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The below politicians are accepting money in bitcoin in order to run for a government position and are accepting donations in bitcoin

1. Greg Abbott, Candidate for Governor, Texas
2. Bob Barr, Candidate for US Representative, Georgia
3. Paul Dietzel, Candidate for US Representative, Louisiana
4. Jared Polis, US Representative, Colorado
5. Gavin Newsom, Lieutenant Governor, California
6. Bryan Parker, Candidate for Mayor, Oakland, California
7. Steve Stockman, Candidate for Senator, Texas

What do you think about the future of bitcoin, looking at how these people are accepting bitcoin in order to raise money to run for an election 
In many developing countries where gold and silver are so important almost every function in the house is related with it , the dieties the important utensils , earrings and other ornaments , these precious stones are always over the top.
Now the recent survey shows that silver is loosing ground due to cryptocurrencies, and these precious stones are now getting cost stabilized.
What you think is it a good or a bad news ?
Well personally I think it's a pretty good news more and more people will be able to afford it and also I think these precious metals are over valued so it's doing good that it's somehow getting their value down and establishing it's own place.
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin is programmable money
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Bitcoin introduced a new form of money – programmable money. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (or cryptoassets) operate under the same philosophy as past monies and money we are more familiar with. What determines money is a shared set of rules for exchanging value. The difference with cryptocurrency is that the rules are determined by the payer and payee. They decide the terms and conditions of the transaction, which are codified. This system will, and has started to, extend beyond cryptocurrency and ultimately allows for a huge array of transactions including contracts, expertise, assets and services.

In the analog world, we have physical forms of money such as goods and paper money and are limited by distance. In the digital world, we attained further reach with our transactions, eliminating the constraint and dependency of human distance and speed. However, in the digital world, we are governed by the speed and mercy of banks. In the crypto world of programmable money, we eliminate both human and institutional constraints. These frictions are expensive and reduced.
Latest Bitcoin News / Who needs to pay taxes?
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Companies like Coinbase are sending your trades to the IRS. Don’t think you can avoid taxes. Even if you aren’t based in the US, it’s likely that the tax authority in your country can find out about your cryptocurrency purchases.

Again, if you are buying and selling cryptocurrency, just pay your taxes.
I was thinking about those users who knows anything in this forum, sharing knowledge about bitcoin to newbies. Teach us about things to do to rank up. Kind users Can i request for a merit in this topic?
While bitcoin's price has stagnated in the last two weeks, smaller digital currencies such as ripple, stellar and tron have surged into the ranks of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Erik Voorhees, CEO of digital asset exchange ShapeShift, said that in contrast to bitcoin's dominance on the platform a year ago, about half of transactions on the platform now don't involve the popular digital currency at all.

However, bitcoin should still benefit from the increased interest in the "alt-coins." Analysts also point out that since bitcoin is the most established digital currency, it is often the way new investors access the cryptocurrency space.

"Bitcoin has such magnificent network effects that I don't see another alt-coin that's a little better at payments" or some other function right now, Autonomous' Sokolin said. "One of the top 10 will collapse."
Latest Bitcoin News / I no longer believe in bitcoin.
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Bitcoin prices fell today, the whole market 'flying' $ 15 billion after 24 hours
Bitcoin prices today are $ 7,279 at 11:15 am, according to CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index. Bitcoin's current market capitalization is $ 125 billion, accounting for 45.4% of the total market value of digital money.
That is a shocking news to me, bitcoin prices are rising and suddenly falling. I do not believe in bitcoin. 

In this article we can read that a new breakthrough in bitcoin economy is realized. We are always talking in this forum of the possibility of workers being paid in bitcoin or in any form of cryptocurrency. Finally the government of Costa Rica is now on the move of making that dream a reality by legalizing cryptocurrency as part of the salary of the workers.

The real question is, if this trend will become successful in long term or will not last long?
Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin/blockchain are magical, they've done it again
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Hurray bitcoin has done it again, Wells Fargo and Barclays Acquire Token and KYC Blockchain Patents. Now many banks will definitely follow suite. Thanks to our mother coin and its unique technology. Cryptocurrencies will soon be Incorporated in the banking service. for more info kindly visit the link below:
MediBloc just announced that it will be participating in a government-funded project (NIA project), making it the First Government-Funded Blockchain in South Korea and the world’s first government-funded project that allows the health data transfer between big hospitals using blockchain-based personal health record platform.

I think it will be a wonderful development for the Crypto and blockchain industry if the government starts fully supporting Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and blockchain based projects.

If you know any of such projects supported and funded by the government, please share with us.

See more of the report here:
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