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Latest Bitcoin News / Concerned about security.
« Last post by administrator on Today at 07:34:17 AM »

I'm a lot concerned about future security of crypto-currencies.

We hearing lots of stories of Bitcoin theft, well, I'm predicting a turmoil.

I'm realizing now that the Bitcoin concept is good, but it's not perfect, yet.

Maybe we need banks, with "LIMITS" of transaction. Both to protect from speculation and protect from violent thieves.

If someone, in my country, kidnap someone for it's money in the bank, what happens when your money (passcodes) is in your head and the wallet in the cloud?

The kidnapper would know about the second "hidden" volume on your file. Maybe Truecrypt needs infinite creation of hidden volumes, I don't know.

Maybe we have to thrust our crypto-currency in banks, and you can only make big transactions in person, in private cabinets, anonymous.

Nobody leaves money or gold inside their houses. It's dangerous, at least in my country. Imagine if the gold it's in your heads. We need solutions.
Ordinary money is physical like a coin. Bitcoin is like a coin stored on a computer, it is computer money.

When you see ordinary money on a computer, it is basically physical money that is in a bank. But computer money is actually on your computer.

With ordinary money, the government decides how much money there is.  With computer money, a computer formula tells you how much money there is.

With ordinary money you almost always know who you are doing business with. But with computer money you don't need to know who the person is, you just need to connect to his computer.

With ordinary money the government can easily tell how much money you have and how much money you should pay the government, because that money is in a bank. With computer money it is difficult since that money is on your computer.

With ordinary money you need to pay a fee when you send money because the money has to go from one bank to another and those banks have fees. With computer money you don't need to pay a fee because the coins go directly to the other person's computer.

So with ordinary money you need governments and banks, but with computer money all you need is your computer!

This isn't quite true anymore, but it is the closest approximation of the truth I think that would make sense to a small child.
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin song
« Last post by administrator on Today at 05:49:07 AM »
Bitcoin: bloody euphoria. Hopes and crashes. 10 years in 3 minutes. Watch until the end.

Hopes, tears of disappointment, relief and panic – it is all about bitcoin.
So many things happened from the date of the BTC White Paper release. It is history, which might fill a whole century, but here is how it was in 3 minutes.

Gambling With Bitcoin

The gambling industry is one of the largest in the world and due to this, it is also one of the most competitive with thousands of sites along with apps fighting to become the leading platform. In order to attract more players, the best casinos have an extensive range of payment options so that they do not miss out on any potential customers. Bitcoin and other cryptos are the latest payment option to be added and it has taken the internet by storm.

Before you use a casino bitcoin bonus no deposit which is available when you sign up for an account you first need to carry out a number of checks. The first is if it is legal to access the platform from the country you are residing in. If you do not carry out this check you may find yourself getting in trouble with authorities. All casinos list the country which is restricted on their website so make sure you find out if your country is available before signing up.

Legality Of Bitcoin Gambling

If gambling in the country that you are residing in is legal, the chances are that using Bitcoin to gamble is also allowed but there are a number of cases where this is not true. In certain countries taxes along with restrictions have been placed on Bitcoin which makes it difficult to use. Many punters find ways around these restrictions however via changing IP address which has created one of the worlds largest black markets.

Different Types Of Platforms That Accept Bitcoin

It is important to understand those traditional casinos that accept Bitcoin and blockchain based platforms that only accept crypto are completely different. BTC only casinos are allowed presently to offer to gamble worldwide without any restrictions which are partly due to laws not keeping up with technology. Due to the fact that no fiat currency is been spent, they are not under the same rule set of traditional casino sites. Some countries have started to act and are trying to ban them but due to the decentralized nature of crypto, it makes it extremely difficult for regulators to take action.

Decentralized Crypto Casino Platforms

If you want to stay safe while gambling bitcoin or any other crypto online you are best using decentralized platforms. These types of casinos require no registration and your gambling activities are anonymous. All that is required is to deposit via a unique address and to withdraw winning players simply enter their own BTC access. The process is carried out instantly and the bitcoins will be available after network confirmation.


With the development of crypto-based technology in the gambling sector advancing at record speeds, it is going to be impossible for regulators and laws to keep up with developments. For the time being until this takes place, it is going to be a grey area in most parts of the world. The decentralized nature of the blockchain along with the ability to stay anonymous will make it almost extremely difficult for laws to ban betting so expect to see many countries go down the route of regulation.


FIAT USD is backed by murder, if columbia doesn't sell its cocaine in USD, then the CIA goes in and changes cartel heads,

If saudi doesn't sell its oil to the world in USD, then CIA goes into Saudi and finds a new family to run the concession

At this point in time, BTC has no mercenary army to threaten death upon the world for failure to adopt.

Do the people  here really want BTC to be back by murder, like the US Dollar?
Jack Ma is now high-tech admin of china communist party, jack ma owns +90% of all crypto mining, & pools on earth, richest man in China, and now head of tech for CCP.

So what's the point of this OP? To distract? To suggest that they don't already own 100% of the crypto-universe?

The CCP already owns BTC, and has owned it 5+ years past. The CCP owns all alt-crypto mining hw & pools as well, the chinese cannot lose this game.

It's clear that BIS has designated China as NWO post USD collapse.

All crypto is owned by CHINA, not just BTC bitmain also produces mining asic boxes for all the top 50 cap crypto's, including zcash, you name it, and bitmain can make a asic box to mine it,

Jack Ma owns all the major mining pools, all the hardware, richest man in China, and now leader of Chinese Communist Party.

Jack Ma indirectly owns this board/forum, thus he directs the crypto mania

Funny thing is that all the profits from Bitmain were plowed into ML, and now MA makes his real money from facial recognition boxes that are installed by the millions in CHINA.

Jack Ma owns Alibaba, that bigger than AMAZON, and MA can pay his people &  pay suppliers in 'cryto' that costs him nothing, and he owns it all, not a bad racket.

Where is the USA in all this no-where.

NSA may have created BTC, but CHINA leads the horse.


What's the point here? Don't fool yourself with the 51% bullshit, cuz since 2013 CHINA has owned crypto, all of it, even the shit.

Latest Bitcoin News / It is the END of BITCOIN???
« Last post by administrator on Today at 03:12:10 AM »
Price is almost 3000$ and i think it will still down... it may be the end era of bitcoin??

What you guys think??
Latest Bitcoin News / GIVEAWAY OF 1 BTC
« Last post by administrator on Today at 12:21:43 AM »


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Latest Bitcoin News / The real reason BTC price has dropped
« Last post by administrator on December 16, 2018, 10:59:46 PM »
Bitcoin supplier: "I'll trade you a bunch of 0s and 1s for $15,000"

Bitcoin sucker: "Ok, sounds like a great deal to me"

Next Bitcoin sucker: "I want to buy some 0s and 1s also but only for $13,000"

Bitcoin supplier: "Sure thing, how many do you want?"

Next Bitcoin sucker: "How about selling me 3 for $10,000 a piece?"

Bitcoin supplier: "Yep, pay in cash, please."

Bitcoin supplier: "I'm running a real deal special. I'm selling 0s and 1s for $7500 each"

Bitcoin suckers: "I'll take some", "Me too", "save some for me", "I'll buy 1/2 your stash for $5000"

Bitcoin supplier: "Sunday's Special 0s and 1s on Sale for $3200"

Bitcoin suckers all together: "We have already bought a lot at higher prices. We are only losing each time you sell cheaper. What should we do?"

Bitcoin supplier: "Hodl and buy more"  
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin, For those who didnt got it so far:
« Last post by administrator on December 16, 2018, 10:59:43 PM »
its not about technology anymore,

what legitimacy do you guys have for your global attention hack with bitcoin?

it was ok for a certain world, in which central banks basically run communist dictatorships,

but its now not about technology anymore,

many token kept their value, when they exchanged between technologies, encription plattforms, or blockchains

its now about power, legitimacy, access to consumption capacitiy.

its why your IT freak token is also collapsing.

there are millions of altcoins out there now that seek to obtain legitimacy and attention, these are often people who would like to actually do good things, and help others,

having bitcoin as indirect medium is quite a huge problem.
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