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For a long time i had been looking for a crypto screener similar the one found for stocks like finviz or stockfetcher but the only decent option right now was tradingview. As much as i liked it, there were some limitation for the flexibility point of view.

For the last 6 month and more i have been working on a crypto screener were the user can define and create their own unique screening condition and find the exact type of coin fulfilling the need.

I have written a medium post on how to use it. Hope it help you all.

Please check out, its still in dev mode FYI.

Latest Bitcoin News / 744,066 Bitcoin addresses now own at least 1 BTC
« Last post by administrator on July 22, 2019, 08:11:45 PM »
The 'Bitcoinaire' club continues to grow
Latest Bitcoin News / where will go the price of btc ;) ;)
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Today the Inter-Ministerial committee responsible to decide the fate of Cryptocurrency in India uploaded the draft bill(that termed banning of cryptocurrency in India with 10 years of Jail) to DEA (department of economic offense) ministeries website. Link to the website -

What does it mean?

The current session of Indian parliament runs till the 26th of July. Most probably this draft bill will go through the parliament within this session or till the next session. But, it may become a bill.

What can Indian crypto holders do?

I did find some information regarding passing a bill through the Indian parliament. Read it and found that there are three stages through which a bill has to pass in one House of Parliament. In India, there are two houses of Parlament. You can read more here -

This is what the law says, I request the Indian crypto community to hold till the 26th of this month, as it is the last day of parliament and then decide. Please do not take any hasty decision.

Latest Bitcoin News / 2019: Which coin is the most profitable?
« Last post by administrator on July 22, 2019, 06:07:26 PM »
I am looking for advice. Which coin is the most profitable in 2019
On one hand, the POW' consensusesare computationally expensive. According to the latest BitcoinEnergy Consumption Index, Bitcoin miners from all over theworld consume over 70TWh of electricity every year to dothe proof of work [8]. This is obviously not suitable for IoTscenarios with limited and light-weighted computation. Onthe other hand, the processed transactions per second (TPS)of the mainstream BC platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereumare very limited, because the single chain of blocks is linearand blocks cannot be created simultaneously. For example,one Bitcoin block takes 10 minutes to be created and addedto the main chain, which is very inefficient and fails to meet the requirement of instant transaction in IoT and main stream adaption .
Latest Bitcoin News / First Cryptocurrency?
« Last post by administrator on July 22, 2019, 04:56:56 PM »
What is the First Cryptocurrency(First digital money)?
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin price, am I right?
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I’m new to crypto world, still learning and there’re lots of things I couldn’t understand yet. Following is one of that,

It’s saying something like the Bitcoin price decides by the demand. As I was understood, when more people buy Bitcoins, the Bitcoin price rises and wise versa.

Before asking the next part of the question, I need to know that, is what I was understood right?

The total Bitcoin supply is limited to 21 million. Out of that, the market has lost, likely lost, or unmined 36% of the coins. That amounts to 7.56 million bitcoin units that remain inaccessible owing to human errors. It leaves the bitcoin market with the remaining supply of 13.44 million tokens, the last of which would come into existence by the year 2140.

Consider each BTC will cost $1 million, then the total market capitalization of bitcoin would become $13.44 trillion.

It would make the bitcoin network richer than China, the world’s largest companies including Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, and even the world’s top 50 billionaires combined. Moreover, BTC would become equal to 11.7% of the world’s GDP, 19.5% of global stock markets, and 32.5% of the total money supply – all on a bitcoin-against-the-other basis.

Bitcoin is the talk of financial sector for some time now . Top wealthy investors and Vcs wants to buy it all , but there is only a limit . If they want to buy all also its not possible as it will surge the market cap too high way too quick and the price will rise so fast that even those top wealthy people dont want to buy at such high prices.

So my question is will it reach 1 million as is predicted or its far fetched?

*Calculation Source -
Latest Bitcoin News / Q&A with Amon´s CEO
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