Author Topic: If you could change bitcoin what would you change?  (Read 3 times)

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If you could change bitcoin what would you change?
« on: August 13, 2019, 04:53:02 PM »
Let`s say you are satoshi and you can get the miners on board or the majority of them, what would you change about bitcoin?

I would add a feature called bitcointime, where unique addresses/sidechains that are verified by the system (so we can only each have 1 address) create bitcointime over duration at a fixed rate (universal basic income). The people themselves would willingly upload themselves as the key to unlock that address using filesharing on a blockchain, the system can backtrack to make sure no duplicate information can be used because everything is stored on a blockchain.

I would add a feature where each address becomes 1 vote on the network. (true decentralization)
I would delete 51% attacks because of this ^ it would just become a decision by the majority of users on the network.

I would add something like this, where our votes actually matter now, because we vote on issues rather voting people to vote for us, now we all have a say of where our taxes go. I am sure military spending will be cut in half fast. Instead we would create weapons of mass creation rather than destruction. Farms and back up housing for all rather than trump spending 107 million on golf, there would be no homeless in Cali.

I would like to see the network fee`s go to fund a bitcoin society rather than just supporting miners.

I would make bitcoin an amplifier to bitcointime so both have a purpose.
bitcoin becomes like a saving account interest amplifier, bitcointime is your spending account

I would destroy fiat for good, because it is $lavery and a $cam, It will be the end of our species if we continue down this path.