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Latest Bitcoin News

  • $875 million profited by Cash app this second quarter, amidst the pandemic

    https://twitter.com/kerooke/status/1290796717848354818 Cash app by Square made an astonishing $875 million during the second quarter of 2020. Is this a indication that we are really in a bull run? And I think almost all crypto related business also gain a net profit in the second quarter. But it's really interesting that even though we are still in the pandemic, those money can still be profited. https://squareup.com/us/en/about/investors

  • Thoughts on new ATH

    What are peoples thoughts and expectations on the next ATH. Obviously impossible to predict I'm just curious to hear what others expect. Some have made the point that the trough to peak has reduced 20%-30% although there could be other factors this time round that push the price higher Will the economic fallout from covid create a perfect storm? Will more adoption be significant Institutional interest What are peoples thoughts and expectations

  • Flooding in China effect on bitcoin

    What are peoples thoughts on the effect of flooding in China. The three Gorges dam has been failing to hold back the monsoon season and threatening to flood major Chinese mining operations. What are peoples thoughts on the effect on the price should there be major distribution to the miners?

  • Russian Voters’ Data on Sale After Blockchain Poll

    Hackers are reportedly selling the personal data of over a million Russians who voted electronically, using blockchain technology, during the recent constitutional amendment process. Over 1.1 million data points were stolen and put on sale for $1.50 each on the online forums, the Russian newspaper Kommersant wrote. The data, consisting exclusively of passport numbers, has little value on its own, the anonymous sellers admitted to Kommersant. But such data can be used for phishing attacks when combined with information from other leaked databases. Moscow’s Department of Information Technologies, which is responsible for the design of the voting system, denied the report in an email to CoinDesk. “The department is regularly monitoring the internet for publications of such data, including the darknet. The database mentioned in the publication has nothing to do with the list of voters who registered to vote online,” the department’s press office wrote, adding that the information on the Moscow city hall’s servers was properly protected and “there had been no leaks since the beginning of 2020.” Remarkable is the fact that the database was available for purchase in early July, but the Moscow government denied this. However, as a result, the database appeared in the public domain. https://www.coindesk.com/russian-voters-data-on-sale-after-blockchain-vote-to-keep-putin-in-power-report

  • ‘Decentralization could be possible and is reality'-says Congressman Tom Emmer

    US Congressman Tom Emmer recently appeared on a podcast hosted by the famous Bitcoin proponent Pomp. Pomp and Tom discussed several topics including wealth vs debt, issues with centralization, digital dollar, current economic situation, Bitcoin, etc in the interview. Tom on twitter hack said that the security of the platform was inadequate. He also said that the centralized network has to be blamed for it. Read the complete story https://coinpedia.org/news/tom-emmer-on-bitcoin-decentralization-could-be-reality/

  • First

    New project is coming

  • Scam victims

    Do you know of any resources to help victims of crypto scams recover their losses? I was a victim of one made by coinkast.io where they had me pay more money to release my funds and then they kept adding additional fees... so basically I lost $100k+ and I need to recover it someone especially since much of that were loans I took out. Any help or links to agencies that can help would be appreciated... Thank you in advance

  • "Stephen Wolfram" says bitcoin creator is known classified material

    When Stephen Wolfram is asked, in a recent youtube live stream about [timestamp: 40m16s] "How much of Science has kept secret either classified by the military or waiting for monetization inside private research labs?" he gives a five minutes answer and at the end of his answer [timestamp: 44m] he implies that bitcoin's creator is classified material known to Science and/or secret services.

  • Crypto (Bitcoin , Altcoin ,... ) Free eBooks (Amazon Paid books)

    Please visit my telegram channel to find the books you are looking for and download it for free. Click the link below:     https://t.me/APCryptoBooks     or     @APCryptoBooks

  • Australian man to sell his house for over 70 Bitcoins

    Australian man, named Jim, considers cryptocurrency as ‘better than cash’ to sell his property. He has quoted 67-73 Bitcoins which is approximate $880K to $950K. Check out the full story https://coinpedia.org/news/australia-house-for-bitcoin/

  • Why did we experience an overshoot in the price of Bitcoins ?

    Hello , I found an article and it did seem very interesting, the author tries to explain why Bitcoins broke the resistance and we saw an amazing rally. https://www.coindesk.com/how-real-is-bitcoins-rally-8-interpretations-of-bitcoins-massive-surge Quote Banks stacking due to changes in custody rules Money printer go brrr Stock to flow model Robinhood traders piling in DeFi gain recycling Buyers exceeding sellers “Perfect storm” Dollar crash, negative real interest rates and the search for a new reserve currency   According to the author the following reasons did mark a uptrend  but there are few reasons I would like to add. - People Investing their stimulus bills - No jobs !! - Stock market might be good for the long term , but right now I don't think people can really invest there for short term - Gold prices is incredibly high - Good representation of Bitcoins and many countries giving it the legal good to go status - Bitcoins have outperformed Gold and S and P 500 index - People in for HODL - People loosing trust in the dollar which should definitely happen since they printed more money than ever and that a whole bubble that we are seeing right now waiting to take the market down ((+ am not comfortable with trading in US dollar personally too till the time America Gives Racial Freedom to all its citizens and stop treating people like Animals, I would rather risk the volatility ~)) Please do share what to you guys think ? ?

  • Free TRON (TRX) Tokens Every Hour Upto 300$

    Free-TRON is latest new free TRON (TRX) Tokens faucet. Here you can claim small fractions of TRX Tokens every hour. At This site you have the Free Faucet option or Free Rolls options (Earn coins by Visiting various links). Massive  50% referral commission program is one of its most attractive feature. In this Article, i will explain how to signup at Free-TRON Faucet and to earn TRON (TRX), which is currently ranking 16th in the 20 highest capitalization crypto-currencies in the market. It is worthy to have these coins in your crypto-currency wallets for future earnings as its price is increasing rapidly and most popular crypto currency on blockcahin with various new tokens running on this TRON network. Registration link  VISIT https://free-tron.com/?ref=6195 For registration, just visit Free-TRON from link provided above. Enter with your email and password on signup form. Need to solve the easy captcha in order to complete signup process. Email verification is also required to make fully functional the faucet. Faucet (Free TRON TRX) Under Free Faucet Tab, we have the option to claim free TRON (TRX) Toekns. In Free-Tron , you can win Tokens every hour (60 minutes) by clicking ROLL button. Winning prize may be from 0.015 to 15,236 TRX (depending upon the price of TRX). No investment is required and you can win upto 15,236 TRX prize worth upto 300$ every hour as per Prize winning Table below. All winnings depend on the number you rolled as per luck randomly. Your Roll value should be 10000 To win upto 15,236 TRX ($300). Additional FreeRolls options is also availbale where you earn more TRX by visiting links provided daily. For claiming, just go to Free TRX Tab and click Roll button at the bottom of the winning table. The captcha will appear in-front of us and by solving this, we will get our reward. The ''lucky number '' will appear with the amount of winning TTRX). All Tokens earned are automatically added to the crypto balance shown at upper right corner of the Faucet Site. Referrals Earnings (More TRX Tokens) Earn more Free TRON (TRX) by promoting this faucet through Referral Program. Free-Tron has a great feature of massive 50% referral Commission program. Share your unique referral link with your friends and Get 50% of your referrals winning prize and claims. Free-TRON Withdrawals (Payment Proof) You can withdraw all your Free TRON (TRX) easily and instantly. Your Free TRON (TRX) will be sent as soon as possible after the withdrawal is confirmed on the blockchain network. Minimum Withdrawal Amount is 10 TRX Tokens with no transaction fee. Best recommended wallets to store TRON (TRX) Tokens are Blockchain.io, Binance, Cryptonator, EOBOT and ExpressCrypto. Free Rolls (Earn TRON TRX by Visiting links) Here you can earn TRON TRX by just visiting various links and ads. Click on any of the given links to generate a FREE ROLL. Each link can be visited once in 24 hours. Every free roll can further increase your daily earnings of TRON Trx. Once again Registration link  VISIT https://free-tron.com/?ref=6195 Video Guidance for how to claim https://youtu.be/aH7vq7Pi6YU 30+ Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining Websites List 2020: http://[Suspicious link removed]/CloudMiningList 30+ Free Bitcoin Faucets List 2020: http://[Suspicious link removed]/FreeFaucetsList Thanks For Reading my Article

  • What will you do when Bitcoin reach$20k?

    I was in the market few years ago when bitcoin almost reached $20k. I wasn't acting then (hodling for few years already) and I think a lot about when I should act next. I wonder what other people who hodl bitcoin for few years plan to do. Do you have a price in mind than when bitcoin will reach it, only then you plan to sell?

  • Faucets - Do people still use it, and are they worthwhile?

    Hi, I know crypto faucets have been around for a long time, but I never bothered to try any of them. I recently noticed that some faucets still attract so much traffic, and it really got me curious whether using faucets daily is actually worth your time. Please share your opinions about them, and your experience with them if you actually used it for some time. Thanks in advance.

  • Anyone in the Bitcoin ATM business?

    How is going? Seems like machines continued fast growth during Covid... has it been a good year for the BATM owners?

  • #FinancialFox Week in Review: Gold & BTC Price Surge

    In this week of FinancialFox Week In Review, Stefania Barbaglio discusses the impressive run of Gold as prices reach $2,000 an ounce mark and analysts expect the prices to further go up to $3,500 within two years. Gold is on a bullish trend, and this can be attributed to the current market volatility, impact of coronavirus & weaker fiat currencies. Investors are looking to differentiate their portfolio with safe-haven assets, and Gold is on the top list. A similar bull run is happening with another asset:  *BITCOIN* / *BTC*. Whether it can be considered a safe-haven asset or not, it is still open to discussions but the matter of the fact being that bitcoin reached it's 2020 high at $11,500 high with expectations to surpass $12,500- the highest in July 2019. https://youtu.be/sS5ALJRRW-Y

  • what did the author mean?

    Im referring to this tweet: https://twitter.com/qwqiao/status/1289631610137018369?s=12 I quote: "Seriously tho the best way to trade shitcoins in a bull market is trend following. Draw a bunch of MAs and buy if price > MA. If you can code do this for 100 shitcoins at once. Sit back and watch your BTC double. This tweet will get 5 likes but it's the biggest alpha I've leaked." Could anyone explain in a simple word, what did he mean?

  • What do you miss in block explorers

    I think most of us will use block explorers once in a while. I personally use them for fast checking things like a transaction based on a hash, get the height of the latest found block, see if an address has been used and/or what the balance is, etc. But this got me wondering if there's anything you miss in current block explorers? Anything you would like to see answered by using a decent explorer but just can't seem to do with any at the moment? Or anything in particular a specific explorer do has to offer while others don't? Looking forward to your replies/ideas.

  • Tracker Seller List TI Forum 2020

    hi cheak youtube video , below have - forum links ! Note: Only register not need confirm email ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXM6GH-SXn4

  • converting bitcoins Problem

    Hello I use blockChain Wallet but it does not allow me to transact over $ 500 and it says the transaction is too much How can I solve this problem?

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