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Latest Bitcoin News


    LE CUN WALLET BLOCKCHAIN ​​LATEST LAUNCH ON 9/1/2019 Le Cun Wallet Blockchain here we do not argue you to invest but, as you save in LC on your savings day payable by your savings quota. LATEST WALLET GIVE YOU PROFIT EVERY DAY FOR 30 DAYS about 0.3% - 0.6% ADVANTAGES of Le Cun WALLET over BLOCKCHAIN ​​wallet now on the market 1. There are 8 world's best crypto storage access ... BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, USDT, XRP EOS BCH 2. Function to access the Le Cun Wallet info, storage and price LATEST. 3. Have a button Open Now * to change * SAVE to ARBITRAGE to get ANY BENEFIT OF DAY which is in the RISK ZERO RISK and not bound by any CONTRACT or CONSCIOUS. 4. Storage can be EXTREMELY and INCLUDED WHEN THE TIME can be included in the Roll Out (Arbitrage) 5. Wallet is DECENTRALIZED and is fully under USER CONTROL 6. Developed with LATEST TECHNOLOGY AI, AND HAS THE BEST SAFETY LEVEL. 7. PROFIT ✅DAILY - 0.3% - 0.6% ✅MONTHS - 10% - 20% ✅MINIMUM capital - USD500 !!! 8⃣ MATCHING BONUS - 10 Level ✅Level 1 - 100% ✅Level 2 - 10% -  Infinity 5% bonus if Group level 1-10 is 200k usd DO GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY FOR PRODUCING ACTIVE AND ACTIVE INCOME !! For more details: https://lecunwallet.blogspot.com

  • Which Coin Do You Want To Boom?

    Let say you have bitcoin, bitcoin cash and waves. Let say you have equal usd amount of each. I would prefer bitcoin cash or waves.  My thoughts are because bitcoin will always be number 1 so if bitcoin cash or waves boom, bitcoin would at least stay at same price.  Also most ppl who own crypto, almost all have bitcoin.  Altcoins... not so much.  Is my logic right here?

  • Japan brings blockchain security in 100 businesses

    A data-sharing initiative involving one hundred of Japan’s biggest companies will use blockchain for its security. I can't stop amusing Japan. While other countries making hype and saying they don't know what bitcoin is, Japan just silently becoming a world's leader. Well done, Japan!

  • Cryptocurrency are gonna disappear

    "Cryptocurrency will go to nothing but blockchain will survive" - Jim Rodgers. Link to the article: https://goldsilverbitcoin.com/jim-rogers-bitcoin-blockchain-cryptocurrency/

  • What is the reason Amazon hasn't adopted Bitcoin?

    Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the world. All their products are built on developing and enhanced technology. Since its inception, Amazon has always fostered a positive attitude towards new trends and the latest technological advances, this is because they are part of the internet revolution, a revolution that can only be won by being optimistic about technology. So, why hasn't Amazon adopted Bitcoin? Let's see this way, Bitcoin praised the Amazon package very well. Amazon has an international reach and allows people to buy products from sellers in countries from all over the world. Part of the Amazon revolution is the shrinking of the earth, which means people can buy products internationally at lower prices and send them in a short time. As is well known, Amazon only supports payments through FIAT currencies and traditional banks, this can slow down the payment process and means that merchants are charged. But using Bitcoin will erase, both of these problems. In addition, the use of Bitcoin will also allow Bitcoin investors to access the giant platform wherever they are. Problems that hinder the adoption of Bitcoin The problem here is because of the lack of regulation around Bitcoin, not because Amazon is afraid of Bitcoin or because they are afraid of a lack of regulation, but this seems to be an Amazon case that is too big to adopt a product that can eventually fail. If a company the size of Amazon continues to adopt Bitcoin, it will cause a massive surge in asset popularity, which can ultimately put Amazon or Bitcoin at risk. I think the message here is that Amazon is not afraid of Bitcoin, they just haven't accepted Bitcoin and are still in advanced studies. Will Amazon adopt Bitcoin? We know that Amazon, among other giants like Facebook, is exploring blockchain technology. When crypto is becoming more mainstream and when Bitcoin becomes more mature we can begin to hope that companies like Amazon will start accepting Bitcoin payments, maybe now, adoption is not safe enough for e-commerce giants, and this is to protect their customers.

  • Bitcoin Will Surge to 62k!

    "Although theories regarding any massive parabolic movements in the near-future remain purely speculative, one prominent analyst is now noting that Bitcoin could surge to above $60k based on historical price movements, which could happen as soon as Fall of this year." -https://www.newsbtc.com/2019/06/18/bitcoin-historical-analysis-signals-that-btc-could-surge-to-62k-later-this-year/ This is some sort of speculation and some sort of technical analysis, do you believe that this might happen, for me the former ATH is possible but if this will happen it will truly shock the industry and the people who does not know crypto yet.

  • New Calendar Era? Before Blockchain, After Blockchain?

    Is there merit to declaring the launch of the Bitcoin network as an epoch in human history and considering everything that happened prior as "Before Bitcoin" and everything that happens hence as "After Bitcoin"? Afterall, the Bitcoin Blockchain is a global decentralized trustworthy timestamping service.

  • Sell All Altcoins For Bitcoin?

    I bought altcoins a while back. Example coins such as waves and powerledger.  I also have bitcoin cash from the fork etc.  I bought altcoins back then thinking hey if btc goes up, altcoins will go up more.  Of all the altcoins i ever bought, not one altcoin I have is higher than the current price i bought it at.  Every coin i bought whether it was the huge bull run or before it, such as waves, I'm down money.  Well technically not down as most of these coins, i just hold.  I did sell some though.  The only coin i did buy that is up now is litecoin... but i have none of that now because i sold those a while back.  That's right the one altcoin i sold would be in profit now.  Also if you look at the prices with bitcoin, its like many of the altcoins i hold, they are not even going up compared to bitcoin at all.  They are either same price or dropping.  Does anyone here think its best to sell all your altcoins for btc?  I heard tons of things about waves.  Yet nothing happening to the price except going down. Also when i say altcoins, i know it means every other coin but bitcoin.  But i mean specifically like those altcoins that are not in the top 20.  I mean when you look at ETH, bitcoin cash, litecoin, i think these are legit as prices correlate to btc price.  But if you look at those altcoins especially that is not in top 50 for example, many prices have dropped.  I bought coins where price is still down 90% or so. Now if you say yes, what about bitcoin cash?  Or say bitcoin sv or bitcoin gold?  Because the more i think about it, if cryptocurrency goes up very high, well it seems like there's only a few coins only that could do that?  Thus bitcoin, litecoin, eth, bitcoin cash, dash, monero or say bitcoin sv?  I heard ripple is centralized so can't imagine it being the standard.  I mean if there were only 3 coins left... what would that list have to be?  I would figure its bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin.  If i had to include a few more, probably ETH and Dash. I back then also wanted to get coins like funfair, edgeless and a few other altcoins.  But now when i look at it, isn't it basically throwing money away?  I think if i were to buy more crypto now, the only coin i would buy is bitcoin, litecoin or bitcoin cash.  Maybe dash and monero. . Thoughts on all of this?

  • Weekly payments for coinbase

    IF you own a COINBASE ACCOUNT, or know anyone who owns one you should PM me asap.   DONT NEED ANY UPFRONT PAYMENTS, nothing to scam you out off, just PM and find out for yourself.   PM ME Telegram: @bafxukc Discord: nic481#6174 GET IN TOUCH NOW IF YOU OWN A COINBASE ACCOUNT AND ITS BEEN USED BEFORE! UK USA EU

  • Bitcoin, Dark Web, Drugs and Government.

    Philippines war on drugs entered a new phase as drug Syndicates are now using bitcoin to transact and avoid detection from the government. PDEA(Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) recently found out that most organized Drug syndicate are using the dark web to transact to each other. It's clear that some countries are slower at adopting new technologies and these drug syndicate took the opportunity to make their transactions much easier without being detected by the government. here is the link for more details: https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2019/06/11/1925535/pdea-drug-syndicates-use-dark-web-bitcoin

  • Who coined the word "cryptocurrency" ...

    So, a new bitcointalk forum account sent me a PM today ... they claimed to be researcher from a University searching this forum for the first occurrence of the word "cryptocurrency" ... and apparently that was from myself, in this post ... New Bitcoin Users - Read This ! (Bitcoin Preservation) - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=86 (I should really pay attention to myself more!) Does an earlier iteration exist anywhere else ? I honestly don't know. ... Anyhow, this is also relevant / topical as it seems CSW actually backdated an 'old' blog post of his to included the word "cryptocurrency" ... - https://coinnounce.com/craig-wright-exposed-by-wikileaks/ - https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/1095309111263223808 Ewww.

  • It's the Best time to buy Ethereum (ETH) $271,82 (+7.6%)

    Hello , Ethereum (ETH) price is now $107,45 (1.6%)  It's the best time to buy Ethereum and it will be 211$ soon

  • bullrun

    Is bullrun close or far for altcoins?

  • Linkez.Club Newest Shortlink Service is Here

    Hello Guys I have started a Short Link service few months ago and its going well. I am here to invite more Publishers. Aready serve over 8k Links since it started. We allow Crypto Faucets to use our Short Link API. Already below 2 Million Alexa Rank Already being in use by some of the best Paying Website Online. USD 1 Bonus for Everyone who joins the us(withdrawable bonus). Two of the best Payment Method in the World like Paypal and Bitcoin. 10% Referral Bonus Earning for Lifetime. SSL Secure Network Join Now BTC   https://linkez.club

  • Roger Ver's Bitcoin.com propaganda against bitcoin

    Here is the last attempt of negative propaganda against Bitcoin from Roger Ver's Bitcoin.com is obvious that their bcash shitcoin is dying with a small group of community, a shitcoin with zero usage(even Dogecoin have x10 more usage than this), with empty blocks(most blocks not have even 100kb) and with small group of devs that no one want to donate them. This propaganda are desperate actions from Roger Ver and have a zero impact to Bitcoin.

  • Yogg is the awesome guy on bitcointalk

    leaving feedback for this guy. he should open his Escrow service thread too , he is really legit helper solved my problem by @yogg https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5154158.new#new

  • Poland bank starts to use blockchain for documentation authenication big step!

    With some banks in the US dipping their toes into using blockchain technology for their banking business but only offering it on an invite only basis. This bank being one of the top 10 banks in poland is starting to use it on a daily basis and to a wider customer base. source https://www.forbes.com/sites/hanktucker/2019/06/17/polish-bank-alior-uses-public-ethereum-blockchain-for-new-document-authentication-feature/#4d980f1644a6 This is a major step for the banking system in starting to use it and the beginning of acceptance in using and relying on it for wider functionality.

  • I saw the notice that Bitcoin surpassed 9.000 USD! Help about "FOMO"

    Hi there... I saw the notice that Bitcoin surpassed 9.000 USD! I know the ideal was to have bought in past, in "low" price to sell now in the "high" price... But, I'm entering in Cryptocurrency exactly now and I feeling "FOMO".... My main goal is to do "Holding" of Bitcoin and good Cryptos, but in this moment I would like to take some of the profits to redeem in my wallet to already help in future "Hold". As I am starting now, I want to know your suggestions, because I intend to invest now to take advantage of some of the gains from this high... Calculating risks ... 1. I think buy Bitcoin in 19/06/2019 2. Keep following closely the gains and notices about Bitcoin... 3. Constantly transfer just the profits from bitcoin to Wallet (to save, to avoid eventual losses on "correction" of the market). That's a good idea?? What do you think? What would be more appropriate to do to take advantage of this momentum? Sorry the bad english, I'm from Brazil. 


    The existing DOGECOIN had virtually nothing to do with it. It is neither fast nor does it have a service. However, the newly created Cosmos based COGECOIN is planning to increase its utilization rate based on its high transmission speed and various services. In the first step, we distribute COGECOIN free of charge as follows. Get connected now and get great value in the future !!! COGECOIN is a new coin based on Cosmos network. https://cogecoin.com 

  • Bittrex coin, why not?

    Hi people, just wondering why Bittrex that is a very big exchange doesn't have its own coin like BNB or KCS. Maybe there's a reason.

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