Author Topic: Inflection Point POC; "Proof of Crack" - Scanning more profitable than Mining  (Read 25 times)

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We have POW, POS, now we have POC

POW is a waste of electricity

POS is stealing,  just a new way like ICO's to separate morons from their money, .i.e. a criminal venture highly endorsed by crypto-community.

POC is mathematically challenging, its low cost power entropy, and it will  lead to a stronger crypto-currency.

What has POW begat? NADA, just lies, and broken promises, and economic ruin for 10's of 1,000's and growing daily.

What has POS begat? Bullshit, just snake-oil, in a new container, they knew POW was over so the parasites created a new revenue model

Everything about BITCOIN has been a BIG LIE.

1.) Its NOT  SAFE
2.) Its not secure
3.) Its not private,
4.) It's not 'free' to transfer, or even 'nearly free'
5.) It's not a tool for 'little people', its a trap that big-people use to 'catch' little people
6.) Gov say's its ok for GOV to scan block-chain, but bad for little people to scan block-chain ( so much for open block-chain p2p, .. )
7.) BTC was to be +51% p2p little-people, trust came from lack of monopoly, ... fact is +90% all crypto-miners for a cryptos comes from one chinese company, called 'bitmain', so much for the 'lies of bitcoin'

POW - proof of work, hamster running in cage, count revolutions
POS - proof of stake, send 'founder' lots of money, and you can be better person, 4-legs good, 2-legs bad ( animal farm )
POC - Proof of Crack, hacking bitcoin, Just-Do-It to quote Nike, cuz its fun, and more intellectually interesting than POW or POS


To quote the 'joker' on "Batman: The dark knight" ... SO HERE WE GO  ...

I have long predicted that scanning, metal-detecting for lost coin, would be far more profitable than mining, once mining cost more than the cost of power, we're they're today, running an s-9 is a negative profit, anywhere on earth less than 0.05 Usd/kwh, and no where on earth has power this free, so only people who 'steal' electricity, can mine for  a profit now,

That leaves 'scanning'

Now people talk shit about 'ethics', but let's take a step back here, first fools have long promised the world and said "Bitcoin can't be hacked" from the very beginning in 2009, ... all the way to 2014, and how many people warned about 'brain wallets' even on this forum?

The block-chain is public the GOV (CIA) frequently uses the block-chain to track INTL flow's of money, everybody reads the block-chain, and scans the block-chain, the fools of BTC, want it both ways, they want the GOV to track the citizens of the world, but they don't want the little people to have the same power as the GOV.


Now to the ethics of hacking, well as long as you don't actually use the funds, I don't think you have anything to worry about, I know there are issues, as some coders have got into "Imperial Problems" ( star-wars talk for the nazis who think they control earth ) about say writing software that hacks the internet. But again, white-hats do it on gov dole, and black-hats are what? anybody that isn't on gov dole, ...

All this is about power,

Which is back to btc, one of the other lies is that btc was to enable the little guy, but how is that if he's not even allowed to read the block-chain, and interpret that data as he wishes?


It is what it is, GPU class machines are now cheap, and they can and do hack bitcoin, and this thing will scale,

Now as to btc, let's remember that both ecdsa & sha that were chosen were NSA, and at no time in NSA history have they ever made public an algo that didn't have a backdoor. Let's also remember that in time the backdoor is found, just like recently on the INTEL chip.

I have seen dozens of NSA algo's cracked since the 1970's, this shit is highly redundant, hell I remember the time when if I coded an algo the NSA couldn't crack, they could label it as a 'bomb', seriously its like alice-in-wonderland, the Imperial power can make up words to mean anything they want.


Talking about "STEALING"

The biggest criminals on bitcoin are the exchanges, they rob people daily nothing is said

The next biggest criminals are the day-traders, they have destroyed bitcoin,

99% of all btc theft is in your face, but the protectors of BTC ignore it, ...

IMHO the kids who take this stuff to the next level aren't motivated by money, study philosophy study old YOGI texts, or advanced buddhism, "If your really good at something the money will come", those who ONLY WORK for money, always LOSE.