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Latest Bitcoin News / Broker Review VANTAGEFX
« Last post by administrator on July 03, 2020, 06:46:54 PM »
VantageFX is a leading Australian forex broker that specializes in ensuring the complete and fulfilling trading experience. Offering the very best in cryptocurrencies, Indices, shares CFDs and Commodities, the site is an industry leader. It has consistently received massive applauds on its security, customer support, and market transparency.

The company, started in 2009 to provide trading solutions, has a highly trained and experienced team with all the knowledge on customer needs. The consistent superior services have, over the years, have landed it several awards and a place at the top of the forex brokers' world.

Here is a detailed VantageFX Review;

VantageFX is a secure trading platform that is highly regulated. Owned by the Vantage International Group Ltd, it has to comply with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and Securities Investment Business Law (SIBL).

Even though the broker by itself is not a publicly-traded entity nor does it operate a bank, it still complies with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Such regulations provide that it has to keep the clients' funds in a segregated account. It does regular audits to ensure compliance and to notice any anomalies as soon as possible.

With its primary source of income being spreads and commissions, VantageFX provides for various costs on transactions.  The cost of trading generally depends on the account the trader operates.

It provides for spreads of 0.1 pips on EUR/ USD in the ECN accounts and 1.4 pips for the standard account. It also charges a commission of 6% per full round on the ECN accounts.

These rates are a little higher than the average brokers.

The site also provides for both negative and positive swap rates on overnight trading. On the positive side, the broker offers tips on how to gain the most from the swap trades in the MT4 trading platforms. Traders might also incur some withdrawal and deposit fees depending on the payment method.

VantageFX provides leverages of between 100:1 to 500:1. Traders looking for higher leverages have the liberty to apply for consideration.

Account Types
VantageFX has three main types of accounts; Standard STP, Raw ECN, and Pro ECN. The standard STP is an ideal account for beginners looking for no commission and the easiest access to the market. The Raw ECN, on the other hand, is for the ardent traders who are after more liquidity and better spreads. Ultimately, the Pro ECN is for the professional trader who controls high volumes.

All these accounts have access to trading platforms and mobile app functionality. They also allow for trading in similar assets.

The Standard STP supports base coins like AUD, EUR, JOY, NZD, and USD. It uses STP for execution, with spreads from 1.4. It also provides for a minimum balance of $200 and leverages 500:1. The accounts charge no commission.

Unlike Standard STP, Raw ECN does not provide for 2% rebates on lots. It requires a minimum deposit of $500 and charges a commission of $3.0 per lot. Its base currencies are EUR, CAD, AUD, and GBP.

The Pro ECN does not charge commissions on lot rebates. However, it charges a commission of 2% on the lot per side. It allows a minimum deposit of $20,000.

VantageFX allows shifting to any account as long as the trade meets the minimum deposit thresholds. It also provides Islamic accounts based on sharia laws and a demo account for learning.

Account   Standard STP   Raw ECN   Pro ECN
Target user   Beginner   Experienced   Professional
Minimum deposit   $200   $500   $20000
Execution type   STP   ECN   ECN
Minimum trade size   0.01 lot   0.01 lot   0.01 lot
Platform   MT4 & 5   MT4 & 5   MT4 & 5
Leverage   Up to 500:1   Up to 500:1   Up to 500:1
Deposit and Withdrawal timeframes
VantageFX supports multiple payment methods like Mastercard, Skrill, Bank transfer, Visa, Swift, and Neteller. While the funds from most of the payments reflect within seconds, the bank wire transfer reflects a day after the deposits.

The site only accepts funds that bear a similar name to that in the account. It also waivers the deposit and withdrawal. Traders only have to incur the third-party fees. The site also provides that the name in the trading account must tally with the name on the payment account.

Trading platforms
VantageFX understands what the traders are looking for and looks to provide it by using the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5. These platforms come with reliable 24/5 customer support and are available in over 32 countries. The MT4, however, is more popular than the MT5 due to its highly regulated and easy to use trading environment. 

The broker has invested in top of the range plugins to increase the output of the platforms further. It provides for account management through MAM/PAMM accounts on the leading site.

The broker also looks to expand its reach and has since introduced the ZuluTrade platform for increased social trading. It also has the MyFXBook Autotrade for those who wish to explore auto trading.

Market and Products
While VantageFX offers a wide range of instruments, it still has the space to include some more. It comes with around 40 currency pairs on the forex trading. These come with a leverage of 500:1. 

It also provides ten world popular stock exchange indices, more than 50 U.S. and Hong Kong shared CFDs, and over 17 commodities.

Instrument   Numbers   Examples
Shared CFDs   50 U.S., 50 Hong Kong   Apple, Netflix, Visa, Amazon, PetroChina, and others.
Index CFDs   10   Chin A50, FTSE 100, Dow Jones 30, Nikkei.
Commodities   17   U.S. oil, Heating oil, Coffee, Cocoa, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, and others.
Customer Service
VantageFX has a reliable 24/5 customer service with multiple communication channels. The easiest option is the live chat conveniently placed on the surface of the site. It also provides for a phone number for those who prefer calls.

The broker also has email support with a typical reply duration of 24 hours. It provides for country-specific telephone contacts and fax. Also, those in Sydney and Melbourne can visit the physical offices.

Even though it lacks a FAQ section, unlike most brokers, it provides enough information on the page.

Education Materials
VantageFX understands the need for knowledge when investing in forex trading. For that, it provides great learning tools for traders of all levels. It has a comprehensive guide on learning to trade, which covers multiple sections like market analysis, market overview, and trading psychology.

It also provides webinars by different authority traders as well as tools MT4 user manuals and other video tutorials.

Pros and Cons
Trading in VantageFX is one of the most fantastic trading experiences one would wish for. Other than the security of funds, the site invests in multiple tools for ease of trading. It also provides for affordable charges depending on the account type and experience. The site also takes into account the customer needs, thus only work with the popular trading platforms.

Trading on the site is as great to a beginner as it is to professionals. It provides for different account types to accommodate the different experience levels. The same applies to give multi learning resources with regular webinars and user videos.

The only concern that comes with trading on VantageFX is the limited assets. It should consider increasing the instruments to attract more users.


Pros   Cons
Secure trading   Limited assets
Multiple learning tools   
Reliable customer service   
Different accounts depending on user needs   
Dependable trading platform    
Anyone looking for a reliable trading platform will be doing themselves a disservice if they don't consider VantageFX. With some of the most secure assets and competitive rates, it is all one needs to join the market. Do not hesitate to contact the customer service in case of any concerns. 
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In this video we look at Bitcoin with the S&P 500. We discuss the possibility Bitcoin could go to zero. That is my stop loss.

You do have downside risk but understand why Bitcoin is the best investment right now about to break into its bull market phase of its four year halving cycle.
So there use to be a cryptoverse option on Gemini where it would in vest in each currency based off of market cap, there for bitcoin was granted the largest percent, ether 2nd.
I know Gemini got rid of this feature however if there was a way to invest weekly, monthly or whatever and choose the allocation amount I think we would see a massive bitcoin boom based off of the majority of people buy bitcoin. along with such id be buying 75% bitcoin, 15% ether and 10% LINK. What is your opinion?
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin Review XTRADE
« Last post by administrator on July 03, 2020, 05:37:59 PM »
Xtrade is one of the most popular financial trading sites in the world. Started over a decade ago, the platform has continually grown to offer a wide variety of trading commodities. It facilitates trade payments, liquidity, and managing risks.

Xtrade takes pride in offering some of the world-leading trading solutions with the latest technology. It also has unparalleled expertise and institutional expertise for global trading functionality. The trading site also comes with superior customer support, multiple operational platforms, and a streamlined trading process.

Xtrade has also had some exciting partnerships. It partnered Cristiano Ronaldo as the 2016 – 2017 ambassador. Such strategic alliances show its willingness to keep on growing while offering world-class services.

This review looks into everything you need to know about Xtrade.

Xtrade is big on security. Started in Cyprus, the trading platform is registered under the Cyprus Securities and exchange. It, therefore, falls under the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with registration number 248449.

For Australian users, the broker is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It is also regulated on the international scope by the Financial Services Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. It is also registered with several other regulatory bodies depending on the region of operations.

Falling under the CySEC means the trading site holds the investors' assets in segregated accounts. The separate accounts assure the investors of the safety of their assets in case the site dissolves. Xtrade also does regular audits to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Xtrade values the security of users' data. For that, it provides for a 256-bit Secured Socket Layer (SSL) on the platform.

Trading Platform
Xtrade provides a highly intuitive user interface with the Xtrade WebTrader for the ultimate user experience. The platform does not require the user to download it for access hence the convenience. It allows for trading multiple commodities through fast trade and order execution. The platform also provides updated market analysis and the ease of switching between live and demo accounts.

Xtrade also provides secure mobile access through a mobile trading app. The app allows for real-time charting, notifications and alerts, easy navigation, and full-featured functionality. Users don't have to forfeit some features when away from a desktop.

Ultimately, Xtrade also provides a dedicated tablet trading app. It comes with an advanced graphical interface, intuitive navigation, and an alert system. The platform also allows deposits and other extensive functionality.

Deposit and Withdrawal
Xtrade provides for safe and secure deposit methods. It works with several reputable financial service providers to allow for convenience when depositing. It ensures customer data safety by delivering SSL encryption and regular website testing. The safety standards keep the site safe from frauds and other online financial crimes.

The site support credit/debit cards deposit and bank transfer. The traders can also use American Express, PayPal, and other standard payment methods. It provides reliable customer support in case of any deposit inquiries.

Xtrade allows for deposit only from accounts with the same name as that of the account holder. It rejects all the payments from an account with different names.

The minimum deposit depends on the account type. For example, the standard account's minimum deposit is $250, while for a premium account, it is $1000. The platinum provides for $5000, and VIP's is $20000.

Xtrade also looks to ensure quick and efficient withdrawals. It only allows withdrawal to verified accounts. The user verifies the account by providing the necessary documents like government-issued ID/passport, proof of address, and after an appropriateness assessment. The platform reserves the right to ask for additional documents.

Processing withdrawal request takes a maximum of 5 days. This is quite longer than most other brokers. The platform also provides for a minimum balance such that one cannot withdraw the entire available balance.

Customer Service
Xtrade boasts one of the most reliable customer services in the trading sector. It provides highly responsive customer support available 24/6. It also allows for a responsive live chat, email, and phone call.

By providing multilingual customer support, the site allows for multinationals trading. The customer support is also knowledgeable and friendly. Also, it has a well-updated FAQ page for all the common concerns.

Xtrade does not hold back when it comes to trader education. It provides detailed training videos for beginners. From the videos, the user understands how to navigate the website and select the commodities.

Apart from the videos, the site also provides multiple courses for both beginners and professional traders. It also has a glossary and a regularly updated blog with industry news and information.

Trading in Xtrade is quite affordable, as it does not charge either deposit or withdrawal fees. However, it provides for fixed spreads depending on the commodity. It also provides for overnight trading premium fees for the traders who opt for it.
The platform charges an inactivity fee of $10 per month on accounts inactive for less than three months. Otherwise, it costs $60 for accounts inactive for more than a year.

Xtrade provides multiple trading instruments with a wide range of opportunities for any trader. Some of the accessible instruments on the site are the Equity CFDs like shares of Google, Apple, Nike, JP, and many more.

The CFDs trades at an initial margin of 5%.

Xtrade allows forex trading with some of the world's popular currencies like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY. It also supports minor and exotic currencies. Forex trading comes with a fixed spread of 2.5 pip EUR/USD. It charges no commission on the forex.

The platform supports trading in some of the world's popular commodities like Gold, Silver, oil, and several more.

Xtrade supports cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and several others. It also has Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and bonds as part of the available commodities.

Account Types
Xtrade understands that various traders have different needs. For that, it provides different accounts with multiple provisions. These accounts ensure the complete trading experience for whichever a trader chooses.

The first account is the standard that commands a minimum deposit of $250. The account comes with daily video market reviews and an economic calendar for all the updated market trends. Additionally, it provides customer support and a demo account.

The other account is the premium that provides for a $1,000 minimum deposit. The account supports both mobile and desktop trading, among other high-end features. It also comes with a welcome bonus for first-time users. The account also comes with additional market insights and a dedicated account manager.

Platinum is the other Xtrade account that allows $5,000 minimum deposit. It comes with all the features available in the premium and standard, and many more. It comes with a senior account manager in case of any concern and for learning.

Lastly, the site comes with a VIP account that allows $20,000 as the minimum deposit. The account supports multiple features like economic calendar, customer support, and market reports.

The VIP account comes with several benefits like faster payment processing, customized support, and exclusive corporate gifts.

Although there seem to be differences in the account, they all deliver when it comes to the trading experience. They all come with multiple commodities and reliable support.

Pros and cons
Xtrade has continually grown over the years due to its several benefits. It invests in a wide range of commodities for the full trading experience. It also comes with a user-friendly platform for both mobile and desktop access.

The trading platform comes with multiple trading tools and dedicated customer service. Ultimately, compared to other trading sites, Xtrade comes out on top.

Still, it has some concerns that traders need to look into when signing up. It provides for fixed spreads that might be costly to some. It also prohibits some of the trading methods that make it limiting for adventurous gamers.



Wide range of commodities

Costly fixed spreads

User-friendly platforms

Prohibits several trading methods

Multiple education and research tools

Reliable customer service

Secure and fast payment methods

Wrapping Up
Choosing a trading platform is such a daunting task. Most brokers who provide lower trading costs come with limited commodities and unreliable services. Exceptional services, on the other hand, come at a price. However, Xtrade finds a balance between customer needs and the cost of trading.

It offers multiple trading commodities, reliable customer service, and educational materials. Xtrade is an ideal trading platform for anyone looking to make it in forex trading.
BITCOIN INVESTORS:   There are some very serious potential problems and RISKS with Bitcoin Trust...  Any rational investor would take 10 minutes to eduate themselves about risks, listen to the information in the link below.

BITCOIN BELEIVERS:    Will never let any facts or information change what they want to beleive.   Like any cult like " beleiver ", they will deserve exactly what they get when they are wiped out.   Fools so not deserve to be rewarded.

Hard Facts

Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin, a Ponzi Scheme?
« Last post by administrator on July 03, 2020, 05:37:53 PM »
Bitcoin is not a Ponzi Scheme, it not a do or die project, its price is not completely manipulated by wales, hedge funds and exchanges, bitcoin is contolled by a body or a group of individuals. It is the fire of freedom burning down the authoritarian pyramids of power, but you can burn your fingers at the heat of its price swings..

The most major proposals for scaling bitcoin transactions were met with major hurdles this week. Including vulnerabilities in their system, design flaws as well as overlooked weaknesses in their system.
To be specific:

Replace-By-Fee implementation caused several wallets to have a double spend vulnerability.:

The lightning network was faced with a so called "Flood & Loot" attack:

And finally, it was revealed that in the way Liquid's operates, "2-of-3 operators can steal 870 Bitcoin".

Is this indicative of failure? Many critics and naysayers would like to believe such now that so many failures happened so close to one other. But what's the whole story?
Is there hope? Will those mishaps be able to be addressed effectively or is it indicative of a trend between solutions seeking to address scaling?
Latest Bitcoin News / Broker Review EZINVEST.COM
« Last post by administrator on July 03, 2020, 12:29:52 PM »
Having been operational since 2013, EZInvest has set itself apart as the world leader in forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrency trading. Built on a need to provide the best customer experience, it is big on ease of use and multiple resources for traders.

The site has invested in rigorous training facilities to allows both beginners and ardent traders a shot at trading success. It also takes pride in offering secure transactions, convenience, and flexibility in whatever asset traded in the account.

The customer-centric values and service provision has seen it cement its position as an authentic, unique, and reliable trading platform.

Here is a detailed EZInvest review;

Safety and Regulation
Started and operated in Cyprus, Ezinvest is a registered company at the Cyprus securities exchange. It is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 2013/13.

Being a member of CYSEC, the broker is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund. It provides for the compensation of the traders for up to 20,000 Euros in case of dissolution.

For additional security, Ezinvest holds all the payments on the site in a segregated bank account. It keeps the accounts only in tier 1 banks with the assured financial strength and health.

Ezinvest understands the risks that come with investing for beginners. For that, it allows for demo accounts for traders still learning the ropes of the platform. The trader can only invest using real cash after mastering everything they need for trading success.

Trading Conditions
Ezinvest provides for several trading conditions users must understand for the best experience. It provides for a minimum initial deposit of $100. While these are relatively affordable rates, it is a little high compared to most brokers.

The site also provides for different spreads depending on the account one operates. It gives fixed spreads of up to 3.0 pips on EUR/USD. On the other hand, the floated spreads are available for ECN accounts and can reach 0.6 pips on EUR/USD.

Ezinvest provides for commission-free trading. It also offers maximum leverage of 1:200. These leverages are a little lower compared to the other brokers.

Account Types
EZInvest provides for multiple accounts, depending on user preference. Its classic account comes with a $100 minimum deposit, fixed spreads, and daily analysis.

The standard account, on the other hand, requires a $2500 minimum deposit. It provides for regular review, SMS signals, fixed spreads, and an account manager.

It also has a premium account that requires a $20000 minimum deposit. It provides for an account manager, premium analysis, fixed deposits, and high-end customer support.

Ultimately, the broker also provides for an ECN account that requires $2500 as a minimum deposit. It comes with all the premium account features minus the support. It allows
Last night, I was “advance thinking” in saving all of my passwords, private keys, seed phrases, etc., in case something happens bad to me later on. Lol I’m not saying that I’m dying or so. It’s just that I want to make sure that I would not leave my family empty handed later on if circumstances would arrive to me either by health deterioration, accident, etc. I want them to enjoy later on what I have left for them (just in case something bad happens to me because life is so unpredictable).

If you want to inherit your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to your loved ones, which one of these would be your best option to save your confidential information?

1 - Notebook or journal
2 - TXT or doc file to be saved in USB or external hard drive (especially keystore files)
3 - Google Drive, Docs or Sheets
4 - Others (please specify)

I was also thinking of leaving a fingerprint for my phones to be unlocked for those Bitcoin wallet apps and exchanges that I  have enabled 2FA and Google Authenticator. It’s also not safe for me to save all of them in my dummy e-mail as draft, so I was going to transfer all of them on a much-secured option. Mobile phone is also not an ideal option for me as well, because there’s one time that it forced me to factory reset and I almost lost my seed phrases that I took screenshot using that phone (good thing I enabled Google backup back then).

I would love to hear out your responses to this one guys. Thanks!
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