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General discussion about the system. News, the Swiftcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Swiftcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections.

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Latest Bitcoin News


    HODL is slang term in the Bitcoin community that describes it as a principle to keep investing with Bitcoin and not give up on the decline in bitcoin prices A favorite spell from Bitcoin holders. In Bitcoin community HODL is backronym for Hold On for Dear Life. HODL becomes an original term for Bitcoin, this term is not derived from forex. The word HODL was first popularized by a user named "GameKyuubi," uploaded shortly after what is currently remembered as the legendary Bitcoin price fall in December 2013. The post is known as I AM HODLING. letter D before the letter L GameKyuubi "posted that he is a bad trader and “I KNOW I'M A BAD TRADER’, He said. He criticized other traders who suddenly sold their coins because of the price fell. He said,”You only sell in a bear market if you are a good day trader or an illusioned noob.  The people inbetween hold.  In a zero-sum game such as this, traders can only take your money if you sell’. He principled not to sell his coins even if the price plummeted. By holding back his emotions he said: "I am Holding." But he he wrongly wrote the word hold to hodl. “ I AM HODLING “he wrote down the post title. This the original post by GameKyuubi https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=375643.0

  • Bitcoin Money

    Hey all, Do you really consider Bitcoin as money? not speculation , do you think that Bitcoin can replace the FIAT money? Or you consider it as investment? If you still didn't join our community, do it! Join us share your opinion and earn tokens Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinParliament Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoinParliament Telegram : https://t.me/CoinParliament Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coinparliament Cheers

  • Finding Crisis..

    I have seen a video that indicates that rich people often waits for a wonderful time of crisis because that is the time that they could buy a lot of quantity, basically because they are always playing for the long run. What do you think?

  • Seving bitcoin is a good idea?

    If i save bitcoin for future .Will it be beneficial for me ?

  • Why does RBE attack money?

    I would like to ask the RBE (Resource based economy) crowd the following; Do you recognise that money is originally emergent and not enforced? (Meaning something, gold, silver, shells, salt, massive stones, automatically becomes money without govt decree) If you agree it is emergent then what purpose do you think money plays in an economy? In other words what problem did it solve?

  • Bitcoin value

    What is the REAL fair value of bitcoin in your eyes? Please try to be objective and NOT to write only because you are in a position Cheers

  • Everybody knows about Bitcoin. We won’t see 20k again. Why? Here!

    Everybody knows about Bitcoin. Why would X and Y but bitcoin at such high prices ? ($8000-1000) while BTC started from few cents. Why would wall street join BTC ? We wont see 20k lvl again. 10k is history.

  • I Love To See People Panic Selling Of Bitcoin

    I know there are people get their profit now, they bought their bitcoin on very cheap price and as the bitcoin's price go high there are many dumping their bitcoins. However new investors of bitcoin or should I say newbie on cryptocurrency are panic selling their bitcoin in the mere fact that they bought on ATH all time high price, I love to see that they learn and this is how we welcome all the newbies. Welcome to the cryptocurrency!!! Always learn from the mistake, that's the best strength we can get after losing, that's where we all started.

  • Can BTC actually solve inflation?

    I'm trying to wrap my head around all this, but would introducing BTC globally, or regionally to certain countries, actually solve inflation? I know it would curb it immediately and even fairly long term, but isn't it only deflationary in nature until all coins are mined? Probably pretty speculative, but what would stop inflation when all coins were officially mined? Additionally, albeit minimal, isn't it technically inflated any and each time that btc is lost or destroyed? When all coins were mined, the degree of which lost/destroyed btc inflated the currency would increase, right? Sorry for so many questions, but looking forward to reading the answers. thanks

  • Has the price fallen again?

    What do you think this time ?? What's happening in bitcoin?

  • What's happening to Bitcoin

    What's happening to Bitcoin and any other coins? It's been a week and dumping real hard ever since. Will it ever go up?

  • Google to Crackdown Crypto-Related Ads in the Coming Months

    Google follows steps by Facebook which banned ads from cryptocurrency-related operations including ICOs and binary options. Its ban takes effect this coming June. Read more here: Google to Crackdown Crypto-Related Ads in the Coming Months

  • CoinPot vs FaucetHun

    What do you think what is better FaucetHub or CoinPot?

  • Your Tactic For The Upcoming Btc Crash

    We have been waiting a long time for this, everyone is curious to what exactly is going to happen. How much are we going down, where will we find support. What will be the outcome of this. My 2 questions to you guys is: - Do you have any tactic going into the crash, we might get one once the future trading starts. For example: Going into 1 or 2 altcoins that might be good hedges against the BTC. Last question: - What will happen to alts? For example: When BTC was skyrocketing towards $19k most alts were red, what do you think will happen to alts if the opposite happens? Will we see some green or red only?

  • Cryptocurrency bank

    I'm wondering why rich people do not want to open their bank related to the cryptocurrency? there would be a great demand and there would be a big profit.

  • Is bitcoin a criminal tool?

    In bitcoin's pyramid scheme, criminals have exploited the greed of people's ignorance and dreams of the currency. The essence of pyramid selling is a ponzi scheme, where a bitcoin is not fundamentally different from a tulip or a box of cosmetics. In the event of an hacker blackmail, criminals use the anonymity of the currency, trying to escape legal sanction, COINS and cash here, there is no essential difference between just more convenient, lower cost. In money laundering, drug trafficking, and terrorist crimes, criminals use the anonymity and high mobility of bitcoin to hide the flow of funds, which is the same as the effect of using cash.

  • Are we now in a time of total uncertainty

    Do people think we are now in a time of real uncertainty over what the price is going to do next.  It seems to defy all logic.  I thought it would go down a few days ago but it didn't.  And now it has gone down today.  Will it go further down from here around 8.1k now at this time or will it go up again over the next few days.  This must be putting people off investing.  Or are people just optimistic. 

  • Why Is bitcoin going down again?

    I wonder why the price of bitcoin going down again even after the chinese holiday. Is it that it has to retrace back all the spike of 2017 or what?

  • Banks On Cryptocurrency

    Sometimes it is hard for banks to just top crypto trading so some just affiliated themselves with services that is related to bitcoin in order to cashout the money in fiat currency. I guess i can observe this also is happening in my country. Is it the same in other places?

  • Don't buy FUD, buy Bitcoin

     Every year since the creation of Bitcoin, it has followed a similar seasonal pattern. With the exception of 2013. February and March are rough months, with bottom around the 3rd week of March. April is usually a neutral month, posting slight gains on average. May and June are always skyrocket months, with more growth than even December/January.  The one exception is 2013, where the Silk Road was born in late winter. BTC skyrocketed in February and March.  When the FBI took down the Silk Road, May and  June were bear months. BTC is too big now to be influenced by one market being destroyed. Three drug markets were taken offline last year and the market didn't even notice. Proving that illicit use has become a minority use case.  So stop panicking and take advantage of BTC cheaper than you'll ever get it for again.

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