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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Bitcoin and quantum computing dangers

    How serious is the threat that quantum computing poses to blockchain technology, and what can be done about it? The science of quantum physics is being used to build quantum computers–powerful machines that have the ability to solve incredibly complex mathematical equations much more quickly than even the most advanced computers available today. As such, any data that’s encrypted using mathematical equations–including banking data, intelligence data protected by the government, and encrypted messages on cell phones–is vulnerable to being exposed by quantum computing. Most notably, in this case, encrypted cryptocurrency data–such as private wallet keys–are also vulnerable to quantum computing technology. Is Bitcoin doomed?

  • crypto.com another fraud app

    Change continuously the rules and you must buy 200 dollars of their crypto. Impossibile to recover the money.

  • Final Hunt for the Real Satoshi Nakamoto - Hoffman Investigation

    Final Hunt for the Real Satoshi Nakamoto - Hoffman Investigation Hoffman Investigation is underway to reveal the genuine inventor of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. The Hoffman Investigation will end the decade old mystery of Bitcoin invention. Accuracy is 100% authentic. There will be no one out there to challenge the Hoffman Investigation. All the fake impersonator of the real Satoshi Nakamoto will fade away from the Bitcoin Space. I have met the real Satoshi Nakamoto in late 2015, after full two years of searching for the genuine inventor of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. No, he is not anyone out there in the Bitcoin community. But he is out there visible but unseen. I have been granted permission by the real Satoshi Nakamoto to reveal his true identity in the news media as it is now necessary. Dr Josef Hoffman Investigative Journalist Economic Intelligence Unit

  • Bank of America Closes Ex-PayPal CFO’s Account Is One Reason to Consider Crypto

    Prominent Venture Capitalist, Roelof Botha, has tweeted that the Bank of America has closed his account with no explanation and on very short notice. With such censorship control as this, Bitcoin and digital assets continue to stand as an alluring alternative. Botha, a Sequoia Capital Partner and former Chief Financial Officer of PayPal tweeted that after having been a customer for 20 years, America’s second-largest banking institution, the Bank of America, has closed his account with no explanation. This comes at a time where a censorship-free banking alternative exists in the form of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Check out the full news here For me, this is very unprofessional. Closing a bank account without further explanation? At first, I highly respect Bank of America on who they are, especially when sending international payments for my commissions in a company that I was working before. But when it comes to closing down a bank account without noticing the account owner in a professional manner, it was unacceptable. This is why I never stored any funds on bank (or even consider saving there). I keep them in my hardware Bitcoin wallet to ensure that I will be in full control and no one does. This is another reason why people like us should consider an alternative by storing our hard-earned money on a crypto wallet that no governing body or bank is controlling my funds. I believe this is now the right time for those who are still skeptical about moving funds from bank to Bitcoin. They just need to be educated and spread the word about Bitcoin to enlighten their minds and swallow their pride.

  • Multi-Collateral DAI explained

    Today MakerDAO are launching the new #DAI We are prepared and we will be supporting the new multi-collateral in our marketplace. We've created a blog post to help you understand how the new DAI could affect you: https://raise.it/blog/multi-collatorel-dai-what-does-it-mean-for-raise

  • Will Bitcoin Ever Be Regulated?

    Will Bitcoin Ever Be Regulated? This article is originally published in Albaron Ventures. As Bitcoin and other digital assets continue to grow in adoption and popularity, a common topic for discussion is whether the U.S. government or any government for that matter, can exert control of its use. There are two core issues that lay the foundation of the Bitcoin regulation debate: The digital assets pose a macro-economic risk. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can act as surrogates for an international currency, which throws global economics a curveball. For example, countries such as Russia, China, Venezuela, and Iran have all explored using digital currency to circumvent United States sanctions, which puts the US government at risk of losing its global authority. Can Bitcoin Even Be Regulated? Before diving deeper, it’s worth asking whether Bitcoin can be regulated in the first place. The cryptocurrency was built with the primary purpose of being decentralized and distributed– two very important qualities that could make or break Bitcoin’s regulation. By being decentralized, Bitcoin doesn’t have a single controlling entity. The control of Bitcoin is shared among several independent entities all over the world, making it nearly impossible for a single entity to wrangle full control over the network and manipulate it as they please. Full article: https://1binaryoptions.eu/will-bitcoin-ever-be-regulated/

  • How bitcoin supported blockchain used for waste disposal

    As we all know that blockchain came to existence for bitcoin. To support for the bitcoin transaction, But the capability of blockchain is fully used by developers but is being implemented on many filed. Do you ever think about a waste management method using Blockchain? Well now blockchain can be used for proper disposal of waste, Blockchain in waste management is very useful compared to the current scenario where e-waste and other nondegradable wastes are increasing and a proper waste management method is compulsory for a beautiful earth/

  • How The Blockchain Will Fix Online Platforms Like Shopify

    Commerce can profitably use the tokenization process to retain customers and offer them cheaper service. But how accurate is the blockchain for this? Were there no coupons, customer cards, VIP client statuses in order to receive favorable conditions for working with the platform? Blockchain may not be needed for many systems. since a good database already allows you to save all the information and adjust the transparency of all processes. Source link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattspoke/2019/11/11/how-the-blockchain-will-fix-online-platforms-like-shopify/amp/?__twitter_impression=true What do u think, guys?

  • Craig Wright Claimed He Would Reveal a Critical Bug in BTC and LTC - Then Didn’t

    November 15, 2019, has come to pass, and yet another claim from Craig Wright has proven to be nothing more than conjecture. One year ago, Wright claimed in a tweet that after a year’s time, he would release details on an alleged unrepairable flaw in both Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) that essentially renders both coins dead on their feet. According to the so-called ‘responsible disclosure’ tweet, the bug has something to do with the segregated witness (SegWit) upgrade that was rolled out for both Bitcoin and Litecoin in 2017. Wright also mentioned that both cryptocurrencies would be “shown to have no utility” and “are dead” before signing off with “Dead coin walking.” Source link for the news here Okay guys, so this has been a very interesting topic to share on. I don’t know what you guys think about this, but do you guys agree about Craig Wright’s statement that there’s a critical bug on Bitcoin and Litecoin? In the end, he “didn’t”. I know that nothing is perfect here, even the blockchain technology of course. It may have some vulnerabilities, especially when quantum computing is in effect. If there’s indeed a critical bug on both Bitcoin and Litecoin, what would that be? Perhaps some of you guys have some insider about it? Let me know about your thoughts and opinions about this one guys! Cheers!

  • Is it possible for all miners to cancel the halving rule and make BTC infinite

    They can make a deal together and all use a new version of software which doesn't have a halving rule. I know logically they won't do that. But from a technical perspective, does BTC have a mechanism in code to prevent that happening?

  • what will $500 do for you this new year?

    Do you know you can trade cryptocurrency without fear and zero risks of losing your investment into shit coins? Are you ready to own 10btc (bitcoins) before the first quarter of next years? doesn't sound realistic right? Trust me when I say it is possible with "python signal" Get credible crypto analysis and signal from reputable data and crypto experts on the Python signal platform and also be a part of a revenue-sharing fund, with possible earnings tuning to over $300,000 in 6month Yes! It is possible with python Subscribe for 1year plan to unlimited crypto alerts and many more incentives.......................click here https://www.pythonsignals.com/?u=Jajamoney Here is the story of Enakirerhi Ejovewoke turned into a millionaire in dollars just by a single signal from python signal In February 2019 A signal was released for all members of the python signal group to purchase "Thore coin" at the cost of $0.3cent and hold. He seized the opportunity to purchase $500 worth of the coin at the cost price of $0.3 500÷0.3=(1666.6 thore coin) this is what he got for his investment. In August 2019 A signal was given to all the members who purchased thorecoin to sell Price of thorcoin as at August 2019 1thorecoin= $2,014 So his asset grew 1666.6 * 2,014= $3,356,666 dollars Equivalent to 1.2 billion in naira  Telegram t.me/pyhtonsignal Watch this video to understand more https://youtu.be/8FtbXI3h-t8 Signup https://www.pythonsignals.com/?u=Jajamoney

  • How do people decide to create Cryptocurrencies?

    Since there are hundreds or even thousands of Cryptocurrencies out there around the world, I am rather interested in what are the processes of creating a new cryptocurrency. I’m interested in things like how do people decide when to make new cryptocurrencies, what are the logistics in making the new coins and how do they promote their new coins to the public or certain groups of people in order to facilitate its usage. 

  • https://supplementblend.com/leptitox-nutrition/

    This implies you may have shaved load off of your scale, however you don't seem as though you lost any weight Leptitox Review Obviously, with customary eating regimens and a solid exercise, you are making a more advantageous body and you may at first observe the weight reduction benefits. Be that as it may, after the underlying stage, a great many people hit a stopping point. Indeed, even with expanded exercise and less eating, you will really observe a reduction in metabolic rate and vitality levels. https://supplementblend.com/leptitox-nutrition/

  • Need your help, Petition against central Bank in Pakistan for Cryptocurrency

    Hello everyone, I need your help in getting pdf or exact laws made by U.K. , USA for legalizing Crypto Currency as I have filed a case in Pakistan, which is the first-ever case in favour of cryptocurrency, I need to talk in Court's language, Pakistan follow U.K. court laws, so I need to show Pakistani Court how U.K. formed laws for digital assets, miners, Crypto Currency ATM Machines, please provide link to law documents, here are my details https://youtu.be/TDIAp0MOuNw

  • https://supplementblend.com/leptitox-nutrition/

    There's no need of hopelessness now. However long you have spent trying different diet and exercises plans, you can have a brand new start in life. And age will certainly be a hindrance. Leptitox will cause you to get healthy and slender. Your quality of life can change considerably. Clients have reported improvement inside joint health, blood glucose level, cholesterol level, their own heart function and also a whole lot more. By using this nutritional supplement in a nutshell, all the diseases which can come at old era have eliminated. How does Leptitox will work? /2NH7d75 https://[Suspicious link removed]/y499xq6v https://[Suspicious link removed]/6S4RZ0 http://msnho.com/blog/leptitox-nutrition/leptitox-nutrition-reviews http://leptitoxnutritionreview.simplesite.com/ https://5dc013690fd15.site123.me/leptitox-nutrition/leptitox- nutrition-review-it-help-you-lose-your-weight https://sites.google.com/view/leptitox-nutrition-/home https://leptitoxnutritionreview.blogspot.com/2019/11/what-are- benefits-of-leptitox-nutrition.html https://go-leptitox-nutrition.tumblr.com/ https://hillconnor94355.wixsite.com/leptitox-nutrition https://www.nobedad.com/article/28c6f0ed?c=b6866e1f8f&nc=1 https://leptitoxnutrition.hatenablog.com/ https://leptitoxnutrition.yolasite.com/ http://leptitoxnutrition.jigsy.com/ https://leptitox-nutrition-reviews-99.webself.net/ https://medium.com/@hillconnor94355/leptitox-review-natural-way-to- loss-weight-3b71e41ce48c https://www.weddingwire.us/website/leptitox-and-nutrition https://gumroad.com/l/Leptitoxreview http://eptitoxnutrition.angelfire.com/ http://leptitox-nutrition.mystrikingly.com/blog/leptitox-nutrition]https://supplementblend.com/leptitox-nutrition/ https://[Suspicious link removed]/2NH7d75 https://[Suspicious link removed]/y499xq6v https://[Suspicious link removed]/6S4RZ0 http://msnho.com/blog/leptitox-nutrition/leptitox-nutrition-reviews http://leptitoxnutritionreview.simplesite.com/ https://5dc013690fd15.site123.me/leptitox-nutrition/leptitox- nutrition-review-it-help-you-lose-your-weight https://sites.google.com/view/leptitox-nutrition-/home https://leptitoxnutritionreview.blogspot.com/2019/11/what-are- benefits-of-leptitox-nutrition.html https://go-leptitox-nutrition.tumblr.com/ https://hillconnor94355.wixsite.com/leptitox-nutrition https://www.nobedad.com/article/28c6f0ed?c=b6866e1f8f&nc=1 https://leptitoxnutrition.hatenablog.com/ https://leptitoxnutrition.yolasite.com/ http://leptitoxnutrition.jigsy.com/ https://leptitox-nutrition-reviews-99.webself.net/ https://medium.com/@hillconnor94355/leptitox-review-natural-way-to- loss-weight-3b71e41ce48c https://www.weddingwire.us/website/leptitox-and-nutrition https://gumroad.com/l/Leptitoxreview http://eptitoxnutrition.angelfire.com/ http://leptitox-nutrition.mystrikingly.com/blog/leptitox-nutrition

  • How to fix Thunderbird email problem on windows 10

    Due to some reasons, Thunderbird email may stop working on windows 10 a d you get the frustrating situation. To fix the issue, you can follow these steps: •   Go the start windows button and click on restart. •   When it restarts, you need to click on the troubleshoot button, followed by advanced options. •   Then click on startup settings and restart it. •   When it restarts click on F5 and choose safe mode with networking. •   If you get it working, you can be sure that the problem is not with the Thunderbird but with some other third-party software. •   Disable other third-party antivirus software and resume email services. If you need, you can contact at Mozilla Firefox Customer Care Number and avail the most prominent support. Read More:  Mozilla Firefox Customer Support  |  Mozilla Firefox Phone Number

  • via coin exchange

    if someone is moving money from an offshore trust to the mainland using bitcoin and they live in canada or the u.s., how would they eventually go about cashing out assuming that they can cash out via a coin exchange since they are using bitcoin?  if im moving money from an offshore trust to here in north america via any coin exchange using bitcoin, then how would i go about cashing out assuming i dont have problems with the government?  what are the most options that i would have available to me if this was something that i wanted to do while living here in either country?  would i have many options available to me or not?  would anyone be able to tell me if i would have many, many options or not?  rsvp.  thank you.

  • The Problem With Being Apolitical in Bitcoin and Crypto

    If you even have any money, if you even run some sort of business with crypto or have significant savings in it, then my posts apply. If you have nothing to lose because you don't have anything and want to post salty subcomments, then you know you might be part of the problem. I'm politically anarchist for what' it's worth. But my point is, crypto and btc users are going to have to use their damn electoral politics, their actual representation and federal representatives. If we raised as much hell as legacy finance, if we spent the lobbying money they spent, if we didn't just lay back and take it, the regulators wouldn't be able to go this unchallenged. The biggest issue stems from the US using the dollar as a political weapon and having a framework in the treasury department for infringing everyone everywhere's rights with overreaches in the patriot act and AML laws. I saw an article in cointelgraph asking if lawmakers are using AML as an excuse to centralize the industry *YES THATS WHAT THEY ARE DOING, IN ORDER TO SUPPORT THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT AND TO ENRICH THEIR WALLSTREET INSIDE TRADING FRIENDS* Had people here read the FATF papers on bitcoin in June, I wouldn't get the smarm. If your LIVELIHOOD depends on crypto, YOU NEED TO READ THAT FATF PAPER. DO IT. The treasury departments goal is to ultimately make bitcoin not bitcoin. They want to treat it as something that isn't fungible and isn't interchangeable in address, something that isn't peer to peer cash, emphasize on cash. They are struggling to do this,so they are going to be sneaky about it and attack the integrity of the network incrementally with regulations. They are asking bitcoin to be something it literally isn't and cannot be. In order to do this they will have to go after third party wallet and hardware wallet providers and exchanges. They will have to create a gardened system that taints and tracks bitcoin in such a way, that it is bound to you like a bad case of fleas, ultimately debanking people, ratting them out to creditors. You basically lose all the aspects of bitcoin with NONE of the privacy of an actual real bank account. So as soon as someone Dox's you and your wallet amount that the feds have hoisted upon you, they can just come beat you to death in your house and take it (the hackers, but the feds certainly love to do that to people who wrong them aswell). The IRS is profoundly unfair towards crypto. Refuses to give it commodity taxation or security taxation, no exemptions, no 475, no QBI. If you trade crypto on coinbase and live in San diego County you have a 50% tax rate FIFTY   PERCENT. In texas is you trade crude oil futures, you have a 27% tax rate. All you hear from the alphabet bois everyday are threats, threats, and more threats.   Call your representatives and start fighting back. It' s not about bribing and lobbying, it's about the normal democratic process and holding public servants accountable and reminding them they are public servants. People are just being naive. I mean sure, if you like Bitcoin staying under 5000 dollars in perpetuity for pure wallstreet speculation. That's always the same attitude "We don't need to use normal politics, we don't need to apply normal finance policy to ourselves, politics doesn't apply, the government can't touch me or us, our haxor friends will develop more elusive things" and on and on and on.... more naive things Walllstreet and the intelligence agency and treasury are openly threatening, promising, and ensuring a hostile takeover and perversity of the network. Because they are pragmatic, live in and of the world, and are gaming it, and doing as the world does, while you all choose to live in fantasy land in a perpetual libertarian meme. That's not how the real world works. You're going to have to hold the government accountable just the 98% of the population who aren't libertarian do. If you do nothing, they will stomp it all into the ground. But I guess the libertarian meme culture of Bitcoin and political ignorance makes people think they can get away with being apolitical without consequences and somehow the alphebet bois won't just obliterate all of this into pure uselessness. Do you really think you're going to compete with the US dollar by being apolitical? Mnuchin made a threat against bitcoin for trying to compete with the US Dollar. Normies aren't going to use monero. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and everyone would be an outlaw and a monero advocate. IT's not going to happen. It's not. Government officials have to be held accountabile, and if you are apolitical and apathetic and uninvolved, wallstreet will make the decisions for you, they will buy out and sell out bitcoin wholesale, as they are currently doing. The CME and paper contract watering down is the beginning of that process, where they will suppress price and cripple miners exactly like they have done silver and gold. America runs this shit. It controls bitcoin, it controls gold, it controls the world.

  • YL smart contract Welcome to global blockchain players

    Digital currency can be regarded as a virtual currency based on node network and digital encryption algorithm Ghost organization's interest in blockchain Digital currency written with Ethereum's smart contract The ghost "YL" is jointly studied by the ghost organization of the dark net The total number is 20 million, Only one million coins have evolved, the rest of which are written on the chain, and coins are produced in the mining pool on the smart contract chain, Completely decentralized, It is open and transparent, and can be queried on the chain. All systems written on the chain cannot be changed, The "dark net" itself is a group of liberals and anarchists, The dark net is hidden under the bright net, Corrode and disintegrate in a vessel of people's hearts that is dense and opaque - bright, magnanimous, just and kind, Smart contract is essentially a deployment (deploy, publish) code on the blockchain, Because the code on the blockchain can be viewed, So it has the characteristics of openness and transparency When the ghost "YL" smart contract is deployed to the chain, a contract address will be generated, It exists permanently in blocks on the chain. In the absence of a network Set the mobile phone to flight mode, and it can also be operated in the background. Even if the backstage is closed, the backstage cannot enter. You can also take assets out The ghost "YL" changes the world with you

  • Bitcoin/ETH Donation - Hire Writers & Developers

    Hey cryptonnaires. I'm asking for some donations to hire writers to write excellent content for CryptoZink.io. Also, there are some more developments that need to be done with the site (like dark mode, better API) etc. Anything you can contribute will be helpful. Thanks Matt BTC Address: 14dzMCw6d3x5jkBuFxSgeYmZTwfxBj3Lbi ETH Address:  0x8d3b8BcA26b685Aa52d8AabB881633f3ED00178F

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