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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Test Your Bitcoin Knowledge. Beginner Level.

    Yeah, yeah, I know you're very busy rubbing Lambo that you bought on honestly earned bitcoins, or surf the internet in search of yacht of your dream that will allow you outdo all millionaires on Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show 2019; or maybe you are conducting another study about how the amount of merit that user received affects on the duration and quality of his sexual intercourse. But still, let's take a five-minute pause and go back to 2014, when most of us even didn't know what blockchain and bitcoin were, and every morning sullenly trudged to the plant or office, while the minority had already generated blocks and filled this forum with useful information. I offer you a test to determine the level of knowledge in the field of bitcoin, published in 2014 on the internet portal bitcoinmagazine.com. The author of the test reports that "Passing the beginner level test with a score of at least 90% (18 correct) means you might know just enough to be dangerous."©Mark Rees. Well, let's see who really has a solid base level knowledge as well who only pretends that understands bitcoin and philosophize on a forum without having on this is no reason (like me). All we adults and serious and most importantly honest people, so I think we will not look at the answers. Don't use the internet, magazines, do not ask for advice from a neighbor and don't try to consider the correct answer in the eyes of your dog. Rely only on your deep theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. Let's see, maybe something has changed in 4 years and correct answers on some questions for 2014 in 2018 are no longer such. Good luck and let's go! Twenty Questions to Qualify as an Official Beginner (the author's spelling and punctuation are preserved). 1. Who created bitcoin? a Notosohi Sakamoto   b Gavin Andresen   c Satoshi Nakamoto   d Dorian Nakamoto e Paul Krugman 2.What is the name of the first academic paper that described bitcoin commonly referred to as? a The Bitcoin Whitepaper b The Origins of Money c The Great Unraveling d Fifty Shades of Grey e The Bitcoin Constitution 3. What is the name of the bitcoin exchange from Japan that famously collapsed in 2014? a Tradehill b Bitstamp c Mt. Gox d Blockchain.info e Dow Jones 4.How many bitcoin will ever be created a Unlimited b 77,340,109 c 21 million but can be adjusted by the Bitcoin Foundation by majority vote. d 21,000,000 e The Square root of 2^2 5. Name two countries that have banned their banks from servicing bitcoin companies. a USA b China c Germany d Russia e Cayman Islands 6. Which of the following alt coins isNOTreally the name of an alt coin? a Pandacoin b CryptoMETH c Bottlecaps d HoboNickles e Dollarcoin 7. Which of the following statements areNOTtrue about what bitcoin wallets? a The digital container file that stores bitcoin. b The general ledger location that stores your personal private identification. c An email account backup for bitcoin password file. d A piece of paper you’ve written your bitcoin address and private key password. e A computer program on your local pc or cellphone. 8. What is the name of the general ledger that tracks all bitcoin transactions? a The Gox-Chain b The Block-link c The Block-chain d Ledger-Link e Satoshi-square 9. How many major bitcoin price bubbles have there been? a Three b Six c One d None e 13.5 10. How often does the bitcoin ledger reconcile? a Every three months, quarterly b Every day c Every three minutes d Every ten minutes e It can vary depending on the Bitcoin Foundation’s recommendation 11. Where is the bitcoin central server located? a Washington DC. USA b London, England c Undisclosed location d The United Nations vote on location every two years e None of the above 12. How many new bitcoins are created each day? a 2,200 except for February 29 on leap years b 3,600 c 5,000 d 7,200 e 150 13. What month\year did the bitcoin network start? a November 2008 b May 2010 c January 2009 d September 12, 2001 e April 2013 14.The computers that process transactions for the bitcoin network are commonly called: a Truckers b Linesman c GPU d Miners e Bitcoin Foundation member units 15. An illegal underground market that sold drugs and other products for bitcoin was shut down by the FBI. It was called: a Satin Street b Woolen Way c Cotton Drive d Silk Road e Krugman Boulevard 16. Which of the following names areNOTa fan of bitcoin? a Paul Krugman – Economist b Marc Andreessen – Inventor of web browser c Ashton Kutcher – Famous Actor d Warren Buffet – Billionaire investor e Richard Branson – Billionaire of Virgin Galactic 17.Bitcoins can be divisible down to the eighth decimal point. What is that unit called? a Milti b Satoshi c Eight-ball d Seri e Kruggy 18. Bitcoin is protected by encryption. The form of encryption used is called: a Acme 9000 b Scrypt-N c Sha256 d BFG9000 e CGMINER 19. Which of the following areNOTa valid way to get a bitcoin? a Ask a Facebook Friend to send some to your facebook account from http://www.quickcoin.co/ b Open an account with Coinbase c Open an account with Mt. Gox d Post a picture of yourself on “girls gone bitcoin” on reddit e Buy a good graphics card and mine them from home 20. What is the fastest time you can send or receive payment in bitcoin without verification? a Instantaneously b 2 minutes c 10 minutes d 60 minutes e Six hours Where is the right answers? In your head, i hope.) I'll post the answers after 30 posts with answers from you. If you find this topic interesting, you can participate in the development of the test for Intermediate level, after the successful completion of which, according to Mark Rees, you can think about few bucks into a bitcoin investment.) Send your question and answers to me in PM. Thank you for your attention and your time. I hope, while I was writing this post, and you read it, bitcoin has already equipped its rocket to the moon.)

  • Bitcoin versus stock?

        Bitcoins and other types of electronic money generally have a lot in common with stocking. Prices are priced according to actual application and especially expectancy. ICO in the first stage is like when the stock market boom, people who are home hunting codes, companies coming to the floor. And then everything must go on order, the real value when the bubble burst. Big and valuable companies will keep their prices and throne, virtual companies will be wiped out and gone, with the same.

  • Best stupid quotes about bitcoin

    We hear a lot valid criticism about bitcoin. But, often, the people speaking simply have no clue and the more stupid it sounds, the more they are convinced. Let's keep those memorable quotes in this thread. I start: Quote the plot thickens. but seriously guys, if you have a ps3, change your bank account, im 99% sure bitcoin mining is decrypting it! source https://twitter.com/#!/danielfrancis_/statuses/68769005971832832

  • Check out this new Exchange, Giving Small ICOS a chance

    take a look at this blockchain startup based in Berlin. They are working on a exchange that gives smaller, promising ICO projects that struggle on the big exchanges a platform to grow. https://medium.com/xtechblog/introducing-a-new-altcoin-exchange-on-the-block-41240861a9b0

  • Conventional Banking Funds Terrorist Operations, not Bitcoin

    Every Goverment that Bans Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency in their country always states the primary reason for Ban. That Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency are used for Cybercrime activity such as Terro funding, Money Laundering and etc. Most of these allegation have not been proven. A new report suggest that they have not been used for Terror funding in Europe. The 72-page long study, titled Intenet Organized Threat Assessment 2018, thoroughly touches upon the various modules of online crime. The report states that Terrorist main funding still stems from conventional banking and money remittance services, Source - https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-hasnt-funded-any-terror-attacks-in-europe-europol-report-reveals/ Do you think that Reports like this can pressurize Goverments to remove Ban on Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency?

  • UNICEF is now accepting donations in Bitcoin and 8 altcoins

    Since yesterday morning, UNICEF France is now officially accepting donations in bitcoin and 8 other cryptocurrencies (+ERC 20 Tokens) (I know that because I work there   ) https://lp.unicef.fr/faire-un-don-en-cryptomonnaie/ https://lp.unicef.fr/comment-faire-un-don-en-cryptomonnaie/ Therefore, we would be very grateful if the BitcoinTalk community could help us by giving us your feedbacks on the pages, what to improve, to add or to correct, and better if you can relay the information to your network, and even better, if you could make a little donation to encourage the hesitating ones. Thank you for any help you can provide !

  • How does the US and China trade war affect bitcon? How do people think ?

    Will it be beneficial or harmful to electronic money transactions when the trade war between China and the United States occurs, the event has nothing to do with the crypto market? Today the forex market is turning big on the retaliatory passages of Mr. Xi and Mr. Do Nam Trung during the first waves of trade war between the United States and China. Actually, this trade war has been predicted for a long time, until now have the first strike. The upcoming Forex Trader may be able to surf the net, but what about the Crypto Trader? What are the benefits or disadvantages of this trade war? Situation of US trade war in China The Chinese lost this year also lost points in the international arena because of currency devaluation trades to gain a trade surplus, mostly from the United States. If you do not know yet, the trade surplus is that when a country exports more than it imports, the difference between exports and imports surpasses the surplus. This new China is a way to devalue currencies so that the goods from the photos are cheaper than other countries, boosting the demand for image water, and thus exporting more. Totally, China is the largest import market for other countries, especially the United States. From here the US began to beat him. In 2017, the US trade deficit with China is $ 375 billion; That means that US exports to China are only $ 130 billion while imports from China are $ 506 billion. Yesterday morning, Trump started imposing taxes to $ 200 billion worth of Chinese goods, China seems quite surprised with this counter-attack: China has no choice but to respond to the latest US tax policy. In the news, the citation shows that China has just released a new notice of proposed tariffs for US goods. This has added to the uncertainty of negotiations between the two countries Hope America realizes the negative consequences of their actions China has not made a detailed proposal for possible response policies for the United States in its announcement. Then the news from Livesquawk and CNBC said last night that China has imposed a 5% tax on US goods that previously imposed a 10% tax. The amount of goods subject to tax is $ 60 billion. The deadline is September 24, the day the United States will impose a 10% tax to $ 200 billion US goods just announced yesterday. Eat pieces What is the commercial battle with Bitcoin and crypto? It's always related to you. You can see that the tariffs imposed between the US and China can cause both the yuan and the dollar to depreciate, even though the yuan is likely to depreciate higher. We will talk more about China as this is a very hot coin market (currently China has banned all domestic crypto trading floors, but can still access outside decks), bull run run 2017 also contributed much from the "coin investors" China. These tariffs are likely to result in the loss of Chinese yuan, forcing the RMB holders to look for alternative assets to allocate their funds. We can see that experts are predicting commercial war will have a negative impact on China's stock price, which has been very poor since the beginning of this year. In addition, trade war is contributing to the growing uncertainty in the Chinese economy. With cash flow likely to move out of the Chinese yuan and also out of Chinese stocks, the next best place for investors and holders of local currency to allocate their money is most likely to be Electronic money, typically Bitcoin. The concentration of mines in China Obviously, the devaluation of the yuan is not significant enough. Another factor is the concentration of mines in China. Currently, about 81% of Bitcoin operations are located in China. Antpool and BTC.com (two bunkers owned by Bitmain China) account for 32% of Bitcoin worldwide. This concentration of Bitcoin exploitation means that the majority of Bitcoin traded worldwide is exploited in China. This continues to increase the impact of Bitcoin supply and demand from Chinese investors and RMB owners. The shift from the US-China trade war that has intensified, the depreciation of the high-priced yuan, together with the bitcoin exploitation in the world dominated by China will make Bitcoin more and more valuable. in this country. What next can you guess? Of course, these are just predictions, the market will have many changes that we did not expect, but the impact from trade war on Bitcoin and crypto is yes, and of course we can not ignore. .

  • Is payment made by BTC fast?

        The answer is not fast but also not slow. With the number of transactions is not too large, but the transfer of BTC often overload, if the transaction period is over, the time can be up to several hours. To speed up, you can pay more, so this is against the fast and cheap transfer criteria, the current fast transfer is not cheap, and cheap is not fast. Compared to the large interbank transfer fees ($ 35- $ 45 per transaction), the current BTC transaction fee is not cheap. (Refer to https://www.bankofamerica.com/foreign-exchange/wire-transfer.go). In the face of high fees and fast payments, there are dozens of available, legal, and super-popular services available today in the world with Western Union, Money Gram, or online modes such as PayPal, Payoneer (Money in minutes ). The advantage over all other methods of BTC is: Easily, no one can intervene your transactions when you want to transfer money

  • Bitcoin may rise at the end of the year !

    Bitcoin is in the mud and HODLers, the accidental acronym for those who are holding and refusing to sell under any circumstance, will hang onto anything if it means their prized virtual possession could be on its way out of a brutal bear market. The chart below from Element Digital Asset Management details seasonality returns for bitcoin BTCUSD, -0.29%  showing the final quarter of each year, 2014 aside, has produced rich returns for the crypto community. Each square represents a day and green means the prior four weeks experienced a positive return, while red means a negative return. The trend is so lopsided that there have been just 14 red days in the final quarter of 2015, 2016 and 2017 combined. https://ei.marketwatch.com/Multimedia/2018/09/13/Photos/NS/MW-GQ052_bitcoi_20180913155601_NS.png?uuid=0a8cb1ae-b78f-11e8-8281-ac162d7bc1f7 ''marketwatch''

  • Airdrop announcement

    We just launched our 10M ITEX tokens ($500k) Airdrop. Join our registration bot and follow the instructions to get your share of it. @ItexExchangeAirdropBot

  • Here is why India should not have banned cryptocurrency trading

    As most you might already know that Indian supreme bank RBI has banned banks from dealing with people who deal with cryptocurrencies. Most people just moved on to p2p direct cash deals. Previously, people traded on legalized exchanges and those legalized exchanges and people paid tax to Indian government. People still deal with crypto using p2p but government stopped getting tax.

  • Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Zaif Hacked, $59 Million in Losses

    This happened last week but the company has now confirmed it. The hack happened on Sep 14 but was discovered on Sep 17 . The hackers stole Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and Monacoin from the exchange’s hot wallet, collectively worth 6.7 billion yen (just under $60 million). Source - https://www.ccn.com/newsflash-japanese-cryptocurrency-exchange-zaif-hacked-59-million-in-losses/ Bitcoin is still holding at the price range of $6.2k to $6.4k. I do not think this news should affect the market since Zaif is a minor exchange, currently ranked 108th in daily volume, according to CoinMarketCap.

  • Which will survive in long run Bitcoin or Blockchain???

    Everyone on this forum is familiar with Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.So no need to discuss what they are except this; Bitcoin is first or we can say father of digital currency world and Blockchain is new revolution in digital technology world. Currently market is down after a golden run and every day millions of people came to know about this new market and its uses.Some with negative views and some advocate it.Many country allowed crypto trading and many banned because of speculations and scams.There is lots of media attention about Bitcoin since its evolution and then its price rise.Many called Bitcoin a shit/fraud/scam when first it came into light but within 7-8years it touched $20000 per coin. On other hand many new Altcoins like ETH, Ripple etc. also gain popularity and boost the need of blockchain in every filed.Now from media news and discussion on many forum I came to conclusion that everyone(Govt. big business houses) wants to adopt Blockchain technology but same time they are either opposing or banning Bitcoin and its uses.So my question is will Bitcoin survive or fall???What will happen if every country launch their own crypto currency using Blockchain technology???Will Bitcoin disappear???Please share your views/opinions and experience.

  • What is the practical application of the current BTC

    List the range of applications, liquidity above, but the actual calculation of the current BTC application is very low. BTC transactions for formal transactions such as purchases, withdrawals, etc. are all minimal. At the present time, BTC deals are mainly for the following, sorted in the popular order:   - Trade  -  Buy and hoard, waiting for wealth in the future. -  Used as a payment method for illegal industries (drugs, smuggling, money laundering). -  Used in the daily transactions listed above.

  • why eth and btc have trouble reaching high prices recently???

    why eth and btc have trouble reaching high prices recently???

  • Are there any Bitcoin Bubble?

    From my point of view, the answer is yes, personally. It is the next bubble created by global finance. On a global scale, the market capitalization of the new coin at $ 180 billion, the highest trading volume of $ 9.8 billion, is so modest and small. This small to see the ball was never big to burst, it must be tight enough, big enough that happened. Some say that the Bitcoin market is too big to make a price, I think they have never seen the Vol trading on each floor, the highest point is only a few hundred million dollars / 24h. If you know a bit about the trillions of capitals of the New York Stock Exchange, Shanghai or even the hundreds of billions of dollars of Forex you will understand how small Bitcoin is. The ETH’s plunged from $ 300 to $ 0.1 in a few minutes on the GDAX floor just because some sellers pulled out a few tens of millions of dollars causing Domino and triggered a stop-loss, The classic example of how coin market is still small. So, for a small market, if it’s a bubble, it’s a very early process and it’s a long process. Therefore, the personal point of view is that the present time is relatively safe, not to worry.

  • Is anonymity the future for bitcoin???

    As we can see each and every transaction for bitcoin is publicly registered to the blockchain where in all of us have access, so I am just thinking if anonymity or providing privacy will be the next move for bitcoin. Just my thoughts, you can add yours here and let's discuss it.

  • Zest token bounty

    https://contest.zestcoin.io/6462/4967179 Sign up to join Zest token bounty, it is already listed in the coin market cap, you can earn up to $250 from this bounty, it is worth $0.52, it is a good and promising project to participate

  • How is the blockchain classified?

    The Blockchain system is divided into three main categories: - Public: This is a blockchain system that anyone can read and write data on blockchain. Authentication process on this blockchain requires thousands or even tens of thousands of participants. Therefore, it is impossible to attack the blockchain system because of its high cost. Example of public blockchain: Bitcoin, Ethereum … - Private: This is a blockchain system that allows users to only read data, not write permissions because this belongs to a trusted third party. This third party may or may not allow the user to read the data in some cases. The third party in full control of all changes on Blockchain. Since this is a Private Blockchain, the transaction confirmation time is quite fast as only a small number of devices are required to participate in transaction authentication. - Permissioned: you can call it the consortium, it is a form of private blockchain, but adds a number of features, combining “trust” with participation in public and “absolute trust” when joining Private. For example, banks or joint venture financial institutions will use their own Blockchain.

  • [Survey] Your predictions about BTC by the end of 2018 and 2019?

    By the end of 2017 and throughout 2018 and we have witnessed a great fluctuation of Bitcoin prices, you make a comment about how bitcoin prices at the end of 2018 and 2019. http://![tải xuống.png](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmeS62fUF8wgs213GQcEEmbrzg3t1wN986xLGLSJFhHzH5/t%E1%BA%A3i%20xu%E1%BB%91ng.png)

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