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General discussion about the system. News, the Swiftcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Swiftcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections.

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Discussion about doing business with Swiftcoin. Best trading practices, delivery methods, exchanging other currencies for Swiftcoin, Swiftcoin for credits etc.

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Discussion on how politics affect Swiftcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Discuss philosophy, news items and social issues here. All comments should be kept on-topic. 25 posts required to post here.

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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Read my Article on Clios.com:The Blockchain Will Change Advertising. Here's How.

    Quote Despite the geeky nature of the subject, Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) are receiving a lot of attention, and will soon demand more of yours. This is largely thanks to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin’s value in the last few years, and its promise to bring about a fairer economic world. The 9 year-old crypto currency is trading at around $4900 at the time of writing, up 680% from same time last year. Analysts are suggesting Bitcoin will change how we will do business, legislation, and everything else that currently requires a central authority. It's even likely it will change the way we approach advertising too. Please read the full article and let me know if I got something wrong, or if you have suggestions on how to improve it: http://clios.com/the-muse/how-blockchain-will-change-advertising Thanks!

  • Bittrex Will Credit BTC holders BTG announced!

    I just saw this announcement on Bittrex stating that they have decided to credit BTC holders with BTG at the 1:1 ratio for holders at the time of the snapshot block. Good news for people that don't want the trouble of moving there bitcoin off the exchange. take a read anyways : https://support.bittrex.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002320451

  • Bitcoin historical data

    Hi guys, I would like to do some research of bitcoin's ....uh mining reward? like we can easily calculate how many btc per TH/s can we mine today through whattomine I do record this data daily for about two months but since btc coin is now 8 or 9 yrs old, Maybe some of you had record this for maybe last 2 or 3 years? Or maybe record of difficulty will also be very helpful. Thanks a lot~

  • What is bitcoin?

    Do you consider Bitcoin as currency or Commodity ? In my eyes it is more commodity ..... :-

  • Pennsylvenia

    I would like to ask if those who live in pennsylvenia can buy bitcoin via coinbase? If not, what is other way for them to buy bitcoin easily?

  • Is Bitcoin Legal?

    The legality of bitcoin depends on who you are, and what you’re doing with it. There are three main categories of bitcoin stakeholder. Someone may fall under more than one of these categories, and each category has its own legal considerations.

  • Can malware and hacking slow down Bitcoin's mass adoption?

    From time to time people here post their stories how they got their coins stolen and there are many different kinds of attacks - exchange accounts get hacked by taking over mobile phone number, people get infected with clipboard viruses that replace addresses, there are trojans that steal wallet files and passwords, phising sites on google results and so on. And sadly, the common response from community is to blame the victim saying that it's their own fault. However, it misses one big point - money are supposed to be easy to use in order to get adopted by the masses, and it seems like the entry level for Bitcoin keeps rising - now it's no enough to download a wallet and go to exchange to buy coins - everyone is required to have some knowledge about security, know how to verify SSL of an exchange site, use Linux instead of Windows, get paper wallet (inconvenient for spending), make a cold storage to sign transactions offline (requires a dedicated always offline PC) or spend $100 on a Trezor (which is a pretty big sum for thirld world countries) and many other precautions. In my mind, this all can be very hard for an average Joe, especially because there's no resource that teaches everything they have to know about security. And the amount of effort for securely using Bitcoin can just discourage some newcomers from starting.

  • Bitcoin Gold Price

    What do you guys think the price will be? Its name suggests that it will be expensive, yet its mining is GPU, so I expect it to be way cheaper than BTC itself. I am not sure if it will be around the ETH price though. Some suggest that it will start off around 50 USD due to people selling as soon as they get it, but I am not sure. Opinions, please?

  • Which exchanges are supporting Bitcoin Gold?

    I know that Bitgrail (European exchange) is currently supporting the Bitcoin Gold fork but does anybody know if any other exchanges are doing the same?

  • Friend gives wallet seed to stranger and bitcoins disappear from his wallet

         A friend who asked for instructions on how to use certain features of his wallet, was apparently tricked into divulging his seed to a stranger, and now his 2.6 btc are missing from the wallet, and so is the stranger. Does he have any recourse?

  • Bitcoin and Free Money

    About some weeks back we saw the Bitcoin Cash emerge giving free money to everyone ( I was also a beneficiary). Now Bitcoin gold is seeking to take advantage of the next hard fork and it is widely speculated that free money will also be given to everyone (bitcoin holder). Is this practice good for the cryptocurrency community? Is it not actually hampering the adoption of bitcoin as a "serious" currency?

  • Is Bitcoin Gold fork Happening on 23 OCT mean tomorrow

    I got mail from yobit stating below Dear YoBit Users! Bitcoin Gold balances will be added in 24 hrs (23 oct, monday), timer: https://yobit.net/en/bitcoingold/timer/ BTC deposits/withdrawals will be disabled in 21 hrs (23 oct, monday). Sincerely yours, Team of Yobit.Net So the fork is happening tomorrow or correct me if i am wrong.

  • Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Segwit2X Futures Markets

    Are there any exchanges that are currently trading Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Segwit2X Futures Markets?/What are the prices?

  • IMF response about Bitcoin

    The IMF (International Monetary Fund) said a few days ago that bitcoin is very dangerous because it can disrupt global financial stability. What do you think about the IMF's response ?

  • How to be safe during Bitcoin fork

    Will like to hear your thoughts during Bitcoin coming fork and best way to benefit from it.

  • How can you break the price of bitcoin (but do not destroy it at all), and what

    As I wrote earlier, some governments  may well start a war against bitcoins and partially succeed. Let's think about how this can be, and what we can do against it.   Bitcoin can not be completely destroyed by software methods, it is. But it is possible to undermine the trust of unqualified investors, attacking it in the sphere of mass media.  It can only be done by powerful states such as the US or China, together or separately. First of all, the weak point of bitcoin is the crypto-exchange for the exchange of bitcoins for fiat. The attack will be conducted against them, and this has already happened (we recall the situation of the Mt.Gox exchange). The exchanges can be attacked as a hacker's way, and they can be legally liquidated.   What we can do? Beforehand place exchanges in states loyal to bitcoin (Japan, for example). The state can stupidly isolate its citizens from the Internet within its local network, like China or soon Russia, Iran.   What we can do? Develop an independent cross-border provider, including independent satellite communications. Such projects are already being implemented, for example, OneWeb /   All these events will be held simultaneously to strengthen the power of pressure on bitcoin. Also the most powerful weapon will be the propaganda against bitcoin against non-professional investors, who are already many in bitcoin. Instead of bitcoin they will try to shove his replacement, shit coin, controlled by the state. This is already happening. China and Russia recently announced plans to create their own crypto-currencies, which will be fully controlled by the state. This idea is completely meaningless, and nothing but laughter can not provoke. But if we understand that in fact this is the first stage of preparing an attack against bitcoin - the meaning of this venture will appear, and this is no longer ridiculous.   What we can do? It's hard to do anything here. So far, the state has great power in the dependent mass media, and people listen to them. Such an attack will affect non-professional investors, and they will start withdrawing money from Bitcoin. The price of bitcoin will collapse dramatically, and then it will be a long time to stagnate without rising or falling. But you can not completely destroy the bitcoin, there are many reasons for this. Bitcoin - the very first crypto currency, exists for a long time, its protocol is one of the most reliable, so it is now strongly trusted by investors, and it will still recover after any fall.    There is another way to reduce losses when attacking exchanges and prohibiting the input and output operations of Bitcoin-Fiat. A professional bitcoin community should investigate and select one or two altcoins that can act as a reserve currency relative to bitcoin in order to use them as an intermediary during an attack on bitcoin. This should be a crypto currency, close in all its parameters to bitcoin, which will allow you to maximally trust such coins.  A little bit about when this all can begin. Such attacks on bitcoin will begin as soon as the world financial system feels a strong destructive effect of bitcoin. Only then will the states be able to agree and act. This may be the collapse of significant financial instruments and currencies, major bankruptcies. After such events, in a short time, an attack on bitcoin may begin.

  • Cyber Crimes Unit to Catch Sexual Predators By Mining Bitcoin

    An article : https://news.bitcoin.com/cyber-crimes-unit-to-criminals-by-mining-bitcoin/ "People are selling child pornography on the dark web and on the internet. They are accepting bitcoins, not payments. We can’t use the sheriff’s office credit card, and we cant exchange child pornography. We need some type currency to get this and then identify who we are getting it from. That way, we can go arrest that person." For me, this will be a noble cause to add as another option to chase pedophiles who is doing child pornography. There was an increase on Child pornography and trafficking in AR state and the police need to conceal themselves for them to find the offenders because they cant use their regular credit cards and bank accounts to trade. Most of these maniacs on the dark web are accepting Bitcoin so this can possibly work. WHat do you think of this?

  • The "Bounty Swarm"

    I propose the following -which I call the "distributed bounty swarm".It would utilise a bitcoin type application where people would tag a transaction fee with a label such as "fix this bug" or "build this website feature" or "hire me" which would then be broadcast on the network and the person that solved the issue could collect the "cloud bounty" on offer.The bounties could be parsed from the swarm and listed on any website or client.Both the fee provider and the bounty collector would only be registered by their bitcoin address.This could  be encrypted with a pgp key to verify ownership. What is needed A way to broadcast to the swarm that a job has been completed. An automatic escrow service that verifies the job has been completed.The fee is already verified by the swarm. Some form of messaging/contact  between fee provider address and bounty collector address to allow pgp key sending. Provide a sending and receiving address so that a coin sent to you gets sent back out with your signed pgp key which verifies you to the other party.

  • what is the deffrent betwen BTC rt bitcoin gold

    what is the deffrent betwen BTC rt bitcoin gold

  • How to get Bitcoingold ??

    Hello there I have 0.4 bitcoins in my electrum wallet right now.... how can I get the bitcoingold airdrop from that

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