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Tony Hawk foundation accepting Bitcoin!
« on: February 13, 2020, 06:31:11 PM »
Day by day, Bitcoin is getting recognized and accepted as a means of payment and any other transactions around the world. And just recently, another foundation publicized their acceptance of Bitcoin as a donation option. Tony Hawk Foundation have added Bitcoin for their donations.

Just to give a short insight about this foundation, Tony Hawk the pioneer of this foundation is a professional skateboarder who aims to develop and improve the society through building free skateboarding parks in different communities around U.S. He focuses on improving the society by helping youths to shape their childhood and even their passion.

The foundation started accepting Bitcoin payments last 2019  through BitPay and OpenNode. Reports said that he started learning Bitcoin back in 2013. Hawk being not only good at skateboarding but also aiming to be also good in the crypto space. He will also be a speaker on a 2020 Bitcoin conference in San Francisco.

"Bitcoin is another new option for donors because we know that the people who intuitively understand our work are much more likely to be using Bitcoin. We try to stay aware of where our supporters are and be aware of the methods of payments they plan to use" said by the executive director of the foundation.


Believing that most or plenty of their supporters are millennials and can definitely understand by thiis group of people because most of their supporters know about cryptocurrency that's why adding crypto option is a good move to encourage more to help the foundation.

It's great to see more organizations are trying to accept crypto payments. Although not everyone will donate using Bitcoin or not everyone knew about it, it's already a good thing because with this they're also helping to promote Bitcoin while giving positive image on bitcoin itself. What's your thoughts about this?

PS: I'm not posting this to promote the site, I just want to share the news with everyone.