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Latest Bitcoin News / What Crypto Wallet Can I Withdraw Bitcoin From
« Last post by administrator on July 04, 2020, 02:41:29 PM »
A crypto wallet is usable for all coins, and it can be utilized with the proper practice for getting likable consequences. What crypto wallet can I withdraw bitcoin from the query is also beneficial for understanding the withdrawal process. This procedure should be completed with proper care to make the profit percentage favorable in the commerce of coins. The choosing of verified companies for this purpose is also an important strategy, and it should be implemented successfully.

How To Send Scan Bitcoin Cash App

How to send a scan bitcoin cash app is a supportive question for the users as they can understand the sending procedure for coins with the use of a cash app. This app is designed for the assistance of the users as they can perform in the crypto business with easiness. The comfort in this commerce is based on the success of transactions, and it should be managed with the use of digital resources. These are helpful in maintaining the transactions with profit according to the wishes of customers.   

How To Buy Bitcoin With A Bank Account

The bank account is a secure source of online payment, and it is usable in all kinds of business. The same utilization of bank account is relevant to buying bitcoins, and it should be utilized for the best results. The process of usage is realizable with reading the explanation of how to buy bitcoin with a bank account query. The buying is simple with this facility, as it is manageable with a manual operating system as well as an online transaction process. The users are comfortable as they can choose their available source, and make the crypto business profitable without any doubt.

How To Hack Free Bitcoin Money

Bitcoin money is available for fulfilling the economic needs, and it is generated with exchange or withdrawal techniques. For getting profitable scenarios in this business, a user should follow the rules presented in an explanation of how to hack free bitcoin money questions. Through this practice, a user can generate the money quickly, which is useful for meeting the financial requirements as well. The help of verified companies in this matter is also a helpful technique, and it can produce results in favor of crypto users. The customers should observe the performance matters before using the services of any company for the exchange of coins.

How Bitcoin Works Under The Hood

The explanation for how bitcoin works under the hood query is useful to know the process of bitcoin working. This crypto asset is presented with mining objectives, which are based on the creation of rewards for the users of coins. It is a promotional scheme and helping the users to enhance the number of coins for getting more chances of earning. In this scenario, the understanding of bitcoin work under the hood is beneficial as it is helping the users to perform in this commerce with comfort. This condition is also admirable due to increment in chances of earning.   

How Do I Use Coin Source Bitcoin ATM

The earning from coins is accessible for the users with the manual system as well as digital sources. The customers can realize the answer to how do I use coin source bitcoin ATM query and make their earnings approachable for them. The use of ATMs in this matter is the source of getting profit opportunities due to making transactions instantly. People can bring easiness in their business operating procedures with the use of the latest sources like ATMs as these are functional with all crypto assets. Customers can understand the method of using ATMs by reading the consumer manual with proper concentration.
Latest Bitcoin News / They say hardware wallets are the safest
« Last post by administrator on July 04, 2020, 02:41:24 PM »
Why do they say that? Correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't, hardware wallet, a hardware like usb, that generates private keys without being online on the internet?

Why do I not like them? Because, in addition with a txt file that you can encrypt with many ways and save it in many places, if your hardware stops working, you're a dead man. And you're going to fix it somewhere? Not that recommended. If you're a paranoid of course.

Prove me wrong, by not telling me the cons of software wallet. Prove me wrong, by telling me the pros of hardware wallet.
Latest Bitcoin News / - Insufficient Funds Error?
« Last post by administrator on July 04, 2020, 01:40:49 PM »
For the past week at least, I haven't been able to transfer my funds. It gives me this error all the time,
and I even tried contacting them but I don't hear back from them. A bit frustrating to be honest. Does
anyone know this error, and how to beat it? I could really use some help with this, thanks.
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Latest Bitcoin News / Quantum computers and cryptocurrencies
« Last post by administrator on July 04, 2020, 10:44:52 AM »
{I am fully aware that there are numerous topics regarding the same but for once I wanted to create a discussion where we can share our thoughts and information regarding the same }

What is Quantum mechanics?

In Physics we generally learn about Macromolecules , whereas the atoms and it's constituents have long been a tough choice for the physicists and chemists to go into , but back in the 1900's Richard feynman said If you think you understand quantum mechanics you don't understand it at all. It was a very powerful statement back then , even right now we can never say that we know an atom fully .
Quantum mechanics works on those tiny atoms , using them to solve something in 200 seconds  which otherwise would have taken 10,000 years  in the worlds fastest computers.
Limitations are many when we talk about normal computers but quantum computers have just started evolving.

Why should we worry about it?

All the messages , all the data and especially Our wallets, everything can be hacked in a matter of seconds if the person has computational power of a Quantum computer.

Things to consider here:
•The superconductors inside the quantum computers works on -273.15°C therefore there is no way a common man would possess some high maintainence thing like that.
•They would cost way more compared to normal computers , the cost of one computer would be in billions.
•They won't be compact and would need a lot of room
•The person using it itself needs to be certified and trained in the same.
•They mostly would be used for the pharmacists , chemists and other sectors , using them to hack wallets ?? Not so sure.
•If they can do that much damage the government will never allow them to be of use of general public Because their sites are way more vulnerable than cryptocurrencies.

I understand the problems we might face if they are out in the public , but it won't happen for another 10 years , plus not everyone can afford it .

Therefore I do believe that we have 10 more years to improve the cryptocurrencies , to improve the blockchain.
Maybe even we can integrate Quantum mechanics  in the mining softwares ? It would be financially not a right step but for people and companies who can afford , they will be able to make it way more secure than anything.

What can defeat a Quantum computer is a Quantum computer itself , therefore my idea might seem vague but I do think we can get there , what would be needed :

There are Mining companies and industries which could afford integrating the Quantum mechanics in their normal machinery. One machine alone could do work of 100's plus this way we can even reduce the time of sending Bitcoins from one wallet to another, without compromising the security.

What do you guys think ? Is it worth thinking about ?

Latest Bitcoin News / Comedian Bill Burr Shows Interest In Bitcoin.
« Last post by administrator on July 04, 2020, 08:50:31 AM »
Bill Burr reveals his interest in buying Bitcoin. Read the full article at Coinpedia news.
Latest Bitcoin News / ☼AUCTION SALE☼
« Last post by administrator on July 03, 2020, 06:46:59 PM »

⁕Bitcoin Coin Sculpture, diameter 5 inch.

⁕starts 0.02BTC
⁕bid incr. 0.002BTC

⁕reply to the person you’re outbidding
⁕ends 10/07, 12PM PST

It's a bit strange topic and situation so a friend of mine passed away in a traffic accident and I'm sure he have big amount of saved bitcoins in his wallet or wallets.
His parents a bit old school and they know nothing about technology or Bitcoin
So I want to tell his parents about it as probably his private keys is saved in his personal PC or email or his phone or some paper
And no I cannot go to meet them as I'm in another country now but I have his father's phone and another friend of mine living close to them

So do you guys think it's a good idea to tell his parents about it ? To search of they find some twelve words it's a key to some hisen coins ? Or what do you guys think?
Latest Bitcoin News / Broker Review VANTAGEFX
« Last post by administrator on July 03, 2020, 06:46:54 PM »
VantageFX is a leading Australian forex broker that specializes in ensuring the complete and fulfilling trading experience. Offering the very best in cryptocurrencies, Indices, shares CFDs and Commodities, the site is an industry leader. It has consistently received massive applauds on its security, customer support, and market transparency.

The company, started in 2009 to provide trading solutions, has a highly trained and experienced team with all the knowledge on customer needs. The consistent superior services have, over the years, have landed it several awards and a place at the top of the forex brokers' world.

Here is a detailed VantageFX Review;

VantageFX is a secure trading platform that is highly regulated. Owned by the Vantage International Group Ltd, it has to comply with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) and Securities Investment Business Law (SIBL).

Even though the broker by itself is not a publicly-traded entity nor does it operate a bank, it still complies with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Such regulations provide that it has to keep the clients' funds in a segregated account. It does regular audits to ensure compliance and to notice any anomalies as soon as possible.

With its primary source of income being spreads and commissions, VantageFX provides for various costs on transactions.  The cost of trading generally depends on the account the trader operates.

It provides for spreads of 0.1 pips on EUR/ USD in the ECN accounts and 1.4 pips for the standard account. It also charges a commission of 6% per full round on the ECN accounts.

These rates are a little higher than the average brokers.

The site also provides for both negative and positive swap rates on overnight trading. On the positive side, the broker offers tips on how to gain the most from the swap trades in the MT4 trading platforms. Traders might also incur some withdrawal and deposit fees depending on the payment method.

VantageFX provides leverages of between 100:1 to 500:1. Traders looking for higher leverages have the liberty to apply for consideration.

Account Types
VantageFX has three main types of accounts; Standard STP, Raw ECN, and Pro ECN. The standard STP is an ideal account for beginners looking for no commission and the easiest access to the market. The Raw ECN, on the other hand, is for the ardent traders who are after more liquidity and better spreads. Ultimately, the Pro ECN is for the professional trader who controls high volumes.

All these accounts have access to trading platforms and mobile app functionality. They also allow for trading in similar assets.

The Standard STP supports base coins like AUD, EUR, JOY, NZD, and USD. It uses STP for execution, with spreads from 1.4. It also provides for a minimum balance of $200 and leverages 500:1. The accounts charge no commission.

Unlike Standard STP, Raw ECN does not provide for 2% rebates on lots. It requires a minimum deposit of $500 and charges a commission of $3.0 per lot. Its base currencies are EUR, CAD, AUD, and GBP.

The Pro ECN does not charge commissions on lot rebates. However, it charges a commission of 2% on the lot per side. It allows a minimum deposit of $20,000.

VantageFX allows shifting to any account as long as the trade meets the minimum deposit thresholds. It also provides Islamic accounts based on sharia laws and a demo account for learning.

Account   Standard STP   Raw ECN   Pro ECN
Target user   Beginner   Experienced   Professional
Minimum deposit   $200   $500   $20000
Execution type   STP   ECN   ECN
Minimum trade size   0.01 lot   0.01 lot   0.01 lot
Platform   MT4 & 5   MT4 & 5   MT4 & 5
Leverage   Up to 500:1   Up to 500:1   Up to 500:1
Deposit and Withdrawal timeframes
VantageFX supports multiple payment methods like Mastercard, Skrill, Bank transfer, Visa, Swift, and Neteller. While the funds from most of the payments reflect within seconds, the bank wire transfer reflects a day after the deposits.

The site only accepts funds that bear a similar name to that in the account. It also waivers the deposit and withdrawal. Traders only have to incur the third-party fees. The site also provides that the name in the trading account must tally with the name on the payment account.

Trading platforms
VantageFX understands what the traders are looking for and looks to provide it by using the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5. These platforms come with reliable 24/5 customer support and are available in over 32 countries. The MT4, however, is more popular than the MT5 due to its highly regulated and easy to use trading environment. 

The broker has invested in top of the range plugins to increase the output of the platforms further. It provides for account management through MAM/PAMM accounts on the leading site.

The broker also looks to expand its reach and has since introduced the ZuluTrade platform for increased social trading. It also has the MyFXBook Autotrade for those who wish to explore auto trading.

Market and Products
While VantageFX offers a wide range of instruments, it still has the space to include some more. It comes with around 40 currency pairs on the forex trading. These come with a leverage of 500:1. 

It also provides ten world popular stock exchange indices, more than 50 U.S. and Hong Kong shared CFDs, and over 17 commodities.

Instrument   Numbers   Examples
Shared CFDs   50 U.S., 50 Hong Kong   Apple, Netflix, Visa, Amazon, PetroChina, and others.
Index CFDs   10   Chin A50, FTSE 100, Dow Jones 30, Nikkei.
Commodities   17   U.S. oil, Heating oil, Coffee, Cocoa, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, and others.
Customer Service
VantageFX has a reliable 24/5 customer service with multiple communication channels. The easiest option is the live chat conveniently placed on the surface of the site. It also provides for a phone number for those who prefer calls.

The broker also has email support with a typical reply duration of 24 hours. It provides for country-specific telephone contacts and fax. Also, those in Sydney and Melbourne can visit the physical offices.

Even though it lacks a FAQ section, unlike most brokers, it provides enough information on the page.

Education Materials
VantageFX understands the need for knowledge when investing in forex trading. For that, it provides great learning tools for traders of all levels. It has a comprehensive guide on learning to trade, which covers multiple sections like market analysis, market overview, and trading psychology.

It also provides webinars by different authority traders as well as tools MT4 user manuals and other video tutorials.

Pros and Cons
Trading in VantageFX is one of the most fantastic trading experiences one would wish for. Other than the security of funds, the site invests in multiple tools for ease of trading. It also provides for affordable charges depending on the account type and experience. The site also takes into account the customer needs, thus only work with the popular trading platforms.

Trading on the site is as great to a beginner as it is to professionals. It provides for different account types to accommodate the different experience levels. The same applies to give multi learning resources with regular webinars and user videos.

The only concern that comes with trading on VantageFX is the limited assets. It should consider increasing the instruments to attract more users.


Pros   Cons
Secure trading   Limited assets
Multiple learning tools   
Reliable customer service   
Different accounts depending on user needs   
Dependable trading platform    
Anyone looking for a reliable trading platform will be doing themselves a disservice if they don't consider VantageFX. With some of the most secure assets and competitive rates, it is all one needs to join the market. Do not hesitate to contact the customer service in case of any concerns. 
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In this video we look at Bitcoin with the S&P 500. We discuss the possibility Bitcoin could go to zero. That is my stop loss.

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