Author Topic: My view on the nearest future of bitcoin  (Read 79 times)

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My view on the nearest future of bitcoin
« on: December 07, 2017, 10:34:21 AM »
I would like to share some ideas with you, which can help and maybe get to be ready for the upcoming changes in bitcoin world.

In this year bitcoin was made x14 rising up. From January volume of bitcoin in 24H started to be over 100 mln $. In March it rised up to stable 200+ mln $. In May it rised up to stable 1 bln $ of volume in a day. In August +-2 bln $. In November it started to be more than 3 bln $ and in a few days before there was days with 10 bln+ $.

Every time when volume raised by 1 bln - the capital of bitcoin raised by 20-30 bln. Now there is a days with 10 bln volume + and after futures come - it will be more stable and that means capitalization can reach 300-400 bln $ just in a 1-2 weeks. That will double up price for bitcoin (about 25 000$ for 1 BTC). It is all because the big players are coming to this market.

As you all know in 10 and 18 december comes futures for the bitcoins. I don't know at the moment exact date when was the first mention of futures in mass media. It is very important for getting to know when the big players was starting to buy bitcoins - if you know exact day of first news about futures - please write it in this post. After getting this information we can calculate approximate volume of bitcoins that they bought.

Why it is so important?

We all know that there is a people who believe in bitcoin technology and believes that it will change economy. Also we know that there is a big players who doesn't believe in bitcoin and they think it's a bubble. Bitcoin can displace politicians, banks and their system and they scare about it. They may want to play a game with us and prove to the majority that bitcoin is a bubble.

How they will do that?

I think big players was starting to buy bitcoins from the price of 9000-11500$. When the price will rise up to 20-25k $ they can buy futures making a bet that price will not go up, but it will fall. They will buy many contracts for that. In opposite bitcoin believers will buy contracts of opposite side - cause they will want to increase profits by buying futures, not bitcoins and in that case bitcoin will lost some % of people who invest in bitcoin and rises the price up. It will be a good moment for big players to sell their huge amount of bitcoins on the market - of course it will reduce the price of bitcoin and because of amounts it can correct price back to 9-15k $ per BTC. But many people who believed in bitcoin will see all this as a bitcoin is crushing and without understanding what is going on with bitcoin - they also will sell their bitcoins to gain as much as they can. It will drop the price of bitcoin even more.

I ask you to assess the reality of this scenario. I think it can be, but maybe you have some other thoughts and ideas.

By the way we can watch on what is going on with bitcoin and play the same game as big players. And gain profits by this logic.

For how long time is the futures contracts? I mean when will be first execution of contracts?