Author Topic: The story gets scarier.  (Read 6 times)

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The story gets scarier.
« on: January 14, 2019, 10:44:07 AM »
lol....this is what I have been talking about last week. It seems majority of us knew this incoming. Why would you try to entertain someone who's trying to kill Bitcoin if you're a Bitcoin beneficiary. Now the story gets scarier for everyone. We hope some redemption comes in a way because if Bitmain dies, hmmm.....well, we live to see.

and I'll continue to say that there'll be no crypto without Bitcoin.

Quote from: yesyes18 on January 12, 2019, 08:39:58 AM
2018 has been one of the worst years if not the worst in the crypto industry. We had so many ups and downs but we are still around and looking forward to making it happen once again as it has always been. But amidst fhe turbulence that occurred there's still one thing I'm happy for, and that's some "psychopaths" failed their mission.

We all thought we had reach a bottom around 6K until some few people decided to ruin everything for all of us. Gladly, their mission failed (well, for now) and I'm really happy for that. I hope the same happens to anyone who tries to ruin Bitcoin's price furthermore.

Now Bitmain has layed off workers, boycotted plans to launch a subsidiary at a new country and having leadership troubles and oh, people aren't purchasing their mining rigs as before. Their best solution was to help find a way to pump Bitcoin but they ruined it.

If you have a product, start something and don't try to kill Bitcoin because ultimately you'll end up with undervalued coins.

Code: There's no crypto without Bitcoin