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Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin hash rate at all-time highs again
« Last post by administrator on September 16, 2019, 01:43:28 PM »
The total computer power that is directed to the Bitcoin network has reached an all-time high again. The measurement of this metric is known as the “hashrate” and it is a good way of measuring the security of the network. The network hit a new high of 85 exahashes (EH/s) last week and the mining difficulty about 12 trillion. Read more here:

Does price lead hashrate or does hashrate lead price?
Latest Bitcoin News / Gives me inspiration to create content please
« Last post by administrator on September 16, 2019, 12:36:58 PM »
Hi there , My name’s Junior

Sorry a bit off-topic
I work in graphics And edit video
Create content for customers
But I don't have any new ideas Who would suggest that I have energy? Think of new content 
Such as where to go to inspire
Or anyone with new ideas In the wedding video editing Please help me
New and challenging ... สล็อตออนไลน์บนมือถือ

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciate.
Thank in advance.

According to this article, the Senate Bill 1025 will provide the blueprint on how to ban a cryptocurrency, and some think the ban will come all the way to bitcoin!
It is a scary thought and even though nobody can completely ban bitcoin, they may just cripple the ramps to it. You know, make it illegal and close down all the exchanges and such.

Don't get me wrong, I think Maduro can go to Dante's Hell.

But banning Petro may open the way for banning other cryptocurrencies, eventually, or maybe even first, making its way to bitcoin.

Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin and Watford FC Partnership
« Last post by administrator on September 16, 2019, 10:44:51 AM »
The Bitcoin (BTC) symbol will now appear on the shirt sleeve of Watford Football club players, and the team will also accept the cryptocurrency for merchandise purchases.

The football club announced in a post on its website published on Sept. 12 that the famous Bitcoin “B” logo will be featured on the player’s uniforms as a result of the club’s partnership with the Bitcoin betting platform

The team will also accept the leading cryptocurrency as a payment for its merchandise.

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According to Google Analytics, calculated by,
Bitcoin Community Engagement by Gender is 90 percent male, and 10 percent female.

I know some females on Telegram, but then, you can never be sure because it is Telegram

What is your experience like when it comes to gender in this community?

And here is Bitcoin Community Engagement by Age (18+ only)

Mostly 24-35-year-olds (48%), followed by 35-44 (28%). Then 18-24 (9.34%) and 45-54 came (9.6%).
So the age seems to be showing normal distribution around 24-35-year-olds skewed to the right side.
If you are too young or too old, you are one of the extremes.

Latest Bitcoin News / ICO vs IEO?
« Last post by administrator on September 16, 2019, 10:44:45 AM »
there are so many ico i have been part of but nowadays there are a trend is coming in the way of IEO. But i can not figure out why? because IEO is already have tokens on exchange that is why or is there any other reason?

What thoughts you have about it ?
Latest Bitcoin News / What are we really investing in bitcoin?
« Last post by administrator on September 16, 2019, 09:41:01 AM »
Is the service and profitability, even if bitcoin is highly volatile, are the only two reasons why bitcoin is attractive to investors? Any good opinions or answers? Thanks
Latest Bitcoin News / How Can I Increase Bitcoin?
« Last post by administrator on September 16, 2019, 09:40:58 AM »
I created this thread to know the best ways to increase Bitcoins.

I am looking only for the best and secure options.

Latest Bitcoin News / Circle Society David Saffron Scam
« Last post by administrator on September 16, 2019, 05:04:19 AM »
This thread is dedicated to exposing David Gilbert Saffron's scamming ass. Below you will find dozens of screenshots of David contradicting himself and much more. Circle Society was originally an invite only website to keep his identity hidden, but now everyone knows who he is. He cant hide, so he just comes up with excuses to string people along until he figures out a way to run... Good luck, bud. One google search will yield you dozens of results of which entail him being sued for other various Bitcoin scams. Such as, but not limited to: Omnicron trust,,  Bitcoin Wealth Management, BTCFalcon, the dream warrior club (is being devoloped per David: and if you have any other websites ran or connected to him, let us know!
**He is already being investigated by the CFTC, but the more that send in their information to them, the merrier!**
If you need a form, we have them!
some,  not all screenshots of proof:  : as of Sept 15th 2019, this is the official thread David uses. Link here to join on telegram:   (He deletes anything and everything each day, if he even opens the feed for chatting) : A quick google search of his name, yielding numerous lawsuits etc...  : His name on telegram : him telling us to contact his lawyer  : threatens to go after a members family : gives personal information of members  : Kucoin stating they dont know CS, yet David says they're holding Cs coin.  : Not letting members he doesn't like, access their accounts : David admitting that this is an exit scam from the official feed!  : Selling NON CS plans in the official CS thread!!  : He claims an investor, whom of which he doesnt like, claims said person is going to commit a mass shooting, with no evidence. What kind of CEO does such a thing?  : His known alias accounts on telegram  : Proof VA is Davids
People were talking about his scamming ass back in 2014: : Here David Claims he sent $8500 to the Wounded Warriors Fund FRAUD, and here is proof from Wounded Warriors that this in FACT did not happen. : his OWN lawyer trying to leave him

If you have ANY other proof of him lying etc, please post it. Any post that does not contain screenshots or links of proof will be removed. We do not and will not speculate. This is for posting hard facts with evidence about David Saffron scamming you or your loved ones out of BTC. We all hate him, but this must remain solely for the purpose of posting evidence and evidence only. Please keep any kind of threats etc out of this, as they will be deleted anyways. We do not endorse any kind of threat to him or his families lives.
1.20 btc (~$12 500) received with #Bitcoin QR codes on the 5 street art frescoes I painted till 2 years!
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