Author Topic: Bitcoin movements, possibly owned by Satoshi.  (Read 9 times)

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Bitcoin movements, possibly owned by Satoshi.
« on: May 23, 2020, 12:32:52 PM »
Today, there is a lot of speculative discussion about whether Satoshi Nakamoto is alive or not, and also What will happen to bitcoin, which are supposedly on wallets belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto.

 A few days ago on the Internet I came across information that says that 50 bitcoins that have not been touched since 2009 have been transferred from one wallet. These coins were received as rewards for mining, namely for block # 3654, in addition, only about four people were mining at that time, among whom was Satoshi Nakamoto. As noted by the information resource Goldfoudinshit TM, these transactions could be carried out by anyone, and not necessarily Satoshi, but everyone has their own opinion on this. In addition, according to Cointelegraph, the address on which the BTC was stored is listed in court documents on the lawsuit against Craig Wright.
You can recall the situation in March 2020, when Bitcoin came into motion, which have been stored in the wallet since 2010, and this situation in a certain way affected the price of Bitcoin. Now many are puzzling over how the revival of the movement of bitcoin on the wallet, possibly owned by Satoshi Nakamoto, the probability of which is very high, will affect the situation in the cryptocurrency market, in particular bitcoin.
According to the publication CoinMetrics, a certain reduction in prices early days was the consequence of such news.
 I ask you to express your assumptions in this regard.