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Latest Bitcoin News / Amazon and Bitcoin
« Last post by administrator on Today at 08:39:32 AM »
We really need Amazon to start accepting Bitcoin as payment again.

Has anyone heard anything in this space?
With reference to gaining a fundamental understanding of  bitcoin, Language Barrier is one element which is often over-looked.

Bitcoin's Whitepaper published by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 is fundamental to understanding bitcoin and blockchain technology.

If you want to learn about bitcoin in simple terms and understand the bitcoin whitepaper in urdu/eng, This is one of the best sources:

Check it out and let me know what you think!
Bitcoin transactions aren't reversible..

Due to lack of awareness about crypto, I'm still confuse at this topic. Does it mean something like this,

I send 1BTC to address "B" from Address "A". Next I try to send back that 1BTC to address "A" from address "B". Is it an impossible thing?
Hello my name is jihad from egypt live in uk i have to rent a flat my family aren't here and i'm alone i worked but i was very sick the last 2 weeks and the owner wants his money after 3 days i'll repay after 1 month every week i'll repay it's small loan 0.1 i habe to pay to the owner to take my passport and pay for another flat , i can't live with boys i'm a girl and still 23 i'm here from 3 months ago i don't know what i do so i'm new here as well i was searching for a loan i'm ready for ny collateral but don't have altcoin ready for all proof i just need a small help please or someone tell me what have i do please
Hellow Everyone
I just found a New Legit Site Name "NitroDice"
The most powerful, faster and absolutely fair DICE around. Our house edge is only 0.5%

Nitrodice Features : 1) - 3 crypto coins supported ( BCH , BTC , DOGE )
2) - Free Faucet 500 sat. Every time
3) - low withdraw with low fees
4) - Webdicebot without download software for PC , mobile users ( for fast auto bets  )

Until now, I was still confused about Bitcoin. Will bitcoin be a commodity like gold later? or will it be a currency like a dollar? or will it become a payment method?

There is still a lot of confusion here, where the direction of bitcoin will go. Honestly, I consider BTC as digital gold, which means commodity, and I get a big profit from its price movements. I am more inclined to think like that than to think that BTC is the currency of even BTC as a payment method.

Especially with the fork. it's like we are running alone and don't care about the direction of bitcoin. other fork btc has another vision, and tend to only think of the coin fork not thinking of bitcoin.

What about your opinion guys?
Latest Bitcoin News / news btc's today
« Last post by administrator on Today at 02:38:44 AM »

Bitcoin today 04-18-2019 - increase of  +1.07%.

   According to data from the general crypto-currency market, around 7 pm,

 Bitcoin's share price was now US $ 5,309.14, up 1.07% over the last 24 hours.

   The withdrawals of crypto-coins in yobit. net remain normal.
   The withdrawals of crypto-coins in yobit .net continue normally.

* Hello everyone , first i'm not a scammer i have a proof of what i say , so please if u call me i'm a scammer or i want to get money and go away show my proof then told your opinion...and i'll not received any amount on my wallet as well  *

I'm a team leader who's working with a 3 members until now my strategy it's about doubled amount with 10% risk only i will take only 7 persons that's why i told 10 days

For safety..
I never received amount on my wallet , your amounts will be in your wallet so u don't have to deposit or investment or things shit like this don't wory
Make a donation for the renovation of Notre-Dame de Paris

The Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral was very badly damaged by a fire on Monday, April 15, 2019, you too, participate in its renovation.

It is possible to donate by Bitcoin.

Here is the bitcoin address for the donation:


Thank you !
Latest Bitcoin News / Track and Trace
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Minimizing legal and financial exposure seems the direction that crypto is moving. Companies like Ciphertrace have discovered that more than $760m in crypto was stolen from exchanges so far this year. Do we allow this to happen or do we allow companies to step in to help stop these criminal acts?
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