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Latest Bitcoin News / 3 Things to Know About BTC Futures
« Last post by administrator on July 01, 2020, 08:09:26 AM »
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Bitcoin is massively successful. Trading at the $10k margin, the coin seems to be the real deal when investing in the crypto world. However, it comes with tons of challenges. The high volatility and susceptibility to financial crimes make some traders shy away from the coin. That is where the Bitcoin Futures come in.

Instead of owning the risky coin, Bitcoin Futures and other derivatives allow investors the liberty of reduced risks. Market experts run the Futures in some of the most regulated outfits making it quite safe. Futures also come with secure contracts and price stability making it an ideal investment.

Here are three main things to know about Bitcoin Futures;

1.    Bitcoin Futures is Highly Regulated
Unlike Bitcoin, which is mostly unregulated, Bitcoin Futures is highly regulated. Given that it is traded on the traditional exchange markets, it has to comply with all the underlying regulations. For example, in the U.S., Bitcoin Futures are traded on the designated contract markets (DCM) regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).  The sites must also get approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

CFTC only allowed a few platforms to offer the Bitcoin Futures and the other derivative products. Some of the cleared platforms are Bitnomail, CME, and Ledgerx.

Even though the regulations might vary from each country, they all provide for strict regulatory conditions; the markets must meet before trading. The rules are one of the reasons why Bitcoin Futures are considered safer than the other cryptos.

Even though such regulations might seem harsh, any broker looking to succeed must comply; otherwise, they are headed for failure.

2.    Bitcoin Futures Has Several Entry Barriers
Even though Bitcoin Futures seems like the ideal way to acquire crypto, it is quite limiting. Unlike the cryptocurrency where organizations can easily access through payment processors, Bitcoin Futures is littered with barriers.

One of the significant barriers is the need for a custodian. While most of the top tire institutions can venture into the trade, the need for custody still keeps them at bay. Any financial institutions with funds of more than $150 million must work with another third-party who holds their assets for security.

Instead of investing by themselves, these companies are forced to acquire other smaller entities to join the system. For example, Coinbase acquired Keystone Capital, a securities dealer while Nomura Holdings, a Japanese investment bank, got Komainu as its custodian.

The other entry barrier that comes with the Bitcoin Futures is the limited trade. Unlike the traditional exchange markets where one trades depending on their margin, the crypto has limitations. Being a new currency, the supply of the crypto coins is still low in the market. Any increase in demand leads to increased prices.

The control also helps with the sustainability of the coins. There is always the risk of dumping due to a fall in prices. To avoid such cases, Bitcoin provides for the sale and buy limits. Other than the enforced regulations, trading more significant transactions take more time, and most investors are not willing to wait.

3.    Risk of High losses
If you invest in Bitcoin Futures only with the prospects of gaining from the high price increases, you might want to consider your choices. Bitcoin Futures is one of the riskiest investments. Most of the brokers tend to warn prospective clients through a detailed risk disclosure. They also encourage the clients to only invest after understanding the risks involved.

One of the significant risks that come with Bitcoin Futures is their margin nature. It applies that there is a possibility of losing more than your initial investment. Unlike in most forex brokers where traders are insured against the margin loss, trading Bitcoin Futures requires you to pay the rolled-on fees.

The other risk that comes with the Bitcoin Futures is the volatility. Bitcoin prices are never settled. There is always the possibility of a change within seconds. The sudden changes in the value of Bitcoin increase the risks of trading Bitcoin Futures and options.

Even though the Bitcoin Futures trading comes with strong regulations, the underlying currency, Bitcoin, is mostly unregulated. It means the coin is susceptible to financial crimes like fraud and manipulation, which affects the Bitcoin Futures security.

Your trading position on the trading platform also comes with considerable challenges. Even though a “short” position comes with security on potential loss, your losses deepen if the broker holds trade due to sudden price changes. Such changes can also affect traders in the long run.

Bottom Line
Understanding what to look at when investing is the best way to ensure security. Bitcoin Futures are the real deal due to the high regulations. Otherwise, it also comes with many barriers and a high risk of loss.
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Latest Bitcoin News / Do you guys have any tip for a NEWBIE?
« Last post by administrator on July 01, 2020, 06:22:45 AM »
As one of newbies for trading, I think there are lot of people just like me who are afraid to making trade. Do you guys have any advice or tip for people just like me?
Latest Bitcoin News / Gold And Bitcoin Heading Lower
« Last post by administrator on July 01, 2020, 03:17:53 AM »
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Forex trading is quite risky. Most brokers’’ website pages have the first thing on the page as the risk disclosure. An investor should only put money with the knowledge of what they are signing up for. on the likelihood of losing money.

Most traders are looking for secure assets as alternatives to the unassured markets.

For a long time, gold has been a to-go asset when looking for security. Most of the traders realized it is immune to the constant changes in the other money markets.

It remains in stable supply even when the money markets go down, thus acting as the best money source, until the advent of Bitcoin after the 2008 economic crisis.

With the economy reduced to its lowest, most investors realized the need for a currency devoid of the shaky markets. It also had to be free from the central authorities' regulations that determine the supply and inflation.

These needs led to the creation of Bitcoin. The crypto had been fronted as the digital gold. Like gold, it would be free from fluctuations in the traditional markets.

However, the current market trends give a different narrative, far from the ideal. Ever since the traditional markets started declining due to the effects of the Coronavirus, both gold and Bitcoin have been on a similar path.

Such patterns have opened up the markets to the fact that Bitcoin and gold are correlated.

The Rise of Stablecoins
Although the majority of traders thought that Bitcoin is a haven, some think Stable coins are the real deal. Stablecoins are the crypto coins whose value is tied to a fiat currency like the US dollar.

Unlike Bitcoin, which is susceptible to volatility, the Stablecoins are more grounded. They only shift with the changes in the dollar. Such stability has made them a hit among the traditional money markets.

They also act as a bridge between the crypto exchanges and the traditional money markets.

Given that stablecoins offer faster and secure transactions and fiat currency's stability, it becomes the best alternative when looking for an assured investment.

Most of the traders are opting to trade out Bitcoin and gold in favour of one of the leading Stablecoins, Tether. The down spiral period saw the rise of BTC/TETHER trading more than BTC/USD.

How Bitcoin and Gold Correlates with Other Stocks
Other than gold, Bitcoin has proven to be correlated with other stocks. One of the most popular assets associated with Bitcoin is S&P500.

Regarded as one of the indicators of the traditional stock market, all the S&P500 assets have always been topping BTC. It had stayed with a correlation of below – 0.1 against Bitcoin.

Over the years, the meteoric rise of Bitcoin has led to it gaining ground over the S&P 500 to reach the current correlations of 0.16. In perspective, gold has also, for a long time, negatively correlated with the S&P 500.

However, the ratios have been improving in recent years.

By reacting to the other assets the same way, gold and Bitcoin are showing even more correlation.

The Case for Stability of Bitcoin and Gold
No matter how much Bitcoin seems to be equal to gold, there is always the stability variation.

The pro-gold faction who believe that it is the only stable asset tends to site the volatility of Bitcoin as the reason it cannot be trusted. Most of them think that gold has proved over the years that traders can rely on it. 

Bitcoin, on the other, is known for the high volatility. This year alone, the coin has traded at some of the lowest while also getting to the highest. There is always the possibility of a change in value even within seconds.

The future also looks uncertain for the coin. While some spectators predict a bright future, others believe it can still decline. Both are a possibility, given the constant changes.

A Backup for the Traditional Money Markets
Another correlation that Bitcoin and gold share is their role in the traditional exchange. Given that the two have proven their safety, they are the haven for the traders. Most traders consider them security for when the typical security exchange goes down.

Bitcoins and gold act as the best source of money due to the ease of sale. Unlike the highly regulated economic market, Bitcoin is easy to trade with the fiat currency and other commodities.

That is to say, investing in Bitcoin and gold is the sure return in investment, most traders look for.

Bottom Line
The conversation on Bitcoin’s capacity as the digital gold has been on for some time. So far, the way both the assets react to changes in the economy and with other commodities shows a correlation. However, the volatility of Bitcoin is a challenge.

Bitcoin still has some way to prove over and over again that it can match gold's prowess. 

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Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Fraud
« Last post by administrator on July 01, 2020, 12:45:07 AM »
I am a victim of bitcoin fraud and would like to know where I should report it. I live in Canada.
Latest Bitcoin News / New bitcoin double LEGIT AND WORKING with proof
« Last post by administrator on June 30, 2020, 11:40:08 PM »
[Suspicious link removed]/3iaZDQq

Latest Bitcoin News / Undo button for transactions
« Last post by administrator on June 30, 2020, 10:32:36 PM »
An Israeli Firm Claims that they have recently developed an undo button for all Bitcoins transactions. Apparently their main goal was to tackle problems related to human errors , but then again what am scared about is , how people will use it , it can very easily be used for scamming people .

Apparently 18% people reported loss of Funds due to human errors , thus this might serve great for them . Retrievable Transfer , as they are calling it would give the sender the power to retrieve the amount until the right code is provided by the receiver. My take on this : they are somehow using a password which needs to be provided by the receiving party and this might be super helpful in places which involves transactions of very high Amounts .

The person Aims at making these transactions as safe and secure as online banking source claims , but they are already more secure , they are just gonna add one more feature now .

It's going to be free till a transaction of 1000$  , so before you strike a deal , be careful :3 Ask about everything someone might use it in not so good way .

Amazing innovation by the way , lets see if it works ..

Latest Bitcoin News / Trying to recover funds from bitcoin scam
« Last post by administrator on June 30, 2020, 04:16:52 PM »
Hello. I invested in in Coinxcryptominingcom last year which turned out to be a scam site. I posted on instagram about my ordeal and was recently contacted by @_jacob.armstrong about recovering my lost funds. He suggested contacting and gave me an email to explain my story. I sent them my transactions with wallet addresses to where i sent my funds and this is the response I received.

Good Day ,
We can see from our records and investigations that all your money is on a cloud crypto currency wallet and none of it is lost This is because the CME  ( Chicago Mercantile Exchange)  gap got filled at $9200 on the 2019-6-16 08:42pm which is the exact time you sent 0.31433482  BTC  ($2,861),
See the has code below as all your money in the cloud has amounted to this

However, we have tested your funding several times and each time it got exhausted by the blockchain liquidation machine.
Nevertheless, we can successfully say all your money is in safe hands and the only way for all your money is to be released  is if  you are  to make an API Integration fee payment so all your funds amounting  to 8.79034054 BTC  will be released within  5  hours

You need to send 0.20 BTC ($1,897) as a fee to claim back your account.
And the additional fee of 0.20 BTC ($1,897) to recover all your funds.
We can say the total amounting to 0.41 BTC ($3,700) this payment is to be made within 48 hours if you want a successful refund of all your funds

The payment is to be made into this BTC address:  14hBpJncS6fqKZqoYAjRCGmbc63ZhLJ6Xs

Is this another scam? Any insight would greatly be appreciated.
Latest Bitcoin News / Australia post office now accepts Bitcoin
« Last post by administrator on June 30, 2020, 12:43:16 PM »
It looks like the massive adoption of Bitcoin has begun in Australia. The Aussie citizens can now deposit BTC at the post office due to the collaboration of and 3,500+ post offices in Australia.


We are living in very interesting times, 2020 has been quite exceptional so far. The global pandemic has seen huge shifts economically in many countries.

Yet still the modern era which has seen huge leaps in technology, from flatter televisions to the ability to create new and exciting cashless systems in the Cryptocurrency sector - business and science still has a problem solving economic downturn during and after a crisis.

Cash just does not flow the same in a climate such as we see in 2020, where many people are just not able to switch hands with cash physically due to lockdown rules.

Stores are still closed in high numbers in cities and towns globally, jobs have been list and industry is in turmoil. Politics does not seem to have answers to the problems of 2020 in which people are limited in physical contact due to health measures, and the ability to drive the economy upwards - the travel industry being effected more than most.

Whole economies rely on tourism... But is there really any need in modern world for Travel Agent Stores?

One answer to the problem of cash flowing through the travel industry could be via Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Imagine a world in which you did not have to use your credit card or cold hard cash to book a flight or a taxi? Where one simple transaction, secure and quick books your entire vacation through one easy network...

There Bitcoin could make booking and travel interesting - Bitcoin could bring endless possibilities from bookings to food in simple micro crypto transactions or large amounts, with greater speed than regular cash, much more securely. However one such snag could be the 'invisibility' of a customer during transactions. This would have to be overcome, in order to progress Cryptocurrency and travel.

In my opinion, the more industry does not need human workers and moves towards Artificial Intelligence, also automation and robots Cryptocurrency will find its way one way or another. It is the future of a modern world. In any case... Who likes jogging to catch a taxi at the airport and losing your change all over the ground? I don't...
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