Author Topic: Just One Loss After Another  (Read 2 times)

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Just One Loss After Another
« on: May 22, 2020, 02:51:55 PM »
My apologies in advance for the long read. I considered myself in full control of my BTC. Yes. I still used paper wallets to store them but we was always careful to keep the copies of my private keys separate and safely hidden both at home and in our office, I did not have a huge amount of BTC but the 12 I had, had taken me some time to accumulate. I frequently traveled back to the UK, so being married to an Egyptian and living in Egypt was a good life and not a barrier to my BTC interest. That was until my Husbands business partner first exhibited signs of the COVID-19 Virus. I moved the same day to a rural part of Alexandria, to self isolate, as I am considered vulnerable. My Husband planned to spend a few weeks packing up our rented home and sorting out our business affairs, before joining me. However, just a few days before my Husband was to leave Cairo, he also developed symptoms. And although it still feels like a bad dream, 3 weeks ago I lost my Husband to the virus. Shortly after this, my former Landlord contacted me and requested, I remove my belongings from his property, I offered to continue paying rent, as I was in no state to deal with anything, but my landlord wanted the boxes moved right away .I asked my late Husband`s family to arrange to move my belongings. The next, sequence of events, were relayed to me by my former neighbours. They saw 3 cars arriving with a total of 7 men. who they later found out to be my Husbands male relative`s, all the men were wearing mask gloves etc, but apparently none of the men actually wanted to lift or touch the boxes, the men immediately started to argue over who should carry the boxes and who`s car they should be put in. The arguing escalated to fighting. None of my neighbours are sure exactly how the fires started but the fighting lasted another 20 minutes, and by then the only box not burnt was full of plates and cutlery. Everything else was burnt beyond repair. If I could turn back the clock I would firstly wish to have my Husband back. And now the reality of my situation is starting to sink in. I also wish I had thought to take at least 1 copy of my paper wallets private keys. I guess one day maybe I will see the funny side of the boxes incident, but for now everything is still too raw. I think the point I am trying to make is, in this time of COVID-19 when sickness and death is all around you it is so easy to make a simple costly mistake.