Author Topic: With Bitcoin Options, How to Achieve Hundred Times Profit  (Read 3 times)

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With Bitcoin Options, How to Achieve Hundred Times Profit
« on: November 08, 2019, 09:52:33 AM »
These days, I found out that most people had no idea what options trading is. So today I would like to inform you all some advantages of options trading. BTC Options is a trading pattern which needs you to predict the trend of the price of BTC in the near future. It is not so hard to understand it: When you expect the price of BTC to be bullish, then you just need to place a call order. When you expect the price of BTC to be bearish, then you just need to place a put order. All you need to do is choose the duration as you like. Let’s take BitOffer Options launched recently as an example.
BitOffer Options is the most innovative options trading in the cryptocurrency industry created by BitOffer professional team from Wall Street. The most obvious feature is that no matter the market is bullish or bearish, users all own a chance to earn profit up to 1,000X leverage without any margin or fee. Besides, one thing that we need to notice is that The spot index price is calculated based on the real-time transaction price and the weight ratio of the seven major exchanges to make sure the spots index is fair and transparent.
Now, let me raise up a question: How to earn hundreds profit on BitOffer Options?

For Example:

When the price of BTC is $9,000, after analyzing, Mike and Tom hold the view that the price of BTC would keep going up, then Mike bought BTC in spot trading, Tom bought a BTC Options on BitOffer.

1. Mike spent $9,000 to buy one bitcoin.
2. Tom bought an options contract with $5.

After that, the price of BTC rose rapidly. Within 1 hour, the price of BTC rose from $9,000 to $9,500. If they sell it as the price now,

1. Mike earns $500 ($9,500 - $9,000)*1
2. Tom earns $500 ($9,500 - $9,000)*1

We can easily see that the profit of Mike and Tom are the same, but they spent quite different.
1. Mike spent $9,000 to earn $500, the rate of return is 5.5%.
2. Tom spent $5 to earn $500, the rate of return is 10,000%.

What if the price of BTC decrease?
Mike will lose $500 when the price of BTC drops from $9,000 to $8,500. At the same time, Tom only lost $5 if so. This is one of the advantages of BitOffer Options.

So, which one will you choose? Spot trading or BitOffer Options? I believe that you already have your own choice. With the feature of “one-hand cooperation”, no trading fee, no margin, I will definitely choose BitOffer options!