Author Topic: My Business Accepts Small Payments - They Are Arriving In Wallet "Unspendable"  (Read 6 times)

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Thank you for reading my question, and extra thanks to those who can provide input.

My business accepts payment in Bitcoin, with smaller items being purchased for as little as $30USD. Buyers have never had an issue with the fees inherently attached to using Bitcoin, as they've always been quite reasonable.

My most recent received funds have a message attached:

"This transaction amount is too small compared to current Bitcoin network fees. Spending these funds will need a Bitcoin network fee cost comparable to the funds itself"

I have researched, and do understand that network fees have jumped 800%, similar to 2017. My question(s) I cannot find clear answers to are as follows:

-If the transaction fee plummeted down right now, is the $30USD transaction I received a viable, usable, $30?
-If Bitcoin doubled in value, and my $30USD is now worth $60USD, is the transaction fee to spend it still close to it's value? Do I now have a spendable $30 with a $30 fee attached?
-Should I stop taking these micro payments immediately? Are they going to remain useless and undependable? They do not need to be moved or spent this month, or this year. But if I am accepting something of no value in exchange for a product which ha value, obviously I should stop immediately.

Thank you SO much for any input. I understand these are simple questions, which may have been asked countless times, but I have not been able to find answers.

Thanks again.