Author Topic: The price of bitcoin fell to about 9% within a day of about $14000.  (Read 208 times)

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December 28th news, according to the trading platform AEX quoted prices, bitcoin prices fast down, the lowest to $14000, down about 9% in the day.

Last week, bitcoin has staged a roller coaster, currency price from about nearly $20000 in December 16th to the highest point in December 22nd fell to $13000 a week, almost cut". The price of bitcoin has rebounded sharply this week after a 30% price plunge last week. On Tuesday, it came back to 16 thousand dollars.

It is understood that the price of bitcoin rose rapidly in the middle of September this year to mid December. At the beginning of November bitcoin maintained at around $5000, the last week of November, bitcoin prices rose over 40% dollars, the price not only broke through the $10 thousand mark, continue to rise to $15 thousand in December, to $20 thousand in currency price impact.

But last week, bitcoin had an inflection point. After the 20 thousand dollar pass on December 17th, the market turned sharply, and the single day in December 22nd fell by more than 20%.

Overseas platform data show that on Friday, 24 hours of bitcoin prices fell from $16000 to $11000, part of the platform fell to $10400, compared with a peak of $twenty thousand in December 17th, bitcoin prices almost halved, 24 hours of bitcoin $100 billion market value evaporated. This number exceeds the market value of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

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