Author Topic: The recent price rise is really bad news for Bitcoin  (Read 62 times)

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The recent price rise is really bad news for Bitcoin
« on: December 07, 2017, 12:43:18 PM »
I believe that the price increase is the result of the bankers and their controlling cartel deciding that they cannot stop Bitcoin, but they can make it unusable. They can do this by soaking up all the Bitcoin they can find, and not selling any of it. This has resulted in a dramatic price increase, and a rush by the unsophisticated to join the party, and make their fortune. In the meantime the cartel members are making huge profits on paper. At some point they will stop buying, and sell a few blocks of Bitcoin. This will trigger a rush to cash in profits, or to stop losses for people who bought Bitcoin when they couldn't afford it. The resulting crash will damage the reputation of Bitcoin amongst the average users, but leave a vast store of wealth for the financially aware. After a suitable interval, the cabal can re-enter the market and repeat the process. The newer futures trading platform will allow them to lock in profits from the rise, and suck money away from those who have bought contracts expecting the price to rise exponentially. The price will continue to rise until they have managed to open enough put options to trigger the drop.

Remember guys - Jet Cash warned you about the price movements first.