Author Topic: We are giving too much attention on the halving  (Read 3 times)

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We are giving too much attention on the halving
« on: January 13, 2020, 01:38:34 PM »
I am bullish for the long run and I have no reason to sell, as the way I see it Bitcoin will become massively accepted and widely used across the globe.

Although, I seriously think that we should be promoting Bitcoin for the tech and not for the price movements.
Talking about the price does not provide anything useful and does not help with people starting using Bitcoin. It only attracts speculators.
What we basically need is wide adoption. The 2016 bull run was extended in 2017 because of the news from two of the greatest Asian economies, South Korea and Japan.
The halving has it's purpose, but is there anything else to wait besides this event?

I think there is something that we don't discuss in the appropriate length and this is the development of the Lightning Network.
With instant transaction speeds and extremely low fees the Lightning Network has the potential to make Bitcoin the dominant method of transactions.
I think this subject should be discussed more and promoted further by influencers to convince everyone to give Bitcoin a chance.

I dream for the day when every merchant, online or physical store, will have the price of Bitcoin tagged next to fiat price and I think it will become reality soon.