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Introducing Myself
« on: March 14, 2019, 11:31:04 PM »

I am new to Crypto. I like the idea of P2P transactions without a central authority controlling my money. I am overwhelmed as there are alot of coins out there. Since Bitcoin is the OG and has gone up to 20k and has value and has a strong history and reliability I am planning on investing what little I have. I read the white paper.
I have no tech skills or what many will call actual skills that can be employed. But how can I earn BTC? I heard of Microtasks but they seem tech orientied like finding a hack or finding or developing a code or having so many followers on certain social media in order to qualify for boutnies. Only good thing I am good at is customer service and hence the not actual skills that can be deployed unless theres a small part timer where I can chat and provide answers and handle customer relations then Ive not much to offer. There's sitting at a website for 18 hours a day for 7 days a week for 800 years to earn one BTC but I dont think I'll live that long.
But I would like to learn more, earn more and I'm not sure where to start earning BTC as I dont always have the funds to buy large amounts. But I also would like to meet people and get to know more about the community, project.
So I guess other than reading the white paper. Where can I start? Something that can help someone new like me learn more about all of this?
Look forwards to meeting you guys.