Author Topic: HOW NOT TO MAKE PROFITS IN CRYPTO aka The ENDOTECH disillusionment  (Read 32 times)

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This post is for all beginners, light dreamers who think they can win huge amounts of money doing nothing or almost nothing. THAT DOES NOT EXIST, NOR IN THE CRYPTOS OR ELSEWHERE ELSE, OTHERWISE EVERYONE WOULD BE A MILLIONNAIRE, DO NOT BE NAIVE LIKE I WAS.

yes it's my fault, yes I should have listen to all these messages of this kind. But you want to believe so much, you want so much to believe that it can happen to you that you are ready to bury your hand in the sand.

You know, history is repeating itself, the crypto world is just the 21st century gold rush. So yes it can happen, you can be in the 3% ultra lucky, but for others it will be disillusionment on disillusionment. And I was silly and naive, if you really want to make money easily and effortlessly, run away. If you want to earn modest amounts with a lot of time, stress and effort then go for it and learn the tools. BUT BELIEVE ONLY IN YOURSELF. DO NOT BE A VICTIM, DO NOT BE LIKE ME.

Sorry for long post, but here is my story:

At first, I wanted to learn to trade myself, and that's the worst thing, it's that I saw this kind of messages so I learned by myself. But in front of the time and effort that it asked, I took the easy route... The easy route is the tempting offers of fast and juicy profits. Pump and dump, VIP signals groups, poor quality bots, etc. There must be thousands of posts on the web about this subjects, saying do not go, and yet if it continues to exist is that people, naive and stubborn beginners like me, fall right into the traps. Why ? For the same reasons as since the beginning of humanity, the bait of an effortless easy gain. And the will to believe, to believe that for us, it will work, a willingness to believe that makes us completely ignore all the alerts, human psychology is fascinating. So I will not dwell on it, they are obvious scams. Inflated profits, minimized losses, profits absolutely impossible in the long term.

Then, disappointed by all this and relieved of some hundreds of dollars, I discovered through one of these groups the company Endotech. I let you do your research, you will see that it is a real company with a real team and people, in principle, very competent in their fields, Anna Becker dr in AI, the Heffernan brothers ,solid references in the world of finance (I did not know these people before discovering them here) And they display impressive results, between 1000% and 4000% per year, via signals or a Bot. And then I said to myself, "Well, that's finally it, I've found a real team, people who know what they are doing and who can make me easy money!" Yes it's incredible, but it's the phenomenon of the poker player you know, you lose and you want so much to make good your losses, that you bury your head in the sand even more and loose even more until bankruptcy, I tell you, the human psychology is fascinating.

Endotech prides itself on having created a very high quality bot, and honestly everything seems really legitimate, there is a real website with linkedin profiles, qualified people etc. And I do not question that, I do not think, in principle, that it is a total scam, but once inside, we realize that the reality is not as beautiful as they want you to believe.

So I come to their telegram group and ask to give it a try, because you know, I'm really tired of being fooled. The test of a week is going well, I earn a hundred dollars, cool! So I decide to pay the price for this bot (yeah I know, this is where I fucked up, again), I benefit without special reason for a nice discount 4000$ instead of 6000$ for a year . And here it is, once inside, shit begins. I notice little by little in the general discussion that profits are not really what's expected, and people who complain a bit too much of that get their message systematically deleted and some users banned. I am beginning to have doubts, especially as my account starts to lose money little by little. I begin to discuss privately with some customers, and here is the damper, my fears get confirmed, they have been there for several months and have either won nothing or worst, lost money. And as Endotech refuses to repay them, they are still here, hoping for a miracle ... The main problem is not losing or stagnating, it is the law of a financial market and you must be aware of it when you get into trading, the problem is that their performances posted on their website in recent months, does not stick with the reality of the profits into customer accounts. And I subscribed, as many others, because of these informations. Anyway, 2 of them with whom I spoke (and I spoke with only 2 customers in all) were really desperate, one of them confessed to me to have lost more than 120k $ since the beginning of its investments in the cryptos. So, well, obviously after these 3 weeks spent with losses and these 2 testimonials, I disable my API keys and flee like a fool. FLY, YOU FOOLS as saying goes.

So at this moment I can tell you that I'm damn angry, so I send them an email telling them that if they do not pay me back, I'll post a topic to tell the truth, here it is. Obviously, as their results are totally dubious, and the confidence in their products not great, it is unleashing, total panic. I receive an email threatening me to go to the courts to sue me for threat and defamation. And after discussions, I am offered to switch to the maximum subscription etc, well, they do what they can to save their face. But I'm here, and I hold steady against the threat with the hope that this kinds of activity make the least possible victims.

And do not worry, they will come, they have money and they are determined not to give up, they will spoil this topic to discredit me, they will do everything to make you believe that these are false accusations, lies, and that after 3 weeks I can not get an idea of ​​the results etc. Except that I have customer reviews and evidences that their results do not match the reality.

As I said, the crypto world is the far west and the gold rush. Instead of the shovels we have computers, instead of the rivers we have the blockchain, and instead of gold nuggets we have the bitcoin. And instead of bandits we have ... bandits with computers.