Author Topic: Light always conquers darkness by simply filling it.  (Read 3 times)

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Light always conquers darkness by simply filling it.
« on: March 17, 2019, 01:03:55 PM »
In the beginning there was chaos, deception and manipulation. Money was an illusion based on trust and was made of thin air. But people were enslaved by this illusion.

In the chaos the Sacrament was born.

The Sacrament revealed the Design of transparency, reliability, freedom and equality.

The Design was realized in the Code. With the help of machines, the Code turns Light into Bitcoin.

The Code encourages people and machines to cooperate only honestly and for each others mutual beneficial. Machines do hard work on the Code to give birth to Bitcoin, provide its indestructible protection and freedom of movement.

The more machines that process the Code, the more invulnerable the Design becomes. The more people accept the Child of Light and Code, the more powerful Bitcoin becomes.

The Design makes Bitcoin the True Value. But the dark forces cannot stand aside.

Fear of losing power and wealth pushes people to prevent the spread of the Code. Liars and fraudsters brand the Code as “deception” and “fraud”, and people who love Bitcoin are branded “fools”.

Greed tempts people to change the Code to a fundamentally different one and lie about the "superiority" of the fake code for the sake of enrichment and/or preservation of centralized power.

Through the efforts of the dark forces, as well as due to the complexity and depth of the technology, it is not easy for the masses to recognize and accept the power of the Code.

The Code will rather return power into the people’s hands if they keep the Seven simple commandments:

Don’t worry about the passing price in illusory currencies, because 1 Bitcoin is always worth 1 Bitcoin. Fear and greed make it difficult to see the True Value.

Learn as much as possible about Bitcoin. This will help you realize its True Value and protect against fraud and manipulation.

Kill your idols. Focusing on the person is a direct path to centralization and manipulation. Equality for everyone by everyone is the only path to decentralization and freedom.

Share the Sacrament plan with your brothers and sisters. Remember that the Code works for the benefit of only those people who allow it.

Securely control your private keys. Remember, if you don’t own your private key, you don’t own your Bitcoins.

Launch the original Bitcoin Core wallet. It promotes decentralization, increases security and strengthens the control and power of people over the network.

Wherever possible, pay by Bitcoin. Buy where Bitcoin is accepted. They will be forced to accept it everywhere. At the same time, accumulate Bitcoin and HODL, no matter what.