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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Bitcoin opening new face

    Last 3 days crypto currency world has been shaken many times. Many news affecting the price of bitcoin. Still bitcoin is surviving but its an great news for us that world wide many country government is thinking about crypto currency now. Its an positive sign for crypto future. Here I am gonna share some news that can be flow on bitcoin positive side. https://www.coindesk.com/mastercard-wins-patent-for-speeding-up-crypto-payments/amp/

  • Bitcoin Gains and Tax Payment In India This Year

    Bitcoin is perhaps the most famous and valued cryptocurrency in the world right now. It got into the limelight last year when it was trending highest and everyone wanted to buy one. The prices were soaring high and went up to almost to $20,000 (Rs 13,40,000) for a bitcoin. Suddenly there was a rage in the market to buy cryptocurrency. All the investors were looking up to buy one piece of the rice pie, however, the price came down too sooner and are currently trending at the rate of $6,000. https://www.owltmarket.com/bitcoin-gains-tax-payment-in-india-this-year/

  • Bitcoin Trivia

    Here Is Some Bitcoin Trivia 1. There Is 2^160 Bitcoin Address Combination 2. When You Generate New Bitcoin Address There Is 1 : 2^135 Chance That Your "Newly Generated Address" Has A Balance On It     (For Comparison There Is Only 2^63 Grains Of Sand On The Earth) 3. 1 Million Bitcoin Was Mined By Satoshi Nakamoto (4.75% Bitcoin Max Supply)(No Valid Source) 4. 90% Bitcoin On The Circulation Is Owned By 1% Richest Address 5. The First Bitcoin To Fiat Exchange Is Happened On 12 October, 2009.     Buyer : NewLibertyStandard(Exchange Web )     Seller : Sirius     Amount : 5050 BTC ($5.02 Via Paypal)     Transaction     Exchange Rate : 0.001$/BTC      6. The First Bitcoin To "Physical Stuff" Is Happened On 22 May 2010.     Buyer: Laszlo     Seller : jercos     Amount : 2 Pizza That Worth 25$ (10.000 BTC)     Exchange Rate : 0.0025$/BTC(At The Same time Bitcoin Was Priced At 0.0041$ At BitcoinMarket) 7. Biggest Bitcoin Heist : Mt.Gox (February 2014) Worth : 744,408 BTC 8. Biggest Bitcoin Ponzi Scammer : ±500.000 BTC Runned By pirateat40 a.k.a Trendon Shavers 9. Bitcoin Is Still On Beta Phase 10. Highest Bitcoin Price Recorded (18/12/2017) Is $19498.63 11.The Only Party  That Once Could 51% Attack Bitcoin Was Ghash.io       They Has >51% Hashrate  On Bitcoin Network At The Moment(13 June 2014)       Luckily They Declare That They'll Not 51% attacking Bitcoin 12. WordPress Was The First "Major Company" That Accept Bitcoin 13. Bitcoin Price Always Go Up When There's Hard Fork/Block Halving 14. Since Genesis Block 1Hard Fork And 2 Block Halving Has Occured 15. First Bitcoin Faucet (5BTC Per Claim) 16. First Bitcoin Cloud Mining Site Is Ghash.io 17.Satoshi Nakamoto Leave Us A Secret Message That Founded On Genesis Block. The Message Is Quote The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks 18. 80% Of Bitcoin Max Supply Has Been Mined 19. Biggest Transaction Fee : 80.98BTC                        Transaction : LINK        Probably An Accident Source: Personal Research              Source 1             Internet             https://en.bitcoin.it Sorry For My Bad English

  • Content Ambassador Award

    Rules and Reward Distribution Content ambassador award is specially set for content creators like media, we-media who have fans. Content Ambassador needs to make and publish original contents (Contents should include but not limited in passages, videos, radios, pictures). Remarks:If the contents are related to the InterValue node recruitment, you can earn extra 1,500 INVE bounty. Participants should register at INVE bounty program, then click to participate our content ambassador task. We will register your contact information and media information(include but not limited in industry media platform, WeChat official account, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, Facebook, YouTube, etc).We will verify your media according to the information provided and contact you immediately when the verification finished. Then we will make an appointment with you to discuss the issues about making and publishing the media content. We will award corresponding I code according to the content quality (50%) and media influence (50%), you can use I code to exchange your own INVE reward in the bounty program. The maximum reward you can earn in this event is 50,000 INVE. Content Ambassador Award Evaluation method: Content Quality 50% Media Followers 50%. The published content include InterValue’s node alpha test recruitment, and extra reward 1,500 INVE rewards. Content requirements: 1. Original,Plagiarism is strictly prohibited; 2. Content must be positive and accurate; 3. Media link needs to be able to directly note the number of followers, article readings, and likes. It used to assess media influence. To avoid disputes, do not accept the statistics provided by the author. How can you join: Sign up for a program membership, and select the task. Submit your Application information, media links, and article links in the task page. InterValue’s admin will review it. Go through official review, draft published, content review. After review finished, the admin will contact the author to provide awards. The reward will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis until all INVE have been distributed. Join now: https://www.inve.one/air/sys/nrapply.html Officially start: July 19th, 2018, 12:00(GMT+8)

  • InterValue Will Be Invited to Participate in The “Blockchain Frontier Technology

    Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, P2P transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm. As the most popular cutting-edge technology in 2018, Blockchain plays an important role in people’s life gradually. Organized by the “CCF Blockchain Special Committee” and “CCF YOCSEF Changsha”, the “Blockchain Frontier Technology and Innovation Application Seminar” hosts by the National University of Defense Technology, will be held on the morning of July 22 at Changsha • Yannian Century Hotel. The seminar brings many well-known scholars, technology geeks and outstanding entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry together, to have in-depth dialogue and discussion on the topic of frontier technologies and innovative applications of Blockchain. Professors and well-known scholars including Fu Shaojing, Zhao Baokang, Si Xueming, Liu Jianwei, Wang Huaqun, Shao Jun, and Peng Shaoliang are invited. Dr. Barton Chao, founder and CEO of InterValue, will participate in the conference as a special guest and will deliver a speech titled “ Million TPS Practical Blockchain 4.0 project.” The seminar will show blockchain frontier’s macro-development in China, even the process and achievements of application development in various industries. The guests will also communicate about the future development of blockchain. We hope that this event will be a great success and wish the best of luck to our participants. Attached: CCF blockchain special committee The CCF Blockchain Committee was initiated by China Computer Society (CCF), it will dedicate to providing a professional platform for industry and academy to interact. The CCF Blockchain aims to promote China’s theoretical and technological advance, cultivation of talents, the application and the development of blockchain’s technology. It is of great significance for the strategic planning of the national blockchain.

  • (Noob like question) How to get multiple BTC addresses in a single wallet?

    Hey guys (and girls), I'm relatively new to BTC so please don't be too harsh (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong subforum) My question: Is it possible to get a wallet with 100+ addresses? (for reasons that are my own) I need to manage 100+ addresses and register them under 1 account (so I don't have to make 100+ email addresses for blockchain.info etc) I've read that having more addresses can potentially make you more anonymous, But that having too many addresses with small amounts in can increases transaction fees drastically so it generally isn't worth having too many. Is there any truth to this? Are there are any other reasons I should know about? Is there any service/ software in particular that allows for this (like Electrum or similar?) Thanks in advance! KB

  • Inmusik : Disrupting the music industry with cryptocurrency

    A new crypto currency is launching and it is here to stay..... https://shoutonweb.blogspot.com/2018/07/inmusik-disrupting-music-industry-with.html

  • Jack Ma, Anti Bitcoin?

    Had confessed to confused with one of these digital currencies, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma now decided to be in anti-Bitcoin camp. Quoted from the South China Morning Post, Tuesday (5/22/2018), at the World Intelligence Congress in Tianjin, China, Jack Ma revealed there is a gap owned by Bitcoin. "There are bubbles on Bitcoin, but not bubbles in blockchain technology," he said. Bubbles, is a term in economics that refers to the trading activity of an asset in a large volume so that its price range goes far beyond its intrinsic value. According to Jack Ma, Bitcoin experienced that. Although his attitude seemed anti with the cryptocurrency, but he did not turn a blind eye to the technology that runs all transactions using Bitcoin, the blockchain. Personally, he admits that he is quite confident in this technology. The man whose real name is Ma Yun also said that blockchain is a solution to security and privacy, especially in internet-based finance that processes trillions of trillions of trades. Even so, he does not agree if this technology is applied to run Bitcoin for money. "Social networks may not need blockchain, but we still have to switch to it, because otherwise it would be fatal," he said. In line with the thinking of Jack Ma, Alibaba has been doing research on technology that functions like the ledger in recent years. In fact, the e-commerce giant is also ranked first in the patent application against global application blockchain in 2017. Over the past year, Alibaba has listed 43 blockchain application patents, with Bank of America being the closest competitor through 33 patents. The figures are based on data from IPRdaily, the provider of information on intellectual property. In addition to Alibaba, a number of companies from other Bamboo Curtain countries have also implemented blockchain technology in various sectors. They are Xiaomi with blockchain based game titled Jiamitu, Cainiao who applies the technology in logistics delivery, Ofo through a blockchain research agency, as well as one of Mobike's business units. Blockchain fever was not only penetrated into companies that have been said large, a number of startups that move in that field was also quite a lot. It can be seen from 41% of the total funding of startup focused on the pilot company engaged in the field associated with blockchain. "Blockchain is a hot topic of conversation right now, but not all companies can implement this technology.Too many people are selling blockchain-based products, this is my concern," concluded Jack Ma.

  • Why did the government want to kill Bitcoin?

    as we know, many governments in the world are banning bitcoins and here I have my own why the government want to kill Bitcoin, because I think Bitcoin can be used for terrorist financing, money laundering, illegal weapons purchases, crime and tax evasion. therefore the government forbids Bitcoin, because Bitcoin transactions are difficult to trace so it is only natural for me if the government is very worried about Bitcoin and many country banning (block) Bitcoin. but this is just my opinion, so if I am wrong I apologize. Thank You.

  • What they mean by Bitcoin dominance ?

    I read this term browsing around, but I am not sure what it means

  • Bitcoin Still The Favorite Of The Crime

    For those who invest Bitcoin should be vigilant. One of the most popular digital currencies in the world, it is still a prima donna perpetrators of cyber crime around the world. Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), an international set of companies to counter phishing attacks, reported that there had been a $ 1.2 billion (Rp 16.9 trillion) worth of cryptocurrency theft last year. The rising popularity of Bitcoin and accompanied by the circulation of more than 1,500 other digital currencies triggered the high crime in the sector that has not yet had the regulation. Dave Jevans, Chairman of the APWG, said that of the total nominal is only 20% or it could be lower that successfully handled by law enforcement around the world. According to him, the incision could be worse as a result of the EU decision to start running General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). "GDPR will adversely affect Internet security as a whole and at the same time assist cybercriminals By tightening access to information, the new law will prevent investigations of cyber crime, theft of cryptocurrency, phishing, ransomware, malware, fraud and cryptojacking, "he said. GDPR itself is a rule to simplify and consolidate regulations that companies must follow to keep their data protected as well as to exercise control over personal information belonging to people in the EU region. Implementation of GDPR means that the majority of European data domains will not be published publicly after May 25th. According to Jevans, the data is a key source of information for investigators and law enforcement agencies to anticipate theft, especially in the online world. Data such as names, addresses, and emails are themselves stored in a database called WHOIS. "So, we'll see all the bad guys go to Europe because they can access the whole world from there and there's no way to get information about them," Jevans said, as quoted by Reuters on Sunday (5/27/2018). Not only the theft, the name Bitcoin was dragged in a case under investigation by the United States Department of Justice. Investigations are being conducted by the government agency on the alleged players in the world of digital currencies to manipulate the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The investigation will investigate the truth of the practice that may affect the price of digital currencies such as the manipulation of orders in the market in large quantities, thus attracting people to transact on related platforms. Others in the US, another in South Africa. Authorities in the country that had organized the World Cup in 2010 is investigating a scam that deceives investors with a total value of up to USD 80 million. The lure of big profits into the mode used by the swindlers. The investigation led to a company called BTC Global, which promises its clients to get 2% profit every day, 14% every week, and 50% every month. Service from the company was rumored to have been blocked.

  • Bitcoin's ties to the NSA and CIA

    Original article is at the link below: https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@savantpr/bitcoin-origins-a-thinkpiece Bitcoin's curious origins and the mysterious nature of "Satoshi Nakamoto" has me thinking the project may have received some indirect assistance from the NSA and/or CIA. I'm curious to see what the bitcointalk community thinks of this in 2018. Is it just a conspiracy theory or could there be some factual evidence hidden in plain sight?

  • This girl is really dedicated to bitcoin... [NSFW Image]

    FOR GOD SAKES SEND THIS GIRL SOME BTC! 17jJ1WAJwqizCNLC6p2KadeRqPYhVispzt http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1swqey/my_girlfriend_got_her_bitcoin_qr_code_tattooed_on/

  • No one else can see that?

    It`s clear that the whole community is happy with the current week uptrend of the crypto market. However we can observe a very strange fenomenon I never seen before - last two days I`m trying to find someone else to comment on that but I`m not able to see such discussion online. What do I mean: It`s the first time BTC volume is rising MORE than of the altcoins. After the initial pump at 17th when all coins jumped up, from 19th untill now the capitalisation of bitcoin is rising (and the price as well) when the marketcap and the price of the alts is going DOWN. It is very unusual: we have ever enlargement of the alt`s marketcap when the total marketcap is rising. It`s even one of the common ways to accumulate bitcoins trading them to alts and re-sell when we are up. The only explanation here is that we are into the very big hidden bearish trend. Seems that the very big players (call them whales if You want) are mass selling their altcoins for BTC after 18th which is the reason to keep BTC price high for now. Note that must be done in really huge volumes to start such downtrend for all leading alts during the total marketcap uptrend. Seems something like the final step of the game. Once they sell all, they will start to cash out BTC (from a pretty good start point to sell as I mentioned above alts-BTC trading volumes are keeping it relativelly high).. I`m expecting that time the BTC will go really low - may be between 3K-4K for a long time. BTW in the middle of June when BTC went down with $1000 for a couple of days is started with BCH fall - just on hour before BTC price to fall - again I didn`t find anyone to mention that - a clear sign for a big manipulation where the top players know exactly when the price will start to go down (bcz they controll that). I`d like to see Your thoughts!

  • Apple Founder Wants Bitcoin the World Single Currency

    One of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak, said that he agreed with what had been revealed by Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, about Bitcoin not long ago. At that time, Dorsey believed that Bitcoin would be the single currency in the world, and Wozniak also wanted it to happen. "I agree with what Jack Dorsey said without needing to hope that it will happen, but because I want it to come true, it is a very pure thought," he said, as quoted by CNBC, Tuesday (5/6/2018). "Bitcoin can be mathematically defined, there is a definite quantity, there is how it is distributed, it is very pure and there is no human behind it, no company runs it, it just keeps growing, growing and trying to survive," he added. Wozniak himself had bought the most popular cryptocurrency when the price was still equivalent to USD 700 per chip, or USD 6,700 cheaper when compared to its value now referring to data from Coindesk. Even so, Wozniak is not interested in becoming a Bitcoin investor. He also has sold all of his Bitcoin assets with only one chip left. The man who is often referred to as The Woz said he only wanted to do experiments on the technology. In addition to having a piece of Bitcoin, the man who founded Apple with Steve Jobs in 1976 also has two Ethereum. Both Wozniak's cryptocureency is the owner of the largest market capitalization among other digital currencies. Bitcoin's market capitalization is almost touching USD 127 billion, while Ethereum is at USD 58 billion. In addition to these two virtual currencies, there are more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies circulating in the world. Even so, Wozniak says Bitcoin is the only natural because it has aspects that make it a status, one of which has been decentralized.

  • 30 Billion $ Bitcoins Lost Forever

    Total supply of bitcoin that will ever be mined is 21 million, According to chain analysis, 4 Million already lost in the course of time (lost private keys, owners dead, wallets lost, erroneous transactions etc) At current market price of 7500 $, that is a whooping 30 Billion USD. Are we going to miss these coins in the future? Further read :http://fortune.com/2017/11/25/lost-bitcoins/  


    I quite remember when bitcoin was struggling to climb up the $6000 ladder about some weeks ago so many people were anticipating for the bull run of bitcoin. The short bull run of bitcoin came and they did not sell even their altcoins how much the adorable bitcoin. Some people think it is an obsession but i believe it is the passion with which some folks in here have developed for bitcoin. The feeling is just like that old piece of clothing in your closet which really looks old or unfitting on you but yet still you just can take it out of your closet. That is the PASSION that some crypto enthusiasts have developed for bitcoin and is just like that little stubborn baby which nags at you every now and then but you just cannot do away with it. I am glad i have this passion too. Feel free to share your thoughts fellas.  


    Current market cap stands at about 280 billion USD with bitcoin price 6400 $ and having a market dominance of 45.7%.Are investors showing preference for btc or are we going back to 240B$?

  • The Founder of Bitcoin Site alone has sold its Bitcoin. Why do you even buy?

    Emil Oldenburg, co-founder of Bitcoin.com has sold all of his Bitcoin because Bitcoin's investment is currently one of the most risky investments. What is your opinion?

  • Hacking Bitcoin,How Possible?

    When most people first hear about Bitcoin, they usually think there is some way in which the peer-to-peer digital cash system could be hacked. This is nothing new in some ways, as many internet users have seen their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts come under the control of a nefarious actor over the years. Having said that, Bitcoin is built for security. Due to the large amount of monetary value that relies on the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, the developers who maintain the de facto reference client for the Bitcoin protocol are careful about any new changes that may be made. I think Bitcoin depends On Open source. The Power of Open Source One of the main reasons Bitcoin is viewed as secure is due to the fact that the codebase behind the network is completely open source. Anyone who wants to join the Bitcoin network is able to do so in a completely open and incorruptible manner. New users are able to confirm, if they wish to do so, that the financial network works in the manner intended because they are able to verify the source code that they’re running on their home computers. Of course, many users don’t actually verify the code related to their interactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Most users simply purchase some bitcoin on an exchange like Coinbase rather than worry about operating their own full node. But the point is that the option to run a full node to control one’s own digital financial sovereignty is always there through the use of open source software

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