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Are there any online hosts that offer a dedicated or shared server or VPS with a GPU or ASIC miner, that you can access via SSH?

I’d like to do some custom coding with mining software, but don’t want to do it on my home machine. I found hosts with clouds and shared processors, but not with SSH access that would allow me to mess with the mining software. I’m looking to be able to add code so I can capture some stats associated with mining and transaction processing.

Sorry if this isn’t the appropriate forum, I looked at the forum list and couldn’t decide which forum would be most appropriate, as this could also fit under technical or maybe mining.
Latest Bitcoin News / My suggestion on Bitcoin adoption
« Last post by administrator on July 01, 2020, 08:44:00 PM »
I love the fact that the whole world isn't aware of Bitcoin yet. I see Bitcoin as a digital Gold. It is supposed to be scarce to retain its credibility. If Gold was made accessible to everyone, The value would never be as high it has always been. In the case of Bitcoin, before the century goes off a quantum of the world population will be accessing the internet and I'm not sure a lot of people will still be interested in knowing what it is.
Hey guys! I found out that the microwallet has a slots game which is built with php and javascript, i am already able to change my win percentage just by doing inspect element and i know it is possible to set the minimum win! Help me and serve yourself in Bitcoin! The link for the game is Thanks

More details: I am able to change the win percentage in the Sources tab in inspect element
I also know there is some kind of minimum win variable thing
Since we know very few things about that person, I don't get how we assumed that he has 1.000.000+ million bitcoins. Did we? Or there's a proof? Because even on 2010-2012 (last years that was active and the bitcoin network didn't need that much CPU) he would need to mine at least 20.000 blocks. Aren't they too much?
Hello everyone,
How come that I read several times that quantum computers can't hack the wallet address that has never sent bitcoin, because the address is not on the blockchain. But from the address that sent the bitcoins to this other address never to be used, we can see the public address. So how come that it can't be hacked. Any public address could be hacked with sufficient computer power no? Unless there is something that I miss here, or is it related to the private key?
Thank you!

Latest Bitcoin News / Artwork by a Kid
« Last post by administrator on July 01, 2020, 06:10:16 PM »

This may not look much good on pictures but in reality this is good piece of work.

It a computer, headphone and a mobile phone made from the cardboard. 
Latest Bitcoin News / Gitpod problem.
« Last post by administrator on July 01, 2020, 05:06:08 PM »
Hi,back a while ago I needed to run FinderOuter and my friend got it working for me through Gitpod,it's worked well but I have another laptop and my friend is far away so I need help.

I fell stupid asking I'm really not a newby but I seriously think I'm senile.

I can't get it running so I thought I'd ask here,I've been 6 hours for this simple task and I'm ready to smash the laptop.

Can someone out there walk me through it like I'm 2 years old,no joke,I can't figure this out ?

Or can I run it somewhere else,at onlineGDB it say says it's to big a file.
Once there is a new century, there is new revolution.

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies nowadays. Bitcoin as a revolutionary peer-to-peer electronic currency system that is a innovative in the financial world. There is a one-to-one relationship between the people who make transactions in the public ledger which provides a permanent record that happens on the Internet, which makes people' s transcation not safe enouhgh, so that creates a need for privacy protection. So, privacy coins have also been borned. People are familiar with the first generation of privacy coin DASH and the second generation called Zcash. Although they have added anonymous technology, but it is far from reaching the requirements of every users. Privacy coins before may only protect the transaction amount, address, some are not even 100% anonymous. Yes, the first and second generation of privacy coin need a new breakthrough in the 2020s! Zorro will improve the operational mechanisms to make your transactions 100% totally anonymous. There is also an urgent need for new anonymous technologies. So here comes Zorro!!

To mentioned about Zorro, it was typically called as a dashing masked vigilante who has mystical power.  Zorro chain which later on has been inspired and found by the mysterious 18-member community. It was eventually Using "Quantum Tunneling" technology to create faster, higher& more powerful anonymous utopian world!

What we know as privacy coins are enforced anonymity for all transactions by default. Unlike a public-by-default mechanisms, this ensures users cannot be scrutinised or penalised by outside actors for using private transactions, leading to non-use of privacy features and therefore loss of privacy altogether, that's why private cryptocurrencies were created. Zorro develop unique innovation technology, it is the first one to use a newly developed anonymous broadcasting technology: Quantum Tunneling.

In order to enhance the anonymity in the process of transaction broadcasting, we propose a new anonymous broadcasting technology: Quantum Tunneling technology. First of all, this broadcast channel is encrypted. We add a layer of anti-quantum encryption channel on the basis of tcp protocol to ensure that the data cannot be cracked during transmission. The transaction is divided into two stages when it is broadcast. The first stage is called the tunnel transmission stage. In this stage, the transaction is transmitted along a randomly generated tunnel which passes through multiple randomly chosen nodes. The transaction stops transmission at the last node and enter the second stage of flood broadcasting. In this stage, the node sends the transaction to all its peer nodes, and the peer node sends the transaction to its own peer node. Moreover, some checks are made to prevent redundant communication.

In terms of economic models, we have been working on a perfect mechanism for the operation of cryptocurrecy. We believe that the halving mechanism of BTC is groundbreaking, but it is not perfect enough. In order to prevent the power monopolized  from like Bitmain by big mining pools, the core team of Zorro decides to solve the problem by modifying the consensus mechanism, and adopts the CONSENSUS mechanism of POW+POS. We borrow and assimilate the ideas of The Book of Changes,which reveals the law of the natural operation of the world, into ZORRO's token mainnet parameters to create an endless token model that can operate autonomously. In the East, 6 is the auspicious number people admire. In The Book of Changes, each "Gua" (diagrammatic divinatory symbol) has 6 linear symbols, and the sound has 6 yang rhymes. In ancient China, the First Emperor of Qin who unified China established "number 6 as the discipline" that everything is stipulated to be 6 units, for example, the hat is 6 inches. Afterwards, Taoism produced the number 36 from it. 36 is 6 times 6. In the Taoism, there are 36 heavenly stars. Even in the Pythagorean School, which holds an important position in the western world, the number 36 is the most sacred number, the sum of the first four odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7) and the first four even numbers (2, 4, 6, . Therefore, we choose "36" as one of the basic parameters of the ZORRO mainnet: the block generation time is 36s. In Taoism, 108 represents the sum of 36 heavenly and 72 evil stars. It is the ultimate number, symbolizing "supreme", "auspicious", "get rid of all troubles". Therefore, we choose 108 as the
second mainnet parameter of ZORRO: the initial block reward is 108 ZORRO.
In terms of the halving mechanism, we have made unprecedented innovations and designed
completely new models. When Satoshi Nakamoto created BTC, he added a mechanism of halving the output every four years, which will lead to a decrease in the block reward for miners in the later period. We decided to divide the tokens issuance into 12 cycles and issue the same number of tokens in each cycle, because "12" represents the end of a cycle. In the East, a year is divided into 12 months, and a day is divided into 12 two-hour periods. 12 represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of next cycle. As a result, our halving mechanism is that: the first halving period is 7 days, and each block
generates 108 ZORRO; the second halving period is 14 days, and each block generates 54
ZORRO; the third halving cycle is 28 days, and each block generates 27 ZORRO, and so on...
When we calculate the total number of ZORRO, we find that the total number of ZORRO is about 21 million. The calculation formula is listed below:

How amazing is that! It is almost the same as the total BTC of 21 million.

Zorro always focusing on privacy, and its developers are all love with the anonymous world and desire to achieve beautiful visions, All of us have the same goal to achieve the utopian world in blockchain.  Current team of Zorro is comprised of scientists, engineers, designers and business experts from Google, IBM and Microsoft all around the world, most of them graduated from MIT and Stanford university. In addition, over 300 developers contributed to Zorro throughout the project lifecycle, including 30 core developers. For this reason, the Zorro project team focuses more on how to solve the problem to achieve a great vision: for example, users can build shopping malls based on the development platform provided by Zorro. Even on the development platform provided by Zorro, users can set up  an anonymous chat zones, anonymous forums and so on. Zorro has more potential than you can imagine!!!
Latest Bitcoin News / Yes, there is a strip club that accepts bitcoin.
« Last post by administrator on July 01, 2020, 11:38:18 AM »
This place is on the famous "Walking Street" of Angeles City, Philippines, which is basically a giant red light district.

No, I didn't do any "research" to find out how to "make it rain Satoshis", but I probably should have!

If someone sends a donation to my profile address I'll write a new post documenting the experience of how it worked.
Latest Bitcoin News / Lesson plans about Bitcoin achieved
« Last post by administrator on July 01, 2020, 11:38:15 AM »
So, I made a post about me teaching college students about Bitcoin and it's usage. I asked for  few things that would make up my lesson plans here. The positive replies I got was enough for me. So, I came up with these;

1. General introduction to Bitcoin
2. What it is used for
3. Introduction to a forum dedicated for discussion of Bitcoins named  Bitcointalk Forum
4. Mining
5. Digital skills
6. Last week would be used for quizzes and setting up Bitcoin accounts and prizes would be won for serious students among them.

Your criticism is a welcome one too.
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