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the future of money
« on: June 13, 2018, 11:44:34 AM »
what your opinion about this.

In her 2016 TED Talk "The future of money," digital currency researcher Neha Narula argues that "there's nothing inherently invaluable about a dollar or a stone or a coin."

"The only reason these things have any value is because we've all decided they should. And because we've decided that, they do," she said.

Narula pointed out how we already use digital money through tasks like direct deposit, online bill payments and online savings accounts. However, there's a catch to all of those transfers: The money stays in the possession of gatekeeper institutions such as banks, credit cards or investment firms.

"The future of money is programmable. When we combine software and currency, money becomes more than just a static unit of value, and we don't have to rely on institutions for security," Narula said, referring to cryptocurrencies.

"Programmable money democratizes money," she said. "And because of this, things are going to change and unfold in ways that we can't even predict."