareness and hope, because in life there are ups and downs, but never give up, because a winner does not quite, rather the individual strive on. I wish there would be a way to know if a project is adequate or not, in this way, people will not be scammed.
      As for newbies, this post is mostly for you guys, hard work pays, and don't even think of spamming or doing anything thing that will tarnish your account, because this platform is strict, and does not tolerate nonsense, am telling you, it does not take time before they suspend your account.

Latest Bitcoin News / Whatever Happened to Proof of Keys?
« Last post by administrator on September 21, 2020, 06:36:21 PM »
For anyone that Doesn't know what Proof of Keys is it was an Idea that began in 2018 by Trace Mayer on twitter that involved the Bitcoin community as a whole retaking control of their Funds. Most people leave a lot of their Bitcoin on centralized exchanges which are often prone to hacks, exit scams, insolvency and as of today are increasingly enforcing KYC on their users.

Proof Of keys was meant as way for the Bitcoin community of retaking and exercising control of their bitcoins ( not your keys not your Coins) by simultaneously withdrawing all their Bitcoins every January 3rd of the year from centralized exchanges, third-party bitcoin services and Custodial wallet providers and moving it to private wallets controlled by themselves.

This was meant as a way of exposing exchanges that were perhaps running fractional reserves, faking trading Volumes and/or generally being disingenuous with their users.

However 2 years on the movement doesn't seem to have gained as much traction as originally hoped, with community participation being somewhat limited based on, on chain data which did not suggest any spike in transactions.

And yet even with this limited participation many exchanges were reported to have delayed/frozen withdrawals or halting trading for supposed maintenance, including Hitbtc, Robinhood, Poloniex, Qudriga ( Exit scammed later )

So what Do you think can be done to spread greater Awareness about Proof Of keys and ensure greater community participation when the Next proof of keys event takes place in 2021

What is Proof of Keys

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