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Couldn't think of any other way to re-introduce myself since I kind of thought id have like elite status posting privileges after all these years
Latest Bitcoin News / Newb here!!
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can someone explain to me how this bitcoin thing works?
Latest Bitcoin News / ePayments + Amon
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Latest Bitcoin News / Technical analysis of coin prices project
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I am working on a project to develop a strategy to trade crypto currencies based on price activity. There is one basic question? Should I deal with Bitcoin only, or should I include some of the alternate coins? A technique I used was to look at the growth rates of various coins over periods of time. I looked at the top 25 coins by market cap for each of the last 6 quarters. I’m not sure if I can share a link to my blog. But I feel a link to the Excel spreadsheet would be permissible.

Hopefully the chart is clear.

Latest Bitcoin News / New Investment Club Just Launched
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The most exciting program for secure investing online.
Here is your golden chance to start making Big Money:
I just bought some bitpanda eco coin and noticed that each stage of this new coin release has fallen short of their selling goals. Anyone else bought any?
Latest Bitcoin News / Live long and prosper
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In 1999 PayPal was invented. Until then there was no commerce, there was no goods production in the world. Immediately the world economy started to improve. People started to produce TVs, phones, clothes, homes. But there were no sufficient money to buy these goods.

 Then in 2010 a very gentle person (a very good mathematician Satoshi Nakamoto) invented the bitcoin. Bitcoin was that money necessary for every person in this world to buy those goods.

 Until 1999 I was earning approx 30 USD/month working 8 hours/day. Then in 2010 because Satoshi Nakamoto invented the bitcoin, my earnings started to improve. I have 7 phones, 7 TVs, etc  (this is no joke).

Those money very necessary for the people to buy goods were created.  Who could imagine that today I could send 10 dollars in 30 seconds to a person on the other side of the World?

Who could imagine that this 10 USD that i am sending can be used immediately to buy whatever the person that receives them has dreamed?


Latest Bitcoin News / Iran legalizes mining
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Just think what a great decision Iran made. Having legalized mining, the country has created best conditions for large miners, because now it is safe for them. Perhaps the electricity fee will not be the most profitable but the police will never break your home to arrest mining farm

What is your opinion about that?
Latest Bitcoin News / Hybrid Exchanges
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Hybrid exchanges combine the features of both Centralized & Decentralized exchanges. Hence I consider Hybrid exchanges can rule the future world!

What is your view on this? Can Hybrid Exchanges be the future of crypto trading platforms?
Latest Bitcoin News / "One Way Trading"
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Hi I am new to crypto trading,

An acquaintance of me, told me that he is trading bitcoins and is using "One Way Trading"

Has anybody have any experience using this service?

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