Author Topic: Spend your cryptos. It's good for you and for the crypto ecosystem.  (Read 25 times)

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I am convinced that all the people involved in the crypto-universe should commit to promote the use of cryptocurrencies, and I have no doubt that the best way to achieve this is through our personal use of cryptocurrencies in our daily lives, because it is useless to accumulate countless cryptos in our wallets with the hope of a great pump that will make us rich, if an asset that nobody uses or has no practical use will hardly reach a great price in the long term, rather this current tendency to hold would tend to ruin any project however good it may be.

Therefore, if we want to do something to promote in the medium and long term the success of cryptocurrencies, we must do our best not only to accumulate them, but to use them and suggest their acceptance in the places where we buy or carry out our economic exchanges.

What's your opinion about it?