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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Trump’s Trade Tariffs on Chinese Imports to Hit Mining Manufacturers Hard

    Trump’s Trade Tariffs on Chinese Imports to Hit Mining Manufacturers Hard President Trump’s trade tariffs will likely cause a major dint in the profitability of Chinese companies producing cryptocurrency mining hardware. Of the three mining… Read more: https://www.trackcoinmarket.com/en/crypto-news/33934/trumps-trade-tariffs-chinese-imports-mining-manufacturers-hard


    CRYPTOCURRENCY SCAM CASE REACHES A DEAD END IN MUMBAI Roughly a year ago, Mumbai police accused the founder of ATC Coin Ltd. of running a cryptocurrency scam. Now the case has gone cold after police remain unable… Read more: https://www.trackcoinmarket.com/en/crypto-news/33798/cryptocurrency-scam-case-reaches-dead-mumbai

  • China can destroy bitcoin

    very interesting when we hear that academics from Princeton University and academics from the University of Florida have concluded that China has the potential to threaten stability, internet infrastructure, security and bitcoin development. in the world of mining, China dominates using ASIC vendors. China controls mining hashrate, so they affect the bitcoin protocol. Is there a solution to stop that potency  ?

  • Is it legal to send in/out cryptos to South Korea?

    Mainly for the purpose of remitting money out of Korea I am very interested in buying BTC, send out, sell and get USD.

  • Downside of Bitcoin's Anonymity

    Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is transparent and secure. With the rise of bitcoin and blockchain technology there are lots of opportunities and benefits that the society can acquire. Little did we know that with the rise of this technology there are some scumbags who took advantage of one of its features which is anonymity, purchasing illegal stuffs online and even laundering money using bitcoin. I bumped into an article awhile ago and I guess it's worth to share. A Romanian City Hall was hacked and the hackers are demanding bitcoin as ransom. You can read more in here. https://coindoo.com/romanian-city-hall-hackers-want-ransom-to-be-paid-using-btc/ These kinds of acts are giving bitcoin a bad name. We are moving forward to a digital world and whether we like it or not, we'll be using crypto as means of payment when doing transactions online in the near future. Will hacking incidents increase as well as we progress with this digital currency? Is there a way that we can catch these guys given the anonymity of bitcoin? Do regulations solve this kinds of issues of anonymity? Share me your thoughts!

  • bitcoin price recovery

    Is there any chance for bitcoin to recover its price

  • Now here's a guy really pissed at bitcoin/blockchain...

    "In practice, blockchain is nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet." With the value of bitcoin having fallen by about 70% since its peak late last year, the mother of all bubbles has now gone bust. More generally, cryptocurrencies have entered a not-so-cryptic apocalypse. The value of leading coins such as Ether, EOS, Litecoin and XRP have all fallen by over 80%, thousands of other digital currencies have plummeted by 90%-99%, and the rest have been exposed as outright frauds. No one should be surprised by this: four out of five initial coin offerings (ICOs) were scams to begin with. Faced with the public spectacle of a market bloodbath, boosters have fled to the last refuge of the crypto scoundrel: a defence of “blockchain,” the distributed-ledger software underpinning all cryptocurrencies. Blockchain has been heralded as a potential panacea for everything from poverty and famine to cancer. In fact, it is the most overhyped – and least useful – technology in human history. In practice, blockchain is nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet. But it has also become the byword for a libertarian ideology that treats all governments, central banks, traditional financial institutions, and real-world currencies as evil concentrations of power that must be destroyed. Blockchain fundamentalists’ ideal world is one in which all economic activity and human interactions are subject to anarchist or libertarian decentralisation. They would like the entirety of social and political life to end up on public ledgers that are supposedly “permissionless” (accessible to everyone) and “trustless” (not reliant on a credible intermediary such as a bank). Yet far from ushering in a utopia, blockchain has given rise to a familiar form of economic hell. A few self-serving white men (there are hardly any women or minorities in the blockchain universe) pretending to be messiahs for the world’s impoverished, marginalised and unbanked masses claim to have created billions of dollars of wealth out of nothing. But one need only consider the massive centralisation of power among cryptocurrency “miners,” exchanges, developers and wealth holders to see that blockchain is not about decentralisation and democracy; it is about greed. For example, a small group of companies – mostly located in such bastions of democracy as Russia, Georgia and China – control between two-thirds and three-quarters of all crypto-mining activity and all routinely jack up transaction costs to increase their fat profit margins. Apparently, blockchain fanatics would have us put our faith in an anonymous cartel subject to no rule of law, rather than trust central banks and regulated financial intermediaries. A similar pattern has emerged in cryptocurrency trading. Fully 99% of all transactions occur on centralised exchanges that are hacked on a regular basis. And, unlike with real money, once your crypto wealth is hacked, it is gone forever. Moreover, the centralisation of crypto development – for example, fundamentalists have named Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin a “benevolent dictator for life” – already has given lie to the claim that “code is law,” as if the software underpinning blockchain applications is immutable. The truth is that the developers have absolute power to act as judge and jury. When something goes wrong in one of their buggy “smart” pseudo-contracts and massive hacking occurs, they simply change the code and “fork” a failing coin into another one by arbitrary fiat, revealing the entire “trustless” enterprise to have been untrustworthy from the start. Lastly, wealth in the crypto universe is even more concentrated than it is in North Korea. Whereas a Gini coefficient of 1.0 means that a single person controls 100% of a country’s income/wealth, North Korea scores 0.86, the rather unequal United States scores 0.41 and bitcoin scores an astonishing 0.88. As should be clear, the claim of “decentralisation” is a myth propagated by the pseudo-billionaires who control this pseudo-industry. Now that the retail investors who were suckered into the crypto market have all lost their shirts, the snake-oil salesmen who remain are sitting on piles of fake wealth that will immediately disappear if they try to liquidate their “assets”. As for blockchain itself, there is no institution under the sun – bank, corporation, non-governmental organisation or government agency – that would put its balance sheet or register of transactions, trades and interactions with clients and suppliers on public decentralised peer-to-peer permissionless ledgers. There is no good reason why such proprietary and highly valuable information should be recorded publicly. Moreover, in cases where distributed-ledger technologies – so-called enterprise DLT – are actually being used, they have nothing to do with blockchain. They are private, centralised and recorded on just a few controlled ledgers. They require permission for access, which is granted to qualified individuals. And, perhaps most important, they are based on trusted authorities that have established their credibility over time. All of which is to say, these are “blockchains” in name only. It is telling that all “decentralised” blockchains end up being centralised, permissioned databases when they are actually put into use. As such, blockchain has not even improved upon the standard electronic spreadsheet, which was invented in 1979. No serious institution would ever allow its transactions to be verified by an anonymous cartel operating from the shadows of the world’s authoritarian kleptocracies. So it is no surprise that whenever “blockchain” has been piloted in a traditional setting, it has either been thrown in the trash bin or turned into a private permissioned database that is nothing more than an Excel spreadsheet or a database with a misleading name. source: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/oct/15/blockchain-democracy-decentralisation-bitcoin-price-cryptocurrencies?utm

  • Bitfarm announces the Launch of it's Public Bitcoin mining pool!

      Launches it's public mining pool! https://www.bitfarms.io/pool Official press release: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20181016005269/en/Bitfarms-Announces-Public-Launch-Bitfarms-Pool-Special What is Bitfarms? Bitfarms is a public company based in Canada powering up the blockchain through it's several mining centers. In an effort to vertically integrate our offering and to promote decentralization of the Bitcoin ecosystem we designed and built a BTC mining pool in the last little while. Following testing of our custom-built BTC pool with version-rolling functionality, we have now commercially launched Bitfarms Pool. All users joining Bitfarms Pool before November 15, 2018 with over 5 terahash of continuous hashrate will be offered a lifetime 0% fee on both PPS (pay per share) block rewards as well as block transaction fees. For those who join after November 15, 2018, Bitfarms will offer a competitive rate of 1% on PPS block rewards and transaction fees. In addition, Bitfarms plans to roll out a Customer Referral Program which will provide fee sharing incentives for active referrals. We will continuously add more features to our pool to improve user experience. If you have any ideas in mind feel free to let us know and we'll be glad to evaluate your request. New Hybrid PPS Payment System We have developped a new type of payment system that we call Hybrid PPS. It consists in a mix of PROP and PPS payout methods; mining rewards are paid through regular PPS meaning users have zero risk; wether we find a block or not won't affect your payouts while rewards on transaction fees we collect are distributed using a PROP scenario according to each user's participation in hashrate since the last found block. More details can be found in our FAQ section here: Hybrid PPS Payout System Transparent operations Given we are a public company we must do things right. Our financial statements are released every quarter and full audits are conducted by top-tier accounting farms. We have a responsibility to our shareholders and users and make the commitment to remain transparent. Therefore we won't hide anything from you; our fees are well explained while your earnings and payouts are completely detailed within the pool interface. Simple Fee Structure Fees that we take are required for the operation of our pool. We have designed a fee structure that is very competitive while remaining very simple. We charge 1% fee on PPS rewards which is lower than all our competitors. We also distribute the entirety of the transaction fees we collect to our miners minus a 1% fee which again is much lower than what competition offers. More details can be found on our fee structure here: Fee Structure ** Note that during our launch promotion we aren't taking any fees ** More details on the promotion can be found here: Bitfarms' early miner promotion Redundant Deployment Our infrastructure is built by IT professionnals combining decades of experience in hosting of large traffic websites. Our core backend is running on a fully redundant and distributed cloud architecture designed and operated internally by our own team. Our codebase structure also allows every service to be redundant to avoid any loss of service or availability on the pool. We also deployed multiple bitcoin nodes worldwide to help with block propagation and latency. Furthermore we offer highly-available stratum nodes on each continent to reduce the latency between your miners and our pool. DDoS Protected Our whole infrastructure benefits from DDoS protection via the different providers we use in our developments. Custom filters were also implemented to protect mining traffic from various attack vectors further improving our platform's security. Security conscious We do everything with security in mind. Our code is verified and hardened and the internal infrastructure security is quite impressive. We also have our own way of securing wallets through the use of offline wallet nodes and multi-user requirements to issue payouts. This means the coins are un-accessible to the internet at all times and that we have our financial controllers issue audited payments daily. With us your mining earnings are in good hands until they are paid off to you! Organize your account through the use of sub-accounts For miners having multiple farms or those who manage hashrate for a few users a simple sub-account feature was introduced on our pool. You can have multiple sub-accounts within your single main-account. This means you can divide your hash as you wish and attach different payment addresses to it. ASICBoost Support Since most of the latest generation ASIC miners make use of ASICBoost we are one of the first pools to integrate it to our entire platform. We accept ASICBoost blocks mined using the version-rolling method (the OVERT way). New mining devices such as InnoSilicon T2 make use of that protocol. Do not worry, if your miner does not have ASICBoost enabled (Such as Antminers S7 and S9) don't worry our pool will accept your hashrate aswell! Professional support We have a team of IT and Mining specialists ready at any time to help you shall any issue occur. We'll be there to help you setup your miners on our pool. If you have any payout issues, we'll be there. If you have any other questions, well, we will be there! Do not hesitate to contact us shall you have any concerns, comments or questions! We'll be glad to assist you. Visit our support helpdesk here: Bitfarms Support Desk You are welcome to go ahead and join us on our pool. https://www.bitfarms.io/pool Need help getting started? Visit our guides here: - Registering an account - Get started mining

  • Did Anyone Else See This?

    Much apologies if this was already posted... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4jOdVTkqS4 You'll see why i posted it if you watch all the way through. It's wild how Google reversed their ad ban, then take a very obvious jab at cryptocurrency in a new ad.  It almost seems calculated. In your opinion.... Playful humor, or obvious jab?

  • Google Recaptcha Is "SCUM WITH A SCAM!." 100% +

    Google Recaptcha Is "SCUM WITH A SCAM!." 100% +...Anyone know where to contact support ?...Google has NO Support.


    ARGENTINA, VENEZUELA, AND EGYPT POST RECORD P2P BITCOIN TRADING VOLUMES During October 2018, Bitcoin trading volumes on the peer-to-peer (P2P) platform LocalBitcoins reached peak levels in Argentina, Venezuela, and Egypt. Elsewhere, places like Croatia and Switzerland are at their lowest levels since the start of 2018… Read more: https://www.trackcoinmarket.com/en/crypto-news/33770/argentina-venezuela-egypt-post-record-p2p-bitcoin-trading-volumes

  • Once again Wannacry hack required to bump bitcoin price?

    Why wanna cry hack? Just because as we go for the past year. We can see the result of bitcoin it was happened just because of wannacry. Why because bitcoin was everywhere. Everybody says that pay bitcoin and your computer will be unlock. So people were paying to hackers and the price was pumping. So i am looking for the strong reply.

  • Iran Based Charity Accepting Bitcoin Donations

    I found this by doing a search for "Iran" on Open Bazaar's site. It is an innovative way to use that site. https://openbazaar.com/store/home/QmQ88EKXkMJxfmtyFboNCz4gmKAAwRVL8woCqZmpmRn878

  • Bitcoin in E-Sports..

    Will the e-sports(gaming) industry accepts bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency?

  • China's Bitcoin Dominance Is Worrying Trump's White House

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2018/10/16/chinas-bitcoin-dominance-is-worrying-trumps-white-house-and-pushing-it-toward-ripple/ Based on the link above: "China is, by some distance, the undisputed world leader in bitcoin mining — with Chinese mining pools controlling more than 70% of the bitcoin network's collective hash rate (a higher hash rate is better when mining cryptocurrencies as it increases your chance of finding the next block on the chain and receiving the bitcoin reward). Many in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry have expressed concern about how much control this gives China over bitcoin, with the Beijing-based Bitmain Technologies mining more than half the world’s bitcoins. Now it appears U.S. president Donald Trump's White House is also worrying about China's bitcoin dominance, with a Ripple Labs executive suggesting the U.S. administration is interested in ripple (XRP) adoption to offset China's bitcoin strength." China manufactures most of the world’s bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining equipment and its massive mining farms are supported by the country's cheap electricity prices. Will the US be able to reach China's dominance?

  • CoinBase Preparing For Brexit...

    ...by expanding to Dublin. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/oct/16/coinbase-cryptocurrency-exchange-hard-brexit-opening-dublin-offices Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is opening new offices in Dublin as part of the company’s contingency planning for a hard Brexit. The company, one of the largest members of the blockchain ecosystem, says that London will remain its European headquarters, but that Dublin’s EU membership, as well as its English-speaking workforce and diverse technology talent pool, made it the “clear choice” for a second European outpost. “To begin with we’re housing a significant support team there,” said Coinbase’s UK CEO Zeeshan Feroz, “and we’re looking to capitalise on the talent pool that’s available to us in Ireland and hire other folks. “It is also a plan B for Brexit. As we plan for all eventualities, it’s important that we continue servicing our customers across Europe, and Ireland would be our preferred choice there if it comes to it.” Businesses which purely operate within the cryptocurrency sector may not be particularly affected by Brexit, Feroz said, but many of the biggest cryptocurrency companies have substantial operations that overlap with the conventional financial sector. “Coinbase and a few other crypto businesses are essentially two businesses: they are a regulated financial service provider – we have an e-money license with the FCA – and on the other half they provide crypto services. And clearly as a regulated financial institution, if we don’t have access to passporting, we have to look for alternatives.” The news of yet another business preparing to shift operations out of the UK could come as a blow to the government. The potential loss of a leading light of the blockchain sector could hit particularly hard, with the traditional financial industry’s problems with Brexit well-established. The chancellor, Philip Hammond, has even staked his hopes on the sector to solve the thorny issue of the Irish border, telling the Conservative party conference that “there is technology becoming available” to solve the issue. “I don’t claim to be an expert on it but the most obvious technology is blockchain,” Hammond said. Feroz expressed some hope that Brexit could make the UK more appealing to pure crypto companies, which did not need to do business with the rest of the world through the traditional financial system. “I am of the view today that there is an opportunity for Britain post-Brexit to perhaps take the lead” in offering “balanced regulation” for the sector. “In general, and outside of Brexit, I think crypto should be regulated as a service. There’s businesses out there like ours that handle billions of dollars or pounds every day.”

  • Should there be that many cryptocurrencies that exists?

    As of August 2018, there are over 1600 cryptocurrencies that exist, according to Wikipedia. I know that Wikipedia isn't the most reliable of sources because anyone can edit it whenever they want, but the point is the number of cryptocurrencies being introduced. Some of the new cryptocurrencies I've heard were DeepBrainChain, ByteCoin, IOST, and Elastos. There's also a new coin called Virie, which is apparently a cryptocurrency used to crowdfund and jumpstart the Virternity Project, a project that aims to digitized our minds, economy and the society. I believe that not all new coins aim to scam people, but do we really need more cryptocurrencies? Do we need new cryptocurrencies for every project that exists? Why can't there be one or five cryptocurrencies that all projects can use?

  • Novogratz: Bitcoin Will Breakout in 2019, But Institutions Still Want Crypto

    Novogratz: Bitcoin Will Breakout in 2019, But Institutions Still Want Crypto Despite recently retracting his bullish claims that Bitcoin will surpass $10,000 by year’s end, Mike Novogratz still expressed that institutions are still poised to enter the crypto industry. Fidelity, BitGo, Bakkt Custody… Read more: https://www.trackcoinmarket.com/en/crypto-news/33796/novogratz-bitcoin-breakout-2019-institutions-crypto

  • Bitcoin Price Remains Stable Despite Attractive Arbitrage Opportunity

    Bitcoin Price Remains Stable Despite Attractive Arbitrage Opportunity A lot of people are keeping a close eye on the Bitcoin price as of right now. That is only normal, primarily because of how it dominates the cryptocurrency… Read more:  https://www.trackcoinmarket.com/en/crypto-news/33790/bitcoin-price-remains-stable-attractive-arbitrage-opportunity

  • %90 of topics are same

    will btc become to world currency, that guy said btc going to be 100k, other guy said btc will be 3k, whales real or not etc..everyday i see new topics but most of them are clons.is that all for merit or what?

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