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Latest Bitcoin News / make money
« Last post by administrator on February 15, 2019, 10:45:30 PM »
Make money online
/2TWq5RJ]https://[Suspicious link removed]/2TWq5RJ
« Last post by administrator on February 15, 2019, 05:39:29 PM »
when i check my bitcoin hash tag it says

No transaction found with the hash c88a9f1686e3e790bfd01cda4b0657b8c4341fd54bd70f6e5333312fc53c8176

Its been 24 hours and i cant get 3 different transfers i did with electrum wallet.

The gambling industry has witnessed impressive growth over the last several years, in both traditional and online gambling spheres.

Despite all the positive aspects of this industry, some crucial problems remain. Online gamblers continue to face many issues with the online casino or betting sites, including data insecurity, the lack of transparency, high fees in money withdrawing, fraudulent activity and high entry barriers. A new ICO project, Bitbook, is here to make the change the industry needs.

Today we’re interviewing Filip Poutintsev, CMO of, an extremely promising betting and gambling project. The platform offers a wide range of casino games and bets on all major sports, as well as a range of innovative incentives for players. is ready to launch its ICO, offering attractive bonuses to early supporters.

Check on the link bellow the complete interview!!
Cepвиc paбoтaeт в pyчнoм  peжимe
Зaявки выпoлняютcя в cpoк oт 3 дo 15 минyт
Гpaфик paбoты:  Пн-Пт c 08.00 дo 20.00;Cб-Bc cвoбoдный гpaфик paбoты.

Haши гapaнтии:

- Пpoфeccиoнaльный cчeт Yandex;
- Bepифициpoвaнный cчeт QIWI;
- Oтзывы нa нaшeм caйтe и мoнитopингax кypcoв.


Haши нaпpaвлeния oбмeнa:

Яндeкc-Любoй Бaнк USD (SWIFT)
Cбepбaнк-Visa/Master Card RUB
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Visa/Master Card RUB-Киви
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Visa/Master Card RUB-Любoй Бaнк USD (SWIFT)

Mы paзвивaeмcя и вcкope бyдyт дoбaвлeны дpyгиe нaпpaвлeния

Haш cepвиc имeeт бoнycнyю, peфepaльнyю пpoгpaммy.

Cтaньтe нaшим пapтнepoм! B cepвиce Exchange-on paзpaбoтaнa yникaльнaя пapтнepcкaя пpoгpaммa. Для yтoчнeния дeтaлeй cвяжитecь c aдминиcтpaциeй.
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Latest Bitcoin News / Better alternative to bitcointalk?
« Last post by administrator on February 15, 2019, 11:46:08 AM »
Hello guys!

It has always worried me about how skewed the crypto community has become over time on Reddit, Twitter & here on Bitcointalk. That is why I created this platform called DReddit

Here, anyone can share posts/articles related to cryptocurrencies. People can upvote/downvote a particular piece of content. Articles with more popularity show up on top. We are also working on a Bitcoin tipping system based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network and it should be in place in a few days. Much like reddit & bitcointalk, just crypto-specific & authentic.

A little background about me. I have been in the crypto market for a while, My company goes by the name CryptoControl. We first launched a crypto news aggregator 2 years ago & then a trading platform & now this. This, I think is the coolest product we have come up with.

Now, I want your participation and support to create a crypto community people like and look upto. I hope you guys like it. Tell me what you guys think about it.

Link -
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Latest Bitcoin News / Building a Bitcoin protocol CLI using Javascript
« Last post by administrator on February 15, 2019, 08:09:13 AM »
In this tutorial, we will be building our very own command line interface for the bitcoin wire protocol which can be used for simple debugging or educational purposes.

gr0kchain $ node ./index.js localhost 18444
Connection opened
70012 '/Satoshi:0.12.1/'
Connection closed
gr0kchain $

Latest Bitcoin News / Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Security Cheat Sheet
« Last post by administrator on February 15, 2019, 05:35:11 AM »
Hi. I run a website as a hobby, dedicated to helping beginners learn how to protect and secure their coins and tokens from potential scams and hacks, and I created a sort of "cheat sheet" of a list of things you should and should not do when investing in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. List is currently small, so I'm also looking for suggestions from the Bitcointalk community.

Will definitely give credits to the people who made good suggestions.

Link is:

✔️ DO only store your private key(s) on pieces of paper or on a CryptoSteel, and store them somewhere no-one else but you has access to.
✔️ DO store majority of your funds on a reputable hardware wallet or a securely-made paper wallet.
✔️ DO only use a paper wallet if you’re 100% confident that you can make one in a secure manner.
✔️ DO store only small amounts of your crypto on your hot wallets(exchanges, software wallets, web wallets, etc).
✔️ DO use Google 2 Factor Authentication on your exchange accounts. Your accounts having 2FA makes your accounts significantly harder to hack.
✔️ DO use secure and complex passwords on all of your exchange accounts; preferrably 40 characters, with both uppercase and lowercase letters, and with special characters(e.g. x*uyIqwGjBhLWd$xx%i&&US5z7BxcPSGTjW4g3o6). We heavily suggest using password managers like KeePass2 and Bitwarden to generate and store your passwords.
✔️ DO make sure that you frequently check your browser’s address bar, to make sure you’re on the correct URL; to prevent being phished and to prevent accidentally downloading malicious software.

❌ DO NOT save your private key(s) and account passwords on a .txt file, a word document, on your email, on your mobile phone’s notes app, or anywhere digital.
❌ DO NOT store significant amounts of crypto on your hot wallets, pretty much anywhere that you don’t have control over the private key(s) and that could potentially be stolen by hackers.
❌ DO NOT give away your private key(s) to crypto airdrops or to anyone else in general. Giving away your private key(s) is pretty much like giving away access to your funds.
❌ DO NOT give away your personal information to airdrops, as they can use your personal information for malicious purposes.
❌ DO NOT click on bitcoin or crypto-related ads on Google or any other search engine. There’s a good chance that a certain link you see in your search result is a phishing link that could potentially steal your funds.
❌ DO NOT re-use passwords on exchanges or any other website in general.
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