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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Business Beyond Bitcoin – All About Enterprise Blockchain

    Enterprise technologies have primarily aimed at making business processes and transactions more reliable and faster. But up until now, no technology has changed the very nature of enterprise computing ever since the mainframe era, as blockchain promises to do. The potential is immense, and the world is just beginning to wake up to enterprise blockchain computing. For almost everyone in touch with the modern world, the word blockchain conjures images of overnight wealth, rags to riches and billionaire hacker geniuses in stylish hoodies. If that rung a bell, it’s also because most of us equate blockchain with the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin. Agreed that bitcoin was one of the earliest implementations of blockchain and innumerable cryptocurrencies that followed have since crowded the internet by no small measure, the attention on the underlying technology is largely lacking. Yes, blockchain has the potential to change the world, and yes, it will change the way businesses transact for a long, long time to come. Here’s a look at the how behind the what: Blockchain Architecture The term means almost exactly what it says; secure, encrypted blocks of data stored in a private, peer to peer chain (network, where each block contains data of its predecessor). This sounds simple enough, except that the level of sophistication of each of those components is extremely high. For example, in a blockchain driven environment, there is no central database. It is broken up, scrambled, and the data stored in it is indelible, with a timestamp record. Most often called a decentralized public ledger, it distributes its records among several computer nodes, and also shares it’s computing resources among them. READ MORE

  • About a Btc site(Someone help me remember)

    (Can someone help me remember about a btc site) does anyone here know about a btc website that allows trading and investing btc You can play roulettes on that site. And there's a section for promo codes. I still have a promo code for that website and I don't know whether it's still valid or not. Please help me if anyone knows that site. It has a purple background. And before entering that site, it will first verify your browser. It does not send a message to your e-mail when signing up. And you invest 0.1 to 0.5 btc minimum. If you know that website please reply to this topic. And you can ask any questions in case you may have found that site to be sure. Thanks in advance.

  • Upward Pressure From Traditional World That Drives Bitcoin Prices

    I’m trying to gather some data that shows large demand of BTC is coming from the traditional world Institutions : Grayscale certainly is gaining traction from traditional institutions https://grayscale.co/insights/grayscale-q3-2019-digital-asset-investment-report/ In 3Q19, they saw the heaviest quarterly inflows to Grayscale Bitcoin Trust in the product’s six-year history, including nearly $75 million in a single day. Individual investors : Square users bought $148 million of Bitcoin in Q3 2019, 244% YoY growth https://twitter.com/kerooke/status/1192188599632121861?s=20 Borrowers : Companies like BlockFi, CoinList and others seem to be doing well with strong initial launch, we don’t see much public data now, does anyone have access? What other sources do you guys have to strengthen such signal

  • Crypto analyst peter brandt bitcoin will reach $100000

    Crypto Analyst Peter Brandt came onto to BitcoinLive with his latest prediction. He claims that BTC price could reach it’s all-time high i.e. $100,000 or above. Take a look here: https://coinpedia.org/news/crypto-analyst-peter-brandt-btc-will-reach-100000/ Let me know your point of view on this?

  • Who needs Satoshi Nakamoto principles?

    "Proof-of-work is essentially one-CPU-one-vote." Satoshi nakamoto As we all know, mining is now completely centralized. Big money buys expensive equipment in the form of ASIC / GPU / FPGA devices and deprives everyone else of the right to participate in the issue of cryptocurrencies. Questions: Does the modern cryptocurrency community need this principle of Satoshi Nakamoto? Maybe it's time to abandon it and admit that ONLY money should always release new money?

  • Matic performs very well on BitMax.io.

    BitMax also enabled margin tradig for Matic. Lowest interest and unique cross-asset margin mode made BitMax become the best platform for margin trading of Matic. Also, no matter how much total margin loan you have, you can always long or short Matic.

  • France to launch their own cryptocurrency

    well, it seems like France will also launch their own cryptocurrency next year. it's funny that just year ago they despise cryptocurrency(article about it) and now they are launching their own cryptocurrency and even teaching high school students about cryptocurrency(article about it) and preparing them for it. how things have changed in just a year

  • Bitcoin Week (Dec 22-28)

    It's about that time of year. It only happens once per year. "Bitcoin Week" ... it really seems like it should be a thing doesnt it? People buy a lot of bitcoins during those holiday times. All nuzzled up all comfy in clean warm clothes, sitting on comfy couch next to the tree glowing, the scent of pine in the air, sipping hot chocolate! Might as well buy some coin on your laptop. Buy, hold, whatever it is... So should we coin this and put a stamp on it?

  • help for a beginner

    I want to install Bitcoin Core on my computer. Please tell me what I need to know about security, what needs to be done so that no malicious programs spoil my pc and my Bitcoins are not stolen Thanks in advance!

  • Bitcoin will be still the king of the cryptocurrencies?

    We can consider Bitcoin the father of all the cryptocurrencies. Nakamoto has brought to the world something that we needed. But now is still so necessary? I mean, out there there are so many cryptos better and more accessible. What prompts you to invest in the long-term in a cryptocurrency that will not have the future? I'll keep it for later, in the hope that will go up quickly. But it is not in my mind when I think about the times ahead. I'm wrong? And this is my question, why choose still BTC? Maybe it's time to give the throne to other currencies younger, quicker and stronger. That's my opinion. I should love to see your consideration of that. 

  • Can i Bitcoin or not

    I realy want to buy Bitcoin i have 5000$ give good idea plz

  • Bitcoin addresses hits an all time high!

    In was recently reported that the number of unique Bitcoin addresses holding an excess of 0 bitcoins i.e more than zero bitcoin in them just got to an all time high Quote Bitcoin recently hit a new milestone and an all-time high for its addresses. It currently has more addresses with BTC in it than at any other time in its history... Quote ...Bitcoin now boasts some 28.39M addresses with more than 0 BTC in them. This tops the previous all-time high seen in January 2018 when the network hit 28.384M active addresses. The story was first reported by analyst Alex Thorn (@intangiblecoins)...Full article: https://beincrypto.com/bitcoin-addresses-hit-a-new-all-time-high/amp/?__twitter_impression=true This shows an evident increase in the adoption of Bitcoin all over the world, although unique addresses does not necessarily translate to unique users of the network, it shows the growth of the network. Is this evidence of Bitcoin going mainstream? Would an ATH in addresses lead to a new ATH in the price?

  • Fundraising for BOINC Farm

    Greetings, members of the crypto community! I apologize in advance if I do not post this topic in the appropriate section of the forum. I want to share my dream with you. I have been involved in distributed computing since 2007 starting with United devices and then in the projects based on BOINC platform. I have always regretted that very few people are interested in voluntary assistance to science in principle, especially without personal benefit from it. But personally I did what I could. All processors and video cards in the house were involved in BOINC projects. And then mining came... And even so, part of the processor resources and part of the video cards remained involved in distributed computing. Yes, I agreed to pay for the electricity consumed during the calculations, because through such calculations I helped scientists. I participated and continue to participate in such projects as Rosetta@home, Einstein@home, LHC@home, GPUGRID and in some others. But my dream is a couple of dozens (the more - the better) of modern powerful computers involved exclusively in BOINC projects. It costs a lot of money (in my understanding). About $300,000. The annual payment for electricity will be about $8000-$10000 (depending on the scale of such a mini data center). Who knows, perhaps there are people on the planet who are not indifferent to the development of mankind, to the development of science. For my part, I am ready to offer skills in assembling, configuring and administering computers and organizing the infrastructure of data centers, knowledge of the scope of distributed computing projects and their features, but I need funds. So if you are ready to provide financial assistance for the above-mentioned goals - here is my wallet 3QFxPygdjjjeoMauxt1yZsnnqocgy9f5DC Starting from the raised amount $3000-$4000 I will be able to show ready and working assembly of single BOINC-machine. People all over the world will have an ability to track corresponding increase in myBOINC statistics, so they will see that there are no any lambos or yachts were purchased on their donations. Today I see that for example Rosetta@home has 23000 tasks ready to be sent to volunteers' computers. Einstein@home has almost 170000 tasks to send. Processing of each task takes from 10 minutes to 24 hours (depending on whether it's a GPU or a CPU task). It mean that scientists of these (and many other) projects need our help. They need my help. We cannot raise money and buy a supercomputer for each team of scientists behind the aforementioned projects - it will cost much more than $300,000. But what I said above is what we really can do to help scientists who need computing power. A lot of it. Ideally, I would like the number of jobs ready to be sent to be reduced to 50-100 in each project. Will we be able to do this? So, if you want to make the world a better place, but don’t know where to start, let's try here? p.s. Please do not laugh and do not consider me naive, as well as a bilker. The world does not consist of swindlers alone... p.p.s My partner with a little help from my side are also developing a charity project based on BTC. The project has many different goals - from helping children who need expensive medicines around the world to sponsoring the development of new drugs and technologies in healthcare and even more. The world should see this global project in a month or two. So if you would like to donate some funds to this project (since we need now to pay the remaining $3200 to programmers, and after that we'll be ready to launch the project's website) - the wallet for donations is 1BTCLifezyYDpKuQUfxztR4DEYqLrg8k92

  • How to Increase Bitcoin adoption

    I'm in cryptocurrency space for 2 years already and I am thinking of possible ways I could contribute to bitcoin and crypto community, I realized that we have different line of track in where we try to improve ourselves, our skills, and knowledge for us to create or do something useful. In terms of bitcoin adoption, people could wear shirts with bitcoin logo, tell their friends about bitcoin, and sell items through bitcoin or altcoin. I've just researching and learning how to code and I've tried to develop a system (Point of sale) for a small business located in our area but with a twist, it might be easy because what I've did is just to add a QR image of Bitcoin and Ethereum not much to focus on code to literally incorporate the blockchain system to it. here's what I've did. Payment could be in Cash, Bitcoin, or Ethereum This is the bitcoin payment window this is the ethereum payment window My goal is to help bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption through small business because I believe it will help people recognize and utilize bitcoin as their payment option in the future. This system is working fine, but it needs third party applications that could scan bitcoin QR code. I know QR code could not be the secured and there are possible other options I could add. But my intention with this system is to help people recognize cryptocurrency especially bitcoin, and to use cryptocurrencies as an alternative payment option for seamless transactions. There's allot for this system to improve, later I will try to learn how the entire blockchain system or the smartcontract works because as of this moment, there is no courses offered in our university yet, and knowledge of the blockchain technology is only accessible through internet. If you have any references where people like me could access to learn programming and developing blockchain applications, it will help allot.

  • Excusme Is Bitcoin equal Blockchain?

    Hi I'm makotosagame Is Blockchain equal Bitcoin? Bitcoin cannot stand alone without blockchain since without the said technology, bitcoin is just a series of algorithms put together but of no use in reality. Whereas blockchain can be a stand-alone tech integrated into some other program/systems and help record data by putting it all together in a block forming a series of chains. Essentially, bitcoin is not bitcoin without blockchain but blockchain can be a blockchain even without bitcoin. all right ? คาสิโน

  • Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Without Verification

    Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Without Verification Telegam : Buy_Bitcoins_Online https://t.me/Buy_Bitcoins_Online  

  • Rune raised almost 10x since listed on bitmax.io

    Rune raised almost 10x since listed on bitmax.io Quality projects shine even in bear market.

  • Donations to private charity

    I'm considering donating some btc to a non-profit charity here in the US.  For tax purposes, would this work like donating stock, i.e. I would pay no capital gains on my donation, and then the charity would be able to convert the Bitcoins to cash without any tax consequences?

  • 'Cryptocurrency' a misnomer for Bitcoin?

    I've been annoyed by the application of the term 'cryptocurrency' to Bitcoin. There is a distinct difference between Currency and Money and these terms are not interchangeable: Currencies do not have intrinsic value (i.e. fiat paper money, promissory notes) and by extension, are poor stores of value.  There have been thousands of currencies in existance, all have become worthless because there is no intrinsic value to support the price, instead currencies rely on its users to give it value.  As a consequence many currencies may have fallen with their empires succumbing to regulatory bans, some have died simply because its users did not deem it worthwhile to use and I have no doubt a significant portion are hyperinfalted by their central authorities out of existance. Money on the other hand has intrinsic value (i.e. gold and silver coins), a gold coin from ancient Eygpt still retains the same purchasing power today. Bitcoin falls into the category of money, its intrinsic value is supported by its scarcity, verifiability, fungibility, portability, durability and divisbility.  While it might not be 'tangible' and useful for physical use cases like jewerly, it also has benefits Gold does not offer, for example, instant settlement of any amount of 'money' over long distances. Further, no central authority can print bitcoins into existance.  Bitcoin has also become a legitimate store-of-value which can be attributed to its supply cap and emission schedule, its been profitable for 94% of its existance and has not lost its purchasing power which would be consistent with the traditional definition of 'money'. All-in-all I think it is incorrect to call Bitcoin 'cryptocurrency', it should be 'cyptomoney'. Thoughts?

  • Dominance may be down, but a key bullish sign for BTC!

    The long-term chart for the Bitcoin dominance rate reveals weakness and suggests that the rate will fall. However, lower-term timeframes reveal a bullish pattern that indicates an upward move will transpire initially. The Bitcoin dominance rate has been gradually decreasing since September 5, when it reached a high of 73.44 percent. This has caused numerous traders and influences to call for the beginning of “Altseason” — but, until now, the calls have all been premature. Source link here Well, well, well, I can't really say that this is the "altcoin" season just yet. I still believe we are in the "shitcoin" era. I see that Bitcoin's dominance is start to decrease a bit, but it could be a bullish sign for us because of the pattern itself. It will likely go upward for sure, but I would not really count on that just yet. I still stand with my claim that the market is unpredictable, so there is no guarantee that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may have their "moments" in that specific day, week or so. The world of crypto is full of surprises, especially unexpected pumping and dumping.

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