Author Topic: Satoshi is Coming Back. A Genesis Block Exegesis.  (Read 27 times)

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Satoshi is Coming Back. A Genesis Block Exegesis.
« on: December 06, 2018, 09:12:57 PM »
So I have written a creation narrative for Bitcoin and I've published it at

I think a lot of you will find it to be a gripping read.

For the first time, I conceptualize the intrinsic value of cryptocurrency as well as the intrinsic cost of cryptocurrency.

With these intrinsics established, I hope you will find that conceptual space is opened up. Among the abstractions and concepts I establish are:

-I show how the exogeneity of mining incentives in proof-of-work allows Bitcoin's code to be controlled by the US government.
-I show how the endogeneity of mining incentives in proof-of-stake allows a cryptocurrency operating with a p-o-s overly to avoid USG control.
-I explain how advanced AI and superintelligence can use blockchain as a substrate.
-I explain how the optimization target of boxed AI has to be "more Bitcoin" and I illustrate how AI as a capitalist would act.
-I explain how Bitcoin is fiat.
-I abstract out the way energy stabilizes blockchains and suggest that the component functions of energy can be commoditized. Then, I propose proof-of-negentropy which overlays p-o-w with labour from CAPTCHA puzzles.
-I show how using Bitcoin as a central bank reserve currency improves the US' ability to manufacture military equipment
-I introduce the concept of "altcoins are software, Bitcoin is hardware" to illustrate that altcoins will end up operating on centralized computers with "statutory protection." I believe this is in fact the greatest commercializable aspect of the Exegesis.

There is a wild science fiction section of the exegesis. My goal is to underwrite a science fiction epic poem that tells of Satoshi's return and laments his absence and to prepare code for Satoshi to use when he returns.

There is much more.

Rami Tabello, CFA
Satoshi Is Coming Back Incorporated