Author Topic: How Did I Save My Bitcoins in November?  (Read 2 times)

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How Did I Save My Bitcoins in November?
« on: December 02, 2019, 05:39:29 PM »
On 1st, Nov., the bitcoin price was $9,054. Through the whole of November, the bitcoin price presented a downtrend. From 7th, Nov., the bitcoin price decreased suddenly, which dropped from $9,178 to $7,278. During this time, the bitcoin price even touched the bottom of $6,497.
The decline has reached nearly 20%.
As the bitcoin price dumped in the whole of November, people always asked me those questions:
“1. Did I earn even the market showed bad?”,
“2. How can normal traders survive from the erratic market of bitcoin?”
“3. Why do I always lose too much or earn too little from bitcoin leverage trading?”
Actually, BitOffer Chief Analyst, Lucian, and I both earned a lot with a simple hedging work since we were too busy to focus on trading all the time. To solve the question that most of the normal traders are afraid of, I will answer and analysis the 3 questions above.
1. Did I earn even the market showed bad?
Yes. Like what I wrote above, I did earn a lot even the market dumped significantly. I know someone may say that to open a short contract in the Futures&Swap Trading, it would be easier to earn a 20X or even 1,00 leverage profit.
Even though you did this, you still had to pay for fees and margins, which usually cost you a high amount with high risky.
What is more, the Futures&Swap trading is too complicated for traders who never trade it. And it definitely doesn’t make any sense that I need to pay more money and more time to hedge trading that already cost me money and time.
But with BitOffer Bitcoin Options, the only authentic bitcoin options trading in the market, I only spent $121 buying a put contract for 7-days to hedge while I hold a bitcoin at that time. When the bitcoin price dumped for $1,000, I lost $1,000 in spot trading. But conversely, I earned $1,000 with the put contract I bought with $121. After both results adding together, the value of my asset did not lose when the bitcoin price dropped sharply.
2. How can normal traders survive from the erratic market of bitcoin?
First, you should know the concept of hedging:
A hedge is an investment to reduce the risk of adverse price movements in an asset. Normally, a hedge consists of taking an offsetting position in a related security.
For example, the price of bitcoin now is $8,000, if it drops to $7,000, you would lose $1,000 without any hedging when you hold 1 bitcoin.
But for the normal traders, hedging sounds like a complicated operation. And any careless happens while you set the hedging strategy, it might cause you to lose an inestimable number of your asset.
BitOffer Bitcoin Options happens to be the simplest hedging method in the market. With the features of “One-hand Operation” and “Highly Profitable But Tiny Risky”, the normal traders only need to buy contracts in the opposite direction to the trading your already make, which usually need $1 to $50, then the risky of your trading will be hedged perfectly.
The essential function of the Options Trading is to hedge the risk of the Spot Trading, but most investors used it for speculation without realizing the Options Trading is the best hedging methods. Why?
For example, the price of bitcoin now is $8,000, if it drops to $7,000, you would lose $1,000 without any hedging when you hold 1 bitcoin.
But if you buy a put contract on BitOffer Bitcoin Options with $10 for hedging, then when the loss of $1,000 on the Spot Trading, you only pay $10 to ensure your asset remains the same value because you earn $1,000 on BitOffer Bitcoin Options with the put contract you buy for hedging.
What if the bitcoin price rises from $8,000 to $9,000?
You earn $1,000 on the Spot Trading but lose only $10 on the Options Trading. This is why hedging is attractive. With BitOffer Bitcoin Options, the best hedging methods, you will be the winners all the time.
3. Why do I always lose too much or earn too little from bitcoin leverage trading?
Before, most of the bitcoin leverage trading are belong to the Futures&Swap Trading. It usually requires users to input margins to ensure the order safely and calculate the fee while trading.
However, trading the bitcoin Futures&Swap is never an easily profitable thing as what the promoters said.
For example,
As the price of bitcoin now is $8,000, when it rises from $8,000 to $8,500,
1. The Spot Trading: Earning $500 with buying 1 bitcoin;
2. The Options Trading: Earning $500 with buying a call contract.
3. The Futures & Swap Trading: How can you earn $500 with the Futures & Swap Trading?
For instance, you invest $500 in exchange to buy long contracts for 20X leverage. Then, the price of bitcoin must rise by 5% so that you can double your investment, which means the price of bitcoin must rise from $8,000 to $8,400 (5%). But to earn by this 5%, you will need to pay for the fees and the margins. And once you made the wrong prediction, the lost will be a large amount that you cannot imagine. But BitOffer Bitcoin Options will reduce the lost into only the principal which usually be $5 to $100.
One by one calculated, you will find that the earning is less but the loss is much higher.
It is obviously the investment of the Options Trading is the lowest, which can be considered that the Options Trading is the most profitable the riskiest. Take the Options Trading as the case for calculating, you only invest $5 to earn $500 as the return, it is equivalent to 100X leverage profit based on the budget. Therefore, Bitcoin Options launched by BitOffer is much more excellent than the Spot Trading and the Futures & Swap Trading.
In terms of risk, I truly believe that most users have the same experience that it is risky that the accounts are easily forced into liquidation. However, the largest possible loss for Options Trading is only the principal when you buy for your contracts, and it will never do any harm to your account.
In conclusion,
no matter how the market fluctuates, for the normal traders, BitOffer Bitcoin Options will be the simplest and the most profitable bitcoin trading for hedging and earning money.