Author Topic: SwivelCard's Cryptocurrency Application Potential  (Read 2 times)

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SwivelCard's Cryptocurrency Application Potential
« on: September 11, 2019, 07:02:36 AM »
SwivelCard is a brand new start up seeking to create a hybrid between a USB drive and a business card. SwivelCards are premium paper business cards that can be folded to turn into a USB card. The cards can be pre-loaded with software, track analytics of customers that use the cards, and store other data. in addition to looking incredible, these cards could have several cryptocurrency applications for new Bitcoin startups or altcoins.

Disclaimer: The Author nor Coinfinance has any relation with SwivelCard, nor is this a paid article.

The cards will be custom printed and come in a variety of sizes. With an easy fold, these can be inserted into a USB port and the software on them can be accessed. Because these are made out of premium paper and fold in a way that protects the shape of the card, they should have a long, durable life.

The card itself has massive potential for cryptocurrencies. Developers can integrate specific wallet software which would allow these cards to transport cryptocurrency and be given out as payment. The analytics on the card would help developers find their target audience and expand the reach of their cryptocurrency or business simply because of the ‘wow’ factor of these cards. Each card comes with a QR code so that even people without computers can access the card’s content. The QR code is a perfect place to put a public address to be sent payment, while the card itself could hold an encrypted wallet.

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