Author Topic: Post Your Hash/Sec and Hardware  (Read 12 times)

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Post Your Hash/Sec and Hardware
« on: June 12, 2019, 12:46:25 PM »
Hello all! This thread is exactly what the title says: a place to post about the node(s) that you are running, including their performance and hardware.

To find out your performance, you'll need to build from source with laszlo's patch. The performance in hashes / second will be listed in the UI where it used to say "Generating..." and will spam your debug.log.

I'm currently running Bitcoin on three machines (and I tested it on a fourth, but that one is for a business, so I can't keep it running).

My Workstation
HP HDX 16t - 16" laptop
Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 (x64) @ 2.53GHz w/ 3072KB cache
nVidia GeForce GT 130M (OpenCL needs to get its act together!)
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit (2.6.32-22)
**Perf - thread 3 : 446k iter/sec
**Perf - thread 4 : 451k iter/sec
**Perf - total : 897k iter/sec (2 threads)

My Home Server
1400MHz Intel Celeron w/ 512KB L2 Cache
512MiB of (ancient) RAM
Debian testing 32-bit (not sure the kernel version)
**Perf - total : 169k iter/sec (1 threads)

My Xen VPS
Not 100% sure about this, but it's using 4 cores.
256MiB of (fast) RAM
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64-bit (not sure the kernel version)
**Perf - thread 1 : 436k iter/sec
**Perf - thread 2 : 410k iter/sec
**Perf - thread 3 : 419k iter/sec
**Perf - thread 4 : 429k iter/sec
**Perf - total : 1694k iter/sec (4 threads)

So, anybody else?