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The best scenario for bitcoin...
« on: August 10, 2018, 08:56:57 AM »
   I've noticed that the volumes of bitcoin trading, they are the same as in November 2017, when the price were in the range of 6-8.2k, and there were no "tothemoon".

What could change the situation? It could be a radical change on the market, and here I see two scenarios:

1) the worldwide legalization of the cryptocurrency and the expansion of the possibilities for its use, like, everyone has in his pocket telegram with gram pays or LN and use them as simply as apple pay, pay pass etc. There are also normal exchanges in two clicks with a low commission.

2) some kind of cardinal global changes that will force people to immediately invest money into the crypto, massively, and a real example is the new sanctions against Iran as a result of which the Iranians will begin to buy up BTCBTCBTC , because there is simply no other option to keep money, sanctions may be implemented against the Russian Federation and China, will turn off the swift transfers and destabilize the banking system.

   Considering how the world is not stable today, the second scenario seems more likely to be truth, the first one needs much more time and without pushing up  it will not be realized. Your opinion, guys?