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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Iran bans banks from using cryptocurrencies

    Iran banned the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by banks and financial institutions on Monday amid ongoing debate over how best to regulate the technology. "The use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in all the country's monetary and financial centres was banned," the central bank said in a statement overnight.

  • Scam coins everywhere.

    It really is hard to believe that there are some ICOs who are intended to scam people. There are all hypocrits and rely on the weakness of people especially those who are new to bitcoin. So sad.

  • Invest in Bitcoin before April 27

    Did you see that bounce in Bitcoin?You must be feeling great if you bought the dip on February 2, 2018 for around $6,000…Or maybe you missed that opportunity, simply because you don’t know how to get started.If that’s the case, don’t worry. Shocking news has broken about a huge multibillion-dollar company that has proven my findings to be right…Findings that could help anyone turn $100 into a retirement fortune…But there’s no time to waste, Because I expect it to happen as early as April 27. Don't think is too late to invest now, Make up your mind then buy some coin down now.

  • Tired of crypto fakers that just want to sound smart.

    If your tired of people like this, watch these videos, you just might get a laugh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSzDHeMmLjQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_X7ZivOCmM

  • This are exactly what i did told you before!! your are not to late!!

    since my before post cappisity  have now more than 20% increase. and next time will this only  be more. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/cappasity/ ### again a invest in capp now , and wait $0.08+ is same as invest in btc and wait 18k. Believe me, there is a bigger chance that cappasity wil breakout to 0.10 +, than btc to 18K. And i not just add a shit coin, i add this beacase i believe in the idea of the company. VR and AR are the future. if you follow the news, than you know Facebook is also bussy with the same project. you dont need listen to me, but i can warn you that you wil see soon a high increase in this nice project cappasity.

  • Study Result: Halal Bitcoin In accordance with Islamic Sharia

    Honestly, I am very happy after reading this news, because I am a Muslim. A study results say, Bitcoin according to Islamic Shari'a. The results of this study open the market potential Bitcoin wider reach 1.6 billion Muslims around the world. Studi yang dilakukan oleh Muhammad Abu-Bakar dari Blossom Finance di Indonesia, fokus meneliti apakah Bitcoin dan cryptocurrency lainnya sesuai dengan definisi uang dalam syariat Islam. Hasil penelitian tersebut lantas mendongkrak nilai tukar Bitcoin hingga USD 1.000 dalam kurun satu jam saja setelah hasil studi dirilis. Penelitian ini juga merujuk pada fakta bahwa Bitcoin sudah diakui sebagai mata uang legal di Jerman, dan karenanya memenuhi syarat halal di negara tersebut. What do you think of this?

  • What kind of hardware are businesses using to run Blockchain on?

    I know most bitcoin miners are focused on a GPU rig. They do whatever they can to get as much power out of those GPUs with the proper cooling apparatus and so on and so forth. Now, let's take a bank as an example, a large bank. They've got the money and the resources. They also have a ton of data to support. What kind of hardware would be needed to run their system? How many GPUs? Are they thinking about it? I am interested in the hardware they have to implement to scale for their business purposes. Or is the hardware at that level not important? Thoughts?

  • What is the BEST country for Bitcoin?

    In the world today and looking forward, while keeping in mind the country's regulatory laws, population, economy, adoption, technical intrest etc. What country is going to be the best place for Bitcoin to use on a daily basis? This question is going on the auspices that bitxoin will one day be a global currency.

  • Suggest Me some Best Exchanges For Buy IOSToken.

    He, Dear friend Today I'm looking Some Best Exchange for Buy IOSTokens, Right Now I'm using Binance Exchange But today I have loss my Tow factor authentication Key. Now I Can't Access My account For Next few days So suggest me some More Exchange those has IOSToken. Thank You.

  • How I Made 1M$ in 8 Month.

    In last 8 month I made 1M$ and I started with 4K$ , whats the Secret? It cost you 1 ETH. 0x2BB11c17e69Ca16BaC602Fdfda68f78d3384B985 PM me after you sent. after u paid u will receive tutorial fille. 1 ETH is Joke for me but keep in mind Secert is not free. Your Life, Your Choise.

  • Bull Momentum In Full Force

    The past weekend has been a great one for the Bitcoin and altcoins as people got to see a lot of green in the cryptocurrency market. The signs of life have bloomed into the market that signals a bullish run. Earlier this month, BTC price was struggling to rise above $6,500 mark and now with it being just a touch shy away from closing on $9,000, all the hopes have been raised high. Other digital currencies are positive as well such as ripple which is at $0.8757. Bitcoin Cash has taken a whopping surge and is now sitting at $1,422 while coins like Litecoin, Qtum and Bitcoin Gold among others are on the rise as well. Read more: https://coingape.com/btc-price-likely-to-score-20k/

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, maybe we have lost the cryptowar already.

    For the past months I have been struggling with an idea which is more like a dilemma that slowly tries to invade in my moral compass. I am 24 years old and I have started experiencing cryptoterrain almost a year ago.Instantly, I fell in love with the philosophy behind the technology that it is presented to us. True decentralization in society is a project I would gladly devote my life to. Unfortunately though, I see more and more people the past few months complaining every day about their losses and about their plans on recovering these capitals. Media has almost successfully seperated blockchain technology from bitcoin, which in my opinion lead in a subconsious devaluation of Bitcoin itself by the crowd. I see even in this forum many members seeking out for a regulatory frame which will allow BTC and altcoins to flourish as an economy, thus making them (us) richer?! I feel that this is the battle of young generations to stand up and correct all those errors/mistakes/corruptions which we observe daily in our ordinary lives, no matter where do we reside. I see already cryptoworld trying to be altered into something more commercial, in order for the big heads to have again the upper hand to transform the frame however they like. Undoubtedly for me, they are on the damn right path. I could not bear another tragedy after Lenin  I am really looking into replies with opinions that could show me a mere optimistic view of things. Satoshi, long may u reign.

  • Lightning Network - beyond just Bitcoin

    So as we all know scaling is the big problem around blockchain technology. However, if you don't limit the market to just one coin, then scaling becomes much more solvable. LN is a good solution for micro-payments and everyday purchases, but even with a lot more scaling solutions in the future the bitcoin blockchain alone can't handle anything close to a global usage of LN - the limit is on the number of users based on how often they open and close channels. But since LN can be implemented on top of any blockchain that implements segwit, I think the true power of LN is not scaling bitcoin, but creating a multi-coin payment platform for crypto in general. I know Litecoin has LN, Stellar is planning to add it, and I think maybe a few more coins as well. By having multiple coins use LN, and since LN has cross chain swaps, that would make the scaling problem of any single coin much less. Instead of filling up the Bitcoin blockchain for example, you could just say oh that blockchain is full I'll use another LN coin for the time being. Does my logic make sense? Basically it spreads out the demand for payments using cryptos between multiple coins beyond just bitcoin, and thereby lessening the scaling demands on bitcoin itself, but all under the same unified payment platform - the LN.

  • Сontinued growth or dramatic fall

    Well what's your guess with regard to the further market's pulse? That would be a fall? What relative indicators can you see? Nothing. Possible negative news in mass media, no.. people are taught by the previous news fakes like limitations in India.. It would more likely be a growth chain reaction in spite of a little market correction or a big sales.. Anyway what's your opinion?

  • Is the Lightning Network centralized?

    Some say that the Lightning Network is centralized, but from my point of view, it's still a decentralized solution to scale Bitcoin as anyone would be able to run a Lightning node at will. The huge advantages that it provides for Bitcoin such as dirt-cheap fees, and instant transactions would be too hard to ignore to implement in the future. However, if the Lightning Network turns out to become a centralized solution for Bitcoin (like many claims it will), then it would be doomed as only those with a lot of wealth and power would be able to participate in this ecosystem. What are your thoughts about this? Is Lightning really centralized? Or Decentralized?

  • Bitcoin Payments in Asia Hold Strong as Cryptocurrency Prices Keep Plummeting

    Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple continue to make headlines for their worst first-quarter price performances in history. Conversely, BitPay - the largest global blockchain payment provider - just closed $40 million in its extended Series B funding round. Yet while Bitcoin payments are gaining traction in regions like Asia, there are still major challenges facing widespread adoption of cryptocurrency payments. Dr. Michael Yuan of CyberMiles, an e-commerce smart contract platform, believes that most of the use cases for integrating cryptocurrency payments in Asia are still experimental. While the development of cryptocurrency wallets and payments systems are moving ahead in Asia, there are two main challenges, Yuan told me. First, the technology is lagging. Bitcoin is often viewed as a terrible payment currency. It is very slow, very expensive, and fluctuates wildly. The Bitcoin lightning network went online last month and was a significant step in making Bitcoin a more suitable payment currency. Ironically, the Bitcoin price dropped a lot since lightning went online. The other problem is demand. Do people want to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. on a large enough scale?" However, with these challenges in place, Yuan notes that credit cards are not as widely used in Asia as they are in other parts of the world. This provides ample opportunity for cryptocurrencies to act as viable forms of payment, given the right coin and market. https://www.forbes.com/sites/rachelwolfson/2018/04/05/bitcoin-payments-in-asia-hold-strong-as-cryptocurrency-prices-continue-to-plummet/#29c044ce3b09

  • some of the reasons that made the bitcoin's price down

    The Reserve Bank of India has restricted controlled monetary establishments from managing in cryptocurrencies, refering to the dangers included. American very rich person Tim Draper trusts that India is committing a major error by closing its ways to cryptocurrencies. As tim Draper, this will just prompt cerebrum deplete the same number of will be compelled to move to different spots, which are more crypto-accommodating. Japan, which is a noteworthy center point for crypto and Blockchain action is confronting deficiency of programming engineers. There are comparable necessities at different spots, where Blockchain experts are sought after. This has constrained the best MBA universities on the planet to build the nearness of virtual cash and Blockchain classes in their projects.

  • Why Every Bitcoin Fork incredibly Fallen Down?

    From December 2017 to January 2018, We have seen many bitcoin fork. And there are Super Bitcoin (SBTC), LBTC, Segwit (B2X) , Bitcoin Diamond And many more. That time SBTC Price was 800$, the B2X price was 1400$+ But at this moment, I just shocked by seeing their value! B2X Price is 1$ !! How is possible! SBTC price is 21$!! But why they are fallen down! Then Bitcoin Fork isnt helpful for Bitcoin? I am just confused. Please Share your opinion. Thank You.

  • Why bitcoin gone too much deep??

    Hello btctalk.i am in this cryptoworld since from many months but i never seen this much deep of btc so i have some questions related to it. 1) why bitcoin price gone this much down? 2)why bitcoin price fluctuate too much? 3)which features affect on the fluctuations of price of btc? 4)Is bitcoin price affect on  altcoins? If yes then which altcoins price get affected by it ànd which are not? 5)when  we should see the price increament in BTC?

  • What is the general consensus on Blockchain for business?

    Hey Bitcointalk! New user here with a pressing question. I know this is a Bitcoin forum, all things related to Bitcoin, but I cannot help and see the business world taking off with Blockchain Technology, especially Permissioned Blockchain. What is the Bitcoin take on this? Do you view it as a threat? Is it welcoming news? The articles that I am reading talk about all the different use cases taking off in the business world utilizing blockchain technology, yet not a lot of forums on this subject. I just don't know if it's ignored on purpose or if there's not much to be said, or if it's avoided since it's a negative for Bitcoiners. I'd love some feedback. Specifically related to Blockchain in Banking.

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