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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Does COVID-19 affect the Bitcoin's price?

     I remember, on march 12th, Bitcoin dropped 50%. This surprised me.  I've heard that this figure is a biggest daily drop in the last seven years.  On March 12th, President Trump announced a travel ban on people from European countries for the next 30 days. And The Dow Jones Industrial Average showed huge volatility. There is an opinion that this led to a decline in bitcoin.  Are Dow Jones and Bitcoin really related? Or is it just the effect of the danger of the coronavirus?  Eric Thies, a cryptocurrency trader and technical analyst, share this : Quote  Today ’s massive dump in both the crypto markets and the traditional markets was very interesting to say the least. While many would say it is solely due to the coronavirus, looking into it further and you will see this does not show the usual signs of a recession. This may be because of the war on oil that many people have not heard about due to the news of the virus. (...)  One thing I think that is overlooked by many crypto investors is the money flow in this new market cycle. This is the first market cycle where the weight of the money will potentially be held by institutions. That means that Bitcoin is now tied to the traditional markets, and far from being a safe haven when it comes to the emotional cycles of humans, and our instinct to save our money when we become fearful.  Joe DiPasqual, the CEO of BitBull Capital, a crypto investment firm, shares this : Quote  Bitcoin ’s recent price action is primarily a result of the coronavirus outbreak affecting global markets and driving investors towards the safety of cash, (...) With this sharp decline, Bitcoin ’s potential as a safe-haven asset is being questioned, but we believe it is too early to seek any correlations between Bitcoin and other asset classes. ▶ Source : How to protect your investment against COVID-19   Current bitcoin price flows are better than before. But should I be nervous?  The cumulative number of confirmed cases of corona in the U.S. by today is 424,945.  What do you think?  Thanks for any comment and discussion.  And I want you to be safe from the coronavirus.

  • How did Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto get inspiration about developing Bitcoins?

    So I do think back in 2009 or way before 2009 something like apple fell on his head like Newton happened which made him think of an online Currency years ahead of it's time . What if the apple was the Morse Code ? The single most basic encrypted code which was invented back in 1837 could be the inspiration. Morse code uses bases Dots and Dash Making a normal signal encrypted , which can only be decoded by a special software or even a person who understands it . How a very simple thing could have helped discovered the Bitcoins , what are your thoughts ? Your take on what was the inspiration behind bitcoins??

  • A Ukrainian top university offering a course on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

    I am currently doing my Master's program in one of the best universities in Ukraine. Now that the country is on the lockdown due to COVID-19, more and more courses are moving online, especially to our university's online learning platform. So I was minding my own business and checking out the materials on the course I am taking, when I decided to take a look at some other courses available on the platform. And among them, I surprisingly found this course called 'The basics and Blockchain and cryptocurrencies' for 3-year Bachelor's program students. I'm attaching a photo as a proof, but it's in Ukrainian, of course. Just so I can tell you more, I enrolled in the course to see the overview (system bug doesn't allow taking a look at what they're studying without enrolling). Here's a list of topics they cover: Decentralized databases, attacks on Bitcoin, consensus type, crypto exchanges, functions of money and cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency types and trading basics. So the course is definitely pro-crypto, and let me reiterate that it's a part of a Bachelor's program in Computer sciences in one of the most popular universities in my country (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy), so it's pretty cool!

  • Hướng dẫn gửi tiền vào nhà cái W88 mới

    bước 1 : ĐẲNG NHẬP VÀO TRANG CÁ CƯỢC W88[/b] Các link đăng nhập vào trang chủ của nhà cái w88 : Sau lúc bấm vào 1 trong hai link đăng nhập w8 như trên thì trang chủ nhà cái w88 hiện ra, lúc này bạn tiếp tục bấm vào nút ĐẲNG NHẬP ở góc trên bên phải màn hình (Giống hình dưới) khung đăng nhập w88 hiện lên, bạn nhập vào Tên đăng nhập w88 và mật khẩu của các bạn vào. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/tkJQInI6t29y55J0GL9wpyVvzayNsEcnU3x8-gbpImtwNgZFmdbsOFR5p9Upx05ZnPX-GJZ8skKTqagtMcYjYk-fORl2lWobd8LcLT_nTPnhOrNWAxo1_RfKMfIbt0I1uiPpA_DR   bước 2 : CHUYỂN TIỀN VÀO account ngân hàng CỦA NHÀ CÁI W88[/b] Sau khi đăng nhập vào trang cá cược w88, các bạn bấm vào nút CHUYỂN TIỀN ở bên trên góc phải màn hình. (Giống hình dưới)   Tiếp đến, giao diện chuyển tiền vào tài khoản ngân hàng w88 hiện lên   Tiếp đến, trên giao diện CHUYỂN TIỀN, các bạn kéo chuột xuống dưới —> bạn sẽ thấy 4 phương thức nạp tiền w88 Gồm 4 phương thức chuyển tiền vào account nhà băng của w88 : chuyển khoản ngân hàng, Quick Pay, Thẻ Game và Gửi Tiền Trực Tuyến. Chuyển Khoản nhà băng :     tiện lợi : chuyển online, chuyển qua thẻ ATM.                      Bất lợi : chờ xác nhận khoản 5 phút.                       Quick Pay :    tiện dụng : Tiền cập nhật ngay vào account.                      Bất lợi : tài khoản nhà băng phải đăng ký nhà sản xuất Internet Banking.                       Thẻ Game :    thuận tiện : thẻ game dễ tậu.                      Bất lợi : bị trừ phí 20%.                       Gửi tiền trực tuyến :    dễ dàng : tiền cập nhật ngày vào account w88.                      Bất lợi : bạn phải nạp tiền vào bên thứ 3 như Ngân Lượng hoặc Bảo Kim.               [/list] Mỗi phương thức đều có Về ưu điểm riêng, nhưng theo kinh nghiệm mình Đánh giá Quick Pay là chuyển tiền nhanh và thuận lợi nhất. Nhưng account nhà băng của bạn phải đăng ký nhà sản xuất Internet Bangking, các bạn chỉ cần ra ngân hàng đăng ký dịch vụ Internet bangking. Vì bài viết dài nên mình sẽ chia ra các bài hướng dẫn gửi tiền theo từng phương thức. các bạn hãy bấm vào link ở dưới nhé.  

  • Before investing in bitcoin, What should I think about?

    Bitcoin investment makes me think a lot. Of course, it takes a lot of thought to invest in things like Altcoin, Stock, fund, not just Bitcoin. I have to think of 5 questions before investing in something. And answer it. 1. Which Purpose Are You Pursuing? 2. How Much Can You Realistically Set Aside for Investing? 3. When Will You Need This Money Again? 4. How Much Should Risk? 5. What Should You Invest In? What should I think more than this? What thoughts did you go through before investing in Bitcoin? ▶ Source : How to Build an Investment Plan That Works for You / the balance

  • Addresses With 1 BTC Are On The Rise, As Bitcoin Exits Exchanges

    Bitcoin has had a rather interesting 2020 thus far. Following a crypto market crash in March, there appears to be a rise in addresses with 1 BTC. At the same time Bitcoin appears to be existing exchanges. According to Glassnode, Despite Bitcoins' volatility, Bitcoin holders seem to be withdrawing their bitcoin from exchanges.   So what is actually happening? This article may hold some of the answers: https://crypto-current.co/addresses-1-btc-rise-bitcoin-exits-exchanges/

  • Historical performance of #BITCOIN

    Historical performance of #BITCOIN against #EURO: first price:97.0 last price:6832.8 EARNINGS:6944.12% 2.89% per day 20.25% per week 86.78% per month 1041.39% per year PERIOD: 6.67 years 80.02 months 342.93 weeks 2400.52 days Get Ready for the Next Halving BTC

  • Public call for philanthropic funding, crowdfunding

    8 April 2020, Easter Dear World and Philanthropic Community, Please find here attached the public call for philanthropic funding for the world's most groundbreaking and decisive work for decentralization and privacy: Letter (2 A4 pages): http://www.asterisk.fyi/2020-04-08_-_Public_Call_For_Philanthropic_Funding.pdf Appendix (3 A4 pages): http://www.asterisk.fyi/2020-04-08_-_Public_Call_For_Philanthropic_Funding_-_Appendix.pdf Bitcoin address for contributions: http://www.asterisk.fyi/transfer.html During this time of pandemic global lockdown crisis, when the need for both truth and trust could never be more obvious, I am humbled to bring you this humanitarian project for your consideration. We are confident it will have a lasting global impact and we hope you will find it worthy. We're a small team committed to advancing humanity's rights and needs for privacy. I view the need for this non-profit major project as urgent and important for all of humanity. I am asking your help to please forward this work to capable philanthropists committed to making a meaningful and lasting difference in our world. After devoting over 9,000 hours of work towards this humanitarian goal, we have reached the stage that philanthropic support will bring us over the tipping point we need to bring stability and scale. We are hopeful this quest for support will find its way to capable people who want to make a difference. Our main focus is for the work to have a lasting global impact, stretching decades into the future. We hope you will share our vision. Your support will make a historical difference that will serve future generations. (Pseudonym) contact@asterisk.fyi PS: Send us an email if you would like to receive future updates.

  • These Anti-KYC Stuffs Tiring Non-Techies Up

    1. Should I give up hard-work faking my name, my number, my email, etc., and just submit into KYC stuffs to make life easier? 2. Issue-A: Having a hard time buying coins without submitting into KYC entities. If I go peer-to-peer markets, its so expensive. Issue-B: Having a hard time cashing out without submitting into KYC entities. 3. I dont know things about hiding I.P.s, VPNs, TOR browser, coin joining, coin mixing, etc., and Im not planning to learn and use it. So I know everything about my crypto activities are traceable because Im not techie. Does that mean I should just surrender any effort to get anonymous and just submit into KYC, because its just the same (my I.P. is not hidden, etc.)? Im in a developing country here in Asia where cryptos are not illegal I believe. Im investing/trading not much, only around $1000-$1500 back and forth, circulating in my accounts. 4. Will these KYC things (submitting my documents) do any harm on me? Yes, I know privacy is important, but it really tires me up. With this little amount, I think I wont be of a target of hackers/bad guys (a waste of time for them). Right?

  • New Derivatives platform - SOFTLAUNCH of LCX

    Hi guys. Today, I'm soft-launching our new crypto derivatives trading platform, LCX (Light Crypto Exchange).  For the next few weeks, it is in "sandbox mode", so you can try it without any deposit.  (All sandbox accounts start with $10,000 in test credits.) As this is the first time I'm showing it to  anyone, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. The main website has lots of details and instructions on how things work.  The API is also documented. Breifly, a "Light Derivative"  is a short-term derivative that is peer-to-peer.  It follows the structure of other binary or digial options, but LCX never takes a position, we are just the matching engine. Payout is always USDT $100  Buyer and seller each contribute to the $100.  The proportion each side pays is negotiated through a standard live orderbook. Option expires every 5 minutes 5 strikes available Full API available and documented if you want to connect your own bots Platform is reactive and works in browser, table, or mobile. Most importantly, No ICO, private coins, ponzi schemes, or games.  This is just a clean, simple, fun trading environment.   Fees are transparent and reasonable. Feedback, both positive and negative is greatly appreciated. Website: https://www.light.cx Trading app: https://test.light.cx Thanks!

  • Dogecoin payments using api

    Hey with block.io changing regular account to only testnet (   terrible move still upset about it!) what is the next best service we can use, that can send multiple dogecoin payment using one transaction, all while using a api?

  • How will the coronavirus affect the cryptocurrency in 2020?

    What began in the Chinese province of Wuhan, has become a worldwide health crisis. As of the writing of this thread, over 74807 people have died, and 1.3 million more tested positive for the virus. It is the largest outbreak humanity has faced in the last decade. But how does it affect to cryptocurrency world in 2020?

  • Btc:Could we expect a bigger push -up?

    Btc: Could we expect a bigger push-up? Let's get back in the game, like i said earlier this weekend i took a long, my entries we're 6 710, 6 660, 6 610 & 6 580. But why am i bullish? 1. Breakout from the hold downtrend channel It's not the first time that it happened, but i still expect a good reaction from bulls. After breaking on the 3d timeframe we saw a drop around 6 610 which was the broken resistance now turned into a support. 2. Halving vs Disbelief From what i saw the majority lost more than 50% of their account in the last drop from 10.5k to 3.8k, we can see that a lot quit or are sitting in Usdt at the moment. With Halving coming in a month it's the perfect moment to start pre-pumping Bitcoin. Which doesn't mean moon yet, but at least to see a normal correction from the drop. 3. Still be careful My current strategy is to stay in the long until 7 710 - 7 975 (0.618 fibs), from there i would expect another drop around 5 300 (0.236 fibs). If we get there, i will close my longs and will switch about 50 - 75% of my Btc position in Usdt, i don't want to miss the start of the wave up so i will always keep some Bitcoin. If you're not in yet, i will add more around 6 870 - 6 820. Cheers!

  • pycrypto , libssl not found.

    Hello, I've tried to dump private key from wallet.dat because file is corrupted but shows that pycrypto or libssl not found not sure why.. wallet.dat is not BTC, it's Komodo. Screenshot https://prnt.sc/rufmpy

  • Look at the setup that is developing right now for crypto

    So 3 things: 1)Market optimism is about to explode assuming we are truly moving away from Corona 2) Stimulus Checks 3) Halving Is this the perfect storm coming?

  • Discover the best idea to get to grip with the current Situation!

    Everyone knows about COVID-19 Outbreak has turned the whole world upside-down. The virus evolves rapidly around the globe make thousands of lives at risk. So countries take the first step through the lockdown. Furtherly WHO has reportedly mentioned that they encourage contactless payments(Cryptocurrencies), and people should pay with contactless methods wherever possible, as the virus infection seems to spread through the usage of physical banknotes. The use of cryptocurrencies might be really helpful at this point, to keep you healthy and risk-free from the virus. How? Let’s find out Why are cryptocurrencies the right choice to stay healthy from COVID-19?

  • Bitcoin&Altcoins - Fake Investment Products That Pollute the Environment

    In the below linked presentation, Bitcoin is exposed as a fake investment product, which as such, is a total waste of energy. This also applies to all cryptocurrencies. Why is bitcoin a fake investment product? Or, to put it another way, how do we even differentiate between real and fake ones. Well, it's easy. In a real investment product, your investment of property or work is invested into something actual, which in the future, can provide you similar benefit. In a fake investment product, your investment is not actually invested into something, but is rather, just transferred from you as a new investor to old investor. Historically, there is no exception to the rule that all such products end up collapsing. The rest here: https://youtu.be/N5RKm7_scL4

  • MOVED: Bitcoin & Elon Musk

    This topic has been moved to Archival. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5238385.0

  • Bitcoin & Elon Musk recovery data

    are you on talking Gigafactory 5? https://tools.wmflabs.org/geohack/geohack.php?pagename=Gigafactory_Berlin-Brandenburg&params=52.4_N_13.8_E_type:landmark

  • fun equals enough entropy


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