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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Why is the Cryptocurrency Market Rising?

    Alt Season is when alternative coins (small market cap coins) see a large influx of capital, usually at the expense of coins like BTC, and ETH. There are whispers on Crypto Twitter (okay they’re more like shouts) of Alt Season approaching, but I’m keeping my eyes focused on the major coins out there so that when they bleed, I’m ready to accumulate. For the foreseeable future, I’ll be buying every dip that occurs.

  • Facebook is creating its own digital currency.

    I’m a bit torn about news surrounding Facebook launching, “Global Coin”. I’m an advocate for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as a whole, not just the bags I’m holding. With that in mind, Facebook launching its own coin is the fastest way to achieve the mass adoption of blockchain technology. They have one of the largest user bases in the world and want to create a digital currency that can be sent fast, cheaply, and securely across their many platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc).



  • We need a movie about Bitcoin

    I remember four years ago when a project was launched asking to get funded through ICO, the team were asking to get funded so they can create a movie about Bitcoin which will star prominent actors and actresses, but the project was a big failure because they cannot present their identity and their credentials in making a movie, they cannot even present their past movie projects. Now it's 2019 and so many things happen in Cryptocurrency, the news is everywhere and it becomes very popular on four corners of the world. Don't you think these big production company like Warner Bros, Universal and Netflix should do a movie about Bitcoin? Not really a documentary, but any kind of genre, like action, horror, comedy I think if the story and the plot is good, it could make a box office What do you think and who do you want to star if ever? This could create massive publicity for Bitcoin.

  • Tokoin

    #Tokoin Get your "Toko" to enjoy great benefits as plans towards 'kuCoin' is really falling in place.

  • Top Crypto Investments in 2019 Other Than BTC?

    Aside From BTC, What Have Been The Best Cryptocurrency Investments in 2019? You can see the full article below https://www.visionary-finance.com/news/Aside-From-BTC-What-Have-Been-The-Best-Cryptocurrency-Investments

  • Applying Basic Math to Secure Your Written Wallet Backups

    One of the hurdles of using open-source wallets is keeping your recovery seed paper secure and out of reach of peering eyes. We've just recently published an article about a solution that could potentially fix this problem, by using very basic elementary mathematics. You can read the article here: https://cryptosec.info/written-backup-encryption/ Note that in this article/method, we won't require you to buy anything, download anything, submit anything, or send us anything. Any feedback is appreciated, especially from the experienced users and bitcoin veterans here on Bitcointalk. Have a great day!

  • New Bitcoin Debit Card Needed

    HI I have been using Bitpay Debit Card for awhile now. I love the card, but when the company made withdrawing funds via the ATM no longer available, they lost some serious cool points!!! Can anyone provide me with a company that issues Bitcoin Debit Cards that WILL allow you to withdraw funds from the ATM please forward the link/info....I hope to hear from you fairly soon. I am located in USA.

  • How to get to my Bitcoins?

    In October 2014 I have made a backup of around 3000 Bitcoins. In the meantime, I have totally forgotten about them. So now I have found this backup. I took notes that I used the Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet in Android to store them. But now I am using Apple iPhone and don't have Android anymore. Does anybody know, if there is a wallet compatible with Schildbach Bitcoin Wallet for Android??? Please tell me. https://pasteboard.co/It750oZ.png

  • Court Allows Blockchain.com’s Trademark Lawsuit Against Paymium to Proceed

    The New York Federal Court denied the motion to dismiss the ruling in the trademark infringement action by cryptocurrency wallet and exchange operator Blockchain.com against fintech startup Paymium and its CEO Pierre Noizat over the use of domain “blockchain.io”. According to the court documents published on Aug. 7, the lawsuit, originally filed by Blockchain.com in September 2018, claimed that Paymium and its Blockchain.io platform not only infringed on the trademark, but also were involved in alleged unfair competition and false advertising. Read more https://cointelegraph.com/news/court-allows-blockchaincoms-trademark-lawsuit-against-paymium-to-proceed

  • This Crypto Asset Doesn’t Exist Yet, But Soon You’ll Be Able to Stake It

    Perlin hasn’t even had the token generation event for its PERL cryptocurrency, and already a leading staking-as-a-service startup has agreed to add it to the list of assets it supports. Staked – which has the backing of some of the most notable funds in crypto, including Pantera, Winklevoss Capital and Coinbase Ventures – helps holders of proof-of-stake tokens maximize their returns. Its new listing, PERL, allows access to a suite of applications designed to aid the international trade and trade finance industry, which is still very much bogged down by paperwork, according to Perlin CEO Dorjee Sun. “If you were to send a container to Indonesia, it takes two days for the container to go but five days for the paperwork,” Sun explained in call with CoinDesk from Singapore. Sun said the Singapore-based company raised $50 million last year from investors that include Arrington XRP Capital, FBG, BlockTower Capital and Global Brain. https://www.coindesk.com/this-crypto-asset-doesnt-exist-yet-but-soon-youll-be-able-to-stake-it

  • A Big Four Audit Firm Lost $1 Million In Bitcoin. Victims Are Losing Patience

    QuadrigaCX’s former users are running out of patience with Miller Thomson and EY, the court-appointed companies tasked with recovering their missing funds. The users want more transparency into EY’s investigation of Quadriga’s missing funds, as well as a better understanding of how the audit firm accidentally lost 103 bitcoin (now worth over $1 million) earlier this year. Some users are contemplating finding new legal representation due to their frustrations with Miller Thomson.


    When we talk of bitcoin supply, we look at it as 21 million bitcoin, and people wonder how that can serve the whole 7 billion population, but we forgot that there are smaller units of bitcoin, we have the mbtc, we have the ubtc and we have the satoshi, and i will like to talk on the satoshi which i believe needs to be expanded to really serve the current economy. SATOSHI, This is the smallest units of bitcoin, and 1 bitcoin is equals to 100,000,000 satoshis, which means that the total satoshi that we have is 2100 thrillion satoshis. The total circulating money of the world according to According to the Bank for International Settlements is 80 trillion dollars, the lowest denomination of usd is cent and 100 cent equals 1 dollar, so we have 8000 trillion cent circulating as money in the world, if satoshi is to be pegged to 1 cent and to be used as global currency, you see why it is necessary to have it expanded, because circulating money of the world will be short of about 5900 trillion satoshis.

  • Bitcoin is ‘Schmuck Insurance’: Morgan Creek Capital Founder

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch recently surveyed fund managers and found that investors are the most bullish they’ve been on bonds since the end of 2008.  But that popularity comes as long-term risks are developing for traditional asset classes. For these reasons, Morgan Creek Capital Founder & CIO, Mark Yusko thinks new types of protective ‘insurance’ such as Bitcoin may be warranted. https://bitcoinist.com/bitcoin-is-schmuck-insurance-morgan-creek-capital-founder/

  • Australians Warned Over Cryptocurrency-Heavy Self Managed Pensions

    The Australian Tax office has sent out 18,000 warning letters to Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs). The letters target those who have invested over 90% of retirement funds in a single asset class, such as property or cryptocurrency. https://bitcoinist.com/australians-warned-over-cryptocurrency-heavy-self-managed-pensions/

  • New Bitcoin Scams to Look out for


  • If you had $100 in what would you invest?

    If you had $100 in what would you invest?

  • No Friday Feeling For Bitcoin As It Falls Back to Four Figures

    A very short lived foray into four figures for bitcoin yesterday was over before it really began. The recovery showed all signs that there are just too many buyers lurking below $10k. However, a different picture is unfolding this Friday morning as Asia again dictates the direction of flow for BTC markets. https://bitcoinist.com/no-friday-feeling-for-bitcoin-as-it-falls-back-to-four-figures/

  • Bitcoin as a Store of Value: X / 21 million

    At a high-level, that's all the math there is to it, honestly. X / 21 million. X divided by 21,000,000, where X is the number of BTC that you own. But please hear me out. Additional considerations can be made. For instance: The current circulating supply is increasing (block rewards for mining), but one can easily deduce the current supply at any given time by multiplicating the block reward by the number of total blocks in the blockchain, keeping in mind the 'halvening' that takes place every 210,000 blocks (roughly every four years; next one expected to take place in May 2020). Something close to a million BTCs are owned by Satoshi himself, which remain untouched until today. A few million BTCs have been lost and are unrecoverable. Hard drives with mined BTCs got formatted at times where BTC was still worthless. BTCs have been sent, purposely and not, to un-spendable addresses. Seeds written down on papers have gotten destroyed. Brain wallets in the heads of people incapable of properly memorizing their seeds.Some Bitcoin in the scenarios I mentioned above can be numbered. The number of BTCs that have been sent to un-spendable addresses can be determined by analyzing the blockchain, consisting of every transaction that took place since Bitcoin's inception. Plug those numbers into the equation, by reducing the maximum number of Bitcoins (21,000,000) by the number of Bitcoins that can't ever be spent, and that answer is the number of BTCs you own.

  • Bitcoin Centennial War History

    No great war is smooth sailing. [Introduction, war has just begun] Before 2000, gold became a currency medium. 1000 years ago, silver became a market circulation intermediary. The choice of these two metals as a currency is inevitable because of its rarity and stability. 300 years ago, the national currency began to appear, claiming that it was the orthodox currency, who would not be recognized as a forgetfulness. As a primate that has always been bullying and hard, it is quickly believed that this is the truth, and quickly forgets what the essence of money is, and that the currency = currency, which has become the axiom of most people. ...... Until January 4, 2009, Satoshi packaged the “Genesis Block” on the blockchain in C language on a server in Helsinki. Bitcoin was born. It believed that he was the gold inheritor and the currency world finally greeted. Come to the great demon king. No matter how you think about cryptocurrencies, the competition between it and fiat money will be a great war. From 2009 to 2019, although the total market value of Bitcoin has increased from 0 to 1.7 trillion yuan, it seems that it has achieved great success, but in fact, the currency war has just begun. [2019, calculating power to retreat to many countries] In December 2019, 82 companies from 48 countries gathered at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong of China for a secret meeting. The venue brings together the most valuable companies in the Bitcoin mine, including some exchanges and the real power behind the industry chain. The theme is the issue of strict control of landmines by the relevant Chinese authorities and where to go. Some mine owners have proposed "the non-proliferation mechanism of computing power", unifying computing power, reducing the scale, and promoting the transfer of computing power to more secret places without causing concern in the power sector. The meeting ended in disappointment, and the management department quickly introduced that Bitcoin computing capacity quickly dropped from 68EH to 50EH, but the value of Bitcoin fell first and then rose, and the Japanese exchange broke through $20,000 for the first time. After 10 years of verification, Bitcoin successfully solved the human trust crisis, but the cost of Bitcoin blockchain and traffic congestion has spawned the emergence of Waukeen, which is a new distribution of Bitcoin in the circulation field. Waukeen is the goddess of wealth and trade, leading people to discover wealth, and Waukeen's faith will be recognized by people all over the world. The combination of faith and technology has spawned Waukeen Cryptocurrency, a separate complete bitcoin system. [2020, crazy internet token bubble] Since WAUKEEN has appeared in 2019, FACEBOOK and GOOGLE have quickly followed up, and AMAZON and YOUTUBE have also issued their own blockchain tokens. After 2019 to 2020 fermentation, almost all Internet companies are developing their own tokens. Tens of millions of users were involved, and the government directly shut down several companies. The 2017 ICO token bubble was completely banned. [2022, PayPal access to encrypted payment] World-class payment company Bay officially announced the access to three types of cryptocurrency. The world is shaking. Various types of e-commerce platforms have access to cryptocurrencies, and the market value of BitPay and coinbase continues to rise. The cryptocurrency has skyrocketed, and the M2 market value of cryptocurrency has become the world's third largest currency. [2025, "The Convention for the Suppression of the Encryption of Monetary Entities" was promulgated at the United Nations] The cryptocurrency is aggressive and the world of the French currency has lost its position. It has already threatened the status of the US dollar and the renminbi. China and the United States have proposed the "Convention on the Suppression of the Encryption of Monetary Entities", which has been recognized by most countries. The Convention declares that commercial companies are prohibited from accessing cryptocurrency payments worldwide, and the Convention is fully effective in 2027. The news announced that the market value of the cryptocurrency was shackled within an hour. [2026, 51% power attack hits Bitcoin] The Korean exchange first reported that some users had not received the bitcoin for a long time. In the following hours, bitcoin nodes around the world discovered similar problems. The Bitcoin payment network was the first to suffer a malicious attack of 51%. The US media speculated that this was a state-controlled computing power attack on the Bitcoin network. This calculation accounted for 25% of the total power of the Bitcoin network, but it has the ability to launch a 51% power attack. The bitcoin payment network, which has always been considered a "solid foundation", has completely collapsed, and cryptocurrencies have entered the era of Wanmaqi. The French currency re-established to the center of the world. The cryptocurrency led by bitcoin entered the era of darkness, but the war did not go out. [2028, the recurrence of the world financial crisis] On January 5, 2028, a housing credit crisis broke out in a country, and investors lost confidence in the value of mortgage securities, triggering a liquidity crisis. Even if the central bank repeatedly injects huge amounts of money into the financial market, it cannot stop the financial crisis. On October 9, 2028, the financial crisis began to run out of control. From the credit crisis to the financial crisis, and then from the financial crisis to the currency crisis, the world began to reflect on the legal currency system is no way to support the development of modern society. The black market price of a single bitcoin exceeded $460,000. [In 2030, Zimbabwe announced that Bitcoin is the legal tender] The riddled legal currency system was once again reflected in the financial crisis. The demonstrations that abolished the legal currency eventually intensified into a worldwide riot. The new government of Zimbabwe has announced that Bitcoin is its legal tender. Singapore, Switzerland and Hong Kong have also withdrawn from the Convention on the Suppression of the Encryption of Monetary Entities and publicly accepted cryptocurrencies. The United States finally announced the acceptance of commercial payments for 22 cryptocurrencies, and the Convention for the Suppression of Cryptographic Monetary Diffusion was in fact abolished. The cryptocurrency is back to the center of the stage. [2032, the national legal currency blockchain start] After this worldwide financial crisis, experts from various countries began to rethink the national currency. The “Anti-Currency Opium” campaign was launched around the world with a total of 450 participants. The United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and other governments have succeeded in developing a decentralized blockchain currency. The national legal currency blockchain has been launched globally. However, the major interest groups holding large legal coins did not buy it, and the progress of the national legal currency blockchain was not smooth. [2036, "chain of peace" rejected] In the past four years, the development of the French currency block has not progressed much. The development team of the cryptocurrency EOS\BCH\ETH has extended the “chain of peace” and hopes to link into various legal currency systems and use BTC\EOS\BCH\ETH as the anchor. set. But Bitcoin’s “chain of peace” was rejected by governments. [2037, Alan Musk releases personal currency] In order to express dissatisfaction with the government, Elon Musk released personal currency. At the same time, access to the "chain of peace" of the EOS\BCH\ETH development team, the total market value quickly reached 10 billion US dollars. In the same year, governments announced that individuals issued personal currency violations and personal currency was suppressed. [2038, Bitcoin algorithm is overcome by quantum computing] On June 8, it was another dark day in the world of cryptocurrency. The proud bitcoin algorithm was overcome. The cryptocurrency world suspects that the US Intelligence Agency NSA has arranged backdoors in the algorithm, but the reality is that a Chinese team broke through the quantum computing power and can control 50 superconducting quantum entanglements, and the quantum computing power has made a major breakthrough. The world of cryptocurrencies has been confusing for half a month, with losses of more than $1 trillion. The community was stabilized until the Bitcoin community was replaced with a “quantum encryption algorithm”. After this battle, the Bitcoin world had to roll back again, and the cryptocurrency world was once again hit hard. [2040, Nakamoto was found] Nakamoto won the Nobel Prize in Economics and was not picked up at the scene. Nakamoto said in the dark network that the cryptocurrency is being legalized. Expressed his concerns about the future of cryptocurrencies. The next day, the US Intelligence Agency NSA announced the identity of Nakamoto, and the New York Times commented that the NSA used the Nobel Prize to fish. [2041, terrorist organizations use multiple signatures to threaten the world] The terrorist organization CS used a smart contract of cryptocurrency and multiple signatures to detonate a bomb in Silicon Valley, killing 1,200 people. This incident caused an uproar, and the dark attribute of the cryptocurrency was again accused by the French currency. The FBI and NSA directly seized the "Silk Road 4.0" and openbra cryptocurrency e-commerce sites. [2042, the United States announced that it is illegal to hold Bitcoin] In 2042, the United States announced that it had continued to ferment the bitcoin illegal CS incident, and the terrorist organization became the number one enemy of the United States. On July 24, 2042, the US Congress passed a bill to declare that it is illegal to hold Bitcoin. All holders of cryptocurrency assets must file a record. In the same year, China followed the US bill and stood in the same camp as the United States. [In 2045, the country of the French currency began to split] For the attitude of cryptocurrency, the French currency countries began to split. The already-important Islamic world and small and medium-sized countries have insisted on using cryptocurrencies, while the traditional powers with the right to speak the French currency are demanding. In China and the United States, Bitcoin can only be applied in Deep Net and "Silk Road 5.0", but the decentralized node "entropy" of cryptocurrency is still running quietly. [2047, the era of "currency cold war" opened] Africa and Islam are cryptocurrency camps. The United States and China are traditional currency camps. The world has evolved the era of "currency cold war". But more and more multinational blockchain giants and AI companies secretly support cryptocurrencies. Well-known companies develop their own cryptocurrencies, and the ecology of cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more complete. The dollar has become more and more worthless. After seven years of "currency cold war", more and more people in the United States have demanded the abolition of legal currency. [2054, the first real AI+ birth] In the 7th year of the Cold War, a well-known American online company, Google, gave birth to an "AI baby." His birth indicates the arrival of an "AI person." He is the first child created by human beings and the first artificial intelligence to truly think independently, self-repair and self-renewal. Human beings become true gods. "AI Baby" is the crystallization of the entire American technology and wisdom and has become the new pride of the United States. But "AI Baby" requires itself to use Bitcoin. [2057, the United States announced the use of cryptocurrencies with "AI people"] After the emergence of more and more AI people, cryptocurrency has become a necessity for their choice. In 2057, when the AI ​​members of the US Congress appeared, the United States announced that it would use cryptocurrencies with AI people. Since then, the world of French currency has completely collapsed, and Bitcoin has become the real "money anchor" in the world. [2063, the world of French currency retreats] The cryptocurrency continues to suppress the French currency, which has become the insistence of a few liberals and human fundamentalists. Since Bitcoin is completely transparent and tied to identity, the French currency has become a real dark currency. No one knows who is using the French currency. Only on some marginal islands, the French currency is used by the minority. [2067, cryptocurrency evolved into a "power center"] The world of cryptocurrency is becoming more and more centralized, and the computing power and consensus mechanism are increasingly being mastered by several people. 1% of people have 99% of the world's wealth, and the inequality of computing power makes it difficult for too many humans and AI people to accept. The "return to humanity, the search for legal currency" movement has arisen, and various rebellious movements have come and gone. [2077, the revival of the French currency] In the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, there is a coin-loving group that combines traditional and dark currency, emphasizing anonymity and democracy. The electronic legal currency is mixed with the power of anonymity and other cryptocurrencies, resulting in a new type of legal currency. Although the revival of the French currency has continued for 10 years, it is still weak. [In 2087, the French currency has become a dark currency] On May 17, 2087, the founding of the Islamic League and China and the United States reached the "Regulations on the Management of Cryptographic Monetary Cooperation" and made important arrangements for the world Internet currency. The national currency is declared to be an illegal currency, and the legal currency enters the dark world. The journalism science students lament that if the legal currency accepts the "chain of peace" in the past, there may be some room for survival. [2100, the last legal currency disappears] On January 4, 2100, according to the Regulations on the Management of Cryptographic Cooperatives, the last currency was burned. [2109, RMB at Sotheby's Auction] In February 2109, at the Sotheby's auction in London, a high price of one bitcoin and waukeen printed in 2019 was made everyone marvel at it. At this time, people understand that it would be a happy thing to have a RMB. [Conclusion] If you want to participate in this currency war, Then you have to have 1 waukeen or 0.0001 bitcoin first. Otherwise you can only become a bystander. Here, the rational and cautious quantum school, After field visits and a two-month background check, Recommend a strong, safe and convenient cryptocurrency exchange "Coke cola" From here, start your own war.

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