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Latest Bitcoin News

  • I'm concern for this family on this covid-19 pandemic

    Hello guys, I have been concern for the users of this forum that seem like a family not withstanding some members trying to scam others , scamming altcoin bounty managers inclusive . Therefore, my worries are in different folds, from : 1. The loss or value reduction of our investment in general and cryptocurrency . 2. Is anyone here in isolation, quarantine or their family member ? 3. Has anyone here been tasted positive to covid-19 or their family member ? The big question however is, can we have Theymos pulling it on us tomorrow about his covid-19 status to be "positive" ?   Remember April 1 is just few hours away. I wish us all healthy living as we keep maintaining social distancing.

  • how the Bitcoin community has helped Italy to face Coronavirus emergency

    Thanks to the support of the Bitcoin community, the Italian Red Cross - Colli Albani collected more than 3 BTC, from 0 to over € 20,000 in two weeks and with a gross fee of much less than 1%. Through it, materials were purchased to prepare a second level Advanced Medical Post for COVID-19 pre-triage. The whole process lasted about 3 days as the Colli Albani Committee created a multi-signature Bitcoin wallet (Segwit enabled, Ledger compliant, non-custodial) and launched the project: https://app.helperbit.com/project/5e6a64ee84cb8662d901a29c Quote – the sum of the fees charged by the Bitcoin network to send the donations were 0.00989986 BTC (0.34%) – 0% is the fee of Helperbit platform: as a Corporate Policy, Helperbit never charges fees on donations – the fee charged by the Bitcoin network for the transaction to the payment processor Tinkl.it (TxID) was 0.00492543 BTC (0.19%) – 0% is the fee charged by Tinkl.it on this occasion – € 3 is the cost of bank transfers to the merchant’s bank account Read more and source ----> https://blog.helperbit.com/en/2020/03/30/from-0-to-20-thousand-in-two-weeks-how-the-bitcoin-community-has-helped-italy-to-face-coronavirus-emergency/

  • How do miners affect the price of Bitcoin?

    In a reply to a post I made before, franky1 mentioned about "mining cost" and that got me curious. So lately, I've been reading some articles about mining and how it affects the price of bitcoin. Before I continue with the topic, know that I am not a miner, if it's not obvious yet, and I don't completely understand how bitcoin mining works. If I say something inaccurate, please point it out. Here's what I understand for now: Miners set the mining cost as a "base price" for Bitcoin. The mining cost is also known as the cost required to produce bitcoin and it basically consists of hardware cost + electricity. If we are going to compare this to a private manufacturing company, they also have what they call as "manufacturing cost", which consists of materials + labor + overhead, for every product they produce. A private company would never allow the price of the product go below its manufacturing cost and, I think, the same can also be said to miners. Collectively, they will never allow the price go below the mining cost. If miners can set a base price or better understood as "bottom" by some at a particular period, how do you think this affects the reputation of Bitcoin as an investment asset? I've always believed that nobody completely controls the price but it can be swayed up or down by different parties based on good or bad news and rumors. P.S. If you notice, I did not discuss the mining technical details like hash rates and difficulty since I don't completely understand it yet as I said before. If you want to discuss it in the comments, feel free to do so.

  • Where do you read about crypto? Favorite sources?

    Hi all, Just out of curiosity... Where do you read about crypto? What is/are your favorite source(s)? My favorite sources are: - This forum - CoinDesk - CoinTelegraph - NewsBTC - Twitter - Reddit Yours?

  • 991.3062 BTC transfer

    be careful with your open trades people, 991.3062 BTC (worth of 6M usd) just transferred to unknown wallet https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/07d1e93758ea6622259ba3f1afe6c5fca0d4712bb125a3c34f0f44bc32c71ee6 According to what I know this walled is binance wallet. so, maybe a sharp movement is incoming

  • Bitcoiin Core now accessible through Dark Web

    bitcoincore.org hidden service Quote After frequent requests, this site is now reachable as a Tor hidden service through an onion address: http://6hasakffvppilxgehrswmffqurlcjjjhd76jgvaqmsg6ul25s7t3rzyd.onion/ As well as adding another means of censorship resistance, a hidden service gives an alternative trust path that doesn’t rely on certificate authorities nor DNS infrastructure. https://bitcoincore.org/en/2020/03/27/hidden-service/ Archived: (1) https://web.archive.org/web/20200331063411/https://bitcoincore.org/en/2020/03/27/hidden-service/. (2) https://archive.vn/itTxT In case government decided to hunt and shut it down, others might want to archive it as well. Obviously, as stated, the main reason is to resist censorship. https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/fruxr2/bitcoin_core_shifts_to_dark_web_to_resist/

  • how to buy cryptocurrency

    i just wanna know best  way to buy crypto...

  • Best Ways to Earn Free Ethereum In 2020

    Earn Online some https://earnonline.co/cryptocurrency/best-ways-earn-free-ethereum/Best Ways to Earn Free Ethereum In 2020. There are different ways to Earn Free Ethereum in 2020 like: Airdrops Mining Apps Gaming Referral Programs Earn Through Freelancing, etc.

  • SOS.BInance going to adquire coinmarketcap - END of decentralization and crypto

    Please help me spread this!we can't allow this to happen. We MUST do something or the monopolization of Binance will end with crypto. What the hell is going on?   coinmarketcap to be adquired by Binance? Coinmarketcap sold for 400M. Cryptoindustry will belong to Binance. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/post/60371/binance-is-set-to-acquire-coinmarketcap-the-deal-could-be-worth-as-much-as-400-million Post edited: I don't know what the hell I wrote about end of decentralization, in fact it is the path to MONOPOLIZATION!! Let me remind you that this is the guy that suggested Bitcoin's  ROLLOVER to recover the 7000BTC hacked to his exchange. Now he would be able to manipulate also the top1 cryptoaggregator.

  • [Discussion] Banking on Bitcoin Documentary Highlights

    Hello! Having a lot of time during this quarantine. I finally got to see the documentary “Banking on Bitcoin”. Here’s the link for those who haven’t watch it yet:  Banking on Bitcoin BANKING ON BITCOIN Quote Bitcoin: the decentralized currency of the internet, grabs the attention of a curious public and the ire of the regulators the technology has subverted. Initial release: 2016 (USA) I hope you can spare some time in watching this too! The film is a good introduction to Bitcoin, it’s like the history of how this digital currency was created. The film interviews business owners, as well as people who are against it. They also tackle about the controversies and how the public takes it. And it’s been 4-5 years since it was made. I just thought that the topics discussed in the film are interesting to talk about right now. The film brought me to a deeper perception to why Bitcoin has still a long way to go, and why it was struggling to be accepted around the world. I compiled highlights that I have taken from the film. I hope it can make you interested in watching the film too. HIGHLIGHTS According to Charlie Shrem, co-founder and CEO of BitInstant, Bitcoin is cash with wings, it’s the ability to take a local transaction and do it globally, he believes Bitcoin will overturn the financial infrastructure, it is the largest socio-economic infrastructure the world has ever seen. Eric Voorhees worked as Director of Marketing at BitInstant. Jed McCaleb created Mt. Gox(Bitcoin Exchange site) because he couldn’t buy bitcoin as quickly as he wanted to. However, he was overflowed by the legal risk, he sells it to Mark Karpeles. Zimbabwe is a good example of a government that lost the trust of the people by printing too much money that causes hyperinflation. Those people who experiences government and bank failures are the people who are looking for something new(Bitcoin). 2.5 billion adults around the world doesn’t have bank accounts, Bitcoin has the capacity to take those people in the financial system. A bank in their cell phone and a bank in their pocket. People are looking in sending money globally, Western Union is a way but it is really expensive. Bitcoin is cheaper, easier, and more convenient. Remittances will be one of the big first uses of Bitcoin because they didn’t care about borders. Ron Ulbricht founded Silk Road website. An online drug market in the internet that can sell anything, best known for illegal drugs. The currency use is Bitcoin. Charlie Shrem made a mistake with dealing with BTCking Robert Faiella, he acknowledge that he knew that BTCking is acquiring bitcoins to sell it to Silk Road costumers. Charlie work with the guy, he wrote emails that acknowledge that he knew what BTCking was doing. Founder of Silk Road, Ron Ulbricht was convicted on seven charges including narcotics and money laundering in a manhattan court room. Feds auction 13.5 million dollar’s worth of silk road bitcoins. People now see Bitcoin as a haven for drug dealers. They think Bitcoins are nothing but illegal drugs on the internet. Bitcoin price took a little dip after this event but still goes up. Charlie Shrem was arrested for alleged money laundering because of the Silk Road Case. But for him, its just one customer, and he has thousands of customer. A day after the arrest of Charlie Schem, a bitcoin hearing is held in New york lead by Benjamin Lawsky. The fact finding effort was to propose a license framework for the virtual currency firms operating in New york. According to Eric Voorhees, bitcoin is a battle of ideas and it forces the issue of whether people should be as free in their handling of money as they are free in their handling of speech, religion, or relationship with each other. They said in order for the Bitcoin to go mainstream, you have to let regulators weigh in on it. Lawsky was the one interested in it, he wants to come up with the license for bitcoin companies, he calls it BitLicense. A week after the hearing, 750,000 btc are stolen or lost in Mt. Gox. Which counts about 6% in the total circulation. Mt. Gox files for bankruptcy and blames hackers for the lost of money. The important lesson from this Gox incident is you can't trust a third party for your money. Eric Voorhees said this is the lesson people should learn at the financial crisis but they don’t have seemed to learn it yet. Spring of 2015, Bitlicense finally came out. lot of companies complained that the regulations are too burdensome for them to operate in New York and still make money. Companies would have had to apply for bitlicense if they wanted to engage in digital currency business activity. Point of BitLicense according to Lawsky: 1. Make sure there are enough consumer protections. 2. Make sure we have adequate cyber security. 3. Make sure that the companies are adequately capitalized so they don’t collapse upon themselves. Lawsky leaves the government and opens a firm to consult Bitcoin companies, navigating the BitLicense application process. Eric Voorhees describes it as the very definition of crony capitalism. Quote Lawsky see a new ecosystem being built(Bitcoin), he said that he will protect the consumers, he built a huge wall around it, then he charge every person who passes the gate. -Eric Vooheer  Banking system and the financial industry co-opting bitcoin. They are trying to create their own private blockchain where their computers are powering it rather than those anonymous miners, they want control over the system. Eric Voorhees is not bothered by this because he believes bitcoin is decentralized and cannot be controlled no matter who they are or how much money they got.   ENDING STATEMENT Quote As of the completion of the film, Charlie Shrem is still serving out his sentence at Lewisburg Federal Prison. No wall street executives have served time for the 2008 meltdown. No major bank executives served time for money laundering charges. I like how the film explains Bitcoin with its history. It shows how Bitcoin can change the world globally, how dangerous it can be, and why the government and financial institutions are threatened by it. I think the ending statement wants to highlight how unfair it was for Charlie Shrem, and for the Bitcoin community, one mistake and they wanted to end the rising technology. Bitcoin isn't "ony about that". They started to label it as a currency only used for illegal activities. It is just a tiny part of the economy of Bitcoin. It makes me realize what Eric Voorhees said in the film, dollars and other currencies are used for drugs too, it is the "bad guys" who is at fault using it for illegal activities. Money controlled by the governments are problematic too. Quote  "No wall street executives have served time for the 2008 meltdown, no bankers served time for money laundering charges", but this 23 year old entrepreneur that help established the bitcoin industry, an alternative to government money, is going to jail. While bankers almost destroyed the economy, and none of them got into trouble. The film makes me wonder if we are still seeing the future the same way the film see it? A lot has happened in 5 years. Anyone who have watched it can also comment their take about the documentary. If there’s anyone who can provide links or updates about the topics tackled in the film, please do so, in that way we can see how Bitcoin developed for the past years! -GDragon

  • Question about Private Keys

    Hello! Does anyone have a list of private keys that had balance prior to 2020 but was found and wiped after 2020 had began?  I'm trying figure out something here, Thanks!

  • Paragon bounty management service

      Welcome to Paragon Bounty management service   We are happy to announced that we are going to start a bounty management service. Our service is legit.

  • HODLers, spend your BTC

    I have a feeling the financial system might collapse. This can cause severe fiat inflation. So I decided to go Bitcoin only for my finances. I keep some fiat in the bank for paying bills. I'm a small business owner and I accept bitcoin as a payment method. It frustrates me that very few use it. But it makes sense people want to spend their devaluating fiat instead of promising bitcoin. I want you to consider this as a hodler. If we all hodl our coins, they don't circulate. A crisis is coming. It will be a financial/debt/currency crisis and this may lead to an economic crisis. Banks and governments will blame the pandemic. But the real economy is fine. Shops and bars will open again. As long as people have money to spend, others will keep their jobs. I want hodlers to start spending their satoshis. Don't see this as buying an expensive pizza. If you buy it with fiat, it's the same as exchanging your fiat for bitcoin, except for the fees. But keeping your money in Bitcoin gives you a nice long term interest. Also spending satoshis is in your interest because it contributes to the network effect. When more people use Bitcoin > it becomes more useful > demand grows > price goes up > you get rich. Now that we are all at home, it might be a great opportunity to start paying for daily expenses with bitcoin. There are many places where you can buy food online and Lightning network makes it cheap and fast. If you believe Bitcoin will go to the moon, then you should start using it now as a method of payment as much as you can. My recommendation: - Don't put all your assets in Bitcoin. Buy gold, silver, solar panels, food, toilet paper. Keep some cash for emergency. - If you fear your bank will close your account, use an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) as a middle man to buy crypto. There are many of them. Use them as a pass through, don't trust them with your money. - Fiat is for exchanging, Bitcoin is for hodling, Satoshis are for spending. Developers did their job making user friendly wallets, now it's up to the hodlers to give the users easy satoshis. They should not have to go through stupid KYC. Share your thoughts and links to places where to spend. This is my first post, I want to thank Satoshi Nakamoto for his or her gift to society. Thank you. You gave freedom to humanity and made this world a better place. Stay healthy and anonymous!

  • Bitcoin Halving

    Does Coronavirus impact Bitcoin halving & future? Bitcoin halving needs new mining equipment every time; because once a Bitcoin halving takes place, the existing equipment becomes inefficient for mining. Mining farms then replace the old equipment to be on par with the new algorithm challenges.

  • Impact of Covid

    Most people thought that after the virus outbreak, money would go into Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin is considered to be the only ‘’safe-haven’’ asset at the time of crisis. But Bitcoin collapsed by 15% after the virus outbreak, thereby defying people’s expectations. However, it is to be remembered that the value of Bitcoin is driven by demand and not on factors like interest rates and GDP than other fiat currencies depend on. Therefore, the prices of Bitcoin though showing volatility is most of the time, still remain steady when other markets fall.

  • Bitcoin extreme price plunge

    The Fed could mint not one but two $1 trillion coins. The U.K. government will pay 80% of wages. A global recession of record proportions is a near certainty and coming as soon as next month. Stock markets around the world lost trillions of dollars in value in a matter of hours. This morning, the Fed promised an open-ended commitment to keep buying assets under its quantitative easing measures—effectively offering to buy the entire market if necessary.

  • Bitcoin Volatility: Riding The Highs And Lows

    Since the very beginning bitcoin has always been volatile. There have been periods where curiosity has pushed the price up, and other times when doubt has seen the price plummet. No matter what has been thrown its way, Bitcoin has always managed to bounce back. Here is a break down of the highs and lows of Bitcoin Volatility: https://bitcoinchaser.com/bitcoin-volatility-riding-the-highs-and-lows/

  • Bitcoin price is below $ 6,000 in falling trading volume

    The price of Bitcoin (BTC) fell below $ 6,000 for the second time in a week. The decline below the $ 6,000 level today comes as a weekly and monthly close approach, and the prospect that the price might be affected by investors is afraid that traditional markets may continue to recover in Monday's opening bag. At the time of writing, the price traded at $ 5,917 after the bulls couldn't get the $ 6,200 support. In the short term, Bitcoin will need to hold $ 5,850, or traders will set the $ 5,700, whose prices have found support at least 5 times since March 12. Below $ 5,700, $ 5,350 is the next support area, and below this level traders will look at $ 4,446, where the price previously formed a double bottom. Fear continues to focus on investor feeling The Crypto Fear and Greed Index currently shows a reading of 12, which represents 'extreme fear' and at the same time emphasizes that crypto traders are continuing to drop drastically about the current state of the crypto market. Even as the halfway event is approaching, traders do not feel strongly bullish, but the current reading at 12 is the improvement in the past two weeks, when the indicator fell to 8 after the Bitcoin price corrected to $ 3,775. Many traders will notice that as Bitcoin tends to thin the weekend price movement over this period and look at shorter time intervals, traders lose momentum as the volume dries and eventually falls below the lower arm of the Bollinger Band indicator. Altcoin prices reflected Bitcoin's price drop, and many of the top 20 coins were corrected by 3% to 5%. XRP price fell 7.64%, Binance Coin pulled 5.37% and Monero (XMR) fell 6.57%. The total cryptocurrency market limit is $ 168 billion and the dominance rate of Bitcoin is 64.8%. Bitcoin.etrade.website

  • Stimulus plus halving could cause the real crypto bull

    So many countries have been affected by covid-19 pandemic and the governments have been thinking of palliatives and stimulus while some have already started in other to cushion the economic hardship occasioned on the masses. I'm thinking that these stimulus check is coming at the time bitcoin halving is expected too. Thus, these two factors might be a catalyst to bitcoin and cryptocurrency growth because those who don't really need the stimulus for food, health and other urgent needs might invest in crypto and we can see a fast rise IMO.

  • Coronavirus test to save your self and your future funds.

    Today the spreading of the virus is rapidly and people getting increase rate of being infected and most of the country today make a lockdown to their cities too to avoid the people getting out and even you are home you need to be keep updated about the news related to the coronavirus outbreak. It is better to become more aware also to our self and this one helps you to save your money in investment on your bitcoin because you can now make a self-test on your self and identify if you are safe or have symptoms of the virus. We have a website or platform that can help you and your relatives by having self check this is just a website platform "COVID-19 SELF TEST" that will ask you several questions that is consist of  12 questions than is related to your feeling, history of travel and more. By just simply answering the questions they have a conclusion about the score you will get. In the final result, they will give you a low, medium or high-risk result and they give you the recommendation to ask a doctor by this we can be aware of the feelings we have so we can make an action immediately and stop the spreading of the virus. Keep safe every one

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