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General discussion about the system. News, the Swiftcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Swiftcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections.

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Technical discussion about Swiftcoin client and the Swiftcoin network in general. No third-party sites/clients, bug reports that do not require much discussion (use github), or tech. help.

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General economics and marketplace discussion. Share best practices, promote Swiftcoin events, promote Swiftcoin regionally, Swiftcoin buy/sell classifieds etc.

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Discussion about doing business with Swiftcoin. Best trading practices, delivery methods, exchanging other currencies for Swiftcoin, Swiftcoin for credits etc.

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Discussion on how politics affect Swiftcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Discuss philosophy, news items and social issues here. All comments should be kept on-topic. 25 posts required to post here.

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Discussion of cryptocurrencies other than Swiftcoin. Note that discussion of how these currencies relate to Swiftcoin may fit in other categories.

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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Who is he/she?

    Why Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown even bitcoin is long running in the internet world? Why people says that nobody controls bitcoin? Is Satoshi Nakamoto still alive?

  • What is the adequate idea for bitcoin volatility?

    Thus, the lost bitcoin be revive? What do you think is the exact idea for the bitcoins volatility? I think the lost bitcoin cannot be revived and the bitcoins volatility is just normal because every day bitcoins are always mined. The population of users also affect with the loss of bitcoin.

  • How I Can Earn Money When BTC is in Dip Trend?

    How I Can Earn Money When BTC is in Dip Trend?

  • Indonesian Banks, Bitcoin Is Not A Valid Means Of Payment In Indonesia.

    although Indonesian banks have not yet acknowledged bitcoin and still prohibit users that bitcoin is not a valid means of payment in Indonesia, it will not stop bitcoin users in Indonesia. because already too many bitcoin users even looking for income through bitcoin. how opinion exists  

  • Bitcoin Advertising

    Do we need to Advertise Bitcoin in Television Programs Like all other products showing there Advertises. As most of the countries trying to ban Bitcoin I think it will help all of us the more people will know about Bitcoin and its merits and demerits. So may Government think twice before banning.

  • where to sell btc?

    Hey I am still a junior member and I doesnt know everything about btc, I just want to ask that if ever we are going to sell our bitcoin, there will be an immediate buyer?? and where to sell it. please respect my post.

  • commerceLAB | Direct | Targeted | Be rewarded | Data sovereignty for all

    Overview of commerceLAB Mission Our mission is to bring the retail market into an era of “consumption sovereignty” by technology. We aim to break down platform monopolies and help data creators (sellers/consumers) gain back the sovereignty over their data. commerceLAB is the world’s first de-centralized data aggregation and advertising network based on blockchain technology . We use data encryption and smart contract technologies to enable consumers to own, manage and benefit from their own data so as to realize the joint success of sellers, consumers and brand owners.   •   Removing the Middleman: We will remove the middleman by using secure, transparent distributed ledgers and self-matching smart contract mechanisms and return the right and the option to trade to both parties of the transaction. •   De-centralization: With a de-centralized blockchain technology, we will break the monopoly of data and profits by the centralized e-commerce platforms and allow sellers to retain real customers so that advertisers will no longer worry about data fraud. •   Empowering Consumers: We will allow consumers to exercise veto of their own private and personal data as well as to enjoy the freedom of choice in consumption and benefit sharing. Direction and Design Concept 1)   Why we choose e-commerce transaction data and traffic as a breakthrough: •   The e-commerce transaction data pool is huge, which gives it sufficient value to integrate. •   E-commerce data and traffic aggregation is suitable for blockchain to realize code- based distributed storage and smart contract matching transactions. •   E-commerce data and traffic aggregation concerns millions of businesses and hundreds of millions of consumers. •   E-commerce blockchain will bring blockchain technology from computer geeks to ordinary consumers and thus create enormous social value. www.commercelab.io http://commercelab.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/commerceLABwhitepaper-Eng-JAN2018.pdf https://github.com/commerce-lab https://www.facebook.com/commerceLAB.io/ https://t.me/commercelab

  • Twitter CEO Says Bitcoin Will Be Worlds Single Leading Currency

    Twitter CEO Says Bitcoin Will Be Worlds Single Leading Currency. The CEO of twitter Jack Dorsey has said that that the Bitcoin will be the worlds single currency. In the wednesday interview of times with Jack Dorsey he himself noted as a bitcoin investor and said that ” I believe that cryptocurrency will take over the US dollars and becomes the primary global currency for payments within the time of 10 years or less”. He personally reviewed that the world and internet will have a single currency and that will be Bitcoin. While the price of bitcoin is going on slowly and costly the twitter CEO has argued that new solution will ease the difficulty in the end. Jack Dorsey also said that ” The more and more people have it, Those things go away there are new technologies for the blockchain to make it approachable for everyone”. Jack Dorsey is putting his money on the Bitcoin where his words can bring the Bitcoin transactions to faster and cheaper. Read complete article with clear explanation here: http://beinglegends.com/twitter-ceo-says-bitcoin-will-be-worlds-single-leading-currency/

  • Satoshi, give a little.. !

    please !!! BTC - 1AiamocvtHgcRvKE4mfGkExsxbJBPxPy35 Thank you

  • What Is The Best Way To Get Some Free Btc ?

    at first i thought that i can buy some btc for my own, but after a while i found that the price became very high and it turned to be very expensive , so the money that i have will not be helpful here in buying process, so can i find any other way that gives me some free btc? or it is just wasting of time? thanks a lot.

  • Will bitcoin be the only single currency

    Bitcoin Will Be World's 'Single Currency' Says Twitter CEO

  • Holding Bitcoin or selling ?..

    Now Bitcoin going down very quickly what should I do sell them all or keep then please help.....?


    Excellent, you get a full report that shows you the Best Masternodes to purchase and for the first 50 you get a chance to win a fully hosted masternode. For every 50 new community members that join our Best MasterNodes platform one lucky winner will receive a fully set up a MasterNode with a starting value of  $1000. Also bitcoin giveaways for any lucky winner that picks a scoring analysis technique that is used to determine the best overall MasterNode.   Every subscriber will get a full Report telling them the best scoring MasterNodes to invest in. This will help investors ONLY 0.01BTC - V2 Annual Subscription, Get a monthly report. Click here to buy V2 http://bestmasternode.co.uk/masternode-v2-analytical-data/ ***WIN A Fully Managed and Hosted MASTERNODE*** The first 50 subscribers to the V2 Data will be entered in to the competition to win a free fully hosted Masternode. [/center][/center] New Features for next month already: Social Networking (Activity and Followers) Team Behind Coin Whitepaper GitHib Activity (Forks, Replies) [ ONLY 0.01BTC - V2 Annual Subscription, Get a monthly report. Click here to buy V2 http://bestmasternode.co.uk/masternode-v2-analytical-data/ [/b]

  • APRIL 1, 2016 scam.

    hey guys i just want to share my story about bitcoin , i bought bitcoin way back then at the price of $1000, at that time i dont know how to use bitcoin or how can i make profit at it, ,  my friend referred me about this , he teach me how to buy.  with bitcoin. i have 1 btc at that time. i dont know what is PONZI/SITES/PYRAMIDING or whatsoever related in networking but  later on  i research about how to use  blockchain  on how to send /received bitcoin . I saw an advertising on youtube ,and I invested what you called "hyip sites" since they offered 200% return and  it got my attention just like "Wow really ?" OMG ," I invested my 1btc , 4 days had been passed ,  , the site was closed and i fucking can't recover my btc. and now i dont have any btc left. and its price more than $9000.  have you been scammed before?

  • Bitcoin on tv series

    Is it okay for you to get bitcoin in the TV series? because in recent times it has started to be mentioned a lot in television programs. sometimes they can make bad news. does this misrepresent bitcoin

  • I have a BITCOlN mainstream idea

    Hi, I have a very good idea for BITCOlN and all the other alcoins to go mainstream. I'm thinking to sell the idea. Any advice? I'm new on this forum

  • Is bitcoin worth risking your time and money?

     We all know that involving in bitcoin it takes your time and also money.Is it worthy to risk your time and money because of bitcoin?

  • How much time do you spend for Bitcoin?

    How much time do you spend to earn your Bitcoin? How do you increase your bitcoin? Do you invest cash/trade/mine to earn bitcoin?

  • Taxable cryptocurrencies.

    Most countries are now able to introduce the tax system especially in the GCC countries. As for the cryptocurrencies, I've read an article about the taxation of Bitcoin and Etherium in the New York Times. Generally taxation is used by the government to increase their funds for the benefit of its constituents. Aren't cryptocurrencies decentralized? Unlike the actual bills and we use as medium for exchange/trading and investment which are all centralized and its circulation is being controlled by the government right? If the tax system will pursue, is it fair enough seeing that the government is about to invade bitcoin? What are your insights about this? Here is the link: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/03/21/technology/think-cryptocurrency-is-confusing-try-paying-taxes-on-it.html

  • Bitcoin: The Digital Currency of the Future

    Hi guys, I posted an article about Bitcoin on my site today, over here: Bitcoin: The Digital Currency of the Future. Head over and feel free to leave your comments, and any promotion would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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