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Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Sold For $1 in August 2019
« Last post by administrator on September 13, 2019, 02:59:43 PM »
In a piece of reality that looks like a huge joke, it is on record that Bitcoin sold for $1 in August 2019 on certain exchanges in the Asian region. The news of this development broke on 23 August 2019 when some of the major exchanges within the region reported a malfunction within their systems.

Apparently, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) network experienced an outage which affected those platforms that were connected to it. Some of the exchanges that were affected include Binance, KuCoin and BitMax.

On the said day, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) announced through Twitter that his exchange was experiencing some difficulties.

CZ tweeted:
“AWS is having an issue, mostly with caching services, affecting some users globally. We are working with them and monitoring the situation closely.”

During the malfunction, deposits and withdrawals were disabled on the Binanceplatform. Many replies followed the tweet from CZ with some of them expressing panic. He however continued to reassure his followers until the issue was eventually resolved. From his responses, it was clearly an issue with Amazon’s AWS, which he remained in contact with until it was resolved.

Some traders who played what looked like a wild card took advantage of the situation to buy Bitcoin for less than $1 during the outage. This was reported to have happened on BitMax exchange. Reports claim that these traders had set limit orders at extremely low prices. The hope of these traders was on some off-chance event like what just happened.

According to information that spread on social media, as much as 45 Bitcoins were purchased at sub $1levels during this period on BitMax. The exchange announced immediate freezing of deposits and withdrawals shortly afterwards. Although it did not confirm that the said transactions had occurred. It’s safe to say that

BitMax will never forget the day that Bitcoin sold for $1 in August 2019.

Another exchange that wasn’t spared during this outage is KuCoin. The exchange also disabled part of its services and posted a notice on its website, which read:

“Due to the overheating of part of our chassis in the machine room we deployed in AWS, Tokyo, part of our services might become unavailable. The engineering operation team is currently deploying relevant resources of high availability across regions to deal with any possible emergencies that might happen. Some services might be affected during the deployment.”

The purchase of cheap Bitcoins was confirmed by the founding partner at crypto asset fund Primitive

Ventures, operators of KuCoin, Dovey Wan who tweeted:

“Many Asian exchanges see price instability (and trades were able to execute, yes you can buy extremely cheap Bitcoin if you had limit orders there).”

Beyond the three exchanges mentioned so far, several other exchanges within the same region seemed to have encountered the same problem.

The Bitcoin price, which appeared to be finding stability above the $10,000 region seems to have struggled a bit since this development. Although Amazon has resolved the issue and the exchanges have returned to normal services, the Bitcoin price is still struggling below $10,000 (at the time of writing).

Issues like this are some of the limitations that confront centralized exchanges as we have them today. This is where peer-to-peer platforms like Vertex.Markethave the upper hand. Risks such as the AWS issue are completely eliminated because trading is not based on an order book that is hosted on a third party platform.

Although all of us will remember the day that Bitcoin sold for $1 in August 2019, not everyone will remember it with regrets.
Latest Bitcoin News / How I almost got scammed
« Last post by administrator on September 13, 2019, 02:59:42 PM »
Hi, the scammer deleted his thread, so I make a new one.

Yesterday the user biznsher;u=2679005 offered here in this marketplace to exchange huge amounts of xrp, he wanted btc and proposed an extraordinaire good rate and even going first.
So I contacted him on telegram (user @Bit2Money)
In telegram he insisted in using escrow localbitcoins or localethereum and refused forumescrow.
So I created a tradeoffer a localethereum at the rate of 790xrp/eth.
His username at localethereum is also "biznsher".
As my max for the first trade was 5.8 ETH, he agreed on telegram to send even more, exactly 5007XRP what is a very good rate.
So i funded escrow there and he wrote on localethereum, that he sends 5,007 XRP.
You notice, that looks very similar to 5.007xrp , but is 1000 times less.
I didnt notice that.
Then he sent to my wallet and pressed for immideate release ETH from escrow.
I noticed 5.007 XRP coming in.
Just his rush made me look, I almost released all ETH for 5,007XRP....
This bastard would have made 1000Euros!
At least he cancelled the trade at localethereum.
Afterwards he deleted his offer and now the whole thread.

So guys, take care, here at Bitcointalk/Economy/Marketplace are almost only scammers trying their luck.
But this scam was really new to me....

I read this horror story on an Italian newspaper, so I looked for an english version:  

Simjacker attack exploited in the wild to track users for at least two years

Security researchers have disclosed today an SMS-based attack method being abused in the real world by a surveillance vendor to track and monitor individuals.

"We are quite confident that this exploit has been developed by a specific private company that works with governments to monitor individuals," security researchers from AdaptiveMobile Security said in a report released today.

"We believe this vulnerability has been exploited for at least the last 2 years by a highly sophisticated threat actor in multiple countries, primarily for the purposes of surveillance."

More info here:

This reminds me of what can happen with a SIM swap attack:

 My SIM swap attack: How I almost lost $71K, and how to prevent it

I’m a security-conscious IT professional working in blockchain for 3 years, and was stunned by the ease of the attack and how my normal security precautions failed. While the attack was frustrating and embarrassing, I believe strongly that we must learn from failure — and we must socialize to do better in the future. So I am sharing what happened, what I learned and what we can do better to prevent this kind of fraud.

You can try to apply some precautions, but it's always too little , too late.

How to Protect Yourself Against a SIM Swap Attack

Perfect security hygiene won’t always keep someone from fooling your carrier, and in fact, they may not even have to; Flashpoint has found some indications that SIM hijackers recruit retail workers at mobile shops to gain access to protected accounts. A comprehensive SIM swap fix would require fundamentally rethinking the role of phone numbers in 2018. “Phone numbers were never intended to be a way to confirm someone’s identity,” says Nixon. “Phone companies were never in the business to sell identity documents. It was imposed on them.”

The good news is, you can take steps to limit the chances that a SIM swap attack will happen to you—and limit the fallout if it does.

This should be a wake up alarm, we all thing we are tech/savy, prudent and operate with good OpSec.
Reality is: the bar not to be hacked is higher than we (Fillippone) tought.

Not your keys, not your bitcoin.

This is not about coins you might have stored in 3rd party wallets or exchanges like Mt Gox or Quadriga. 
This is about coins you really own, not about promises you will have some if it's gonna be sunny tomorrow.

So lately I really got bored and growing a bit frustrated of all those articles with 10-20% of some 3rd world country population holding crypto, and one thing was like the last straw and made me start this topic, which some of you will really not like, I know it. 

And the culprit was this :

What can I
16% of 57, let's say 45 million adults is 7 million. Let's just note this down. 7!
But there is Turkey, ..20% out of 60 million adults, another 12.
And we have also Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia with a 16% average that would be 250 million adults so 40 million more.

5 countries and we have reached 60 million so-called crypto users and owners
If we cut altcoin since the article clams bitcoin is the most popular we have 40 million at least.
So no EU, no US, no China-Japan-South Korea.
Just by adding China and India we would go close to 150 million.

On the other part, I don't have polls and interviews.
I have something far more reliable than this, something in which we all put out trust, or at least we should.

And the blockchain tells us this:

20 million addresses with over 1$, 7 million with over 100$.
Yet based on the article...the polls...the blogs...the...NO!

The chain shows 450 million transactions since the first block to claim that 5% of the population or even 1% uses bitcoin is ridiculous.

Somewhat like a conclusion, is it bad?
No, I think it is great that we have reached such awareness levels and such price with so little actual usage.
It might actually be the case of really aiming for the moon once we reach for real those numbers in the articles.

The only bad thing is that people forget the main advantage of cryptos and more and more hold their coins on exchanges in order to be the first to sell high and buy low when there are ups and downs or just because of convenience.
Probably before real mass adoption, I would love to see a real change of trend here.
Latest Bitcoin News / Big news for BTC exposure and adoption!
« Last post by administrator on September 13, 2019, 10:04:11 AM »
Great news for spreading info about BTC!

Now when the logo will be shown, more and more people will know about it.
Latest Bitcoin News / HOW TO protect yourself from DNS hijacking?
« Last post by administrator on September 13, 2019, 08:46:49 AM »
I have been compiling a guide (for everyone and my team) on how to protect yourself from online scammers here:

And I am yet to find an definitive answer to how to protect yourself from DNS Hijacking.

From my understanding, this type of hijack can happen either on your own machine (simple, if your machine is compromised), or from the website level (more sophisticated attack).

Any ideas / tools / methods you use to detect / prevent such attacks?
Latest Bitcoin News / domain name for sale
« Last post by administrator on September 13, 2019, 07:29:43 AM »
I am selling my domain name, PM me with a good offer.
Latest Bitcoin News / Is this the best Cryptocurrency website?
« Last post by administrator on September 13, 2019, 06:12:40 AM »
My friend said this is the best Cryptocurrency website to take some of your ira and buy buy bitcoin from.
I'm thinking about using the website.Is this true?
Here is the website..

[Suspicious link removed]/2kvbbFr

He said they offer a free Investment packet with a bonus gift!

If this post is not allowed please remove.
Im trying to get some opinions before i go with them. They are BBB accredited won multiple award etc
Hey guys,

I've been doing the Coinbase Earn program to test it out and either recommend it or tell the truth to people around me about it.
Well the results are in,

Starts with "Earn up to 130 USD worth" well to start 80 dollar of that are referrals so let that be clear straight away that you can EARN only 50 USD worth from watching videos and doing tasks.
I'm at 36$ worth now and stuck with the opening a CDP on DAI task for 14$ worth of DAI because the option "Connect to Coinbase" in the mobile wallet in settings section is SIMPLY NOT THERE.
I tried looking for ressources all over, not much help there. Sent a support ticket, still waiting. Asked friends, says seems weird and they did the program a while ago seamlessly.

So here's the catch:

50 dollars worth given to you, but

You have to invite 4 people to EOS and XLM with the link provided, which I tried, one to XLM and one to EOS done, even accepted a friend link for the XLM one when I joined for the program (Didn't have a coinbase account yet and did the KYC, submitted passport successfully) to unlock the full 80 dollars, in 10$ increments for invite links accepted.

YET nothing showed in my account nor in my friend account.

So far, Coinbase Earn program is very dissatisfying, when you think that someone whose new to crypto first impression is MLM mentality, "in order to get your money get people on board" kind of statement and also the DAI task to complete that is simply NOT FUNCTIONING is scary when you think that Coinbase is one of the biggest exchange in the world and it definitely gives an impression of amateurism to newcomers, then you just remembered that you gave them your KYC documents copies and...

facepalm momentum happens.
Latest Bitcoin News /
« Last post by administrator on September 13, 2019, 12:03:40 AM »


The Lyfe Token is a utility token built with smart contracts that is the core of the Lyfe Platform.  Its purpose is to enable the pursuit of better well-being through rewards and redemption.


 Blockchain Rewards and Loyalty. LyfeREWARDS is a decentralised rewards program to incentivise people to live a healthy lifestyle. LyfeREWARDS will distribute Lyfe Tokens to users who are eligible and have completed the challenge. Lyfe Rewards will measure and distribute the rewards according to data point received from the various fitness and health apps or wearable devices that are onboard of Lyfe platform.

Rewarding Everyone

 Benefits for Community and Users

⦁ Get rewarded with tokens while living a healthy lifestyle.
⦁ Chances to win it big and gain millions of token by participating in various virtual Lyfe Challenge
⦁ More accurate fitness data interpretation and key health guidance with cross-platform data analysis

    Benefits for Health Tech Developer

⦁ Incentivise and monetise directly with endless possibilites for collaboration
⦁ Cross-platform SDK with integrated Wallet and Exchange System
⦁ More efficient user acquisition with huge pool of users shared across platform

    Benefits for Healthcare Company and Establishments

⦁ Effective promotion with accurate targeting of users down to their behavior.
⦁ Acquire more accurate, targeted data from various data points for research purpose
⦁ Opportunity to gain additional revenue by onboarding eligibile service

Be Healthy, Make Money

Nowadays, health is no longer a top priority for many people. In this fast-paced world, our lives are getting so busy to the point where we only start thinking about our health when it is too late. Wouldn't it be great if we can maintain a healthy lifestyle while getting paid at the same time? With Lyfe, you can do exactly that. Lyfe is a wellness rewards and gamification platform that will incentivise users to live a healthier life

More than half of people abandon their health devices and apps due to lack of engagement and incentives.
With Open API and SDK, Lyfe will allow app developers to integrate the Lyfe Challenge and Rewards platform into their own ecosystem, taking advantage of the value and exchangeability factor of the Lyfe token.

Benefits for Users

⦁   Get rewarded with tokens while living a healthy lifestyle.
⦁   More accurate fitness data interpretation and key health guidance with cross-platform data analysis

Benefits for Partners

⦁   Incentivize and monetise directly, with endless possibilites for collaboration
⦁   More efficient user acquisition through our large pool of users shared across platforms
⦁   Acquire more accurate, targeted data from various data points for research and promotion


We will work with our various partners in the wellness industry to create Lyfe Challenges that users can complete to earn Lyfe Tokens. This includes things from basic physical exercise, to medical challenges such as maintaining blood glucose level and blood pressure. With our open-access API and cross-platform SDK, users can use their current wearables/fitness watches to easily track their activity.

Additionally, community and multiplayer challenges allow fun interaction between the users, and will motivate users to do their best. Friendly competition will make it easier to develop healthy habits, not to mention more fun and exciting!

Additionally, community and multiplayer challenges allow fun interaction between the users, and will motivate users to do their best. Friendly competition will make it easier to develop healthy habits, not to mention more fun and exciting!

Token Sale

LYFE Initial Token Sale can be purchased with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Tokenomy (TEN).
Total supply of Lyfe Tokens will only be 23,125,000,000 LYFE (23.125 Billion LYFE).
Number of Tokens for Sale
9,250,000,000 LYFE (40%)

Pre-Initial Token Sale - October 29th 2018 at 03:00PM GMT+8
Total token for Pre-ITS: 4,000,000,000 LYFE

1 USDT = 2000 LYFE
Inital Token Sale - November 12th 2018 at 03:00PM GMT+8
Total token for ITS: 5,250,000,000 LYFE

1 USDT = 1500 LYFE
Bonus: Participants using TEN will get additional 10% LYFE tokens
Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC, TEN, USDT



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