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Latest Bitcoin News

  • A Clue On How to Make Your Own Bitcoin Seminar/Meeting

    2 days ago, I held a bitcoin seminar (or you could call it a meeting) and it wasn't easy. However, it was possible. You can see that on the last topic started by me. Majority of us here on the bitcointalk forum have the opportunity of holding meetings like this but don't know how to go about it. It's not like I'm a pro in holding stuffs like this. It was my first time and surely won't be my last. About two of the comments on the thread asked me to tell more about how the meeting was held (for the same of those who want to hold such meeting too). Here we go: Most people due to the human nature believe that when you being such information to them, you have something to gain. Considering this, we had to clearly and repetitively inform those who attended the meeting that we have nothing to gain by holding the meeting (bitcoin was the one gaining). Firstly, you should start by telling them that cryptocurrency is a type of currency like dollars, etc. But can't be seen or held because it is digital. In my own case, I used the data subscription (MB) to describe how it can be used even tho it can't be seen. Then, I proceeded by telling them the oldest cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) and it's a superficial facet of it's history. Afterwards, I told them that there are other cryptocurrencies too and that the oldest bitcoin platform is the bitcointalk. org platform. I explained how how fiat can't be changed to bitcoin and how bitcoin can be changed to fiat. And then, the most important part; the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin (and cryptocurrency as a whole). I was elaborate. I gave them the space to ask both silly and meaningful questions. And after all, they understood. I knew that some questions would later arise so we had to create a group on WhatsApp to keep us all connected. (You can use any platform.... I just decided to use WhatsApp) So, I believe that with the guide above, anyone of us can hold a meeting too. It's no big deal. Tho it's not easy (especially when you aren't compensated by anyone). Also It mustn't be your friends. It could be anyone (your relative, etc). For instance, let's say your uncle is about to fly out of the country, you could simply call his attention, ask him how he'll get his cash when he gets to his destination. After he must have talked about how the banks would do that, you introduce bitcoin to him. Telling him how he can be the manager of his money and how he can travel with any amount of money in his bitcoin wallet. Summarily, there are many ways we can do this, we just have to look closely because even the tiniest bit matters.

  • Bitcoin transaction dispute

    Experts please help us clarify this to a client: A client requested for 0.00816938btc from us and provided an address 12xYef9W528E1LqTRyjejFWWackwGEz6p4 which he has confirmed is correct and generated by him.We funded exact amount to the address with hash 433b8767afb0efc34252dbca0396ae0f56015a042b784cfd3b91371480ba8aad which of-course is visible in the address. Now, he is claiming that the bitcoin is not in his wallet, we told him we sent bitcoin to the address he asked us to send to and he too can check the address and see the bitcoin there. We have no business with his wallet, he could be checking any wallet or might have generated the address from any wallet, that is not our business. Our business is to send coins to the address he gave us and that we have done. Please help us explain further to him as we have been going back and forth. https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/12xYef9W528E1LqTRyjejFWWackwGEz6p4

  • Lost bitcoin after selling order was cancelled before transaction confirmed

    Help guys please, I tried to sell my bitcoins.....and used coinmama who launch an order which is only valid for 30 minutes. My transaction wasnt confirmed until 2 days later so my money is gone and coinmama never received anything. Have I any recourse? Very worried here......

  • Best bitcoin faucet 2020

    Bitcoin faucet. Always pays. It has already gained popularity in many countries. Continues to gain momentum.

  • The biggest challenge facing Bitcoin (and all cryptocurrency) this year

    A crucial year ahead for cryptocurrencies, from the Economist - 27 Jan 2020 This is a good article from the Economist - each of you should read it. What concerns me though, is that as we stand on the edge of global acceptance of cryptocurrencies we risk the definition of cryptocurrency being violated by the corporate or government sponsorship needed to drive that global acceptance. This article highlights, Libra, Facebook's cryptocurrency. To their credit, The Economist is referring to it as a "digital currency"...which is helpful, but i fear the public will forever confuse the difference. Lybra isn't a decentralized currency built on the blockchain. It's an investment vehicle, backed by a "basket of other currencies" traded over the blockchain (maybe?) but more specifically traded over the US stock markets. I will always be a huge fan of evolution and innovation in the crypto space, i just want to make sure that these innovations don't cast a shadow within which all original cryptocurrencies are forced to live. How can we support and fight this sentiment?

  • Gold and Bitcoin prices

    Gold and Bitcoin prices are turning bullish as China struggles to contain the Coronavirus. The death toll due to the virus keeps on increase, reportedly, over 80 now. Patients of the epidemic have been reported across 15 countries including South Korea, California in the US, Thailand, Pakistan and so on. The condition is strongly affecting global trade as countries all around the world are breaking contact with China. The virus is air-borne and all international borders are at alert for people coming from the country. Gold/USD 1-Day Chart (TradingView) Moreover, oil and not unexpectedly Chinese investments are in a steep downfall. China is one of the leading importers of crude oil, the demand in the country is decreasing as it fights the deadly virus. The price of oil dropped to lows around $52 with a $3 dive. The adverse effect on the global trade is yet again driving the investors to safe haven assets like Gold. It’s price surged past $1550, second time after the tension between US and Iran escalated in the beginning of this year. However, the adverse global macro incidents since May last year have cause a huge uptrend in the yellow metal. Currently, a deadly air-borne virus is causing a return to risk-off investments. Furthermore, Bitcoin also took bullish cue with a rise above $8500. It gained nearly 4% with over $300 rise from daily lows yesterday. The price of Bitcoin at 5: 00 hours UTC on 27th January is $8615. btcusd coinbase BTC/USD 1-Day Chart on Coinbase (TradingView) Apart from gold, other reserve currencies like the Japanese Yen and the US dollar futures gained as well.

  • Bitcoin is Set to Become the Next Global Reserve Currency

    The US dollar has been the global reserve currency for the last 60 years or so. However, Russia and China are both indicating that they want to move off the US dollar system, having voiced concerns over how expensive it is, and the fact that the US weaponizes their currency on a shockingly frequent basis (see Iraq, Eritrea, Haiti, Laos, Lebanon and around 25 other countries with US imposed sanctions and embargoes). However, if we’re being realistic, we need a global reserve currency of some kind. That’s where Bitcoin comes in. Bitcoin is set to become the next global reserve currency. Read more here: https://tokenhell.com/bitcoin-is-set-to-become-the-next-global-reserve-currency/

  • Top 5 Predictions For Cryptocurrencies In 2020

    A new year – at the start of a new decade – always feels like a fresh start. The last two years have been a bit sluggish for the crypto assets industry, but things are likely going to change as we go into the 2020s. Here are the top 5 predictions for 2020, and how you can use them to your advantage. Read about the best predictions here: https://zycrypto.com/top-5-predictions-for-cryptocurrencies-in-2020/

  • Bitcoin halving in 2020 – everything you need to know about it!

    Halving is a very important concept in the world of cryptocurrency. It means the division of rewards for the work of miners who, using a computer network, mine Bitcoin.... Read the full article on https://blocktoq.com/explained/bitcoin-halving-in-2020-everything-you-need-to-know-about-it/

  • So this is what 21 million bitcoins look like.

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/ec3ku1/21_quadrillion_satoshis I was wanting to begin collecting cryptocurrency notes after seeing what polymerbit had produced with their line of products. But as you can see this is false note but is some thing quite symbolic in its own right. Having the entire supply of bitcoin right in the palm of your hand.

  • On most altcoins disappearing

    As this topic is essentially about Bitcoin, not altcoins (as the tittle wily but deceivingly suggests), I think it is a correct board to start it in Many of us are wondering what would happen if crypto vanished altogether (and probably having jitters at such a thought). Well, I'm not that cruel, and only propose to discuss the less evil problem, if a problem at all. That is, will Bitcoin as well as a few selected altcoins (say, a couple or so) benefit from the complete disappearance of the total majority of altcoins from the cryptocurrency arena? As I'm inclined to think, a few remaining coins would benefit dramatically. My train of thought is as follows. We can  plausibly claim that Bitcoin would be far better off now if not for the huge pile of shitcoins that turned out outright scams at the end of the day. People wouldn't have lost their money in these schemes, and they wouldn't lose it if they invested it in Bitcoin instead. Simple and straightforward logic, right? In the same vein it is natural to assume that the death of the altcoin world would eventually do only good to Bitcoin in the long run as people won't be losing money anymore. So what d'ya think?

  • Wholesale BTC Trading Market?

    I came across this recently - https://remitano.com/forum/my/post/225-remitano-launches-the-new-investment-channel-for-wholesalers-1 Remitano, a popular P2P crypto trading platform, just opened a wholesale trading market for big traders. You need at least 1.5 BTC per trade to be eligible to get very low fees. Haven't seen this on any other P2P platforms so far, including Localbitcoins, Paxful, Luno, etc. This is gonna be pretty useful for big traders. Thoughts?

  • Opinion: PoW Will Always Be Criticized for Inefficiency

    The war of consensus algorithms is still raging on. While some believe that only Proof-of-Work can underpin a real cryptocurrency, others think that its time passed long ago, and now it’s time for other algorithms like Proof-of-Stake. Whichever side you are on, it would seem obvious that no consensus algorithm is perfect in its own right. Any of them has its shortcomings that its competitors lack. To better understand PoW and criticism directed at it, we’ve had a short conversation with Roman Oleynikov, Doctor of Engineering Sciences and research fellow at Input Output HK. Below is the transcript of what Dr. Oleynikov said. https://forklog.media/opinion-pow-will-always-be-criticized-for-inefficiency/

  • New Body Of Control?

    If we were to go to a 100% bitcoin currency system. The banks and governments would loose control of whole financial system. The present governments would loose control. Therefore a new system would be needed to run each country. What do you think would be the new body of control? How could this work? What type of system would be put in place on this.? I don't think the people can control themselves as too many minds and ideas of where things can go in a direction. Therefore you still need a council or kingdom of control. your thoughts.

  • BitOffer Institution: How to Hedge Your Bitcoin Trading?

    As the traditional financial market developed and improved, hedge is one of the mature methods that institutions used to protect the security of the investors’ assets and reduce the risk when investing. But to the Bitcoin market which is still growing, hedge is a concept that few people know and use. What is “Hedge”? Hedge is a strategy that investors invest or buy assets or derivatives that related to the volatility of the underlying asset to counteract the potential risk. Hedge is an effective method to manage IRR, FX Risk, Equity Risk, and Merchandise Risk. Its difference to risk diversification management is that hedge can manage the systematic and non-systematic risk. So, is “Hedge” able to be applied to Bitcoin Trading? As the bitcoin market grew rapidly, the route map of the bitcoin derivatives is developed and improved well. Whether Bitcoin Options or Bitcoin Futures, they are both qualified to be used to hedge the bitcoin trading on the spot trading market. But Bitcoin Options owns a better performance than Bitcoin Futures does because the essences of the Bitcoins and Bitcoin Options are the spot goods. In addition, the risk of Bitcoin Futures is much more than Bitcoin Options so that the requirements are much more complicated. After being able to use the Bitcoin derivatives to hedge your bitcoin trading, you will become fearless to the fall of the bitcoins, and trading Bitcoins without any risk. How to trade Bitcoins without any risk after trading Bitcoin Options? Bitcoin Options is one of the bitcoin derivatives. For example, BitOffer Bitcoin Options, which requests 0 Fees, 0 Margins and non-exercise, is the best hedge tool to bitcoin trading on the spot trading market. So, how can we hedge the risk by trading Bitcoin Options when the Bitcoin price falls? For example: Now, a Bitcoin is priced at $8,000. When the Bitcoin price rises from $8,000 to $9,000, you will earn $1,000 as profits on the spot trading market; When the Bitcoin price drops from $8,000 to $7,000, you will lose $1,000 on the spot trading market. The situations above are likely to happen if you never hedge your Bitcoin trading. However, if you hedge your Bitcoin Trading: Buy a put options contract for each Bitcoin you buy on the spot trading market with $20: When the Bitcoin price rises from $8,000 to $9,000, you would earn $1,000 as profit, and lose $20 on your Bitcoin Options trading; When the Bitcoin price drops from $8,000 to $7,000, you would lose $1,000 on the spot trading market and earn $1,000 as profit from your put options contract. In this way, your $1,000 loss on the spot trading is counteracted by $1,000 earn from the put options contract. This is how hedge works on Bitcoin trading. The other significant feature of Bitcoin Options is that with Bitcoin Options, you can start trading Bitcoins anytime you like. Even you bought Bitcoin at $20,000, if you bought BitOffer Bitcoin Options, you would still earn profits when the Bitcoin price fell. And once the Bitcoin price rises, you will keep earning profits on the spot trading market, and you only lose the premium you bought the put options contract. With BitOffer Bitcoin Options, you will start trading Bitcoins without facing any risk of losing money.

  • Pet shop want to become a bitcoin exchange?

    I’ve got a pet shop and I wanted to accept bitcoin and alt coins then I was reading about becoming a bitcoin exchange ... is this possible? I understand it’s worth goes up and down.

  • Let's talk about bitcoin's image

    First of all, I'd like to begin by saying that this discussion wouldn't be as beneficial if most participants were not at least trying to step it out of the strictly pro-bitcoin stance participants of this forum typically have. It's safe to assume that the average bitcointalker doesn't fit the profile of a regulator, an academic researcher or a corporate executive. However, these people might be in the positions with the most influence in regards to bitcoin's adoption as well as public perception and overall success. So let's try not to form a circlejerk in this thread while considering the following: Corporations and banks are passively diluting the public's perception on bitcoin by lying about what the blockchain is. The hypothesis highlighted in discussed in this thread that the average bitcoin user might not even be aware of the proceedings of the average "blockchain" conference, where many influential individuals are actually first learning about bitcoin nowdays, finds me in agreement. In this forum, we might all agree that POW is the most robust way to trustlessly secure decentralized digital cash transactions. We probably all agree that a blockchain without a currency and a decentralized peer network has little to no purpose and also I'm sure that the vast majority of this forum would consider BTC's blockchain as the most secure and trustless. And if examined through objective criteria like metrics and statistics, those viewpoints probably hold well. But is the community aware of the extent the corporate world largely attempts to undermine those notions? Bitcoin could suffer from collateral damage if this disastrous brainwashing keeps propagating a dotcom style bubble around blockchain. Shouldn't we be doing more to divert corporate enthusiasm about blockchains towards an actual blockchain? I would go as far as to argue that informing the public is a responsibility of experienced cryptocurrency users.

  • Created MyCrypto101.net for crypto and bitcoin knowledge learning

    Hello all I just created a website www.mycrypto101.net , to share what I know about the knowledge of cryptos and bitcoins. It is newly set up with few articles yet. I am writing 1 - 2 blog or 3 - 5 QA articles a day. It will take some time to build it. You are welcome to visit and hopefully you would like it . Cheers, C

  • Japan reportedly working on a proposal to issue a national digital currency

    Ruling party lawmakers in Japan are reportedly working on a proposal to issue a national digital currency, Reuters reports on Jan. 24. This appears to be a response to fears of a Chinese digital yuan. READ FULL DETAILS VIA THE LINK BELOW... https://worldpublicityblog.com/index.php/2020/01/25/japans-lawmakers-are-reportedly-working-on-a-proposal-to-issue-a-national-digital-currency/

  • Different private key formats?

    What are some of the different Bitcoin address private key formats and how do they differ from one another? What kind of format of PK this website is using and is it any good? https://www.bitaddress.org/

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