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Latest Bitcoin News

  • Claim Free Coins - Fork BitcoinX (BCX) [1:10000] and Super Bitcoin (SBTC) [1:1]

    Hello, Anyone knows how to claim BCX while having BTC at the moment of the fork and using the Bitcoin Core Wallet ? # BitcoinX (BCX) [1:10000]  link: https://www.bcx.org  status: forked  block height #498,888  December 12, 2017  market: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoinx/ # Super Bitcoin (SBTC) [1:1]  link: http://supersmartbitcoin.com  status: forked  block height #498,888  December 12, 2017  market: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/super-bitcoin/ Thank you

  • If Bitcoin price will not increase in 2018?

    If Bitcoin price will not increase in 2018?

  • I'm new to Bitcoin

    I just started Bitcoin because I was told to by friends. I understand it's a difficult system, so if I can get some help on what I need to do daily. I already have the wallet app, so what's next?

  • Bitcoin Bubble ?

    Its far from a bubble until McDonalds, Walmart, and Gas Stations begin to accept bitcoin...... Untill then, we have a long ways to go! Buy and hold is my advice.

  • Fourth industrial revolution with bitcoin

    Hi guys What you do say about 4th industrial revolution just only on cryptocurrency because redefinition of money is at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution. 

  • SnapCity ICO

    Hi all, I made this ICO. https://www.snapcity.io. It's a geo-location game. I'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks, Daniel

  • Interesting fact about BTC

    1. Top 1000 Bitcoin addresses control 34.28% of total Bitcoin in circulation. 2. FBI owns 1.5% of world's BTC. 3. 64% of BTC have never been used and may never be used. Which other interesting and unique facts do you know about BTC? Please share.

  • Is it late to invest 10K?

    Hello guys, So I im in cryptos around 2 months and I invested around 1,5K dollars into BTC (70%) and some alts (stratis) and icos. When i First invested, btc was at 5K, second and Last buy was when btc was at 10K and i am Just wondering...oh Men you could buy btc for 10K dollars Back then and have almost 4x more now. Anyway 18. December is almost here, in early 2018 a lot of altcoins have some major updates so i am asking you for an advice. Should i increase my investition into cryptos and invest 10K dollars? I plan to have 50% in bitcoin, 40% in promising alts (stratis, shift, neo) and the 10% invest into good icos (2 or 3 maybe)

  • Transaction shows low fee in electrum wallet

    Hi I sent 0.019 btc from my electrum wallet to my LBC wallet with a transaction fee of 0.0006 BTC.It shows only as low fee in electrum wallet for the past ten days.I have tried to accelerate in transaction accelerator service also.But no use.Kindly suggest me what should be done.Thanks in advance.

  • Ready for the next climb? Bitcoin about to get another big boost next week

    Bitcoin futures are about to get another big boost. TD Ameritrade, the largest futures operation of any online brokerage, is going to allow bitcoin futures trading on its platform starting Monday. CME, a large futures trading operation, is preparing to launch bitcoin futures on Sunday. The moves come a week after Cboe bitcoin futures began trading in a slow but respectable start. I see another milestone on the way. $20,000 by next week? What do you think..

  • Like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc Bitcoin will not stand alone

    After reading this forum for long enough I get the impression from most posting here that they believe that Bitcoin will be the ONLY coin accepted by merchants/vendors or otherwise used by the mainstream.  I don't think I've ever read anyone put forth a point of view like I am about to write here and it is this:  Over time, most vendors will accept several cryptos just like they do with multiple credit cards or debit cards.  In the case of cryptos vendors will probably accept more cryptos than they do credit cards. I posted something earlier questioning the reasons why so many are loyal to Bitcoin vs. other cryptos.  I pointed out that Bitcoin is facing many problems scaling and therefore has high fees and long transaction times for typical purchases.  Those that respond miss the point when they say that "sooner or later other cryptos will see the same problems".  The point is that these alt-coins currently do not have the same problems and they may have already solved or plan to solve any potential scaling problems.  We all will have to wait and see what happens.  While all of this is sorting itself out I believe that vendors will expand the range of coins that they accept.  The less volatile the better. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, etc are accepted by most mainstream merchants.  Now swap out these credit cards for the top cryptos...you can do it in your head but if you want to write it out here that's up to you.  I believe that this is a vision of the crypto future...and the coins worth buying if one is so inclined. Do you agree or disagree with this assessment?  Why or why not?

  • 'Wolf of Wall Street' says Bitcoin is a 'huge scam' and a 'bubble'

    'Wolf of Wall Street' says Bitcoin is a 'huge scam' and a 'bubble' that is 'almost guaranteed' to burst as virtual currency ... The man who was the real-life inspiration for the Wolf of Wall Street said on Friday that the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a 'huge scam.'. Jordan Belfort says that the value of Bitcoin is likely to plummet.. Bitcoin blasted to another all-time high of almost $18,000 on the Bitstamp exchange on Friday, up 9 percent on the day, as warnings grew over the risks of investing in the highly volatile and speculative instrument. Bitcoin has climbed almost 80 percent so far in December alone, putting it on track for its best month in percentage terms since December 2013.. While Bitcoin has added another fifth to its value since Monday, trading has been slightly calmer than the wild price swings the market has seen in recent weeks, with volatility lower since the launch of Bitcoin futures from Cboe Global Markets on Sunday. Belfort thinks Bitcoin's value will rise in the short term before crashing. '. He compared Bitcoin to the 17th century 'tulip mania' in Holland, where the value of tulip bulbs skyrocketed before rapidly dropping. Belfort isn't the only one predicting Bitcoin's demise.. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5185485/Wolf-Wall-Street-says-Bitcoin-huge-scam.html

  • The end of net neutrality means the end of bitcoin in the USA?

    The United States Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to repeal rules designed to protect net neutrality. “Priyabrata Dash, editor of Crypt Bytes Tech, wrote earlier this year that the biggest threat to cryptocurrency markets is the repeal of net neutrality.” http://www.ibtimes.com/how-net-neutrality-vote-may-block-bitcoin-cryptocurrency-trading-2628175 How important is the U.S. for bitcoin? Will the U.S. devs working on bitcoin need to move or stop working on bitcoin?

  • When bitcoin bubble burst?

    Bitcoin is at it's extereme everywhere in the world started to talks about bitcoin.Videos about bitcoin going viral on social medias like facebook and youtube.Some videos saying investors get back cause bubble burst is coming soon. As a bitcoin holder I am very scared about this news,bitcoin is going to burst? Experts please clarify my doubt.

  • At $300 Billion, Bitcoin Is Now the World’s 15th Most Valuable Liquid Currency

    Bitcoin’s market cap crossed $300 billion on Friday ahead of the launch of futures contracts on U.S. derivatives exchange CME. As a result of this rally, bitcoin is now the world’s 15th most valuable liquid currency, as measured by the M1 narrow money supply. Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High on Bitfinex Bitcoin achieved this historic milestone on Friday morning, following a rally that raised the bitcoin price to a new all-time high of $18,111 on cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. This represented a single-day increase of nearly $2,000. The global average bitcoin price rose somewhat higher, thanks to large premiums on Bithumb and other South Korean exchanges. At the time of writing, Korean exchanges priced bitcoin more than $1,000 higher than many exchanges that offer direct trading against the U.S. dollar. The rally is likely connected to the impending launch of bitcoin futures on CME. Although fellow Chicago exchange CBOE listed futures this week, CME is much larger, so its products are expected to attract more attention from institutional investors. Bitcoin Now 15th Largest Liquid Currency At $300 billion, bitcoin is now the world’s 15th largest currency, as measured by the M1 money supply, a classification that measures the value of physical currency in circulation, as well as liquid bank deposits. Bitcoin is more valuable than the circulating currencies of both Hong Kong and India, and it is just a few billion dollars behind that of Saudi Arabia. However, bitcoin faces a steep climb before it can enter the top 10; the 10th spot currently belongs to Canada, whose M1 money supply totals $637 billion.Now, critics will point out — correctly, to some extent — that the M1 classification provides a very narrow view of a currency’s total valuation, as well as the fact that, at present, bitcoin is far less liquid than other currencies of comparable size. Nevertheless, even conceding these facts, there is one thing that the chart makes clear: cryptocurrencies are an asset class that can no longer be ignored. First time Launch of multiple cryptocurrency in AED/DIRHAM market OPENING OFFER IN FEW DAYS!!! Bitcoin To Aed/Btc earn upto 2.5% Btc/Aed per week Withdraw earned btc from your btc wallet or  bank account 100% secure CRYPTO-E-WORLD BUY/SELL CRYPTOCURRENCIES support@crypto-shex.net VISIT : www.crypto-shex.net

  • Adoption of Bitcoin Picking Up Speed in Venezuela, Called “Lifesaving” Currency

    Venezuelans continue to turn to Bitcoin for survival, not speculation, as their national currency continues to die.. Bitcoin is now becoming a constant part of many Venezuelans’ everyday life.. Whether they’re buying food, plane tickets, or even paying employees, Bitcoin is now a common mode of payment for Venezuelans. Frankly, many people in the country rely on cryptocurrencies for survival. Bitcoin is now becoming a constant part of many Venezuelans’ everyday life. Whether they’re buying food, plane tickets, or even paying employees, Bitcoin is now a common mode of payment for Venezuelans. Frankly, many people in the country rely on cryptocurrencies for survival. Survival of fittest Venezuela’s hyperinflation has rendered the national currency, the Bolivar, nearly worthless. Thousands of ordinary people have begun turning to the world of cryptocurrency to salvage what little value remains in their savings.. One Venezuelan, John Villar, knows the struggle of having a his national currency become worthless, so he sticks with Bitcoin for all of his transactions. He said that his situation, choosing digital currency is not a matter of politics but of survival. Bitcoin transactions are relatively swift for anyone with a smartphone: Websites like LocalBitcoin and Colibit function as exchanges where Venezuelans can buy and sell bitcoins using a local bank account. Government’s move Cryptocurrencies have become so fashionable that even President Nicolas Maduro has proposed a government-backed version called the Petro. Members of his administration have met with Venezuelan Bitcoin entrepreneurs to determine how such a currency might work. Though few details have been released, many in the Bitcoin world have responded skeptically to the idea. It seems unlikely that Venezuelans will trust a digital currency issued by a government they have little faith in. In Venezuela, the so-called "crisis currency" is allowing desperate Venezuelans to make potentially life-saving purchases. Villar had been unable to find several of the medications needed to treat his wife's multiple sclerosis in Venezuela for the last two years, a story not uncommon in a country whose public health system has been crippled by shortages. Instead, he purchased them abroad with Bitcoin and used courier services to deliver them to Venezuela. Authorities have largely permitted trading of Bitcoin in Venezuela, though they have heavily fined and detained people who attempt to mine the digital currency. For Villar, the stakes are especially high, and not just for his business. An engineer who once ran a biometrics enterprise, he is staking his financial future on the development of a game involving an alternative cryptocurrency called PepeCash. A dozen employees operate from a small office filled with computers in an industrial community east of the capital. All receive part of their salary in Bitcoin. His wife, also an engineer, is now largely bound to a wheelchair.     "At this moment, I don't have a single bolivar." Ambassadors from other digital currency projects, such as Dash, have been trying to familiarize Venezuelans with an array of cryptocurrencies. Earlier this fall, Dash sponsored 12 free conferences in the country in order to raise awareness. https://cointelegraph.com/news/adoption-of-bitcoin-picking-up-speed-in-venezuela-called-lifesaving-currency

  • How to find my Bitcointalk user ID?

    I entered profile but I dont see any numbers either in the address or on the webpage.

  • BTC/USD - breakout ? another upwave coming ?

    BTC/USD - breakout ? another upwave coming ? DYODD pls. Visit my blog for chart reference ..  https://chartisking.blogspot.sg/

  • Blockchain DEAD!!!!!

    Does blockchain seem to want to close the web site, what's going on? If I still have my account, can I transfer it to another account more securely? Below is a link to news https://blockchain.info/wallet/#/authorize-approve/Z939%2FUsjrWtlZaDv8B3kuKFDi46O%2FfKNJ%2Ffvq0%2BD6XmYAnqHeoEJSMvWDq3M9kbSIBCAubRarL5SM%2FUEDJqyGx9%2BNNNDRL2X9pTawL0AO6B5uAkvmeKoSSA2SAvfMsbQygUKFBXGHQWmdrC6EgjOH20sUjaLTCilSrdg2Ppvu1lZSxH0oQwSnelbnJuE1utU

  • Is it too late to buy bitcoin?

    Even the blind can see that crypto Currency is making people millionaires all  over the world just because they present the holders of such currency with the financial freedom and opportunity to accrue large amounts of wealth base on currency investment . But my question is that, is it late to buy bitcoin? Should i wait maybe bitcoin price will decline after 1st August meeting? Please i will welcome your advice so that I can make my decision on crypto currency investment.

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