Author Topic: Who is this early joiners? (In Bitcointalk)  (Read 2 times)

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Who is this early joiners? (In Bitcointalk)
« on: September 13, 2019, 11:47:34 PM »
As you all know, Satoshi is one of the important people for this forum. Not only did he find Bitcoin, we owe Satoshi as the founder of this forum.

I don't know everyone has already knew about Satoshi. Most of the first correspondence on this forum was satoshi himself.
If there is anyone who don't know about satoshi's profile, they can look here:;u=3
It is the profile of Satoshi.

I wonder who is the first joiner in this forum.

I looked it all.

1);u=1 - I think it is just founder account. This account may belong to satoshi.
2);u=2 (there is no account)
3);u=3 (Satoshi's himself) He disappear in 2010. 
4);u=4 ( Sirius: he said in his profile that he is not admin. He has not logged in to the forum since January 2018
5);u=5 (there is no account)
6);u=6 (it is just a newbie. - Interesting.)
7);u=7 (there is no account)
 ... It is going like that...