Author Topic: Thai Stock Exchange Building Digital Assets Platform for 2020 Launch  (Read 2 times)

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Do not be deceived if anyone tells you that Cryptocurrency is dead or dieing. Cryprocurrency alongside the technology ushering it, is here to stay and nothing can stop it. Be informed that so countries all over the world gradually have started keying into the benefits blockchain has to offer. Thailand has stepped forward with her plans.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has confirmed it’s building a digital assets platform that it expects to go live next year.

Saying it is “ready for digital tranformation,” the SET announced Wednesday that it will work “closely and collectively” with all stakeholders in the country’s capital market to build a new ecosystem that would support digital assets.

Pakorn Peetathawatchai, president of the SET, said that the exchange’s three-year strategic plan for 2019–2021 would focus on developing a digital infrastructure platform and a “one-stop” digital capital market.

The institution added that the move is aimed to make investors’ experiences faster and more convenient, as well as “opening up new investment opportunities.”