Author Topic: Opinion: 2020 Rise of Crypto Travel - Bitcoin & Altcoin Expansion?  (Read 3 times)

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We are living in very interesting times, 2020 has been quite exceptional so far. The global pandemic has seen huge shifts economically in many countries.

Yet still the modern era which has seen huge leaps in technology, from flatter televisions to the ability to create new and exciting cashless systems in the Cryptocurrency sector - business and science still has a problem solving economic downturn during and after a crisis.

Cash just does not flow the same in a climate such as we see in 2020, where many people are just not able to switch hands with cash physically due to lockdown rules.

Stores are still closed in high numbers in cities and towns globally, jobs have been list and industry is in turmoil. Politics does not seem to have answers to the problems of 2020 in which people are limited in physical contact due to health measures, and the ability to drive the economy upwards - the travel industry being effected more than most.

Whole economies rely on tourism... But is there really any need in modern world for Travel Agent Stores?

One answer to the problem of cash flowing through the travel industry could be via Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Imagine a world in which you did not have to use your credit card or cold hard cash to book a flight or a taxi? Where one simple transaction, secure and quick books your entire vacation through one easy network...

There Bitcoin could make booking and travel interesting - Bitcoin could bring endless possibilities from bookings to food in simple micro crypto transactions or large amounts, with greater speed than regular cash, much more securely. However one such snag could be the 'invisibility' of a customer during transactions. This would have to be overcome, in order to progress Cryptocurrency and travel.

In my opinion, the more industry does not need human workers and moves towards Artificial Intelligence, also automation and robots Cryptocurrency will find its way one way or another. It is the future of a modern world. In any case... Who likes jogging to catch a taxi at the airport and losing your change all over the ground? I don't...