Author Topic: USA on the Fourth of You Lie: Paranoid Police State Afraid of its Own Citizens  (Read 2715 times)

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[/size]You Lie 4th Editorial  :o
In 2015, Americans are ruled by a crazy, utterly stupid police garrison state that is determined to impose upon us an Israeli style, paranoid surveillance and security regime masquerading as a democracy.
4% of the US population identify as Gay.  The regime in Washington works overtime to promote the Gay agenda as a "human rights issue" while  denying ALL Americans OUR due process and OUR constitutional and genuine, real human rights.
3% of the population is Jewish.  The regime, ruling over us regardless of who sleeps in the White House, has made its shrill obsession with "the State of Israel" the centerpiece of American foreign policy... to the permanent detriment of our country.
The regime uses drones to assassinate untold numbers of unknown, untried, random people in far- off exotic lands because said people have brown skin, are Muslims and "look suspicious."   We, the people of the United States, have no clue what this killing is all about.  We disavow it.  It has nothing to do with protecting us from "Terrorism" or anything else.   
The government of the United States, under the influence of mentally ill people such as John McCain and the dual U.S. Israeli citizens in the White House and the Senate... supports terrorism in Syria, terrorism in Ukraine and anywhere else the Washington Neocon regime decides on "regime change."  We, the people of the United States, 99.99% of us, have no say in the matter.   WE are the ones who NEED regime change.   
We live under a regime that harasses us like terrorists and criminals at every airport,  every border crossing and every highway.  All in the name of its bogus wars on "Terrorism" and "Drugs."
The War on Drugs was never about drugs.  Its primary purpose is to incarcerate the Black population.
The War on Terror was never about Terrorism.  Its purpose is to neuter the U.S. constitution and launch wars of aggression on behalf of oil interests and Israel.  This is not conspiracy nor anti-Semitic.  Its just fact.   
We are not fooled.
Americans.  Wake up!  Get up.  It's ok to try to influence people but realize you will never beat the mass media at their own game. .  It's time to take back what is ours and we don't need 100 million or even 10 million people to do it.  Start with passive resistance at every opportunity.  Refuse to cooperate.  Clog up the system.   This is how Gandhi defeated the mighty British Empire after it had been hammered and greatly weakened by Germany.   
We are not fooled. 
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