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Latest Bitcoin News / bitcoin boom or burst ? how to analyzed?
« Last post by administrator on February 20, 2020, 07:56:27 AM »
at that time  still unsure whether bitcoin will boom or bust, how to analyzed the market from a different perspective ??
Latest Bitcoin News / susihandayani
« Last post by administrator on February 20, 2020, 07:56:24 AM »
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The crypto technical indicator focuses on the current and past chart activity of a crypto coin. Technical Indicators do not explain that, which way a  cryptocurrency works or even what their plans for the future are. Crypto investors or traders have a lot of choices to know the crypto market but the crypto technical indicator is the best way to know the current status of cryptocurrencies.*2VP9vDxjRNajpQw-_Z8D4g.jpeg


Latest Bitcoin News / A new way for doing automatic investment plan - BTC AIP
« Last post by administrator on February 20, 2020, 04:35:23 AM »
How many people are doing 'AIP'(automatic investment plan) now?

If i build a tool to help people doing 'AIP' by connecting exchange(kraken\bitfeinx\binance ..etc) api, will people use it?

advantage: no deposit&withdrawl, use your api key, never touch your money
disadvantage: is not easy for beginners to set up an api key in the exchange
Latest Bitcoin News / Homebase | Buy homes with as little as 0.0010 BTC
« Last post by administrator on February 20, 2020, 12:10:08 AM »
Homebase ( offers fractional homeownership so that you can customize your portfolio with shares of individual properties, and earn dividends from rental income. Over time, you can choose to reinvest dividends into a cash balance and turn your monthly earnings into a down payment. Homebase only requires 2% down and covers all fees, closing costs, taxes, and insurance. We understand the value of homeownership and believe that building wealth and residual income from real estate assets should be accessible to everyone. If our mission resonates, we'd love for you to sign up to get early access.

- We do not charge any fees.
- We work closely with homebuilders, REITs, real estate brokers, cities, and developers to create liquidity.
- We take care of all property management responsibilities, so you don't have to be a landlord.
- We accept Bitcoin, and payouts can be made in Bitcoin as well.

At the moment, we are anywhere between 12 to 18 months away from a public launch and are looking to onboard beta testers from our waitlist.

Latest Bitcoin News / What does Regulation really means?
« Last post by administrator on February 20, 2020, 12:10:06 AM »
Been a long time and someone asked me about this, I don't know what to say. I cashed out my money in a remittance center and if we are doing that, we are just putting the name of the exchange in the name of the one who sent it. The guy is confused with that since I think he is a newbie on that job, I am cashing some of my BTCs there in the past and I am not asked why I am putting there a company's name. The guard knew me so he's smiled at me, and I just did that too.

So I explained how I cash out my money in this exchange and he understood that since he is also freelancing in the past and he's also being paid online but he's not cashing it out as I do. So we continued the conversation to the point that we are talking about cryptocurrencies. And he asked me about regulations if it's legal in our country and I said yes then he asked me if these regulations protect the people who are using it, I don't know what to say.

I just explained what regulation does but I did not answer his question. As scams and hacking are common on the internet, cryptocurrencies are not new to that and they are decentralized so the government doesn't really know how would they be able to know the users and track transactions that happened.

So if a cryptocurrency is regulated in a country, does that protect the citizens that are using it? or they just allow the usage of it in the country? I will lock this after I got a satisfying answer. Thank you.

What is the best way to seek investment to get our project going? I am not talking about a large ICO/STO, but rather just to get our minimal viable product off the ground (a new BATM project, starting with a single unit).

Seems easy enough and we were planning on doing it the traditional way however we have been thwarted by two separate banks ( first took off with our money, a significant amount which hurt quite a bit, so just as we were back on our feet to start with a few units, then froze all their accounts!!!).

I have gone from a "speculator" to someone who wholeheartedly believes WE SHOULD ALL BE USING CRYPTO and avoiding banks.

Anyway, could someone guide me on the best/fair/transparent way to fund a "test" project using BTC? Hopefully completely avoiding bank interference?

Looks like things are getting serious...
Latest Bitcoin News / The transaction trust problem. Reputation ?
« Last post by administrator on February 19, 2020, 04:36:21 PM »
bitcoin remove third party in transactions. Great. But does this solve the trust problem ?

Let me explain. Since I started using bitcoin a few years ago, I have the same question raising again.

Imagine I want to buy something expansive (a painting for example) and physical (not a de-materialized good) to a distant seller and pay with bitcoin. Imagine we live in an anarchy, there is no third party at all (no law). How can we make this work ?

If I pay and the transaction is written on the blockchain : the seller already have my money. Put aside is reputation, if he don't send me the package, my money is lost. Unless I have checked the real physical address of the sender before (but if he lives in a distant place this is difficult). So there is it, with any third party law enforcement, my money is lost.
If we reverse the situation and that the seller send the package and I don't want to pay ... all the seller have is a postal address. Even more difficult to get is merchandise back.

For a virtual good (a book, a video, etc...) we can have smart contracts that enforce a fair transaction. But for real physical tangible goods ?

So here I only see one solution : a third party that will handle conflicts.
Traditionally it is the bank.
We usually say that bitcoin remove the third party. Is it really ?

Is there any system that can do that ?
Sure, we can add a decentralized reputation system that will minimize conflicts, but it cannot avoid them fully.
The other solution is to build trust, step by step. First I buy a little thing, then a bigger, then a bigger, till I reach the real size of my expensive good I want to buy.
Should we add a kind of justice/police to the bitcoin to make it really work in real world ?
(@Moderators I didn't wanna post this in the Technical sub-forum because I wanted as much help/visibility as possible - not only for tech enthusiasts. But do feel free to move to other subforum)

About two weeks ago I posted a proposal on Apple's (quite new) Github repo Swift-Crypto about adding SECG Elliptic Curves, especially secp256k1 a.k.a. the Bitcoin curve.

Three days later one of the core contributors and Apple employees shut down my proposal (scroll down in the thread on Github for his reply).

I tried to be strategic when I wrote my proposal, to not focus too much on any specific DLT, why I did not call the proposal e.g. "Add the Bitcoin curve". However, I did mention Ethereum with name, that is not because I love Ethereum and hate Bitcoin - far from it. The reason why I mentioned Ethereum with name was that I was building up my argument, or my approximation really, where I claimed that 95% of all cryptos rely on the curve secp256k1. Not knowing how much the contributors of swift-crypto knows about the crypto sphere, I quickly needed to mention many coins are ERC20 tokens, thus using secp256k1.

Anyway, my proposal has been rejected... Which kinds of sucks. So I was hoping bitcointalk users could help convince Apple to change their minds - which is something they opened up for in their response (end of the second paragraph: "Please note that if circumstances change and the cryptography landscape changes, we may revisit this decision.") - sooner, rather than later.

Why should we care about this Apple library? Well, hopefully, you read my proposal on Github and got some answers there... But it really boils down to making it easy for Swift (the programming language that is) developers such as myself to develop crypto wallets and applications using ECDSA. Currently, there exists no really great ECC library which can easily be integrated into a Swift project.

I was hoping we could try to change Apple's mind. One of the reasons my proposal was denied was that they don't wanna add too many curves - especially curves which do not have "a sufficient set of use-cases to justify (adding it)". I believe sepc256k1 has a much broader user base than many of the currently supported curves, here is the list of curves swift-crypto currently supports:

P256 aka secp256r1 (used by NEO)
P384 aka secp384r1
P521 aka secp521r1

I have not been able to find any major usage of neither P384 nor P521, but maybe my Googling skills fail me. If it is indeed true that neither P384 nor P521 is widely used, then that might be a really good argument as a response to Apple, to persuade them to possibly remove any of these curves and replace with secp256k1 - if it is indeed true that is the major reason for their rejection of my proposal. There can, of course, be other reasons behind the rejection - some kind of hidden agenda (something Apple is good at)... Then I will resort to adding secp256k1 in a fork of the repo - but that is really not as powerful/advantageous as having it part of Apple's repo.

How can you help? Well I can come up with three ways:

Upvote my proposal on Github (create a Github account if you don't have one)
Being polite, positive and constructive: Write a response in the thread, giving fact-based reasons why secp256k1 should be added (I really think being polite, constructive and fact-based is important, I do not want to instigate. I JUST want the curve added and I think any rudeness in the Github thread will just harm "the cause".)
Apart from the activity on Github you can share the Github issue link to DLT enthusiast with a Github account and involve them

I have started writing a response, which I can share with you later if you are interested. But I think it will be more powerful if lots of different people get involved and try convincing Apple, rather than just me.

Thanks for reading!
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