Author Topic: Promote Bitcoin..... It is for "us"  (Read 16 times)

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Promote Bitcoin..... It is for "us"
« on: January 15, 2020, 12:20:42 AM »
When I knew about bitcoin, it was about 10,000 USD. I started understanding how it emerged and how it works. I did (and still do) my best to promote bitcoin too (include my purchase of a branded bitcoin shirt). Though the increase of bitcoin between 2009 - 2019 is the biggest increase I've ever seen, nothing got me as weak as this (a thread Laszlo made on the 18th of may 2010)

 I'll pay 10,000 bitcoins for a couple of pizzas.. like maybe 2 large ones so I have some left over for the next day.  I like having left over pizza to nibble on later.  You can make the pizza yourself and bring it to my house or order it for me from a delivery place, but what I'm aiming for is getting food delivered in exchange for bitcoins where I don't have to order or prepare it myself, kind of like ordering a 'breakfast platter' at a hotel or something, they just bring you something to eat and you're happy!

I like things like onions, peppers, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, pepperoni, etc.. just standard stuff no weird fish topping or anything like that.  I also like regular cheese pizzas which may be cheaper to prepare or otherwise acquire.

If you're interested please let me know and we can work out a deal.


Reading thought this, I felt somehow. First is because he was doing that just to promote the bitcoin. Second is that he offered 10,000 bitcoins for it.