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Latest Bitcoin News

  • How Bitcoin became the decade’s biggest unicorn

    Over the last decade, Bitcoin has gone through a lot of changes. Bitcoin first came on the scene in 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto released the Bitcoin whitepaper, outlining the features of the digital asset. Since then, Bitcoin has launched an entire industry - the digital asset industry - which has an overall market cap of $190,109,228,120 at the time of writing. The biggest surprise of the last ten years isn’t Uber or Airbnb - it’s the OG cryptoasset. So, here’s how Bitcoin became the decade’s biggest unicorn. https://twitter.com/balajis/status/1202057047962988545?s=12 A brief history of Bitcoin prices The first real-world Bitcoin transaction took place on 22 May 2010, when Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas in Jacksonville, Florida for a whopping 10,000 BTC. Today, those Bitcoins would be worth $71,745,800 - which is pretty steep for two pizzas if we’re being honest. Still, it wasn’t until around 2013 that the digital currency really started to take off. Bitcoin started the year trading at around $13.50 per Bitcoin, and the price rallied briefly to $220, before dropping back down to $130 by mid-April. In December 2013, the price rallied to $1,230 which was the highest price it had achieved at the time. Admittedly, the price then fell by 39% over a couple of days. In December 2017, Bitcoin reached its peak (as of now), hitting a whopping $20,089. It quickly leveled out, but the precedent had already been set - Bitcoin would top the peak price in the near future, come hell or high water. Now, we’re heading for the next Bitcoin halving in May 2020, which has historically heralded a bull run for the coin. With many analysts reporting that Bitcoin may very well reach a $1 trillion market cap in the next few years, Bitcoin certainly has some room to grow. Uber and Airbnb When we look at Uber and Airbnb, arguably two of the biggest startups in the world, the level of growth we see with Bitcoin is even more staggering. While we’re taking a look at how Bitcoin became the decade’s biggest unicorn, it probably makes sense to examine the growth of others. In the space of only 7 years, Bitcoin went from being worth $0.0008 per coin to $20,089 per coin. That’s practically unheard of. Comparatively, Uber only went public this year, and it’s shares are sitting at around $31. Airbnb has yet to launch their own IPO, although they have stated their plans to go public in 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzteWp4sAFY Uber was founded in 2009, the same year as Bitcoin, and has a market cap of $52,32 billion (at the time of writing). Airbnb was founded in 2008, and in 2018 had a market cap of $38 billion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Tc9YScMtN8 Contrastingly, Bitcoin has a market cap of $130,676,647,522, which accounts for 68.2% of the total market cap for the cryptoasset industry. So, what makes Bitcoin unique? For one, Bitcoin is a totally different asset class to Airbnb and Uber - we can’t get around that. Bitcoin was technically invented as a means of exchange, and that hasn’t really happened yet. Yes, you can pay with Bitcoin at many different vendors all around the world, but Bitcoin payments haven’t yet gone as mainstream as intended. Regulatory bodies are still uncertain about what to do with the digital asset, and governments remain largely wary. And yet, Bitcoin has amassed a following and a level of devotion that has enabled it to climb higher and higher, and grow stronger and stronger. So, how did Bitcoin become the decade’s biggest unicorn? We’ve all seen the potential it has, the industry it’s founded, and the utility that it brings to the table. Bitcoin has the potential to completely revolutionize the global financial industry, and the fact that it has turned into an incredibly profitable, if volatile, asset isn’t a miracle - it makes total sense. If you want to trade Uber stocks or Bitcoin, check out eToro, the world’s leading social trading platform. The 2020s belong to Bitcoin So, here’s how Bitcoin became the decade’s biggest unicorn - pushing Uber, Airbnb and other start-ups out of the way. With a market cap of $130 billion (at the time of writing) Bitcoin dwarfs companies in other asset classes in a huge way. It’s no secret that Bitcoin is volatile, but in many ways that has worked in its favor. The 2020s belong to Bitcoin, so let’s see what happens next. https://www.cryptopolitan.com/how-bitcoin-became-the-decades-biggest-unicorn/

  • Nick Szabo on successful Bitcoin HODLERS

    Words straight from the man who is highly regarded as the "might be" Satoshi Nakamoto. Don't listen to the FUD, and let the numbers/facts guide you. From that, you know what to do, Buy the dip and? https://twitter.com/nickszabo4/status/1219805247536693248 Quote Successful Bitcoin holders have low time preference & judge over extended periods, e.g. risk-adjusted return over 4-year holding periods. If an economist has not researched this strong market signal for explanations of supply & demand, they don't have a useful opinion about it.

  • What is the value sold in ICO?

    Does anyone know why the amount raised of a coin is different to the value sold in a coin??? 

  • The Burny Dice Competition On Play Royal Has Officially Started!! Get Lucky & Ea

  • Do cryptocurrencies diversify each other?

    As many people know, cryptocurrencies are extremely correlated with each other. When Bitcoin goes up everything goes up and the other way around. Does it make sense to buy a portfolio or should we just hold Bitcoin? I've just posted an article on Medium analyzing diversification benefits! What do you think? https://medium.com/velvet-capital/cryptocurrencies-not-only-diversify-other-assets-they-diversify-each-other-4266eee074ec?source=friends_link&sk=0ff4a0fa7a83eca9966fad28a2da303f

  • Bitcoin value starts with people's attention? or with its technology?

    Is Bitcoin really a such innovative thing that can change people's lives significantly in the future? I think we still live fine without having Bitcoin being actively used in our real lives. Oh well... In terms of transparency, i can take on Bitcoin's technology. But which one is it that raised its value so much though? Technology or People's attention?

  • Who bought Bitcoin in late 2017? Still recovering or fully recovered?

    Well i am in the same boat. Just out of curiosity, is there any still recovering from the deadly bitcoin price in late 2017? or fully recovered and seeing profit? or Sold away at that moment or later?

  • Why Should You Use BITCOIN?

    Like normal currencies such as EUR, USD, and INR, cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange brought into existence mainly for the purpose of exchanging digital information. A virtual currency uses cryptography for security thereby making it the most difficult to counterfeit. What’s more, as the cryptocurrencies aren’t controlled by a central authority, no one can take it away from you. User Anonymity No Third-Party Interruptions Purchases Aren’t Taxed Very Low Transaction Fees Available To Everyone Higher Investment Return Fraud-Proof Instant Settlement Visit our Cryptocurrency Exchange platform: NIOC Exchange

  • Accidentally sent btc to bsv address please help me

    Accidentally sent btc to bsv address please help me Please help me to recover my btc please

  • Bit-Buddy

    Hi guys. What do you think of my App. bit-buddy.pagexl.com Do you guys think its a good idea??....its quite novel nobody has such an app out like this. Thanks

  • What is your opinion on the highest /lowest value of bitcoin in 2020?

    Hey guys, what u think? Will bitcoin go up to the new record or Will go down? Its better to buy now and hold or wait?

  • Lost BTC !!

    Hello, I have a crisis! I have withdrawn funds one time in a row to my Wallet BTC. After receiving the funds, after 20 minutes someone took funds from it (I don't know how ?!). I use Electrum Wallet. The outbound transaction is an RBF transaction. Is there a way to block the transaction? My wallet 1CCEQxuUkb6RKQM4TDYbQemBVs2ihe45ps

  • When the renting of cloud services will become rentable ?

    How much shound the bitcoin cost in dollars, in order to make profitable the process of generation with cloud services ?

  • Novel app for Trading Bitcoin.

    Hi guys I am a trader software developer and i have created a new app for trading bitcoin that talks to you using AI. I am a pro trader and I have incorporated AI into this app The Demo is free. I have 10 years of experience in Trading so i put alot of my knowledge in developing this app to help people Trade with less stress. The address is      bit-buddy.pagexl.com its called bit buddy and it talks to you so that you dont look at charts or at least limit the amount of time you look at charts to rest your eyes. please have a look and give me some feedback. thank you

  • Have anyone come across this? Whether it is a true currency or fake one....?

    Today while making a conversation with my friend I said about bitcoin and its price in terms of USD. This was quite high and no other currency has got such a high value. To me he responded sending an image that I've posted here. He doesn't know which country this currency belongs, but he mentioned whatever the value might be surely it'll be higher than bitcoin. Have any of you knew about such currencies with such a big value.

  • 1.1 BTC Puzzle by Phemex

    https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/address/1h8BNZkhsPiu6EKazP19WkGxDw3jHf9aT Details: https://phemex.com/references/articles/try-to-solve-our-2-btc-puzzle

  • OMG !!! Disaster for BitCoin... Who Stole all of PETER SCHIFF's Bitcoins ???

    The theft of PETER SCHIFF's bitcoins was probably the explanation for the recent 500 dollar drop in BitCoins price      I can not think of a worse thing that could happen to the reputation of crypto currency    So WHO stole all of Peter Schiff's bitcoins, and how did they do it ?  The worlds wants to know !!! Hard Facts

  • $1.6 Billion USD In Bitcoin Hasn’t Moved Since November 2017

    Hodl, that is the mantra with which hardcore Bitcoin believers greet newcomers into the space. The philosophy behind this mantra is simple: Bitcoin is superior money, so make sure you hold what you buy unless you are an expert trader who knows how to call peaks and troughs. Even as Bitcoin prices decline, it seems that many who bought near the peak, are in effect hodling. According to Delphi Digital, about $1.6 billion USD worth of Bitcoin hasn’t moved from November 2017. So, is this a new generation of hodlers trying to emulate early adopters who saw their net worth balloon to incredible heights, or is something else going on? $1.6 Billion USD Means Nothing to Bitcoin A reasonable context is needed to properly understand this figure. Looking at the markets, it is easy to see that: - $1.6 billion USD is just a little over 1% of Bitcoin’s total valuation at the moment - Bitcoin peaked at just under $20,000 USD - When it peaked, Bitcoin’s market cap was around $310 billion USD Those who bought Bitcoin near the peak and are still holding, must understand that the $1.6 billion USD they hold are relatively insignificant in the market. There are wealthy Bitcoin holders, individuals, who can easily eclipse that. Furthermore, looking at the general premise of earlier adopters and hardcore Bitcoin believers, $1.6 billion USD is meaningless because: - Fiat currency is inflationary, meaning those dollars are worth less every year - Bitcoin is superior money, therefore people should be willing to buy at any price - One Bitcoin is one Bitcoin no matter what its equivalent price in USD is at any point in time; the system doesn’t care Responsible Bitcoin Investments There is one more fact that those who are looking to invest in Bitcoin must understand: Bitcoin markets are not regulated. They never close; they cannot be stopped by any single government or institution. If there is a price crash, like the ones we have seen over and over again in stock markets around the world, there is no entity that can intervene and suspend trading, apart from the individual platforms on which people trade. Therefore, responsible Bitcoin investors must consider the following: - In small cap markets with wealthy individuals, a few people have overwhelming power over price - A lack of regulation means that there are absolutely no safety nets; risks are inherently higher - Proper hedging is a must. Never invest more than what you are willing to lose Are you a responsible Bitcoin investor? Or wanting to be? Trade Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies on the world’s leading social platform, eToro. Learn the ropes with top investors in the CopyTrader feature, that allows you to copy and follow the investment movements of top crypto traders. Find out more here. Bitcoin Hodlers vs Bitcoin Investors That logic only applies to Bitcoin investors. There is a segment within the market that doesn’t see Bitcoin as an investment vehicle that will yield a profit in fiat. This segment views Bitcoin as a hedge. People within it will hold regardless of the price because they believe that fiat markets will crash again, sooner rather than later. If any of the people who bought Bitcoin near its 2017 peak are within that segment of the market, they are unlikely to sell until there is a fiat market crash. Selling at a loss will not be good in any case, even if the fiat crash doesn’t come soon, especially if those who bought near the peak invested only what they were willing to lose. You never make or lose money when you hold an asset; selling it is the operation that allows you to realize your profit or absorb a loss. Bitcoin Trading Volumes Trending Downwards Given that prices have come down and they seem to be far away from their peak, hodlers and investors alike seem to be unwilling to sell. That is why Bitcoin trading volumes are trending downwards. That is good for Bitcoin if: - Those who refrain from trading are using their coins to consume - Funds are being held in cold storage as an alternative savings mechanism in a world in which interest rates are near historical lows Less trade volumes can mean that Bitcoin is finally being used as originally intended, but to confirm that, more vendor data as well as wallet metadata is needed. If the coins are being kept in exchange accounts and not moving, then the situation is dire, not only for investors, but for those who believe in Bitcoin’s philosophical premise. Keep Calm and Bitcoin On Either way, putting too much emphasis on trading volume and the fate of that $1.6 billion USD in Bitcoin that hasn’t moved since 2017, distracts us from the big picture. Individuals often make irrational choices. If trading volume and price were both higher or trending upward, then there would inevitably be analysts warning about the perils of high volume trading and high prices – exuberance. The best antidote to low trading volumes and prices that don’t seem to find a way to recover is not to look at how many coins are sitting idle since the end of 2017. People should re-evaluate personal goals and make a concerted effort to behave rationally relative to those goals. Anyone who buys Bitcoin at any point in time must understand what it was created for and see if that philosophy aligns with their goals or their view of the world, instead of trying to make a quick buck. https://www.cryptopolitan.com/1-6-billion-usd-in-bitcoin-hasnt-moved-since-november-2017/

  • Is this the right way to teach them?

    We all know how worked hard Satoshi Nakamoto made the blockchain, for the ease of all of us, should we not do anything for this? So the answer is yes, we too should do something. That's why I and some of my friends have decided that we will. We will build a small academy with only two or three rooms, where we will tell people about blockchain, without any fees. I want to know this from you, is this a good idea? Please tell me if this is not the right way. We can only invest two or three months for this Academy. Lessons: How blockchain works. How to send or receive. How to buy/sell cryptocurrencies ( Trading). What is the private Key. What is the difference between Coins and Tokens. What is ICO or IEO.

  • Petro And Cryptocurrency Casino In Venezuela

    The plans for the introduction of official cryptocurrencies by governments have been talked for a long time – but Venezuela was the first to take action. However, should other countries follow the place where hyperinflation and bad governance play the first fiddle... Read full article: https://blocktoq.com/crypto-news/petro-and-cryptocurrency-casino-in-venezuela/

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