Author Topic: Travelling on BitCoins - Meetups + trading venues + buying/selling on the road?  (Read 3 times)

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I've become really interested in BitCoins in the last couple of weeks, as it merges a bunch of my passions (IT, economics, liberalism), and now own a humble amount of BitCoins that I'm yet to spend.  At the same time I'm about to travel around the world for next 4.5 months, to North America + Europe + Asia (leaving from Australia).  Hence I'm hoping I can barter with some fellow BitCoin enthusiasts while travelling around.


North America

2nd June - 9th June : San Fransico

9th June - late June : Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, ...not sure yet)
late June - 30th June : New York


July : London, + north of London is some small town...forget its name)
August - 22nd September : Germany, with trips to other countries around there

23rd September - 10th October : Hong Kong (and possibly Singapore/Shanghai/Beijing)

Things to trade
I travel light, so I can bring and sell:

Programming skills - (Ruby on Rails + C# - current contract I'm working on is
iPhone 3GS
UniBody 15" MacBook Pro, 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, 512 MB Graphics Card (I'd want to sell this in North America mind you- don't want to lug it around forever )
Crap load of PC games CD/DVDs from last 2-5 years

Accommodation (like AirBnB)
iPad 2

Spanish/Chinese/French/Russian lessons
Nintendo 3DS + Street Fighter IV (or some other games)

Meetups + Venues
Sorry if this is answered in other places on the forums, but wondering about meetups or BTC trading venues I should come along to?

Anyways, look forward to meeting up with some of you overseas!