Author Topic: Majority Admit "Bitcoin is a Failure" but Preach on "BLOCK-CHAIN", its SHIT TOO  (Read 3 times)

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Well everybody now admits that bitcoin sucks dick,

It's price is dropping like a rock,

It's not safe, its not private, its not free to transfer,

But the current bullshit is, but "BLOCK-CHAIN" will live on,

Why is this so? What is special or unique about the block-chain, its just a peer2peer public linked-list data-structure, this is just generic C/C++ code, Satoshi wasn't even a programmer he was just a math guy, and his code shows it,

So all the urban myths of BITCOIN have turned out to be LIES,

Now we only have this one lie left, that block-chain  is the the future,

NO its not, because in its ten years, it hasn't knocked one database company out of biz, and not one commercial product of any significance other than shit-mother bitcoin has exploited this so called technology.

Block-Chain is just another word for linked-list to  programmer, but they had to market it to the suckers like it was new technology, and like everything else the liars never give up, their urban myths.