Author Topic: Sending Bitcoin safely through snail mail?  (Read 4 times)

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Sending Bitcoin safely through snail mail?
« on: February 15, 2020, 01:30:18 AM »
Does anyone know of a way where I can safely send a cold storage wallet through regular mail (snail mail)? I know that it's not safe to send money this way, but crypto's portability (it can even fit in a microSD card) allows you to hide your utmost sensitive funds without getting noticed by the naked eye. Which is why, I'd want to know how do I transport a cold storage wallet (in this case, a wallet card) with Bitcoin on it through snail mail "under the radar"?

The reason for this, is because I want to send funds to a friend in an offline manner for privacy/anonymity. It can also help me move the cold storage wallet card to another secure place (if the need arises).

Do you think it's possible to send Bitcoin safely through snail mail or not? Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.