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For all of the crypto holders who are living in fear of regulation, here is some good news for you:

Though, the governments must be upset at Draghi.

According to reports, a few banks in Singapore have ceased doing business with several startups that operate with cryptocurrencies. Singapore’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association claims that over ten companies have had issues with Singapore banks and that the corresponding financial institutions have provided no reasons for the account closures.
Latest Bitcoin News / How can i get free bitcoins?
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I am new and don't know how to earn free bitcoins. Please tell me how can i get free bitcoins and which are the new coins in the market?

Bitcoin Trading at 85% Premium in Zimbabwe - Priced at $7,200

..and you thought $4,000 was expensive.

Arbitrage traders must be pulling their hair out, trying to figure out a way to get a piece of that 85%.

Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin's Price Is Behaving Sticky
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Interesting stats:

Currently, the Japanese yen accounts for 47.3% of BTC volume by currency, followed by the U.S. Dollar with 32.52%, which adds up to almost 80%. China's share, which was hovering around 90% levels a year ago, is now condensed to 4.54%. While the South Korean won and euro are at 7.34% and 4.85% respectively, according to cryptocompare.

In terms of exchanges, Bitfinex (BTC/USD) commands 11.57% of trading volume, followed by bitFlyer (BTC/JPY) at 4.48%, Bithumb (BTC/KRW) at 3.97%, Bitstamp (BTC/USD) at 3.84% and Bittrex (NEO/BTC) at 3.64%, according to coinmarketcap.

The prices of cryptocurrencies have corrected due to the China crackdown. This in some ways has brought confidence in the markets as it lowered the perceived importance of the country to some extent. However, the range-bound movement in the markets is indicative that investors and traders are still looking for some clues before making the next move.

BTC volume in China went from 90% to 4.5%.  I'm surprised that BTC price hasn't dropped more.

if I made a mistake in a BTC address, where my BTC will go?
Latest Bitcoin News / Countries developing their own Cryptos
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...there is the never-ending fight between decentralized digital currencies and sovereign national governments. It is this latter regard in which John McAfee, the anti-virus pioneer, remarked that the war between digital currency and world governments has already started.

Another interesting development is that some countries are making (or considering) their own digital currency. Estonia and India are two notable examples. A researcher at the Central University of Finance and Economics, Huang Zhen, has said that China should create its own cryptocurrency as well.

Who will predict the next country to express interest in making their own digital currency?

Anyone read this article?
Its pretty negative towards bitcoin, calling it "bitcon" but still pretty interesting i thought.

But I’m told the nations that put those sanctions in place are worried North Korea is getting around them by using the bitcoin market to get secret financing.

And I’m wondering if that’s the reason China, which seems to be on board in pressuring North Korea, recently shut down bitcoin markets.
Latest Bitcoin News / Government regulation of bitcoin
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whether government regulation is crucial to bitcoin survival, will it have a positive or even negative impact. What do you think ?
Latest Bitcoin News / how to be BTC millionaire
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i am inspired from one of my friend who became millionaire trading BTC online.

and plz guide me how to be millionaire online quick.
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