Author Topic: Trying to recover funds from bitcoin scam  (Read 6 times)

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Trying to recover funds from bitcoin scam
« on: June 30, 2020, 04:16:52 PM »
Hello. I invested in in Coinxcryptominingcom last year which turned out to be a scam site. I posted on instagram about my ordeal and was recently contacted by @_jacob.armstrong about recovering my lost funds. He suggested contacting and gave me an email to explain my story. I sent them my transactions with wallet addresses to where i sent my funds and this is the response I received.

Good Day ,
We can see from our records and investigations that all your money is on a cloud crypto currency wallet and none of it is lost This is because the CME  ( Chicago Mercantile Exchange)  gap got filled at $9200 on the 2019-6-16 08:42pm which is the exact time you sent 0.31433482  BTC  ($2,861),
See the has code below as all your money in the cloud has amounted to this

However, we have tested your funding several times and each time it got exhausted by the blockchain liquidation machine.
Nevertheless, we can successfully say all your money is in safe hands and the only way for all your money is to be released  is if  you are  to make an API Integration fee payment so all your funds amounting  to 8.79034054 BTC  will be released within  5  hours

You need to send 0.20 BTC ($1,897) as a fee to claim back your account.
And the additional fee of 0.20 BTC ($1,897) to recover all your funds.
We can say the total amounting to 0.41 BTC ($3,700) this payment is to be made within 48 hours if you want a successful refund of all your funds

The payment is to be made into this BTC address:  14hBpJncS6fqKZqoYAjRCGmbc63ZhLJ6Xs

Is this another scam? Any insight would greatly be appreciated.