Author Topic: Peter Thiels great secret?  (Read 10 times)

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Peter Thiels great secret?
« on: November 09, 2019, 05:20:42 AM »
The great secret hiding in plain sight?

In the interview PETER STATES "There are a lot of things that I call secrets, which are truths that are hard but possible to discover and I think THERES ALWAYS A SECRET AT THE CORE OF EVERY GREAT BUSINESS, there’s some sort of research program, some area that people are really, really focused on and they think about really hard and it sort of advances their thinking to the point where they get an understanding about something that other people do not yet have."

NOTE AT 12-20 Peter says…
"At Paypal we were very interested in AH, UM, UM, UM sort of the crypto currencies and UM, AH encryption technology and currencies and could they be intersected and could you build a new digital currency and this was a question that animated us tremendously.

We DIDN'T QUITE SUCCEED in building one AT PAYPAL even though we had t-shirts that said we were going to be the new world currency. We didn’t succeed in that goal... but that sort of in depth substantive focus actually did help us think really hard about how do you architect a new payment system, how do you do certain things differently... "

INTERVIEWER ASKS - Why didn’t Paypal become Bitcoin?
PETER “Payment mechanisms and currencies are related but quite different sorts of things. Paypal set out to build a new world currency. We did build a rather powerful internet payment system.
Um Bitcoin I think at this point is somewhat the opposite, it has actually created a new currency.”

It just so happens a new currency was exactly what such great minds like he, Elon and a bunch of others were researching and "really, really focused on" for years…

Just seems way too co-incidental that they “didn’t quite succeed” at Paypal to do so yet then some mysterious secretive person called “Satoshi” does, and never touches his foundation stake worth billions... surely only a billionaire/s already (or budding billionaires) would devise such a clever scheme.

What a great secret to base a business model on that would be ;-)